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pokemon mystery dungen

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by squirlte20, Oct 17, 2006.

  1. squirlte20

    squirlte20 Guest

    If i am on the buried relic in pokemon mystery dungen and i am a blastoise but i want to be a meowth should i start a new game
  2. It depends how much you like Meowth. I say just wait till you get a Meowth as a recruited member because you are really far. Im only on the skytower. Buried Realic is really far in the game. So just continue your game.
  3. I say you should wait and recruit. If you feel like beating the first half all over again then start a new game. But it will be much better to just stay where you are.
  4. if you've recruited a meowth it is fairly easy to switch to it...
  5. this game is easy to beat its fun too
  6. Well, if you really like Meowth, then I guess you could if you wanted to. But it would take a long time to get the right questions. (It took me FOREVER to get Skitty!)
  7. I tried Meowth but the battle with Gegnar and his cronies....whew they just kept smoking me, so I switched to Torchic

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