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Pokemon Masters Tournament

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Frontier Master, Nov 12, 2015.

  1. OOC ok guys just some ground rules and some info on the rp any questions PM me
    1.Fan mades are fine just let me know first
    2. The battles in this rp are single knockouts its 1v1 first trainer to win 3 battles wins the match
    3. All the battle fields will be choosen at random by me the two combatants both choose one field e.g. Icy platform or sky battle
    4. This leads me to my next point you team needs to have a both sky and sea battlers for example dragonite and tentacruel
    5. I have the right to ask you to edit your posts due to godmod or other annoyances

    "All right ladies and gentlemen we now return to the nail biting conclusion of this final battle of the tournament
    Both trainers have two wins under their belts and the winner of this round wins the tournament.
    On one side we have the fiery newcomer jake with his mega lucario and on the other side is our returning champion Brandon with his mega glaile
    Both Pokemon look exhausted but neither will be giving up any time soon" the announcer yelled into his microphone his annoying accent blasting through the stadium

    "Scar use flash cannon then follow it with aura sphere!" Yelled jake to his Pokemon who began to charge up its attacks before leaping high into the air and firing its shining ray of light, which was closely followed by a ball of pure unbeatable power. Both attacks hit the pure ice type head on long before Brandon could think of a counter or even before he could react. CRASH the large floating ice type lay fainted on the jagged rocky field.
    "What's this in an amazing display of speed and strength jakes lucario has defeated the previously unbeatable mega ice type, Jake Anistar is the new Pokemon masters tournament champion!!"
    "I, I, I lost, how did I possibly lose" murmured Brandon as he returned his Pokemon "good work polar you deserve some time off"
    "Great work Brandon that was tense" said jake as he approached the former champion his hand out stretched
    "You two jake and that finisher how did you do it" replied the trainer as he shook jakes hand
    "My secret"

    ---two years later---

    "Its 9 o'clock Pokemon fans and that means its time for your favourite Pokemon commentator to once again show us what the world of Pokemon battling has to offer, thats right kids its time for the Pokemon Masters Tournament"
    "Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the 36th annual Pokemon masters tournament, as always all trainers with the 48 regional gym badges are welcome to compete. Wait whats this we have just received word that two time defending champion Jake Anistar has just arrived," the announcers voice boomed once more around the packed stadium,
    "Jake, Jake, what are your thoughts on the dismissal of gym leader marlon from his job as the Unova region water gym leader and any ideas who will be replacing him!" Asked one pushy report who pushed a microphone toward jake
    "I just received a call from iris the Unova water gym has been shut down and the ice gym in the regions north will be reopened with a good friend of mine and ex tournament champion brandon as its gym leader, but please no further questions" jake replied as he walked toward the registration area where a group of fans were waiting
    "Jake, jake please sign our holocasters"
    "Sure anything for my fans" answered jake as he scribbled on the devices
    "Welcome back Mr Anistar we have you booked in room 36A the champion suite and your first match is at 4:30 this afternoon" chirped the young pretty receptionist behind the desk in the registration building
    "Thanks Kelsi but please just call my Jake, Mr Anistar is my fathers name" jake replied slipping the room key and schedule into his jacket pocket.

    ---5 minutes later in room 36A---

    "Guys come on out, we're back to our home away from home" Jake said as he released five of his six Pokemon
    "In time 'cal you will have your grand appearance" tapping the last of his pokeballs on his belt

    "Now lets see who we're up against" said the trainer turning on the TV and switching to the live coverage of the tournament the first battles just starting to kick off
    "Looks like its gonna be a good tournament this year"
  2. "So this is my room." Max said as he entered room 34A and lazily threw his bag on his bed. He had never really kept track of this tournament, but he heard some decent trainers fought here and figured it wouldn't be boring. He turned on his T.V. to see if anything was going on yet, but his mind kept drifting to different battle scenarios.
  3. "Jake Anistar please report to stadium 3 for your qualifying battle" said a robotic voice in jakes hotel room
    "Ok guys time to shine" said jake as he grabbed his pokeballs and headed to the ground floor
    "Good luck jake, your up against some kid from hoenn his names mike" said kelsi as jake left the building
    "Thanks Kelsi"

    ---30 minutes later---

    "Ok as per tournament rules this is a best of five 1v1 battle first trainer to win three battles wins the match, now as you both know the 2nd battle is a sky battle and the 3rd is a sea battle, with the 1st, 4th and 5th all being land battles, any questions. Good" yelled the referee for jake and maxes battle
    "round one, begin!"
    "Go Frostbyte" said mike as he released his Aerous
    "Do me proud Scar!" Yelled jake as he threw the lucario's pokeball upward
    Both Pokemon landed on opposite ends of the stadium
    "Frostbyte use shear cold!" Yelled mike wanting to win the first battle quickly
    "Scar mega evolve then use protect!" Replied jake as his Pokemon was engulfed in light before it suddenly reappear taller stronger faster, and not a moment too soon as shear cold moved closer then at the last second it was stopped by an invisible barrier before disappearing completely
    "Nice try but its not that easy to defeat me, scar use aura storm!" Jake yelled as lucario sent sphere after sphere after sphere of energy toward the ice rock type which could do nothing to protect itself CRASH the ice rock Pokemon lay fainted on the battle field
    "Round one goes to jake and his lucario scar, round two the sky battle will begin in five minutes" yelled the referee as the battle field lowered as was replaced by one made of aerial hoops and upward shooting air vents
    "One down two to go" said jake

    "Round two begin!" Yelled the ref
    "Go keeper" yelled mike as his yanmega took to the skies
    "Drake your up" said jake releasing his charizard
    "Keeper use ancient power"
    "Drake use rock smash then fire blast" replied jake as his fire flying smashed all the rocks that flew toward it before unleashing an enormous wave of fire with would have defeated yanmega it it hadn't used ancient power to creat a floating shell for it to hide in
    "Drake rock smash and fire blast again" screamed jake as his Pokemon smashed part of the stone shell and unleashed its attack on the bug type trapped within
    "Round two goes to jake and his charizard Drake, the sea battle will begin in a few minutes" said the referee once more as the field again lowered and was replaced with a large pool with rocks, lily pads and currents to replicate real conditions

    "Your up turbo lets show them our real power" yelled mike as his slowbro appeared and mega evolved
    "Crimson our futures in your hands" said jake as his shiny greneja dived into the deep blue pool
    "Turbo use rapid spin then use ice beam" said max as his Pokemon spun on top of the water and shot sub zero beams all cross the battle field
    "Two can play at that game, use ice beam beneath slow bro then use dark pulse" said jake as he smirked knowing he could win this match with this next move
    Soon his greninja had created an ice platform beneath the still spinning mega until the change of surface caused the Pokemon to slip and fall landing on its back while the greninja fired a powerful dark type move
    "Round three goes to jake and crimson the greninja, this means jake has won the match and moves on to the next round
    "Good match mike you did well, tell you what here's my number call me if you ever need tips or advice or to challenge me to a rematch" said jake as he returned his greninja and offered mike his hand
    "Will do thx jake and good luck with the rest of the championship" replied the young boy
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