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Ask to Join Pokemon Mafia

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by MOI N, Jan 10, 2020.

  1. Gangs are everywhere in the Pokemon worlds , so some Pokemon were influenced to create their own gangs . In a alley called Banfields Alley , lay one of the most deadly Pokemon gangs , The Banfields Family .

    I keep coming up with ideas!!!

    Looking for 4 other active RPers

    RP Link:

    This is set in a place called Rubenton , South of Harrington Forest (another rp i made)

    1. Pokecharms RP Rules
    2. No Galarian Pokemon (i don't know them well enough , includes alolan forms)
    3. No Mega , Dynamatrix , Legendaries , Fakemon ,Z-Moves , Ash Greninja or Gijinka
    4. RP as many characters as you want , but you're going to have to do a bio for all of them. The Minimum is 2 characters
    5.No Travelling off to other places (Harrington Forest , the sea , etc.) , unless there's a good reason
    6.You can't be trainer owned , unless i allow you to
    7.You can't give your Pokemon names such as "Greninja" to a Greninja
    8. You can be caught , but you don't act the trainer (it's kinda like Death)
    9.There will be violence , language , and other bad stuff
    10. Your character doesn't have to start in the city , there is a airport and a route going through it
    11. Ask me for location requests
    12. If you read the rules , like this post


    Rank in Gang:
    Family: (optional)

    Gang Bio:

    Flag: (you can just describe it)
    Big Crime Activities:
    Known by Cops:

    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Asexual
    Species: Mimikyu
    Rank in Gang: Predator (Deputy)
    Personality: Psychopathic , Defensive , Generous
    Family: Siblings : Kyuwa ♀, Umamai ♀, , Frowan♂ Parents: Allen♂ , Arlay♀
    Backstory: Sal got seperated while searching for Jaboca berries and then save Arnold Waverly , got caught by him , (he loved it) had an icecream which changed his favorite food to cookie dough icecream , then got imprisoned for killing a trapinch . Escaping through a bus , Sal found himself in Snowpoint City , Sinnoh and took a ferry which lead to unova and then snuck on another leading to Alola and hitchiked across Alola and stumbled upon his family in the Banfields Alley
    Appearance:A normal Mimikyu , often seen holding carved knife

    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Asexual
    Species: Yamnega
    Rank in Gang: Raider
    Personality: Kind , Queer and Defensive
    Family: Parents: Kunz♂ , Unknown
    Backstory: As a Yamna , Klosson was well protected from danger by his adopt Parents (Luke and Julie) collecting stray Pokeballs for trainers . Got caught by a Trainer while napping , a few days before Klosson evolved . Klosson was then traded for a Charizard , and this new trainer put Klosson in a PC , but then that PC was hit by a Sledgehammer weeks later and all the Pokemon escaped and Klosson flew out and landed in the Alley
    Appearance: A bigger-than-usual Yamnega

    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Species: Mimikyu
    Rank in Gang: Bodyguard
    Personality: Attention-Loving, Feisty and Entertaining
    Family: Siblings: Umamai♀ , Sal♂ , Frowan♂ Parents: Allen♂ , Arlay♀
    Backstory: Kyuwa was the person to suggest leaving their home to find a way to have power over all the other Pokemon . Kyuwa gave the group their name
    Appearance: Wears a fake straw hat with a black band

    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Species: Mimikyu
    Rank in Gang: Raider & Flag Member
    Personality: Shy , Geeky and Even-Tempered
    Family: Siblings: Umamai♀ , Kyuwa ♀ , Sal♂ Parents: Allen♂ , Arlay♀
    Backstory: Frowan followed along , and came up with the idea of the gang flag
    Appearance: Has a patch of flag colored fabric on his side and has three thin branches for a tail

    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Species: Mimikyu
    Rank in Gang: Boss
    Personality: Smooth , Bossy and Impatient
    Family: Siblings: Kyuwa ♀ , Sal♂ , Frowan♂ Parents: Allen♂ , Arlay♀
    Backstory: Umamai was the one who got everybody out of danger , and being good at planning , everybody thought Umamai would make a good leader
    Appearance: A normal Mimikyu

    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Species: Mimikyu
    Rank in Gang: Bodyguard
    Personality: Psychotic , Deceptive and Calm
    Family: Siblings: Mellie♀ , Kokoroa♂ , Parents: Curayn♂ , Epsan♀
    Backstory: Blaze met the travelling group on the way and fell in love with Kyuwa
    Appearance: A normal Mimikyu
    Name: Banfields Family
    Members: Sal , Kyuwa , Umamai , Blaze , Frowan , Klosson
    Leader: Umamai
    Deputy: Sal
    Flag: Green , Pink and Yellow Bright Stripes
    Dealings: Killings , Cigarettes and Small-Scale Robberies
    Big Crime Activities: Gym leader attack
    Known by Cops: A little bit

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