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Ask to Join Pokemon Multiverse 1 [MD style pokemon]

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by MrVulpix, Sep 13, 2016.

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  1. Sorry in advance if this is too long, i just want to be thorough.

    This is comedy based RP in a MD style pokemon world, where evolution is limited for some unknown reason, about a crew of pirates known as "Meowstick Bakery Cargo Ship"( Lol their knonw like that because thats what it says on the side of the ship). They sail around the world with the ship Captain Braixen (Male) borrowed from his dad in search of treasure and adventure. But things turn sour when Braixens dad threatens to take back the ship if they cant pay the ships price of 200,000 gold bars. And so the crew begins (and braixens dad who tags along thinking braixen would just run off with the ship--which he would--) their search for lost treasures through out the seas and across lands, and along the way they may or may not discover the reason evolution is limited!

    PS. Sorry if this plot is all over the place, if you have questions, please ask away, and sorry in advance, I know I should be the one to make this clear.

    Characters :
    I will mark a few of the characters with Un for unavailable and others with A for available, this will determine if a person can ask for this role. If you do decide to ask for a role, please send me a PM and I will get back to you ASAP.(Ps im captain braixen :3)

    (Un) Captain Braixen Baker(male): A hot headed- ill tempered young man(Or poke-MAN. Lol) In charge of the Meowstick Bakery Cargo Ship. He loves violence and mayhem(from a comedic point of view) and even has a portrait in the ship of him smiling while punching first mate frogadier in the face with one hand, and hold up a cartoon of milk( lol i mean actual milk) with the other.Hes basically a smug looking braixen with a Pirate hat. However dumb and oblivious, he is still one of the strongest pokemon on the ship(Until his dad arrives), and he can use psychic(In this multiverse, braixen has a dual typing of psychic/fire) to control all of the cannons at once. He also tends to yell at anyone who thinks hes a girl,who bumps into him, stares at him the wrong way etc. etc. He also tends to be rude and nasty, and always tries to pick a fight especially with his first mate frogadier. Although he knows he was adopted, he thinks that because of that Weavile Baker gave birth to him(for some unknown reason). He can often be found on fighting with frogadier (or just random people) on the, or drinking milk in the bar.

    (A) Meowstick Baker(the male one): Braixens adopted father. Hes a calm collected man who raised his kids to respect their elders. He had raised a loving family in his quiet village delivering his baked goods to many families throughout his life, until braixen took the ship. He's now selling the boat to Braixen so for 200,000 gold bars so he and his wife can retire in a nice private island. He is quick to snap at braixen if he acts like a beast, or does something stupid, nagging him to stop and giving him a nasty look frightening him. And whenever braixen goes out of control, he uses his combination technique with his wife, Weavile Baker, to put him back in line. The combination move being, Weavile flings a salac berry towards a weakness policy Meowstick to provide a triple stat boost(Weakness policy and salac berry are items in the pokemon games; when a berry is thrown, the holder gains a stat boost.). He can often be found with Weavile Baker, watching the stars at night, or the clouds in day, or snapping at braixen for some reason.

    (A) Navigator Quilladin Compass(Girl): (In this universe she has a dual typing of grass/fighting) A lovely, kind young girl, who joins Cap'n B on his journeys. She has an obvious(not to Cap'n B) and strange infatuation with Cap'n B, although no one can tell as to why. She is also long time friends with Captain Braixen, having known him since childhood. She doesn't like to fight, but when needed she launches a pin missile barrage from afar. She can often be found following braixen, or chatting with Emolga, or anyone really, shes really friendly.

    (A) Weavile Baker(female): Meowstick Bakers wife, and Braixens adopted mother. A women(or a poke-wo-MAN... it was funnier the first time...) Shrouded in mystery. Even Meowstick Baker doesnt know much about her. She is the also part of the "Salac berry fling at weakness policy meowstick" team maneuver. She keeps reminding Captain Braixen that she didnt give birth to him... She joined Meowstick Baker in following Braixen around all day. She can often be found tagging along Meowstick, or sleeping in the gallows.

    (A) 1st mate Frogadier Slacker(a dude): (He has a dual typing of dark/water) The laid back 1st mate of the Meowstick Bakery Cargo Ship. A lazy and calm person, that often does things half finished. He tends not to fight, but when he does, hes quite formidable. He tends to play it cool, but even he loses it when braixen tees him off. He can often be spotted snoozing when hes supposed to be doing his chores, or fighting with braixen(Happens a lot). His unmotivated attitude tends to bother braixen, but he doesn't care.

    (A) Treasure Hunter Emolga Seeker(a chic): She is the new swabbie the crew found in the middle of the sea for unknown reasons. She is incredibly smart and resourceful, but she has an unhealthy obsession for treasure. She refuses to disclose much about her past for whatever reason. When braixen first found her he sentenced her to swab the deck or be dropped in the ocean with an anchor tied to her. Shes reluctantly to clean, and wants to immediately leave when they reach shore, but she decides to stick around when she notices the map to a island full of treasure.

    So anyways! those are all the chars I can think of right now, if you want to join, please PM me and don't use the thread chat.(Because this is where we're gonna do the RP.

    A Schedule for when the RP will begin will be discussed when all roles are filled, so we can be sure what timeline everyone has.

    New characters will be added a few times and will be editing in this post.

    I will edit the post when someone fills out a role.


    Same as the Pokemon RP rules.

    NO BUNNIENG! Under no circumstances will you do this, or you will be kicked from the group.

    And I don't care for this one that much, but please don't throw the book at someone, there are much better ways to tell them they are doing something wrong.

    If I am forgetting something please PM me, again, don't use the thread.

    Thats All! Hope you guys decide to join!
  2. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    This is not how we RP around here. RPers create their own characters rather than jumping into a character you create for them, and starting a thread requires some actual RP content anyway. This... has none.

    Thread locked, and I recommend reading the RP forum rules yourself before directing others to read them.
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