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Pokemon Master Tournament Sign-Ups

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Mockingchu, May 13, 2017.

  1. The Pokemon Master Tournament occurs in the wonderful region of Kanto. The strongest trainers from all over the world gather to prove who is truly the very best, like no one ever was. Will you be crowned victorious?
    For this tournament, we need sixteen people. Everyone can create up to two characters.
    Only one (1) Mega Evolving Pokemon per team (per the overarching RP rules)
    No legendaries (not even the ones you're "technically" aloud to have)
    No Fakemon (I love them too, but they lead to too much confusion)

    Home Region:

    Tim Wood
    Gender: M
    Age: 19
    Home Region: Johto
    Team: Sceptile, Lucario, Lycanroc (Midday), Dragalge, Incineroar, Tyranitar
  2. Sounds nice, can I join?

    Name: Zach LeBlanc
    Gender: M
    Home region:Hoenn
    Team: Swampert, Lurantis, Chandelure, Garchomp, Ribombee, Mienshao
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  3. Who determines who the victory goes to in a battle between two roleplayers?
  4. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    i say they do an actual battle on pokemon showdown, the winner could be identified and then make a dramatic rp about it
  5. Sounds fun except for the fakemonism that's just not ok
    (I am just being funny don't get triggered)
  6. The rest of the rpers examine the posts and who ever has the best posts, both content wise,(the actual battle) and structurally, (spelling punctuation length etc)
  7. Yes, both ideas are cool, even though I like more the rating idea, I will be making my team in showdown already.
  8. I just think that showdown ruins the artistic ability of an Rp, as a user is forced to do something they may not want to, making it technically autoing
    Also I personally see using showdown as laziness as neither rper is really adding anything to the Rp,
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  9. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    I mean it's only an idea, you don't have to do it. It's just an idea to see who could be the winner tournament-wise. If there isn't another way to judge
  10. Read this my post that's another way
  11. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Read my post carefully ~ I said if there isn't another way and I said you don't have to use it. But ultimately, it's up to the owner/admin of the storyline
  12. I really like all of your ideas! I think a dramatized Showdown version would be cool and hold somewhat true to actual Pokemon battles, but I can also see where Frontier Master is going with saying it'd be lazy. Personally, I don't think it'd be as bad as Frontier Master believes, but I can understand his ideology behind it.
    As for the judging of the posts, that could potentially work. We could possibly have a voting type session here in this Discussion, and decide who gets to win. Maybe we could organize battles like so:
    Player 1: [makes first move]
    Player 2: [makes move]
    Battle continues
    Contestants vote and decide which person made their post the most descriptive and eloquent.
    Battle ends with epic conclusion

    Personally, I like Crims0n's idea the best, but if more people like the content/structure/vote idea, we can definitely do that.
  13. I believe both options are pretty good, but I'm more so leaning towards Frontier's idea - simply because I feel like the winner would be the most deserving, since this is pretty much a creative writing activity. The only issue I would see with it would be relying on the activity of other RPers to send in votes.

    But I guess a solution to that would be putting a time frame on the voting and going with whoever has the most votes within that time frame would win.
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  14. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    I mean I could see that happening, but the problem that I see is multiple short posts. If it's a battle there's going to be attacks on offense and defense. It would be quite ongoing for a battle since there has to be a reaction on both sides
  15. True true. These are all very good points.
    Usually attack/defense posts are very short, because the RPer must allow their opponent to make their move. However, on several occasions I have made attacking posts several paragraphs long by simply describing how both the Pokemon and trainer are feeling. So it's definitely possible!
  16. Exactly you don't need to stretch every action into a long post but at least make the enough every now and again
  17. "After the enemy ice beam being defended by his King's shield, the Aegislash used swords dance, getting an attack bonus. "Alright Aegislash, be ready and next turn use shadow sneak!" The trainer said, trusting his pokemon, while him tanked other ice beam from the enemy froslass, both the trainers knew that the battle would be crucial, and they couldn't lost at any circumstances.
  18. Hang on are we doing game style battles or anime style
  19. What do you mean?
  20. In the anime Pokémon don't wait their turn to attack they just attack when told to
  21. I think we should do the battles anime style. It brings more tension and excitement to the battle in my opinion. We'll just make sure no one makes three+ consecutive attacks.
  22. I agree that also means however that the showdown idea may not work
  23. Just realized I hadn't put in my bio yet,

    Name: Alexander James Xavier VII (Ajax for short)

    Age: 23

    Home region: Sinnoh

    Looks: lightly tanned with slim-buff physique, sun bleached browny-blonde hair and brown eyes

    Clothes: light grey base shirt, dark cargo pants and a dark crimson over shirt

    Personality: overall Ajax is a generally caring person with a big heart and a lot of knowledge, knowledge he enjoys sharing with others. He is prone to disappearing off to remote locations to train with his Pokémon

    Backstory: Ajax was born in Canalave city where he lives until he was about 8, however following the death of his mother he was moved around a lot going between towns and cities around Sinnoh. It was during a 3 month stay in the resort area that Ajax came across a badly hurt Beldum who had also been orphaned, Ajax adopted the little beldum and named him Bastion.

    Ajax shared everything with Bastion, any food he got he offered to the beldum, any spare time they had was spent training and spending time together.

    Thanks to a loop-hole in the Sinnoh league rules Ajax was allowed to use Bastion as his starter and so begun their journey across the Sinnoh Region.

    It took a long time but Ajax and a slowly expanding roster finally managed to earn enough badges to take part in the Sinnoh League Conference, where he managed to make it to the final 8 losing to a mega Houndoom, but Ajax wasn't deterred he had heard stories of Steven the Hoenn champion using a Mega Metagross so he decided to head for Hoenn in search of the secret to mega evolution.

    While in Hoenn Ajax came across the battle pyramid and was invited to challenge Brandon in a 1v1 exhibition match, Ajax accepted but said he needed a week to prepare himself and his Pokémon for the battle. In the end Bastion was able to take down Regice in a very long and hard fought battle,

    Ajax went on to collect the rest of the badges he needed to participate in the Hoenn League conference, where in which he met Steven and was asked to show him the power of their bond through a battle, Ajax ended up losing the battle very quickly as Bastion was not able to keep up with the speed of Stevens attacks. Steven had been expecting this and the test was not to defeat him but to ensure that Ajx and Bastion would not give up when facing terrible odds.

    Most recently Ajax was crowned as Alolan Champion for all of ten seconds with the then 21 year old returning the title to his predecessor and heading off again to train with Spenser of the Hoenn battle frontier on an island east of Sinnoh, upon his completion of this training Ajax was prompted by Brandon to participate in the Masters Competition before joining the Pokémon Masters Circuit

    Pokemon team

    Bastion (Mega-Metagross) (shiny)
    Scar (lucario) (black and white colour)
    Nightwing (Crobat)(slightly darker and less saturated colour)
    Genji (Ash - Greninja)(shiny)
    Reinhardt (Tyranitar)
    Road hog (Garchomp)
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  24. @Frontier Master
    True dat. We wouldn't be able to do Showdown. So I think the final verdict is that we judge victory by content.
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  25. Ok so when can we expect the thread to be up?
  26. Well, we need more people before we can begin. We could potentially cut the number of people from 16 to 8, but we still need more people.
  27. Have you considered inviting people or advertising the rp?
  28. I'll do that. Do you know anyone who might be interested?
  29. I'll sign up, even though this is pretty far in the future, I also put nicknames, but if there not allowed that's fine.

    Name: Zack Hunter
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Home Region: Kanto
    Team: Greninja (Ace) Charizard (Torch) Sceptile (Shadow Thorn) Luxray (Hunter) Gigalith (Boulder) Salamence (Numrot)

    Also just saying, but since it's been a while, and no one else has posted sense may, you should shorten it to 4? Every person gets 2 characters, and the first rounds are with random made up opponents
    #31 Hotshot14380, Jun 9, 2017
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  30. Sounds good @Hotshot14380. Everyone else okay with having 2 characters and beginning soon?
  31. I know I am, should we make a trainer sheet for the second character too?
  32. Yup.

    Name: Drake
    Gender: M
    Age: 24
    Home Region: Sinnoh
    Team: Mega Garchomp, Kommo-o, Salamence, Haxorus, Noivern, Hydreigon

    Let's just hope the original posters in this thread are still active/paying attention to this thread :p
  33. Alright, I'll make my rival then.

    Name: Gyro
    Gender: M
    Age: 18
    Home Region: Kanto
    Team: Tangrowth, Trevenant, Leavanny, Simisage, Shiftry, Mega Abomasnow

    Ok, all set. So, should we do it like, we start with 32, which are made up characters that our trainers will battle until it comes down to 8, in which we will start battling each other, if that makes sense
  34. I want to join, and like Hotshot, I'll make his rival.

    Name: Jonathan Smith
    Age: 12
    Gender: Male
    Home Region: Kalos
    Team: Lucario, Greninja, Sceptile, Infernape, Marowak, Staraptor

    Name: Manny Castros
    Age: 12
    Gender: Male
    Home Region: Kalos
    Team: Gallade, Lycanroc(Midnight), Houndoom, Clawitzer, Trevenant, Crobat

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