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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon:Exploration&Rescue! (Aske me to join.)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by JacobRaze, Sep 1, 2015.

  1. Years ago, Sparky was lost alone. He got attacked. But a team of Charizard and Lucario saved him.

    He would dream of that over and over. The pikachu yawned. Today, he was going to start a rescue team. He ran into town. He had multiple fliers and hanged them around town. It was sunset when he stopped. "Maybe today." They had his address. He smiled to everyone as he passed.
  2. A small Eevee trotted over to one of the signs, advertising a Pokemon rescue team. This would be an excellent way to level up and one day evolve....

    As she was studying the poster, the Eevee realized something. 'Wouldn't I get rejected? I mean, I have my issue and all... And I look weird....'

    The small Pokemon studied her ice blue paws with discontent. "Why? Again, why am I cursed with having blue paws? Everyone hates me...." She flicked her ears around, making a small pink and orange ribbons flow in the wind. The ribbon was skillfully tied around her ear, making a cute bow. However, those cute paws have ran though many dark and rainy forests, and those ears had heard the sounds of pain. Her blue eyes had seen the uncontrollable rage of blood thirsty Pokemon.

    Whether it was luck, or fate, the small Eevee happened to walk in front of the Pikachu's house. Unfortunately, she tripped and fell, scraping her paw. "Ow, that hurt..." She mumbled, inspecting her injury.
  3. Sparky heard a voice. He started to charge an attack, but saw it was a Eevee. "Are you okay?" He ran to help it. "What are you doing out here, there are many Weedles." He brought a blue berry. "Try eating this. It a Berry to heal Pokemon."
  4. "A berry? That heals Pokemon?" The Eevee gasped in astonishment. Why hadn't this kind of berry presented itself during her accident a while back? Carefully, she sniffed the berry before taking a tentative bite out of it. The Eevee was pleasantly surprised by the taste, but looked up at the presenter of the berry before gobbling the rest. "Wait! You are that Pikachu on the ad for a Pokemon rescue team!" She gasped, staring at the Electric type. Befor long, the berry was gone and the Eevee could feel her pain slowly melt away. "What can I do in return! I mean, your magic berry healed me!" She cried out happily. Now, the Eevee was preparing to bow, like she should in front of Him, but she stopped.
  5. "Im not royalty. And yes i want a rescue team." He smiled. "And dont get scared that i am not the normal colors of other Pikachu." He stated. "Also , I'm the only one in town that farms these berries. There is a stronger one, but those are rare." He kept smiling. "And, helping is all I Need as payment."
  6. 'Shoot.' Thought the Eevee.

    This same situation had happened before, and that was before she was forced into doing jobs that she didn't like. A figure had appeared in her mother's den and attacked her one night and the Eevee had begged for him to stop. In return for her mother living, the small Eevee had to work for this Pokemon, doing the dirty jobs that the Pokemon didn't want to do.

    "Ok....." The Eevee stood up. Oddly enough, the Eevee should have been as tall as the Pikachu, but she was very small, unlike her unusually tall mother. Small tears of some fear gathered near the small Pokemon's eyes. Quite frankly, this Pikachu who had given her the magic berry now seemed very dangerous to the small normal type.
  7. "Hey, it's alright." He sat down. "Want a Gummi?" He held out a bag of Gummis. He reached in. "They are really good." He said, putting one in his mouth. "Are you wanting to join my team?" He asked.
  8. "Wanting to? You're giving me a choice?" Asked the Eevee in bewilderment. The Small normal type took a silver looking gummi that looked at least somewhat appetizing. The Eevee took another small bite but the downed the treat with one gulp afterwards. "Hmm, I'll say yes as soon as you tell me your name...." She said quietly, making up her mind.
  9. "I am Sparky." Looked through his bag. "And you are?" He pulled out a small notepad. "If you do join, that would make us a team. I have written down easy jobs. Shouldnt be too hard."
  10. "So, you say we.... Wait... You mean you'll do the jobs with me?" The Eevee gasped in awe. She was forced to do her jobs alone. Without any assistance. The normal type jumped in excitement of the thought of working together with someone.

    After recollecting herself, the Eevee put on her most formal face and said. "Hello, my name is Ina the Blue. Or, just Ina."
  11. "Well it is a team. And being a team is being friends. My mom and dad met on team." He looked up into the sky. "And teams have to help each other with their problems, right?" He sat the bag next to her.
  12. Avery and Max [YES IM USING THEM MUH HAHAHHAHA] strolled along, then Max sighted a flier. "Hey! What's this?" He asked, ruffling his awkward tuft of fur where bangs should be. Avery read over his shoulder. "Rescue team?" She asked curiously. Max smiled. "Let's do it!" He encouraged.
  13. "Well, I don't have any problems." Ina lied. Horribly. She's never been good at that.

    "So, you said the only payment is help, but I have nowhere to stay... Or no money to eat.... Or no money to buy anything...." Ina's eyes darkened at how utterly useless she was.

    "Just to double check, are you sure you want an Eevee like me to be on the team? I'm not sure if you want to know my current reputation is out in the wooded areas..." She sighed, staring at her ice blue paws.
  14. "It doesn't matter and you can tmstay at the team house." He poured to the house. "I spent my savings on it, might as well not let it go to waste." He looked at her paws. "I'm discovered too, I have orange eyes, but it doesn't bother me." He tried to encourage her. "And people won't mind it once we become the best team."
  15. Max held the flier, walking around. He soon walked right into a Gengar. It grew mad and began attacking him. He cried out, but it knocked him out cold with a swipe. Avery, not very good with her powers yet, used a weak ember on it constantly. She soon became tired and grew scared.
  16. He heard the cries. "Lets go Ina!" He motioned for her to come.

    He saw the Pokemon. He covered himself in electricity and tackled the gengar.
  17. "Ok!" Ina replied happily as she followed Sparky into his house.

    "So, where can I have room?" Ina asked. Quite frankly, she was again, a little wary of the Pikachu's response. Her ears twisted to the sound of Pokemon in pain.

    Her vision blotched red as she dashed out the door. 'Enemy, Gengar. Client, unidentifiable' she thought to herself. As she approached the Gengar, Ina used Shadow ball and followed it up with iron tail. Ina growled at her opponent, her vision returning to normal.
  18. The Gengar angrily used two shadow balls to ward them off, swatting Avery in the face and grabbing her by her leg. He then grabbed the unconscious Max and flung the two at Ina and Sparky.
  19. "Waah!" Ina called as she came to her senses and two Pokemon were flying at her. She collided with the two, knocking her backwards.

    The Eevee was about to apologize, but she looked at her paws. Red was shown near the bottom, near the pad of her foot. "Get off of me please." She grumbled as she tried to run off.
  20. "Good thing I carry more of the berries." He handed them out. "Well, that was quite a first day, huh?" He laughed. "Well, to think I wanted a calm day." Said the Discolored Pikachu. "Then again, I've never had one of those."
  21. "I need to go, I'll be back, I promise...." Ina whispered as she popped out from under the pile of Pokemon.

    The Eevee ran swiftly and quietly, making sure to be unnoticed. She slowed once she caught sight of a river. Ina splashed in the water, watching the red run off into the trail of water.

    "Ok, I'm back!" Ina called cheerfully, her ice blue paws no longer tainted by red.
  22. He shrugged. He led them to his Home. "This is the team house, Ina.x he looked at the other Pokemon. "Would youblike tonjoin our team?" He asked the two. "If, Ina, you don't mind." He turned to her.
  23. Avery dizzily got up, only to be whacked in the back of the head with Max by the Gengar. She became so mad the flame behind her egnited to life and a Flame Wheel shot out of her mouth and flew at the Gengar. Max woke up, VERY dizzy. "Oh my head...," he groaned.

    Avery and Max followed happily, and at Sparky's offer they said at the same time, "Of course!"
  24. Ina didn't disapprove, she just didn't approve of the way they encountered her. "Sure, I don't mind." She snickered. "But, I think the landing was unnecessary."

    The Eevee sat down, twitching her ears, and making the Suns ribbon flow effortlessly in the breeze.
  25. He smiled. "Welcome to team......I don't have a name." He sighed and go a basket. "I have to go collect some berries." he trotted outside.

    Wow, three members in a day!
  26. Max, whenever Avery wasn't looking, would stare at her with his eyes showing admiration and affection, and Avery would do the same.

    Max stood taller, his green bandana around his neck covered in burns. [cause he hangs out with a fire type] "I'm Max, and this is Avery," he introduced.
  27. "I'm Sparky!" He shouted from outside. Something wasn't right. They had Pink energy signatures. He walked back in. "Hey Max could I ask you something in private."
  28. Max nodded and followed him. His ears flicked anxiously, ready to listen. "Yes, Sparky?" He asked curiously. He tried fixing his little tuft of fur where bangs should be, but it floofed up and he decided to leave it.
  29. (Last post tonight. ~T_T~ maybe)

    "Do you like Avery?" He grinned. "You don't have to answer, but just so I know if that is what Pink means." He said very quietly. "Also, there was a strange connection between you two, the first time I've seen it."
  30. Ina sat down next to Avery. "So, you are?" She asked quietly. The small Eevee was about the Cyndaquil's size. She noticed a bandanna around Max. Ina herself used to have one, a dark purple one with a green eye on it. The insignia was meant to strike fear into anyone who sees it.

    Ina stared at her paws again. The blue was weird, but somehow comforting.
  31. [poopie butt XP]

    Max blushed, his already red cheeks becoming even more red. He coughed a fake cough. "I uh.... Maybe.... A bit....," he gave up and looked at the floor. "Totally. Don't tell her! Also, strange connection?"

    "I'm Avery!" The Cyndaquil told Ina happily. She noticed her paws. "Woah! Those are cool!"
  32. "Oh, I'm Ina." She responded, looking up from her paws. "And no, they're not that cool, just blue."

    Ina just sat there, daydreaming. Or if you consider bad Daydreams, Daymares, then that's what she was doing. Images of dark Pokemon with green and purple bandanas surrounded her, and insulted her blue paws. He would send her out on hunting missions, to hurt other Pokemon for his own good. No matter how hard she tried, Ina could not control her Grace. The Eevee was Graced with the unhealthy power of being a silent and deadly Pokemon. She could knock a Pokemon out with one hit if she tried. Usually, she tries to push past the red, and calm herself before she accidentally kills someone...
  33. "Yeah, then that means." Sparky whistled and walked away.

    After collecting Berrys, he got back inside. "Anyone hungry?" He asked.
  34. Max blushed even deeper and followed Sparky. He shook his head of the thoughts and the blushing. "I'm starved!" He replied happily. "I'd love to eat. Avery?" He asked the Cyndaquil. Avery nodded, and walked over and tried to mess with the odd tuft of fur where bangs should be he called bangs. He playfully pushed her away and the two began tickling each other.
  35. "Okay, I'll make something." He started to mash the berries. "And then Bread!" He he grabbed bread to make Berry Sandwiches. "I'm done." He said nervously. He thought of everything that could go wrong.

    What if they are allergic, or they taste bad?
  36. Max and Avery soon stopped their tickle fight and rushed over to sit down. Max's tail wagged excitedly. Avery playfully shoved him, and it seemed the two would soon start play fighting once more.
  37. He sat the plates near them. Suddenly he felt a surge of energy. "What is that?" he asked himself. "Um, excuse me." He sped out the door. "What is that that energy coming from?" He kept asking himself.
  38. The two stopped their small shove-fight and wolfed down their food. They both were amazed by the taste. "Wow! That was amazing!" Max complimented. (Eyes sparkling all kawai and anamie-ish) Avery nodded and grabbed her plate, taking it to the kitchen.
  39. He found the Tiny Woods. He walked towards a small energy that grew stronger. "There it is!" He saw it. It was a group of Pokemon. A ampharos was charging up electricity. "What I'd it going to do." Luckily, the two other Pokemon didn't notice him, they looked rather Scared. Then, something horrible happened.
  40. Max and Avery awaited Sparky's return. One tiny poke turned into a full out play tackle fight. It then turned into Max falling onto Avery, the two staring at each other. They blushed and seperated.

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