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Open Pokemon Mystery Dungeon : A Story Unfolds

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by hollowhead_, May 6, 2017.

  1. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Discussion thread ---> (https://pokecharms.com/conversation...geon-a-story-unfolds-discussion-thread.47167/ ) Follow The RP forum Rules!
    Pokemon and Humans both have a world. Each is connected to the other. Each world has its own inhabitants. The human world inhabits : humans whereas the Pokemon world inhabits : Pokemon. I think you might be interested in this 'Pokemon' world. If you are then, let's Go! To the world of the magical creatures, known as Pokemon!
    Name : Gigawatt
    Personality : Mischievious, Doesn't Hesitate To Help His Friends, Protective, Tricky, Clever And Nice
    Species : Shinx
    Likes : Tricks, Friends And Rescuing People
    Dislikes : People Who Aren't Easy To Trick, Selfish People And Over-Serious
    A small Shinx was lying, unconscious on the grass, under a tree. Suddenly, a branch fell on the small Pokemon's head, making it wake up, "Ow! H-huh? What Happened?" Exclaimed The Shinx, "Well, I don't really know what happened, but I'm really thirsty, I'm gonna drink some water" He said as he walked over to a small pond, and drank some water, "Whoa! Water tastes so much better Here!" Exclaimed the Shinx, as he looked at the pond and saw a Shinx, "WAH! D-did I just T-turn into a Pokemon?!" Screamed the Shinx loudly, "Okay, okay. Gotta stay calm, gotta stay calm, let's try remembering what happened..." said the Shinx calmly, "..." a moment of silence was there "Oh no...I don't remember Anything! I gotta at least remember my name right?!" Asked The Shinx, himself nervously, "Yeah, I do. It's Gigawatt" He said firmly, this calmed him. He began to also remember why his mum named him that, she wanted him to be strong like a lightning bolt, so she named him, Gigawatt, "Alright, I think I gotta start moving, maybe I'll find someone who could help me" He said calmly as he walked further into the forest
  2. A quiet rustle is heard in the trees, as a Leafeon is dashing between the trees of the forest.
    It soon spots the lone Shinx walking into the woods.
    The Leafeon lands on a tree near the Shinx, next to a Pidgey.
    The leafeon looks at the Pidgey, and... Turns into one? Oh! It must be a Ditto!
    It starts to fly, following the Shinx deeper into the forest, flying as quiet as it can.
    Name: Quantum
    Personality: Curious, friendly, and likes to help out as much as it can.
    Species: Ditto
    Likes: Toying around as other Pokemon, training with different moves, Meeting nice Pokemon.
    Dislikes: Mean/Rude Pokemon, discouraging Pokemon, and water. It doesn't know why it hates water, it just does.
  3. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    The Small Shinx continues walking through the forest, and stops to get some berries. He wanted berries because when he was turned into a Pokemon he started acting like one too, "Urgh, man this tree's tall. Hmm, I have an idea" Just as he said that, he produced some sparks from his body and then shot the sparks at the tree, making it fall, "Haha, yes! That was Spark!" He said as he ate a few Oran Berries and then looked at a Pidgey, flying in his way, 'Hmm, maybe I can talk to that Pidgey, and ask him for directions to the nearest towns' He thought to himself carefully, "Uh, hey! Do you know where the nearest town is?" He asked the Pidgey, while looking up at it, curiously
  4. The Pidgey landed in front of the Shinx, and hearing that the Shinx needed help, The Ditto decided to help.
    It simply nodded and pointed into a direction of the woods, it looked quite dense.
    But the Pidgey looked determined that it was this way. The Pidgey then flew in the direction it pointed,
    making a sort of 'Follow me' gesture with its wings. It soon flew far into the forest, it's presence hidden by the trees.
  5. Meanwhile, a Riolu was running from a Ursaring. "AHH! S-Sorry, Ursaring! It was just a little prank! I'm VERY sorry!" He screamed. But the Ursaring kept on following it. "No! I won't forgive you for that prank! You hurt my son, Teddiursa, for it!" Ursaring shouted. Soon, the Riolu found himself in the forest. "Oh, geez! I'm puffed out, and I'm in a Mystery Dungeon.. Now to get out. I love some adventures. H-Hey! It's a Pidgey and a Shinx!" He said, huffing and puffing. He walked towards the two, and said, "Hey there, my name is Cobalt. Who are you guys?"
  6. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    The Shinx looked surprised, Uh, well, my name is Gigawatt and this is..." The Shinx Spluttered out, "Uh, sorry I didn't really get your name, What is it?" Gigawatt asked the Pidgey, "So, I just saw you running away from an Ursaring, and said said something about a prank.." Said the Shinx quietly, "I love Pranks! We could be friends..!" He said joyfully as he followed the Pidgey to who knows where. He hoped that the Riolu would follow them
  7. "Amazing! I never expected I'd have a friend! After all, nobody likes me in the village.." Cobalt said, quite down but fine. "So... We need to get out of this Mystery Dungeon! I LOVE Mystery Dungeons! They're full of adventures! Anyway, look! A Munchlax!" He said, pointing at a Munchlax. Cobalt used Force Palm, since he knew it was a enemy Pokemon. "So many enemy Pokemon! Love it!"
  8. The Pidgey then uses quick attack on the Munchlax, landing behind it.
    The Munchlax faints, and the Pidgey looks at Gigavolt and Cobalt, as the Pidgey turns fully purple.
    Once it is fully purple, it turns its body into a mew-like form. But stays the same substance of ditto.
    (Think a purple, drippy Mew with a ditto face)
    "Hi! I'm Quantum, the ditto!" It said, smiling.
    "Town is just over here, follow me!" Quantum said, walking to a now visible path leading to a small town.
  9. "Well, nice to meet you, Quantum." Cobalt said, smiling. "Ah! Look! There's the stairs leading to the exit! Let's go." He said, pointing at a staircase. He went up, and he found himself out of the Mystery Dungeons. "Yes! Now, time to get back to the village!"
  10. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    "Alright, let's Go!" Said Gigawatt excitedly, as he went up the stairs, "Whoa! So many Pokemon!" Gigawatt exclaimed, 'I want to make friends with all of them, but I need to remember why I'm here in the first place' He thought carefully, 'But, who would believe such a strange Story?' He thought to himself nervously. This was rare of him as he is normally a loud, mischievous person, "So, uh Cobalt was It? You live Here?" He asked curiously, "I don't know but, I guess I could here for a little bit..?" He said, stuttering, 'Was that a good Idea?' He thought sarcastically
  11. "Yep. I live here. This is Maki Village! I don't actually live IN the village, but I usually bunk down in that forest, though, outside of the Mystery Dungeon part." Cobalt said, smiling.
  12. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    "Oh, ok I didn't really know that" He said calmly, "Well, I think I heard you say something about no one liking you In the village. What's all that about?" He asked curiously
  13. "Well... It's that I usually play a trick or two every day, and people are angry with me now, so they don't allow me to live in the village anymore.." Cobalt said, quite down but still wandering forward.
  14. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    "Oh man. That's so harsh..." He said quietly, 'Wow, that's straight up heartless, right there' He thought to himself carefully, "Then' where DO you live Cobalt?" He asked confused. "Believe it or not, I COULD just stay with you for a while" He reassured Cobalt
  15. "I just told you, the forest." Cobalt explained, still quite Gloom about the whole situation thing. "I just wish the villagers would've just accepted me back at the village.."
  16. "I kinda just stroll around, I usually find a Pidgey or some other bird to transform into and perch in a tree.
    Anyway, I think we're here. Welcome to Sunrise City. Now in the size of a town. And the aesthetics of a town.
    And it's also a town. But it's Sunrise City. Let's go introduce you to the town!" Quantum said to the Shinx.

    *The Ditto walks into town, and out of the mystery dungeon with his newfound friends.*
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  17. There was a lonesome phantump floating outside of maki village
    Name: Danny

    Personality: curious,loves adventure
    and cheerful

    Species: Phantump

    Likes: exciting things,and things to collect,adventuring with other Pokemon

    Dislike: mean or cruel people
    Danny wandered around maki village until he spotted three Pokemon,a ditto,a shinx,and a rioulu
    Danny reluctantly floated over thinking "are they explorers,maybe they'll join my expedition team"until he was right in front of them"uh hi,I'm Danny are you guys explorers"he asked nervously
  18. (are you guys going to continue this???)
  19. idk if they are continuing this

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