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Private/Closed Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Mango137, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Here is the link to the rp thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-mystery-dungeon-rp.21371/

    Hello! I have just recently gotten the idea to create a Pokémon mystery dungeon based rp. This Rp will follow a group of Pokémon working to establish their very own Pokémon Exploration Team Guild. Throughout this rp I will work to come up with everyday quests and much larger scale explorations for everyone to enjoy. There will be a max limit of two characters, preferably your characters will only be first or second stage evolutions, they will be able to evolve later on but I would like to avoid too powerful of Pokémon at the beginning, thus forcing everyone to work together.

    We are still accepting, do not worry about joining late and having to catch up... in mystery dungeon Pokémon are recruited all the time!

    This Rp will take place in a continent not established in the previous mystery dungeon games called the Blaze Continent, though access to the other continents will be made available. Much of the Blaze Continent is made up of is savannah plains, but farther east the region becomes mountainous, with its trademark feature residing on the top of the largest mountain known as the flaming forest, in which the trees are made of stone and spout fire rather than leaves. The protagonists will begin near the northwestern coast in an area called Rustling Village. The Village is home to many common amenities, but some with different Pokémon running them from normal. There is the Machamp Move Hut where Machamp will help Pokémon learn new techniques. Clamperl and Delibird’s Bank and Storage, where you can safely keep your money and valuables. Maractus Café where you can eat and meet with other Pokémon. Brozong and Leavanny’s enhancement, boutique, and forgery; A strange stand that is a weird combination of a blacksmiths and a French boutique where you can pay the odd duo to have your items enhanced or have them create new ones for you. And, of course, the Kecleon Brothers Shop. A short hike south would lead you to the Serene Bluff, where the village elder, Gothitelle, who oversees affairs and gives advice dwells. On the coast there is Mantine transportation, able to bring exploration teams to other continents. The higher their rank, the more they have access to. There is also Drifblim delivery service which is a team of drifloons who wander around collecting expedition requirements and posting them on a board in Rustling Village.

    Nickname: (Optional)
    Appearance: (Is there anything that makes this Pokémon look different from others of its kind)
    Role: (Like fighter or healer)
    Moveset: (May be more than four, but try not to be overpowered)
    Background: (Optional but recommended. Can include upbringing, special skills, or things like your characters aspirations. Really anything that adds more depth to your character.)

    Name: Sol
    Nickname: N/A
    Species: Growlithe
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Flash Fire
    Appearance: Sol is the typical height and weight for a Growlithe, but had a few traits that set him apart from others of his kind. He wears a navy scarf around his neck as well as a brown leather satchel that is also hung over his neck. Sol has blue eyes, a rare trait for his kind. And while it is purely aesthetic, the fire in his moves has some blue fire included amongst the typical red, orange, and yellow flames.
    Personality: Sol is a very kind and caring Pokémon, always doing whatever he can to help others. This desire fed his ambition to one day open his own exploration guild. Sol is also very intelligent and ambitious, allowing him to be a good leader for team members as he is able to keep a level head under pressure.
    Role: Eventually Guild Leader
    Moveset: Morning Sun, Flame Burst, Flame Charge, Bite, Dig
    Background: When Sol was young he had wandered into a forest looking for berries for his family to eat, on his way home he was attacked by a rogue Rhydon trying to steal his berries and valuables. Sol was badly beaten and had all his belongings stolen when a Blaziken ran in and defeated the Rhydon, returning Sol’s belongings afterwards. The Blaziken explained that he was a member of the expedition society and Rhydon was a criminal he was hunting down. Blaziken then returned Sol to his home safely. Since that day Sol wanted to become an expedition society member so he may do the same for other Pokémon.

    Name: Mango
    Nickname: N/A
    Species: Gible
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Sand Veil
    Appearance: Mango has various cuts and scratches all over his body as a result of his clumsiness. He also wears a yellow scarf.
    Personality: Mango, while good natured and very kind, is not the brightest Pokémon. He lacks basic common sense and will often mess up the easiest of commands. Mango is also very clumsy, he will knock things over and trip on air. He is shockingly strong, though he can be easily defeated by the simplest of strategies. Nonetheless his passion for exploring makes him a valuable and fun addition to any team.
    Role: Wild Card
    Moveset: Dig, Sand Attack, Dragon Rage, Metal Claw
    Background: Mango went to the same Pokémon school as Sol growing up, just a year below in age. He admires the Growlithe’s proficiency in exploration and leadership and looks at him as a role model. Mango is often exploring easy dungeons on his own just for the fun of it.

    Sol: Male Arcanine
    Tate: Male Shieldon
    Nora: Femlae Eevee
    Eve: Female Eevee
    Char: Male, kind of a mystery, Torracat*
    Tiara: Female Riolu
    Daniel: Male Ditto
    Sparkle: Male Emolga
    Bloom: Female Chikorita
    Jay: Male Monferno
    Hitari: Female Shiny Kirlia
    Mango: Male Gible
    Lily: Female Psyduck
    Marigold: Female Cutiefly
    Colin: Male Mawile
    Luck: Male Shinx
    Yosuke: Male Spheal
    Frosty: Male Cryogonal
    Gorem: Male Golett

    Guild Name: none yet
    Base: A small hide tent
    Rank: Normal
    Points: 65
    Money in Guild Savings: 4,300P
    Members: Sol, Tate, Nora, Eve, Tiara, Jay, Hitari, Colin, Yosuke, Mango, Luck, Frosty, Gorem

    Anyone may feel free to create their own exploration request missions to be submitted for approval, but if you do, you are responsible for role playing all characters directly involved in the request (clients, outlaws, etc). If you create a request you may create your own dungeon (as long as I approve it) or use a preexisting one.

    Anyone can feel free to submit a dungeon idea for approval.
    Located in a large Savannah Plain, the strange magnetic field of the area causes the long grass to be charged with electricity, occasionally shocking certain Pokémon with fur that venture off of the fixed paths.
    Blitzle, Pachirisu, Starly, Sentret, Stantler

    Tall trees tower tall overhead, only letting a little sunlight trickle through. The odd circular shapes the branches form and strange holes in the tree trunks causes a whistling sound to occur as wind blows through. While traveling be wary of hostile Pokémon using grass whistle!
    Zigzagoon, Pansage, Deerling, Taillow

    In a small hill in the southeast of the Blaze Continent there is a crevice that seems to open to the center of the earth. Those brave enough to journey through will find themselves trudging through knee deep water as jagged stones hang above them. There are side tunnels that diverge from the main route, supposedly leading to great treasure. Legends say at the deepest point of the cavern there is an entrance to a far more sinister and dangerous dungeon.
    Wooper, Carbink, Noibat, Stunfisk

    A flowery meadow that is home to many fairy and grass pokemon and sweet fruit.
    Created by @Crystal1302
    Combee, Flabebe, Slurpuff, Cherubi, Bounsweet

    One of the biggest lakes on Blaze Continent. Whirling Lake is the home to various fish and other aquatic Pokémon, and to the finest kelp and seaweed, which is located in the center of the lake. Due to the kelps limited amount, the Pokémon fight for it once or twice a day, often creating whirlpools. There are bridges all across the lake, making getting from one shore to another very easy.
    Finneon, Wishiwashi, East Sea Shellos, Alomomola, Tympole,Tentacool, Corsola.

    A cavernous dungeon. It gives off an ominous and threatening vibe, with very little light. The Pokemon tend to be a bitterritorial here.
    Houndour, Zigzagoon, Sneasel, Poochyena, Sandile, Sableye.

    • Loopets and Emeras will not be included.
    • You may rp your own wild encounters and interactions with shopkeepers in Rustling Village.
    • Unlike the games, evolution is available.
    • Orbs, Seeds, Scarfs, and other PMD exclusive items will be included.
    • IQ will play a role but not as overpowered as in the games. IQ will be gained from experience (not gummies) and will grant more minor power ups (like throwing items do more damage as a result of learning a new skill)
    • If you are inactive for more than two days without notice we will proceed without you.
    • Hunger will not have as much of an influence as it does in the games. If your characters are hungry they can eat, if not, they will just be a little hungry.
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  2. Name: Tate
    Species: Shieldon
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Sturdy
    Appearance: Tate looks like a typical Shieldon. Armored head that he takes care in polishing, stubby legs, tiny ridge on his back, similarly-stubby tail—the works. He wears a gray scarf that's still too big, wrapped around him like a shawl or cloak.
    Personality: Tate is easy-going and mild-mannered, taking things in stride more often than not. He enjoys being around and relaxing with his friends, but he's not very talkative. As a result, he can seem a bit brusque to authority figures or Pokémon he doesn't know well. His lax nature sometimes seems in conflict with his good perseverance, because while he's usually far from being the most motivated explorer, it's hard to hold him back once he's on a roll. Although he could be happy doing nothing but eating Oran Berries for the rest of his life, Tate is more than willing to follow his friends' leads—and keep following them for a good long time. He does have his quirks, though. He's just about impossible to startle, and he has a weird appreciation for art with intricate patterns for a far-from-finicky Pokémon who doesn't care if he sleeps in a bed or on solid rock.
    Role: Tank
    Moveset: Tackle, Protect, Iron Defense, Counter
    Background: Tate lived in the mountainous region of Blaze Continent with his parents and younger siblings. His dad was a Rhydon who gave him the scarf that he's yet to grow into himself. He was inspired to become an explorer after he saw a famous exploration team map the mountain he lived on, and moved to Rustling Village not long after.

    This looks really fun, I'm always down for a good PMD rp! Rustling Village seems really cozy. :blush: Let me know if there's anything in Tate's sheet I need to fix!
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  3. Hm, this seems very interesting. But before I write my character sheet, I would like to know if there are any special rules, besides the regular Pokécharms and Global rules, and besides the character max and our Pokémon not being to strong at the start rules you just gave. Like, in the RP we can do that, but can't do that, romance is allowed or not, blah blah blah. I'm not saying there should be more rules, but I just wanna make sure so I don't do something that you don't approve of.
  4. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Basically everything I didn’t specifically go against is allowed (in moderation of course). It will follow mystery dungeon rules, so orbs and wands, etc, will be the type of items we use rather than potions. For anything other than the large guild expeditions the groups will have a max number of four Pokémon for exploration requests (the remaining Pokémon may gain a different request or just do stuff around the village if they please). We can make up dungeons on Blaze Continent but for the most part the dungeons on other islands will be based off of previous games (unless we set out to discover a new one). Also a side note is that I do not need to play all of the bad guys or enemies, if anybody gets an expedition request idea or an idea for an enemy they can post it to the boards and I will look over to approve it (these minor characters are exempt from the two character limit).
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  5. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

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  6. Okay then, this is my character. I hope it's alright.
    Name: Nora
    Species: Eevee
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Adaptability
    Appearance: Nora is just a normal Eevee, but she has bangs covering her right eye. Her fur is very well groomed, and sparkly. No matter how much she rolls in dirt or gets splashed by mud, she never gets dirty.
    Personality: This particular Eevee is... not like the rest of her kind. Instead of being playful, energetic and full of joy, Nora is gloomy, shy and reserved. She doesn't really like talking to others unless she feels obligated to, the topic interests her, or a little kid just asked her an adorably innocent question. She would much rather look at a dead flower on top of a rock all day than doing a lot of social activities. But then again, no one can stay isolated from others for too long. Even though she doesn't really care for interacting with other Pokémon for fun, she would gladly assist anyone in need of help.
    Role: Fighter
    Moveset: Double Kick, Bite, Quick Attack, Echoed Voice, Baddy Bad
    Background: Nora and her family--made up by her parents, An Espeon and a Jolteon, and her three older siblings, a Glaceon, a Flareon and a Leafeon-- have been living in the savannah plains the majority of their lives. Since she was little, Nora has been sitting alone under a tree, since she had just found out that her three older siblings were extremely obnoxious, and she could only hang out with them a few hours per day before she would go crazy. She managed to make a few friends here and there, who were actually pretty nice. Once per week, she would gather them and her annoying brother and sisters, and they would all just sit and talk about certain things. Like, the weather, their famalies and the short time that they've got left in this world. Okay, she brought up that last one only once. After many years of avoiding her obnoxious siblings for most of the day and then meeting with them and her friends once per week, her parents said that they would move to Rustling Village, for some unknown reason. Well, they told her why, but she didn't listen. Nora was devastated. In her last meeting, she dropped the bombshell on her friends, who, of course, where super sad about that. Right when Nora was about to break into tears, one of her friends mentioned something about an exploration team. Her ears perked up at his words. She asked the others about more information about these 'exploration teams'. She had now heard about what they do. When it was the day to leave, she waved to her friends with teary eyes, and she and her family made their way to Rustling Village. She was now determined to join a Pokémon Exploration Team Guild. But this time, she will try not to get attached, by keeping non-necessary interactions with other Pokémon to a minimum.
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  7. I've got the PERFECT character for this. Yes, I know Eevee is overdone, but do you really think I'd pick anything else?

    Name: Eve
    Nickname: Her alias is Noctem. It'll make sense later.
    Species: Eevee
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Adaptability
    Appearance: She's about the size and appearance of a normal Partner Eevee. However, she has a cream heart-shaped patch of fur on her head.
    Personality: Eve's been through hell, and acts like it too. She's rebellious but mature, with a burning fire in her heart. She adores adventure - or anything dangerous or risky, really - and loves exploration. She's got plenty of sass, but in the end she knows her place.
    Role: Fighter
    Moveset: TBD
    Background: That's a secret... for now.
    Other: Eve is physically incapable of evolving. She resents this.
    Before joining up with the guild, she operated as a help-for-hire service, willing to do any and every task - even if it was less than ethical. The only thing she wouldn't do was hurt someone with no justification. She did this under the alias Noctem. (it has to do with her backstory.)
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  8. Huh, we've both got Eevee with Adaptability. But I'm sure it will be fine, since I plan mine to evolve.
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  9. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    @Tudor21G Accepted! It’s a really great character
    @EeviumZ Accepted, as long as Tudor is ok with there being another eevee and is willing to evolve theirs pretty early on to avoid repetitiveness, also I understand if you must keep the partner eevee but would you consider changing it into a normal one that will eventually evolve? The main reason is partner eevee’s strength and special moves is really only brought out because of its trainer and in this rp it wouldn’t have one so it’s not really possible, plus if it could evolve it would even further help avoid repetitiveness
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  10. She's not really a Partner Eevee. It's quite complex and has to do with her... lengthy backstory.
    The same goes for being unable to evolve. She will regain the ability and likely evolve into either Glaceon or Sylveon later.
    I've created a different origin for the special moves, which she will lose upon evolving (except for the one that matches her Eeveelution). She does not have the increased stats, as she is not a true Partner Eevee.
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  11. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Alright, just to avoid her being way overpowered I’ll have to ask you to have her only learn the partner move of what she plans to evolve into, otherwise accepted! Also, Tudor you can feel free to do the same thing with your eevee
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  12. Got it. I'll have to fiddle with her backstory to make it make sense, but I can do that.
    It will be either Glaceon (Freezy Frost), Sylveon (Sparkly Swirl), or Espeon (Glitzy Glow).
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  13. Cool! Then I guess I have to make her learn Baddy Bad somehow.
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  14. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    I have added my first character, all of you can feel free to create a second if you want (though I ask that they have a different role on the team from your previous one).

    Also I would like it if we worked on filling out all the types before repeating (just to add diversity). So far we have fire, rock/steel, dark (Tudor is planning to evolve into umbreon), and either ice fairy or psychic depending on what Eevium chooses
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  15. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Just to get an idea on how many more people I should accept (assuming more people apply) how many of you are planning on making a second character?
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  16. *Raises hand*
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  17. I have a character concept I was planning on introducing a bit later once I'm settled in, but I could use it now if we don't get more sign-ups. Depends on how many other second characters there are and how much more time you want to give it!
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  18. @EeviumZ you might remember this character...

    Name: (undisclosed)

    Nickname: Char

    Species: Torracat*

    Gender: Male

    Ability: (Undisclosed)

    Appearance: Average for his species, although there is a nick in his ear.

    Personality: Very secretive. Dislikes being around those with more power or athourity than him.

    Role: None yet, but I have an idea.

    Moveset: TBD

    Background: Lived on another continent, which was ruled by a society called the Malsura. After a long time he was able to escape. He has just arrived on the Blaze Continent. I will give more details about his story during the RP, as I think Char could tell it better than I can.

    Other: DERP
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  19. ^ I certainly do.
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  20. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    @RenzFlintrock accepted if you could change it from growlithe, I feel like with 5 characters we shouldn’t have two sets of doubles

    Also, would is anyone planning one using a gible or Taillow (or just any ground or flying type for their second character). I’m debating between the two (aerial scout or underground recon) so if any of you wanted to use either of those species or types in general let me know! That would certainly help me decide.
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  21. On it! I’ll see if I can find something that works better. I knew you had Growlithe... I’ll see if I can find a better species.
  22. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

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  23. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    I’ll probably wait one more day before starting, after that the great thing about an exploration guild is Pokémon could come join at any point!
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  24. Here's my second character. I SWEAR SHE'S NOT AN EEVEE.

    Name: Tiara
    Nickname: N/A
    Species: Riolu
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Steadfast
    Appearance: She's just a normal Riolu, but the blue on her skin is slightly paler.
    Personality: Unlike her friend Eve, Tiara is calm and calculated. She takes a rational approach to life - which is why she's often annoyed by Eve's headfirst personality. Very little can faze her - but if you dare try to harm someone she loves... you're in for one very angry Riolu.
    Role: Tactician
    Moveset: Force Palm, Quick Attack, Endure, Bullet Punch, Swords Dance, Helping Hand
    Background: TBD
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  25. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

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  26. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    If we do not get many more people what would you guys think about moving the max character limit to 3?
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  27. I’m against it for the time being. If no one shows up, then maybe, but I would stick with 2 for now.
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  28. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Honestly I really hope somebody does a Rowlet, decidueye seems like such a good exploration Pokémon
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  29. Growlithe is actually the perfect tracker, if you look at the PokeDex descriptions.
  30. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Yeah I just think decidueye really looks the part haha, I was debating making this rps equivalent of team ATC from red and blue rescue team Blaziken, Decidueye, and Empoleon and they would be team Birds haha
  31. I've only ever played SMD, unfortunately. I loved it though, I reset to start again recently. Even though I know that I'll have to fight Yveltal again.
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  32. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    I would recommend trying one of the original rescue teams as well as sky, the story lines are the best in any Pokémon game
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  33. Team Birds, that's great XD A cutoff of two sounds good for the time being, having three characters at once might be a bit rough while we're still getting a feel for the plot mechanics. (Which I'm really looking forward to, by the way, the daily/timeskip requests board is very snazzy!) I'm debating what I want the team that mapped Tate's home to be like... doubt they'll come up soon though.

    Also! I vote Sky and one of the originals for sure! Time was my first-ever Pokémon game, and I can honestly say I'm not at all ashamed to have gotten into the series from a spinoff game given how good Explorers is. SMD has a bunch of fun references to the previous games, it makes replaying it that much better.

    (My future character is gonna be a Cutiefly, since Pollen Puff is so good as a healing move... I want to introduce her once we're decently high-level so she can evolve a bit quicker and be more useful, if that's alright)
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  34. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Mystery dungeon has always been my favorite version of Pokémon.... doesn’t have gamefreak holding it back

    Edit: just saw the thing about cutiefly... looks awesome!
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  35. Some people here might recongize the character below.

    Name: His name is Daniel.
    Nickname: N/A at the moment.
    Species: Daniel | Transform Pokémon
    Gender: Although this Pokémon is normally genderless, he will be a male for the RP due to his masculine characteristics and for the ease of RPing.
    Ability: Limber (The Pokémon is immune to the effects of Paralysis.)
    Appearance: Daniel is often seen as a small Pokémon, or having the infantile appearance of other Pokémon significantly bigger than his size. This is primarily the result of some DNA corruptions he had since birth, which prevents him from being able to transform into bigger and complex Pokémon, such as evolved and legendary Pokémon for example. He is often seen carrying around a leafy bag that contains some of his belongings and other common items.
    Personality: Daniel tends to have a calm and quiet outlook in life. He usually keeps to himself, while attempting to stay observant around other unfamiliar Pokémon in a discreet manner. When he is transformed, he usually behaves on the age of his new form in order to throw off potential followers or for the simple purpose of concealing his true identity. Although he can be a bit silly at times with his youthful behavior, he usually gets the job done if he can put forth the needed effort to do so.
    Role: He is a hybrid stealth medic, though he usually has a better time with his quiet activities in contrast to his medical assistance he silently offers via moves when out in public.
    Moveset: Transform (The moveset is prone to changing based on the Pokémon he is, though he usually uses basic moves such as Scratch and Water Gun as a result of frequently being a younger Pokémon when transformed.)
    Background: Daniel was formerly a medic in a civilization on an unknown island, which was often known as the Rainbow Society. The Ditto was a bit too quiet even with the leader's calls, which often resulted in major suspicion directed towards him. He often performed his job as quiet as a church mouse, which usually led to more questions than answers. An incident with an arachnoid and a stern Pokémon second in command of the Rainbow Society resulted in him almost fleeing with the truth in his puny pincers. After having enough with the Rainbow Society, Daniel decided to escape from the island a second time after being smart enough to perform his acts of desertion on a foggy night instead of in bright daylight. Unfortunately for the little Pokémon, a few bolts of thunder and a harsh wind storm in the open sea had been more than enough even for the aquatic Pokémon he transformed into. About nearly half a day later, he found himself washed up in what would soon be known as the Blaze Continent. He attempted to put off his old life behind, and start anew in the unfamiliar land. He reluctantly decided to reside in Rustling Village and somewhat strive for a spot in the expedition society after a brief discussion from a Nidoqueen almost passing by the Ditto that almost appeared as a hatchling at the time.
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  36. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    @Kiraru he’s amazing! Accepted. Are you planning on doing a second character?
  37. I'm thinking about that at the moment, though I will most likely just stick with lil Daniel.
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  38. So, when are we starting? We've got about 7 characters ready to join, and another one will join when we're more high level.
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  39. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    This rp sounds interesting, i am going to join soon
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