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Ask to Join Pokemon:Lux et Tenebrae Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by DragonSam98, Dec 1, 2019.

  1. @ThePlayfulFox @EeviumZ I'll wait on either one of you two before presenting Ron, since he wouldn't run after the Sylveon, so he lagging behind xD
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  3. I don't think they have issues, it's just we forget to go back and check them when you receive multiple
  4. @Pokemon Fanfiction Novels

    It seems to be working okay now. It may be what Hecotoro said. I know I can forget if that red dot isn't there. :p
  5. @EeviumZ

    We're waiting on a post from you. :)
  6. Sorry about that! I was going to do it last night but I ended up going to extra dance practice, my bad. I'll post right now.
  7. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    For what exactly? Did I miss something? All I can think of RN is have Stacy say 'good' because she closed herself off again...
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  8. @ThePlayfulFox

    NP! I just don't want to leave you behind! I will see if I can post for Lauren by days end! :)
  9. @EeviumZ

    Btw? Did Eve accept Amber's hug?
  10. Reluctantly, yes. She's an Eevee, she is very much used to this by now.
  11. @EeviumZ

    Cool! Just wanted to make sure. :)


    I think we will have a short introduction between our characters, and then we will move on to the first battle. :)

    I will post for Lauren shortly.
  12. I'll wait a little more to post, I don't really see a reason for Ron to join in the conversation.
  13. @EeviumZ

    That leaves you guys. Whose character will make an introduction first?

    The suspense. XD
  14. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Not Stacy, XD.
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  15. *insert Unnecessary Tension here*

    I'll post soon-ish. I was intending on doing it this morning but the dentist needed to do extra checks on my crown. >_<
  16. It's fine, I've been dealing with a lot of friendship dramas and school issues lately. I get the feeling. >_<
  17. I'm an adult, enough said.
    Still I can't have Ron casually walk in and say hello, cuz you know , he doesn't care for the world
  18. Should I have Storm sing his song again @Hecotoro? >:D
  19. Thanks guys!


    Would Storm be willing to say hello?
  20. I do not know. Though Frost would probably have a sass remark to say to Eve regarding Amber Tate.
  21. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    TBTH Stacy would try to stay out of any conversation if possible...
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  22. DO IT
  23. Is this roleplay still accepting?

    Name: Eri Karan

    Gender: Female

    Age: 18

    Appearance: Eri has long bright pink hair, which she normally puts up in pigtails with yellow scrunchies. Her pigtails go down just past her shoulders. Her hair is a lighter shade of pink on the ends. Her eyes are a deep blue, almost violet. She is about 5'3.

    Outfit: Eri wears a white long sleeve crop top. Over that she wears a dark blue jacket that goes down to her waist. She wears a pink square tie, loosely tied. She wears jean shorts, which have brown belts going up each leg. She has black knee-high socks, with pink bands just below her knees. Her shoes are dark aqua and pink sneakers. She normally wears contacts, but sometimes she wears her square black glasses if she is trying to hide her appearance.

    Personality: Eri is a girl who just wants to see other people smile. She is a cheerful person, and she tries to see the good in everyone. This has lead to her being taken advantage of by other people, as she will normally do what you tell her. She's an entertainer, so her reactions might seem a bit dramatic, but she only plays them up when she's around people she doesn't know or when she's on camera. Because of this when people first meet her, they might find her annoying, but as she gets to know others she shows her true self. She gets lonely easily, and she feels that she always need other people's attention on her.

    Brief Backstory: Eri grew up in Saffron City in the Kanto region. Her mom worked at Silph Co, so she never really saw her mom. Whenever her mom did slip away from work, Eri tried her best to make her happy. She would sing and dance, and her mom would cheer her on. Eri loved these moments, seeing her mom's face brighten up when she preformed for her. When Eri turned 16 she decided to enter the entertainment industry. She tearfully said goodbye to her mom and took the bullet train to Goldenrod City in Johto. There she became a fairly popular local entertainer, doing radio shows with her co-host DJ Mary. She came to the Omnia region because her manager said that becoming champion would increase her popularity.

    Inventory: She has the normal things trainers carry, Pokeballs, Potions, and Repels, but she also carries around a black marker so she can give someone her autograph if they ask


    Name: Doka

    Pokemon: Brionne

    Type: Water

    Personality: Doka is a lot like Eri, she loves the spotlight. Since Brionne are naturally cheerful, she doesn't have to hide her emotions. Doka loves to dance and sing. She is also a bit of a flirt, luring male Pokemon using her charm.

    Backstory: Doka has been with Eri ever since she was a Popplio. When Eri was leaving for Goldenrod City, her mom gave her Doka to keep her company. Doka was just a baby at that time, so she and Eri have always been together. Doka evolved right before Eri arrived in the Omnia region, so she's still getting used to her new powers and body.

    Favorite Moves: Perish Song, Scald, Disarming Voice, Encore
  24. @Hecotoro

    Alright guys! It's about time for the first story battle! I will be posting for Lauren shortly.


    Your character looks good! You can jump in before or after I post.

    Our characters are all together outside a local shopping center. There is a tourist center, where boats come in, as well as a pokemon center, and a boneless restaurant. Your character can come from any of these places.

    Hecotoro's character is currently heading down the street . You can talk to him, or any of our characters really. Just make sure to read a few posts back so that you're caught up! :D

    Again, sorry it's taken me so long to respond to this. Lots of IRL drama. XD
  25. @ShadowedEevee

    Your intro post looks great! I can't wait to see your characters in action!


    Feel free to have Storm interact with Eri. It'll be a bit before I'm able to post for Lauren. :)
  26. [​IMG]

    Behold! My skills in paint! lol. XD

    Seriously though, it's the best I got right now! The first story battle with take place in the courtyard between the Finneon Finery, which is a Bar that the water type Gym Leader Bruce frequents, and the League Registration building.


    Finish up any interactions you can, and then let's head over there! :D
  27. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Is it fine if my character doesn't register?
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  28. The picture did not show up for me. I do not know if it did for others, but I am not seeing it.
  29. I don’t see it either.
  30. RP Map 1.png

    Let's try this. Hopefully it works!
  31. Yes, that''s okay if their not looking to participate in the tournament. There's also an office in every major city if Stacy decides to later. It's fine if she doesn't. The championships are somewhat of a secondary plot at this point. :)
  32. Well Ron is walking ahead, so have him go back?
  33. @Hecotoro

    Either that, or he can talk to the BB Bros while the others catch up.
  34. @EmoKitty21

    Is anyone still interested in this? Forgive the delays, it's been hectic with all of the panic about the Coronavirus recently. Also waiting to hear back from someone I've PM'd about the RP, and just being depressed. It's no fun watching a friend drink themselves to death.

    If everyone is still on board, then we can start the battle! I will likely be slower than usual though. I'm not giving up on this.
  35. I'm still interested, is it my turn to post?
  36. I would love to contiue the RP.
  37. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Sorry about the wait, yes I would love to continue this. But does Stacy have to battle? RN, I want her to stay away from battles then grow as a person...
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