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Ask to Join Pokemon:Lux et Tenebrae (Light and Darkness)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by DragonSam98, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-lux-et-tenebrae-light-and-darkness.21787/

    Mid morning in the capital of the Omnia Region, Tietokone City. The central square in the city was bustling as usual, with pokemon and their trainers on their daily routines. Massive skylines gazed over the most notable landmark in this area, the Pokemart and the small sandwich shop attached to it. Lush flowers added a flair of color to the ornate, gold stone mosaic decorating the square.

    Sitting outside of the sandwich shop, with her nose buried in a book was Lauren, and her Sylveon, Amber Tate. The girl quietly looking over the books pages, and scrutinizing the crowd. Several people had gathered to watch a group of Wingulls hovering over the nearby waterway. In the other direction, a few people were letting their pokemon rest in a fountain, conversing from the nearby benches. She didn't know any of them.

    Wistfully the girl wondered why she had come here. She wanted friends, and to get out and see the world, right? So why did it feel so empty?


    Amber Tate, in the span of the last few minutes, had moved from the chair opposite of her trainer, to the ground, then to the chair again. Now she was bored, and her trainer looked more miserable than usual. There was only one thing to do about that.

    The Sylveon playfully switched seats, settling down comfortably in Lauren's lap, the girl giving a sharp "Oof!" At the pokemon's weight, and almost dropping her book.

    "You're getting too big for this." Lauren muttered recovering the book, and holding it with one hand, while petting Amber with the other.

    "How can you be so miserable? Look at all the new sights, sounds, and smells!" The Sylveon wondered, relaxing just barely at her trainers touch. Her large ears swiveling like a couple of sonar devices.

    "At least you're excited." Lauren remarked anxiously, turning her focus back on her book.
  2. Storm Cromwell was in the front of a large crowd. A dark purple violin was positioned carefully in his hands. With a quick swish of his wrist, a beautiful song began reverberate throughout the square. One thing that Storm enjoyed doing was playing music, and it really showed in how his song was played.

    Frost was in front of Storm. She loved the music that he made and it showed in the way she began to dance. She started out slow and then slowly picked up speed with the song. The dance was practiced and looked very polished.

    Though there was a crowd around, there was not a collection dish. Storm did not need the money. Though there was a sign that stated that he would donate any money given to him, to a shelter for abandoned pokemon.
  3. Ron walked down the sidewalk, with a big headache and eye bags on his face. This is the result of going to an after party, after a party where his band had played. He lost his sunglasses and now he had to squint his eyes to see what was in front of him. He made his way to the sandwich shop, to get something in his stomach. As he entered the shop he noticed a Sylveon pounce on it's trainers lap. He looked down at his Quilava. "Don't get any funny ideas."


    Furia, Ron's Quilava, had been walking with her hangovered trainer. He pretended to keep it under control, but anyone could see he was suffering in the sun. Fortunately, she never went to his parties, they weren't her type. She gave Ron an annoyed look. "I have no need for such childish displays."


    They both walked in the shop, smelling the wonderful sandwiches. After getting a 30 cm sub, they sat outside one table over the girl reading. Furia enjoyed the food, but not as much as Ron, who ate like he had been starving.
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  4. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Stacy had her nose in a book as she was on a boat that was taking her from her home in Cannonport City to Tietokone City. She paid no attention to the world around her, lost in the fantasy world that thos book took place in. Of course, she could only read one chapter of said book. Any more and she might not read anything else. No, she needed to read her factual books as well. Actually, she needed them more than the fantasy that she was reading.
    Barnard sat on Stacy's shoulder, cautious of the other Pokemon around him. All of them, unknown to be friends or foes. He peered at Stacy's book, knowing that it was one of the ones that she would be putting away after a short amount of time. He blinked twice as he started humming to himself.
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  5. The moment of near peace for Amber ended when she spotted a strange human and a Quilava eating lunch nearby. "Oh HI!" The Sylveon called out to her fellow pokemon, before jumping from her trainer's lap.

    Lauren was used to Amber using her lap as a trampoline, but not used to what came next, as the Sylveon's movement knocked Lauren's coffee from the table and into the her own lap. She gasped, quickly leaping up from the heat, dropping her book, while setting the cup upright. "Amber Tate!"

    Amber's ears fell flat. Lauren never used her full name unless she was angry with her. "What? I didn't do anything!" The Sylveon protested turning to see the mess. "Oh."

    Lauren gave her pokemon a disgruntled look before turning to the mohawked man. "Sir? Do you have any extra napkins?" She asked politely, trying to hide her embarrassment.
  6. Ron was chewing on his sub when he heard a commotion on the table next to his. He noticed the girl had spilled her coffee and by her reaction it was the Sylveon's fault. He stopped chewing when they asked him for a napkin. He looked at his table, he had a few. He grabbed them and offered them to the girl. "Here ya go." He said with his mouth full.

    Furia rolled her eyes. "You clumsy Pokemon. Hot coffee pains humans you know?"

    Ron noticed his Quilava glaring at the Sylveon. "Settle down Furia, eat your food." He turned to the girl with the spilled coffee. "Need help?"
  7. Lauren smiled at the man as she took a couple of napkins. "If you don't mind, Thanks!" The girl looked at the stranger curiously. "Are you from around here?" She asked, as she cleaned some of the coffee off her shirt.

    "Hey! I'm not clumsy!" Amber told the Quilava, before moving to grab Lauren's book, and bringing it to her trainer, while wrapping one of her ribbons around Lauren's arm. "And, besides! That's one way to make a friend!" The Sylveon said happily, extending a ribbon towards the man.
  8. Ron finished chewing before he spoke. "Yeah, why? Do I owe you money? I'm pretty sure I paid all my debts, though I wouldn't be surprised if I made more." He bit his lower lip as he searched his memory.

    Furia sighed. "He doesn't owe anyone. But, he always comes home with blackouts from the night before. He probably does." She looked at the Sylveon. "Don't bother with him, manners aren't his strong point. I'm surprised he offered your trainer the napkins."

    "Nope." Ron said as he came back from his thoughts. "I don't recognize your face either, are you from around here?"
  9. Lauren awkwardly rubbed the back of her head. "Not really. I just got here actually." The girl said, averting her gaze to her book, taking it from her Sylveon. "So, uh...How are the sandwiches here?" She asked, attempting to change the subject, only to embarrass herself more. 'Smooth Lori, smooth...' Her cheeks began to flush as she unconsciously began to scrub at her clothes faster.

    Amber paid little mind to her trainer's distress, simply squeezing her wrist with a ribbon, to help her calm down. "Aw! He just needs a friend!" The Sylveon said, her voice chipper, as she used her free ribbon to collect some of the spilled coffee on the table. "Or maybe a coffee? Or both! Both are nice!" She remarked as she licked the coffee off of her ribbon. The act going unnoticed by her trainer.
  10. Storm was happy with the way his performance was going, but he decided to step it up. Sitting his violin down, he pulled out his guitar. With the rose painted guitar in hand, he began to strum an edgier song by one of his favorite bands. "Hey so I am going to do a cover of a song by my favorite punk rock bands. I will probably not do it any justice, but here it goes."

    With the Storm sitting on the edge of the fountain, he began to play a song by Ron Tower's band. Now he did take a bit of a softer approach to the song, but that is how his voice sounds when he sings. Though his voice was not the right sound that the original had, the song was still a beautiful rendition of their version.
  11. Ron took another bite of his sandwich. He shrugged. "They're okay." He noticed the book and pointed at it with his sandwich. "What are you rea..." He stopped as a certain song reached his ears. He placed his sandwich down on the plate. "Take care of this Furia." He stood up with and upset look in his eyes.

    Furia sighed. "There he goes again."

    Ron walked quickly to where the sound was coming from. He pushed his way through the crowd until he broke through to the center where Storm. "Yo! You mind telling me what you're doing to my song? We work hard on that, so we don't appreciate someone coming up and ripping us off!" He glared at Storm.
  12. Storm was stunned by the man who came up to him and yelled about him singing his song. His hands were posed to sing the next verse, and his mouth hung open a little. Though that was quickly remedied as he stood up and sat his guitar up against the fountain.

    "Ron Towers, it is on honor to meet you. I am sorry for singing your song, but I thought it was ok since I was not making any money off of it. I was not trying to rip you off at all. That was not my intention. If I offended you, that was not my objective. I know how hard it is to write music and for someone to come in and take it. I have just been a big of your music, and I wanted to sing one of your songs." Storm had a bit of sad look to him after all he was just confronted with one of his favorite band members. He did hope on meeting him one day, but he had hoped it was on better terms.
  13. Also on the boat was a teenage girl, her blue hair flowing in the winds. Eve sat on her shoulder, as usual, taking in the sun's rays. She appeared to be observing the clouds, pointing to them with her paw every once in a while.

    Allie noticed a girl reading a book - she vaguely recognized the title, Talia had fawned about it - and contemplated for a moment.
    Do I lay low and try not to be noticed..... or do I go socialize, like Mum always tells me to do?
    She thought for a moment, before shrugging. Ah, what's the worst that could happen?

    Allie sat down next to the girl, speaking quietly so as not to unintentionally startle her. "Hi! What are you reading?"

  14. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Stacy glanced up as Barnard flapped his wings. She noted the girl with blue hair and took a second to register the question. "It's The Last Dragoniteborn. I'm surprised you didn't recognize it." She looked down at her book and continued reading the contents of the book. However, she placed half her attention on the girl in front of her.
    Barnard glanced at the Eevee on the stranger's shoulder. He flapped his wings to help alert his trainer. However, she was already looking up. He scooted closer to her while she talked and went back to her book. Hiding behind his trainer, he felt much more comfortable. She was his friend. She would protect him from the pair of strangers.
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  15. She smiled, glad she'd been somewhat engaged in conversation. "The name rings a bell. Never read it myself, but I'm hoping to at some point. I've heard great things about it."

    Eve glanced down at the small winged Pokemon, who had retreated behind his trainer. Slightly saddened by this, she lowered her ears, sitting next to Allie. Why did no one ever want to hang out with her?

    Allie sat there somewhat awkwardly, trying to think of what to say without coming off as weird. "Uh - what's your name? Mine's Allie, and this is Eve."
  16. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Without looking up from her book, she said, "Stacy, and the Hoothoot hiding behind me is Barnard." She placed a bookmark in her book and looked at Allie, unsure of what to say. She couldn't prepare for all of the questions, but she had prepared for some of the most common.
    Barnard gave Stacy an angry look. "What are you doing! I trusted you, Stacy. Going around, telling someone my name like that." He looked at the Eevee and shrunk back. Why was he so shy!
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  17. "Tch!" Ron crossed his arms. "The money doesn't matter. You're not living up to the song. It's Punk, it's rebellious. Not some sweet voice pretty sounds crap. You gotta express it through energy, rage, a fuck the world attitude. That's Punk. What you just played almost felt like the Queen of Kalos would listen to it in her bathroom." He turned around and walked away, pushing his way through the crowd again, ignoring the angry stares.

    He went back to his table where his sandwich was waiting. He let himself fall on the chair and began to eat. "Too damn early for this."

    Furia rolled her eyes. "Yet you were the one picking a fight. That musician was doing your song a favor by not making crazy ruckus."

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  18. The guy wants a loud and rebellious song then Storm will give him just that. He sat back for a moment and readied himself. With a deep breath, Storm begun to sing the same song. Instead of the way he just sung, this version was almost an exact copy of the original. Storm began walking towards the punk rocker, his voice becoming edgier and more rebellious then before.

    When he finished the last verse he stood right in front of the table with Ron and a girl who seemed to have spilled coffee on her shirt. slamming his hands down on the table, he looked the rude punk in the eyes. "Was that better, you jerk. Just because someone chooses not to ruin their voice, does not mean that they are not rebellious in their own way. Besides it is not like I was selling the song as my own. You could be thankful that their are people who enjoy your music. If this is how you treat your fan, then it is no wonder why the lead singer quit, it was probably to get away from the likes of you."

    With that Storm walked away and went back to his guitar. Packing up, he took his case with the money that he was given, and put it into a sealed envelope. Pulling out a deep purple pen, he wrote the name of the shelter it was going to and the amount that was inside. He would not let some arrogant rocker ruin his day.
  19. Lauren silently watched the two musicians got at it. Her expression was of a deer in the headlights. Amber had also picked up on the tension and promptly hid behind Lauren, the Sylveon's ribbon still wrapped securely around the girls arm.

    "What just happened?" The Pokemon mused to no one in particular.

    Lauren on the other hand, looked to her book before deciding to answer the man's question. "Um, I was sort of reading a romance novel." She spoke quickly, and looked away after, as if this stranger would hit her. If there was a silver lining it was that she had something new to talk about.
  20. "You just proved my point." Ron said as Storm walked away. He sighed and continued to chew until Lauren spoke. "Huh?" He had completely forgotten about her. He gave her a strange look as he remembered. "Oh right." He noticed she turned and he tried to see what she was looking at. "You lose something?" His mind processed the situation. "Oh, you're embarrassed because you're reading a love novel? You shouldn't be, be proud of your likes and dislikes. Damn the people who don't accept that."

    Furia finished her meal. "Really? You're terrible at reading people Ron. Even I understood." She turned to the Sylveon. "My trainer getting into arguments like that is normal, sorry to disturb your peace."

  21. Lauren blinked at the man's response. "Oh, yeah uh...Thank you!" She blurted out quickly before going inside the sandwich shop. Seriously? Was everyone in this region crazy?

    Amber looked at the Quilava a confused expression on her face. "I think your trainer gave mine a case of second hand embarrassment. Whatever that means." The Sylveon's expression brightened, as her trainer returned with some food and a pokepuff. "Oh sweet sugar! Take me away!" The Sylveon cried before leaping back into the girls lap as she sat down.

    "Amber! Seriously!" Lauren protested, before quickly grabbing the pokepuff, and setting some more healthy food in its place. "Here, eat some lunch first okay?"

    "Do I have to?" The Sylveon sighed before resigning herself to lunch.

    Lauren pulled out a pamphlet with the Omnia League's logo on it. The Omnia Leagues logo looked like a pokeball, but with three lines in a triangle shape, representing the rough layout of the region as a whole. Placing the pamphlet on the table, the girl ate while looking at it the way one looks at a big pile of laundry.
  22. Ron sighed as he finished his meal. He noticed what the girl was reading. "Good luck with the league." He said as he stretched. "See ya around." He placed a tooth pick in his mouth and walked away.

    Furia looked at the Sylveon. "Goodbye." She followed quickly after Ron.

    The two made their way down the street, walking slowly. Ron had nothing to do until the sun set, when the night life began in the city. Meanwhile he would probably go home to practice. Maybe, even get in a battle or two, so Furia can stay in shape.
  23. Amber waved at the Quilava with a ribbon. "buh-bye!" The Sylveon called.

    Lauren took a few seconds longer to realise that she had been addressed. "Huh! Oh thank...." She cut herself off as she watched after the man's leaving form. An interesting fellow who, what was his name? Lauren gasped as she realised she hadn't even asked his name. She quickly jumped up, and attempted to catch up while failing to be inconspicuous. "Excuse me sir? I didn't get your name." Lauren said sheepishly.

    "Nevermind!" Amber who was hot on her trainer's heels called to the Quilava merrily.
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  24. Ron stopped and looked over his shoulder. "Huh?" He wasn't expecting the girl to come after him. "It's Ron, Ron Towers. Why? You got something on me?"

    "She is just being polite idiot." Furia rolled her eyes. She sat down and looked at the Sylveon. She didn't want to have to interact with such a bubbly Pokemon anymore.
  25. The Eevee looked rather ashamed, her ears pulled back. <I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you or anything. I'll... uh... leave you alone.> With that, she sat behind her trainer, looking slightly disappointed.

    "Nice to meet you..." Allie's voice trailed off a bit, as she realized she didn't have much to say. She slapped herself internally for being so difficult to converse with. Think of something to say, you idiot!
    "I - uh - sorry if I'm being so awkward. I'm - not really good at conversations, I guess." She laughed awkwardly, hoping that it would be enough to excuse her conversational skills.
  26. "Hey I want to think everyone for the time they gave to listen to me. I am sorry that I have to cut this short, but I am sure I will be doing it again." Storm smiled at the crowd. His pearly white teeth showing. Forst was by his side as they got ready to leave.

    Slinging the instrument cases over his shoulder, Storm walked off blending into the crowd. Once he reached his destination, the singer knocked on the door. The sign above the door stated the place to be a place for abandoned pokemon.

    The door opened to reveal a man with strong features and jet black hair which stood out on his tanned skin. The man smiled at the singer with a warm smile. "What can I do for you?"

    Storm matched the smile with one of his own. "Yes I am here to bring a donation to this place. I just played in the town square, and I do not want or need the money that was given to me. I thought that you and your business might need the money more then I do."

    With that Storm held out his hand with the envelope that held the money inside. It was thick with money as Storm matched what he got from the people.
  27. Lauren took a small step back, caught off guard. "Uh, sorry. I just wanted to know your name is all. I'm Lauren by the way. Lauren Lyonelle. It's um, nice to meet you." The girl said, nervously fiddling with a loose lock of her hair.

    Amber fell in stride alongside her trainer. A ribbon wrapped around the girl's arm. "Wow! Both our trainers have sticks up their butts!" The Sylveon observed, with an oblivious giggle.
  28. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Stacy nodded and opened her book again. "It's fine. I'm like that to." Now that she had a feeling that Allie wouldn't bombard her with questions, she went back to reading. She didn't really have anything else to say. Unless rambling about her book counted. Which it didn't. She read her book, placing some attention on Allie.
    Barnard hopped back to Stacy's shoulder when the Eevee left him. Her gave her cautious looks as he twitched uncomfortably. When a Spinda walked by, he hooted with fright and hid behind Stacy again. Stacy looked at her owl for a bit before shaking her head and resuming her book.
  29. Next door to the shelter was a pokemon center that tended to the shelter's pokemon as well as the locals. Coming from there was a tall, well toned man. He wore an all black outfit comprised of dress pants, a button up shirt with a vest, and a long black jacket with the Pokeloution's Band logo on the back. The man's hair was a rich gold, and was worn down, with reaching to his neck, while the front was styled into a messy set of spikes.

    Approaching Storm, the man spoke. "That was a riveting performance sir! Alas, while I can agree that I wouldn't much care for someone singing my songs, while disregarding the vision behind them. I wouldn't go up to them and attack them! That's rude!" The man's tangent had started off slow, before picking up speed and enthusiasm as he finished, taking a big breath. His gold eyes practically sparkling with excitement.

    On the man's shoulder was a Scorbunny. The pokemon patting the man with a paw, reminding him to breath. The Scorbunny's eyes then met the eyes of an Alolan Vulpix, and got a similar sparkle in them. "Hey good lookin! What's...Chillin!" The pokemon said with a flirtatious air, and a smug grin at his own terrible pun.


    Meanwhile a group of Wingulls approached the boat that Stacy, and Allie were on. One of them dived towards the water only to be sent back by a blast of water that was released by a Finneon. A large school of them had gathered, and were staying close to the boat to avoid the Wingulls. If one were to look over the side of the boat, they would see them.
  30. The shelter owner took the check and gave a nod of thanks to the young singer. He was glad to see that young people still had a heart. Though as he saw the number on the front of the envelope, his eyes widened even more. "Thank you sir. I will be glad to put this to good use for the shelter. Please feel free to come by anytime. If you are ever looking for a pokemon to take home feel free to come here. These pokemon are in need of a good home."

    Storm smiled at the man as he spoke. It was a great way to spend his money and knowing that it is going to good cause. Though the smile faded a bit as another man came up to him. Looking at the man, Storm had to admit that the man was cute as he was tall as well.

    "Why I feel that I was not disregarding the vision of the song, but it is what it is. I know that Ron Towers was a piece of work from rumors about the band, but I did not believe them until I met the man. I do not feel that me singing his song accustic would have been a problem as I am not benifeting from selling the song. As you can probably tell that I could have sung the song the way he intended, but I did not have the people to pull it off. Not everyone likes punk rock, beside the jackass should been kinder to a fan who wanted to sing one of his songs." Storm lost his smile as he spoke about the pompous rocker. He was not one to hold it against the man, but he really should have been a bit kinder to fellow artist.

    Frost looked up as she was spoken to by the scorbunny. She looked him over from the shoulder of the singer. Lets just say she was not impressed by the white rabbit. "You will be if you do not stop making such terrible puns." Frost rolled her eyes at the bunny pokemon she was not very impressed as it would take a lot more then one line to impress her, much less a pun as bad as the one that came out of the bunny's mouth.
  31. Eve seemed to have lost the attention she had in her very short attention span, and was now staring off into the clouds, occasionally yipping happily when she noticed one she liked.

    Allie simply sat there, quiet for a few minutes. She really didn't want to have this girl on the list of people who thought she was annoying - and that was a rather long list.
    Noticing a group of Wingull next to the boat, Allie looked over the edge to see a group of Finneon. She motioned her Eevee's attention over, smiling. "Hm. Some of the water Pokemon around here are beautiful..."
  32. "Really?" Ron turned around to face the girl. "Well it's nice to meet you too. There's gonna be a small performance at a local bar. Wanna join me?" He figured this girl needed to stop being so shy, so maybe he could help with that.

    "Oh god not another loud place. When are we going home? I miss my bed."
  33. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Stacy glanced up from her book and peered down into the waters below. "Huh, guess so. I mean, isn't it like this in every region?" She internally punished herself for going off script. She was supposed to use her flashcards and practiced responses, only improving when she had to. Not only did she go off script, she initiated the conversation. Something she should never do.
  34. "Yeah... but I don't get to see the water very often. I'm from central Kalos, and water Pokemon aren't exactly that common. It's something that I appreciate to see. That's kinda a good thing, y'know? To appreciate the little things in life... no matter how insignificant..." She flushed, realizing that she'd gone off topic. "Sorry. I tend to ramble a bit."
  35. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Stacy shook her head. "Don't apologize. Those words are some of the wisest I've heard from someone." She shook hear head. "You know, you seem so nervous for someone who seems pretty good at communicating with others." She picked up her book and placed it in her bag for that moment, before glancing behind her and spying a sleeping Barnard.
  36. Allie flinched. She was not prepared in the slightest for a response like that. "I - uh - yeah, I guess?" She laughed nervously. "Just - a lot of negative experiences in the past. You know - uh - people aren't very nice to me sometimes ever since I started high school? I get called annoying a lot?" She looked rather flustered. "I used to be pretty self confident, but now I'm always worried that people won't like me back. So I get really nervous when I talk to new people."
  37. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Stacy sighed. "Listen, if I found you annoying, I would've moved. Or just ignored you. Honestly, you're the first stranger in a long time that I went off script for." She chuckled. "I have a bunch of prewritten responses." She smiled at Allie. "If I ever find you annoying At any point in time, I'll politely ask you to talk to me later, deal?"
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  38. The Scorbunny's jaw dropped in a dramatic display. "Ouch! That is a BIG burn my little pixie!" The rabbit then said in mock surprize, before standing up on his trainer's shoulder and flexing his muscles. "Nothing personal beautiful, but that's my job!"

    The man nodded at Storm's statement. "I agree that could've been handled better. It's drama like that, that saw me leave my band." He said, showing off the logo on his jacket. The Pokeloution was an odd group. They were known for mish mashing styles, and creating some very experimental music. If one had been keeping up with the band, they would have known that their lead guitarist, Heinrich von Grosse had quit due to creative differences.


    Lauren lowered her guard a bit. "You sure? I mean, uh thanks! Sorry I'm not from around here. I swear I know how to talk normally!" She said, a mild blush on her face as she once again found herself tongue tied. Still his offer was generous, and it would help to know someone from the region. If she didn't scare him away first.

    Amber seemed indifferent. "What's wrong with noise?" She asked the Quilava. Cocking her head, with a look of child like curiosity in her eyes.
  39. Storm raised an eyebrow as he thought about the bands he knew. Pokelution was one that he had followed for a bit as they had a new twist on music, but the drama that unfolded from their band caused a lot of fans to quit listening to their music. "I knew you looked familiar." Storm crossed his arms and looked at the man. His face was neutral and one would not know what he was thinking from just his facial expressions. "I used to follow your band before it disbanded. You had a good group going, and it was sad to see such promise wasted by creative issues. Which is why I prefer to do my music without band."

    Frost rolled her eyes as she looked at the bunny pokemon. She was still not impressed by him, especially after he opened his mouth again. "You know the little pixe comment might work on some normal type, but that will get you no quick with me. Besides being a fire type, you are incredibly pompous, and very self absorbed in yourself. Maybe if you would take the time to be a better pokemon then you would have a better shot at some pokemon falling for your flirting. Not everyone is into a cute face." With that the Alolan Vulpix gave an icey glare to the fire type. If looks could freeze then the fire type would be nothing but a statue.
  40. Heinrich sighed as he briefly thought of his band. buncha losers they are! still can't believe that's all I'm known for. His forehead creased in thinly veiled frustration, before promptly bouncing back. "That's smart sir. I like that! No sense doing something if your gonna let others ruin it, am I right?" He gave the man a winning smile. "What's your name by the way?" He asked. Any signs of his earlier frustration gone.

    The Scorbunny smirked at the Alolan Vulpix's response. "I earned the right to be pompous! Give me a bit of time, and I'm sure I'll melt your heart!" He said with a wink. If he had the dexterity, he would have been fingerbanging.
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