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Open Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Explorers of Balance

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Brendan E. Birch, Mar 6, 2017.

  1. Name:
    Species of Pokemon:
    Level (15 and Under):
    Came from:
    Partner (3 at max):
    Team Name:
    Extra Info:

    Name: Grovyle
    Species of Pokemon: Grovyle
    Gender: M
    Level: 10
    Came from: Mystery Jungle
    Partners: Combusken, and Marshtomp
    Team Name: Team Future
    Grovyle - Sturdy Body, Alert to sounds
    Combusken - Proud of its Power, Strong Willed
    Marshtomp - Highly Curious, Likes to Relax
    Extra Info: Grovyle is the Grovyle from the future if anyone has played Mystery Dungeon, after the main characters saved the world from a never ending nightmare they went to Dialga and asked if Grovyle could return and Dialga challenged them to battle and they won and Grovyle was brought back.

    -No Fakemon
    -No Fake moves
    -No Legendaries, Mythical, Ub's,
    -No Human transformation cause as it said in the game it will cause a disruption in the fabric of space.
  2. Name: Kiwi
    Species of pokemon: Farfetch'd
    Gender: F
    Level: 9
    From: lavendar town
    Partner: eevee
    Team name: Team Swift
    Personality (s):
    Kiwi--->Funny--->kind--->weird behavior
    Something: just turned into a pokemon randomly.
    Im a newbie so i dont know dis stuff

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