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Ask to Join Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Envision of Shadows - First 3 Pokemon accepted automatically!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by waluigipinball, Feb 27, 2016.

  1. ((so i'm making this now... my first Pokemon RP))
    Riley's head hurt. She couldn't remember anything, was the fist thing she thought of. Apart from her name, and what she was- a human. She stood and watched the light dance off the reflection of the water. It was a... strangely warm lakeside she had woken up next to. The female looked down, and jumped back. (W-WHAT!? I'm... I'm a Riolu!?) the girl cried out, scarled-kissed gaze widening with shock and confusion. She pinched herself. Was this real? How had she ended up here? Why was she a Pokemon? Why couldn't she remember anything!? (Ugh... this is making my head hurt...) she groaned.
  2. The Eevee was walking by the shore line... "I can't do it. Not by myself. I need a Partner for my Exploration team." He mumbled staring at the ground as he padded along. He saw another Pokemon, a Riolu. She looked confused, and maybe even a little Injured. The Eevee rushed over. "H-hey?! Are you ok?!" He asked the dazed Riolu.
  3. A Glameow watched the spectacle from a branch in the small copse of trees about forty meters from the shoreline. Her blue irises, intrigued, now, by the addition of the Eevee, watched unblinking, and her hunched stature and bagged eyes suggested a Pokemon of little patience for sleep. All four of her paws were latched tightly onto the branch as she perched, spring-like tail waving ribbon-like in the gentle breeze, then dancing in whipping motions as the wind picked up, pulling with it her ruffled coat and tugging at her sullen ears with vengeful disposition.
    A Riolu and an Eevee...
    ... this just might work.
  4. A Bulbasaur, with a bulb of a dark rusty red, known as Leaf was snoozing in some ferns near the shore, until he was woken up by an Eevee working on making a Riolu feel better about something. Lazily Leaf picked himself up and walked towards the Riolu.
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  5. Riley's eyes almost popped out of her head when she heard the others speak to her- she was dazed, maybe this was a dream? (Uuumm... I'm OK, b-but... how are you talking to me? Where even am I?) she asked, a fictional brow raised in confusion.
  6. "What do you mean where are you? Your on Krabby Coast! And why wouldn't I beanie to speak to you? Your a Pokemon just like me..' He added sypathetxslly. 'Maybe she had hurt herself.' He thought.
  7. Riley tilted her head to one side, scarlet visionaries fixated on the Eevee. She felt... some sort of connection, one that she couldn't put her finger- or paw- on. (Krabby Coast?) she replied, fictional brows furrowing further. (You probably won't believe me but... I was a human. And somehow I just woke up here... and now I can speak to Pokémon.) The story seemed unbelievable, but there was some kind of sincerity reflected in Riley's crimson optics that made it hard to believe that she was lying.
  8. The Glameow's fixated gaze twitched questionably as the two conversed. As the squall of wind died down, her ribbon-like tail seemed to droop, a more fitting appearance to the rather sullen creature. The grey fur of her thin coat had been tweaked by the wind so that a multitude of the strands were pointed, like a vector field, towards the direction the wind had fled, each grey arrow in a slightly different angle than its ruffled neighbor. Her off-white paws were clutched tightly together, and the extended claws left deep scores in the gnarly bark, as if they had some sort of vengeance to cast on the branch. It certainly wasn't a frightening appearance, however. No, it was much more sullen, with her pupils accompanied by those dark, heavy bags, their gaze almost... emotionless.

    What is going on? If only I could get closer... but I can not waste this opportunity. If they notice me too soon, I might lose this chance forever.
    The chance to help.
    The chance to cast my revenge.
    I have been waiting so long for this. Now, I just have to wait.
  9. Leaf walks up to the Eevee and curiously asks "what is going on here?"
  10. " What!? What's a Human?!?!" He asked suddenly confused. He didn't know if this Riolu had hit her head on one of the rocks around here. "Are you sure your ok? You look like your hurt..." He said observing the scrape on her forehead.
  11. Leaf overhearing some of the conversation, took note of the Riolu and asked "What is your name?"
  12. "Uhhh... Yeah. If you don't believe me, that's ok," she said, casting her scarlet optics to the sandy ground. "I'm alright, it's only a graze."

    She finally turned to the bulbasaur, and smiled, her lips trembling and voice wavering slightly. "Riley," she muttered, "What's yours?"
  13. "Nice to meet you Riley! My name is Leaf." Leaf's excitement of being noticed is very obvious.
    "Oh and who are you?" Leaf asked the Eevee. His short attention span also being obvious.
  14. "I don't know why your being so friendly... You're kinda creeping me out." the Eevee said nervously to the bulbasaur backing away a little. He wasn't very trusting ofstrangers, and very precautious.
  15. "Oh... did I frighten you?" Leaf commented. He was feeling a little ashamed intruding on the Eevee's privacy.
    "Wait did you hear something?" Leaf asked. His curiosity and attention span clearly knew no limits. His red eyes sparked whenever he discovered something new.
  16. "Probably just a Ratatta in the bushes or something... b-but we better be prepared, just in case," muttered the reserved female, blood-red visionaries narrowed to slits.
  17. "Hey! What were you doing watching me anyways? I bet your one of those Bandits they are always talking about in town." He said getting into a fighting position. He wasn't going to listen to what leaf was going to say.
  18. "I was sleeping over in the bushes... Speaking of sleeping in bushes, sleeping in bushes is very relaxing and comfortable. I bet sleeping in a tree would also be comfy but to sleep in a tree you would have to first climb the tree... and I trailed off didn't I? Oh have you heard about the possibility of bandits in town? I bet that noise I heard was a bandit. Darn it I trailed off for the second time in the same conversation." Leaf said with little hesitation. He started looking where the noise was coming from. It seemed to be coming from a tree which reminded him of what he said earlier about sleeping in trees. He was getting drowsy just thinking about it.

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