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Ask to Join Pokemon Minor League

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Dom204369, Sep 17, 2020.

  1. Hi! This is the discussion thread for Pokemon Minor League! Here are the rules for my RP!

    1. You arent given a pokemon. You must catch one or already have one before you join the group.

    2. Im capping the RP at 10 people until the Kalos arc, because only 10 people are allowed to leave the main region.

    3. The region we start in is an island, and the main characters have to go to the main 4 towns/cities and defeat the chief in order to participate in the tournament.

    4 Things to know about the Forobore region. Lendinbok village, is a small town with a large school right next to town hall. This is where life began on the region, and soon everyone spread out the the 4 points of the continent. Cefofore Town, know for its normal type and electric type pokemon, is the most technologically advanced part of the region. The cheif there will challenge you to a double battle with his partner, Cefobot. It is said that Norman, the current chief, is related to the electric type gym leader of Kalos. Once you get through Catch Up Cave, Charloc City and its rocky terrain awaits you. Its a small town surround a volcano, and inside a cave in the volcano is the chief, Cindina. She will challenge you to a double battle, its too bad water type moves evaporate inside the volcano though! Once you move on through the scorched forest you get to Vinerio City, a lush clearing in the jungle. The town suffers major earthquakes, and there a huge ravines everywhere, so the main use of transportation is swinging on vines. In the center of the town is the life tree, said to be the carrier of all life force in the world, standing 200 feet tall, challengers must climb the tree, and bring back one of its berries to get the badge. Once you move on from Vinero, you reach the beach. But the 4th town, Waverio.... is submerged in water. This city, known as Atlantica in far off regions, is a tourist hot spot. But, in order to get there, you need a pokemon powerful enough to dive into the depths and find it! Crash, son of Crasher Wake, is the gym leader there, but no one has met him before. He is said to reside in the depths of a ravine underwater on the outskirts of town. You must have a powerful Pokemon in order to get that deep. Once you get your final badge, you must get back to lendonbok in 24 hours, or else you will be disqualified. The path of trials is a very mysterious place, said to hold the power of all 5 towns, you must pass each trial in order to get back to Lendinbok.

    The only character that I have so far is mine, his name is Dom, hes 16, his pokemon are just Lickitung and an egg at the moment. He caught the lickitung when he was 10, after he found some neighborhood kids picking on it, up until then he had been alone, but Lickitung kept him company. He will eventually (as the rp continues) win the silver indigo joint championship and become the champion of the Kanto/Johto region. As the characters go on they can also win other leagues, such as Kalos, and the others (Johto/Kanto will be the final one), once you win a league you must step down as a main character to let someone else join the group and have a chance. You of course can become a recurring character, who just happens to be training in the area or you can have a Match with a pre-existing champion, but once every League is beat the world coronation will start and yadda yadda so on as we go about it. Feel free to message me to join and ill let you
    Name: Dom
    Gender: Male, He/Him
    Hometown: Lendinbok
    Age: 16
    Height: 5'10
    Weight: 160
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Green
    Clothing: Same as Gold
    Identifying Marks: Freckles
    Musculature: Pretty Normal
    Personality: Upbeat, Very excitable
    Skills: Befriending Pokemon
    Past: Son of Champion, Learned at the Lendinbok Pokemon School
    Family:Brother off training on Mt. Silver
    Love Relationships?: Ollie (Meets in Hoenn)
    Pokémon: Lickitung (Eventually evolves) Egg: (Turns into Dratini and evolves into Dragonite before battle with Clemont in Kalos) Meets Ghastly on route one Ferebore, soon evolves into Haunter, Traded to father to train and traded back for Olimpia battle, And a lot, LOT more that I havent decided yet

    heres the character sheet, reply and ill say if youre in or not
    Identifying Marks:
    Love Relationships?:

    everyone gets their character and if they want love relationship. so everyone should be controlling 1-2 characters
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  2. I might join in on this, can you reserve a spot for me?
  3. yeah sure! make sure to fill out the character sheet
  4. This sounds amazing! Can you describe the Fakemon in a bit more detail though?
  5. haha there are no Fakemon.
  6. a what? I dont know what you are referring to, I think youre reffereing to Cefofore, thats the first town you go to in the Region
  7. The cheif there will challenge you to a double battle with his partner, Cefobot.
  8. OH I FORGOT ABOUT THAT HE HAS A ROBOT TRAINER PARTNER. Theres norman and his battle parner Cefobot (Like Clembot from the anime) also please PLEASE fill out the character sheet or i cannot let you in
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