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Ask to Join Pokemon Life

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Midnight Heart, Oct 20, 2016.

  1. In this roleplay, you play as a pokemon, and when you start out, you must play as a un-evolved pokemon, but you can evolve later. You can go to school, have a job, get married, start a family, be a thief, be someone's rival or enemy, you can make a house anywhere you want, and you can destroy other people's houses, cast spells, throw parties, fight other pokemon, pull pranks, and destroy others most prized possession. You live your life the way you want. You can have up to three charectors. To join, go to the discussion thread here: http://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-life.14298/#post-308970. And remember, only psychic and fairy and dark types can cast spells. No other types can cast them.

    Kate looked around a small meadow in a forest. She was looking for a place to stay, as she had no home. Kate saw a small cave in the middle of the meadow, and walked inside. It had vines hanging in front of the entrance, so Kate had to push them aside. It looked cozy, and there was enough light to see. "I will stay here." Kate said to herself before walking outside to gather some leaves, and make a bed out of them.
  2. Warren walked out of the Treehouse that him and his family are living in until they could get back on their feet after his dad lost his job. He was going to the meadow to collect some berries for his supper. On the walk there, he spotted something moving in a cave, but he just shrugged it off and kept going. There's one berry spot that he goes to everyday after he gets back from school. "Hmm Hmm Hmm," Warren hummed to himself as he started picking. His basket was almost full, when he heard a strange sound coming from the bush beside him. He looked over and started walking toward the bush, just to be surprised by a Teddiursa munching on a berry. Warren thought it would be a good idea to talk to the young cub, to see if he was lost and needed help getting back home. However, what Warren didn't think about was it's mother. As soon as the Ursaring saw Warren next to it's baby, it belted out a furious cry, and started running toward him. Warren just stood there, as the Ursaring was charging up a Hammer Arm. He didn't know what to do, as he was only a small Treecko that didn't know many moves, let alone one that could take a huge bear type creature.
  3. Kate finished making a bed, and desided to go for a walk. She saw a Ursaring about to attack a treecko. Kate growled before using iron tail on the ursaring. Kate hated didn't want the treekco to get hurt. Kate quickly bit the ursaring after using iron tail. She hoped to scare it off.
  4. "Ahhh, Thanks," Warren told the Eevee. "I had no idea how to handle that situation. I don't have many really good moves that could have scared that Ursaring off like you did. That looked like a REALLY powerful iron tail. My name is Warren and I live in the Treehouse on the other side of the meadow. What's your name?" He asked.
  5. "Your welcome. My name is Kate." Kate said, a little hesitant about telling someone her name, but she figured she could trust Warren. Kate didn't say where she lived because it wasn't much of a home. She didn't know if anyone lived in it, either.
  6. "Do you want a couple berries? I have plenty, and me and my family aren't going to eat all of it," Warren asked Kate. He thought to himself if she was from out of town or lost, because most of the Pokemon from in town don't really come out here. They think it's too "Scary" cause all of the big Pokemon living out here. Maybe she was the Pokemon he saw in the cave? He didn't want to ask, because he knows how hard it is to be homeless, as he and his family were before they bought the Treehouse.
  7. "Sure." Kate said, as She was hungry and had no food. Kate preferred to find her own food, most of the time, but she hadn't noticed any berry bushes or anything, and hadn't eaten since the day before. "He seems nice. Maybe I can trust him." Kate thought to herself.
  8. "Anyway, it's getting late and I need to get this food to my family, but I come here everyday, so, do you want to meet back here tomorrow?" Warren asked Kate hesitantly. He hated to ask, because he thought Kate was homeless, and if her experience is anything like his, she's going to be moving shelters everyday. "You don't have to come if you can't Y'know. I have school in the day, so I can't come then. But today's Thursday, so the weekends soon. Bye Kate!" Warren yelled back to her as he ran away and towards his house.
  9. "Sure! Bye!" Kate called to Warren before walking to her cave. Kate desided to look for some rocks so she could try to make a fire place. She had passed a mountain while looking for a place to stay, so she desided to look there first. Kate found some rocks and started to head back to her cave, noticing it was getting dark. "I must have been looking for a place to stay for awhile. Either that or I was working on my bed longer then I thought." Kate said to herself. She put the rocks in a corner of the cave, before climbing into her bed and trying to go to sleep.
  10. After supper, Warren went to the bedroom he and his twin brothers stayed in. His brothers had already evolved into Grovyles, so they were always bragging and pushing Warren to evolve, when he really didn't want to. When his brothers finally went to sleep, Warren got up to get a leftover berry and some Moomoo Milk from the Fridge. He sat at the table, thinking about Kate and what her life is like. "How's she gonna eat, or sleep in that cave," he thought to himself. Warren decided to get up and go to sleep, as it was getting late and he had to get up early for school the next morning.
  11. Kate woke up and saw sunshine shining through the vines. She got up and walked outside before stretching and looking for some food. Kate noticed a apple in a tree, and climbed up the tree, grabbing the apple before going into her cave and eating it. She then started working on the fire place.
  12. Warren got up the next morning and went to the dreadful place called school. He hated it. Warren is a very shy, yet smart, kid, but other Pokemon don't really like him. They think he's strange and he get's made fun of for how smart he is and how he's not evolved yet. When he was at school, one Charmeleon bully comes up to Warren and Embers him, and his tail starts to burn. Everyone starts laughing about him, and he runs away. He runs to the river by the meadow and and sticks his tail in the water. Warren gets up and starts walking to the berry bush, to get something to eat, as, at this point, he was NOT going back to school. He looks around to see if the Ursaring and Teddiursa were around, and he starts eating. After he's done, he lays down on the grass and looks at the sky, wondering if he'll ever be normal.
  13. Kate finally finished the fire place. She walked outside to look for some sticks to burn, and some berries to cook. A Noctowl walked up to Kate while she was looking for berries and sticks. "Hello, someone told me about you. Said you didn't go to school, and you're a teenager. You must go to school, so come with me. I will find you a school to go to." The Noctowl said, grabbing Kate's tail and attempting to drag her toward a school. "NO!" Kate screamed loudly, trying to get away but failing.
  14. Warren heard a sound in the distance. It was Kate's voice. He got up and started running toward the sounds. He saw the principal of his school, Professor Nockty, trying to lift Kate off the ground. Warren bellowed to the Noctowl,"Let her go!" "Hmph! Warren, aren't you supposed to be in school too. Well, it looks like I'll be taking both of you with me," The Professor demanded. "NO. I'm not going back, and neither is she. I've worked day and night with my family being homeless, and schoolwork on top of that. I'm the smartest one in my class, and what do I get for that. NOTHING. I get made fun of, bullied, and what can I do about it, nothing. Cause my stupid little body won't grow up and evolve like the other kids. I can't do it anymore. I've been waiting so long to do this!" Treecko yelled as he charged up an Energy Ball. He hits the Noctowl, forcing him to flee. He drops Kate and Warren goes over to check on her. As he starts to check Kate, his body starts to glow.
  15. "Thanks, Warren. Huh? Why are you glowing?" Kate asked Warren when she noticed him glowing. Suddenly it dawned on her. "He's evolving!" Kate thought to herself. "Warren, I think you're evolving!" Kate yelled, jumping up.
  16. "WHAT!" Warren yelled to himself. "Am I really. Oh my Arceus!" As the glowing glows brighter and brighter, Warrens body starts to morph into something different. This was it. He was becoming a Grovyle. He would no longer get bullied at school, or by his brothers. But this doesn't change anything for him. He's not going back. He's staying out in the meadow, and never going back home.
  17. Kate sighed. This ment Warren would probably make fun of her like all the pokemon at her last school did. The only one who kept her there was her best friend, but someone framed Kate for something she didn't do, and she got kicked out.
  18. "What's wrong. I thought you would be happy," Warren asked. This means I can fend for myself and I don't have to go back home or back to school." Life was going to change completely for Warren. Now, once he sees them again, he can stick it to the Charmeleon that always made fun of him. He re-thought his decision, and decided not to do that, because it would make him as bad as them.
  19. "Oh, uh, nothing! I'm happy!" Kate said a little too quickly. She was afraid she would have to tell Warren about her past, something she wouldn't tell anyone about except her best friend. "Hopefully he doesn't suspect anything!" Kate thought to herself, worried.
  20. "Is there anything you want to tell me about Kate?" Warren asked. He knows the signs of people hiding something from his dad. He didn't tell his entire family he had lost his job for an entire month, and in that month, he showed all the signs. Stuttering, talking fast, and just being over-all awkward. This was exactly what Kate was doing. "You don't have to hide anything from me."
  21. Kate's ears and tail drooped. "I'd rather not say." Kate said. Kate then noticed a couple small sticks and she put them on her back to take to her cave. Kate then noticed a interesting pattern of colored rocks. "Why are those rocks colored?" Kate thought to herself.
  22. "Ok. But if you ever want to tell me, I'm open," Warren replied. He noticed Kate looking at some colored rocks in a pattern on the ground."Do you see them too," Warren asked Kate. They were "interesting" to say the least.
  23. "Okay. and yes. I do see them too. I don't have a clue why they are colored." Kate said, staring at the rocks. They were in a lightning bolt like shape, and were different shades of yellow, orange, blue, and black. "Why do those colors seem so familiar to me?" Kate asked herself, not meaning to say it out loud.
  24. "Huh?" Warren asked Kate. She said the colors seemed familiar, but he had no idea what that could mean. It was odd that they were shaped in that specific way though. It's like it was a sign of some sort. "Do you know a Pokemon with those colors?" Warren questioned.
  25. "No." Kate said, trying to remember. Suddenly Kate Realised why the colors seemed familiar. "But my best friend from my last school liked those colors. He also really liked lightning bolts. I think it might have something to do with him, but i don't think its possible. He lives a hundred or so miles away from here." Kate said in wonder.
  26. "That's kind of weird. If he's a hundred miles away from here, there's no way he could of did this," Warren replied. " What type of Pokemon was your best friend? Maybe it has something to do with that. Or maybe it's a sign for you to go see them," Warren asked Kate, still trying to think of what this lightning bolt could mean. It's obviously not a natural landform, so someone had to put it here, but who?
  27. "He's a Eevee, like me. I don't think it's a sign for me to go see him, either, because who could have put it here? He couldn't, and neither could his brother or sisters." Kate said. She noticed a Z and two L's painted on one of the rocks. "That's even weirder." Kate mumbled, walking over to the rock with letters painted on it.
  28. "Woah," Warren says in astonishment. "That was not there before. What is it and what does it mean?" Warren was getting kind of nervous, as he followed Kate over the rocks. "I have a bad feeling about this," Warren said with worry in his voice. This was all building up to something, but what could it be?
  29. (I made another charector.)

    "It's odd, because those are my best friend's initials." Kate said, puzzled. She did not know someone was watching her and Warren, and that someone was someone she knew.

    Zack watched Kate and Warren, grinning to himself. He had run away from his aunt and uncle because someone framed him for something he didn't do, and that someone was constantly causing him trouble, and getting him in trouble. His aunt and uncle had pretty much replaced him with that person, anyway. "I wonder if she'll figure it out." Zack said to himself, louder then he ment to. He hoped Kate didn't hear him.
  30. "Did you hear that," Warren asked Kate. "It sounds like someones talking." He looked around to see if anyone was with them, when his eye caught a glimpse of someone in the distance. "Kate, over there. There's someone over there!" Warren told Kate. He slowly moved closer and closer, but by the time he was over to were the figure was standing, it was gone.
  31. Kate saw something run from one bush to another when Warren started to approached it. "Come out, or I'll use iron tail on you!" Kate threatened whoever was in the bush. She heard someone sigh. Zack came out of the bush and sat down, a sheepish grin on his face. Kate smiled before tackling Zack to the ground. "Zack!" Kate yelled happily, hugging Zack.
  32. "Ahh, hi," Warren said to Zack. "I'm Warren, Kate's new friend. It's nice to meet you. So, whats with the whole rock thingy you made?" Warren asked Zack. He was kinda shocked that a Pokemon would run that many miles to see another one, even if it is your best friend. Anyway, Warren had to become friends with him in order to keep his friendship with Kate.
  33. "Nice to meet you too. I made the rock thingy to see if Kate could figure out it was me." Zack said, blushing slightly due to Kate hugging him. Kate released Zack. "Why are you here, anyway?" Kate asked Zack, who dropped his ears and tail. "My aunt and uncle threw me out. Someone framed me multiple times." Zack said sadly.
  34. "Well that's sort of depressing," Warren whispered to himself. "But anyway, I hate to break this reunion, but it's starting to get late, and soon the Mightyena's will come out. So we might want to get back to your cave, Kate," Warren said as he started to walk back down the path and to Kate's Cave. He hadn't had anything to eat for supper, and he was really hungry, but he may as well wait till' morning when all the big Pokemon retreated.
  35. "I didn't even say he could stay with me. Oh well!" Kate thought to herself, then noticed Zack had a bag with him. "What's in the bag?" Kate asked, walking inside her cave, Zack following her. Zack opened the bag and dumped some berries out. "I brought some berries I found. You could cook them since you have a fire place." Zack said, noticing Kate's fire place. "Okay!" Kate said, starting a fire in the fire place and starting to cook some berries.
  36. "That's pretty convenient," Warren said. The berries started cooking on the fireplace and everyone sat down in the cave, settling into their own separate beds for the night. Warren got to sleep that night very easily, because it had been such a long day, and his body was still getting used to being evolved. He dreamt of himself as a Sceptile, running through the meadow, and loving life. The Charmeleon, now a Charizard, Standing at the end of the path ready to fight. Warren started to run up to the Charizard with a Leaf Blade charging up. He hits the Charizard and takes it out in one hit. The dream was amazing, but Warren knew it had to come to an end.
  37. Kate woke up and thought she heard something outside. She looked at Zack and Warren, but they were both asleep. Suddenly Kate heard a loud howl, and saw a shadow. The howl woke Zack up, and he saw the shadow. "What's that?" Zack asked, sounding worried. Kate shrugged her shoulders. They heard another Howl, right outside the vines that served as doors. "I'll see what it is." Kate said, getting up. She heard something growl. Suddenly a Mightyena ran in and grabbed Zack, then ran back outside. Kate followed it. "Warren! A Mightyena has Zack!" Kate yelled at Warren.
  38. "What," Warren said as he got up out of his bed. He woke up to the sound howls and Kate yelling franticly. He then noticed the Mightyena outside of the cave, and Zack was gone. Then it hit him. Kate yelling, Zack gone, and Mightyena outside of the cave. Zack was taken by the Mightyena. Warren then got up and ran out if the cave and towards the pack of Mightyena. With his new found power, Warren charged up a Leaf Blade and slashed all the Mightyena. The one that was carrying Zack dropped him and ran away with the rest of the pack.
  39. Zack rubbed the back of his neck were the mightyena had picked him up. "Thanks, Warren." Zack thanked Warren. Kate ran up to Zack. "Are you okay?" Kate asked Zack, who nodded. "We should make an actual door for your cave, plus a wall so mightyenas can't get in." Zack said calmly.
  40. "Good idea Zack. Those things are terrible," Warren responded to Zack. "I'm going to go get some supplies to build the door and walls. Can you two get something for breakfast," Warren asked them both.

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