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Ask to Join Pokemon Life RP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by tylerrrrrr, Mar 24, 2017.

  1. sign ups are here - https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-life-rp-discussion-and-sign-ups.15989/

    Tyler and his Riolu stepped off the plane from Kalos as they had finally arrived in the Sinnoh region
    "I wonder if we'll meet anyone new here, I know that dad's friend Rowan lives here so we'll visit him soon!"
    Tyler looked up to see a group of Starly fly past
    "You know what, let's head to his lab in Sandgem Town now!"
    Riolu nodded
  2. Lucy was sitting on tree with her Fennekin and Eevee sitting next to her. Suddenly Lucy noticed a boy with Riolu and jumped from tree in front of him. Her Pokemon followed her. Fennekin landed next to Lucy and Eevee landed on Lucy's head. "Hello." Lucy smiled to a boy.
  3. Tyler was a little caught off guard at first but managed to start a conversation "Oh hey! i'm Tyler!"
    "Lu!" (I'm me!)
    "We're a bit lost, you see my dad's friend Rowan has a lab in sandgem town but after our plane landed in Jubilife City, we basically have no idea how to get there, can you help us?"

    Riolu leaned against a tree and sighed "Riolu" (I'm worn out)
  4. "I'm Lucy." Lucy smiled to Tyler. "Well, I'm kinda new here so....I have no idea where is Rowan's Lab." Lucy said confusedly and looked around forest. "Me and my Pokemon came here about 2 hours ago and soon we got lost. Then we decided to wait for someone here on the tree."
    Eevee walked to Riolu and sat next to him. "Vee." (Hello.)
  5. "Oh don't worry, i'm sure i'll find it but it's nice to meet you!"
    Riolu looked at Eevee and nodded "Lu" (Hey)
    "Hey i've got an idea, why don't we stick together until we get to Sandgem Town? that way if we get lost then we can help each other!"

    Suddenly the tree Riolu was leaning against fell over, Riolu and Eevee fell in a river below
    "Riolu, Remember your training!"
    "Riolu!" (Eevee, grab my arm!) Riolu reached out to Eevee while in the river
  6. "Sure! I love to travel in group!" Lucy smiled.
    "Vee!" (Help!) Eevee screamed and tried to reach Riolu's hand.
    "Oh, no! Eevee!" Lucy screamed and ran toward river.
  7. Riolu grabbed Eevee before he spotted one of the branches jammed between two rocks, he then tried to swim towards it
    "Riolu-lu-Riolu!" (You'll be okay, just stay close!) he said as they finally reached the branch

    Tyler pulled the two out of the water and handed Riolu a towel but Riolu passed it straight to Eevee "Riolu-lu-lu!" (Don't worry about me!) he said as he put the towel over Eevee
    "I'm just glad that you two are safe, Eevee's lucky that you fell too!" Tyler laughed
  8. "Eevee, are you okay?" Lucy ran toward Eevee and kneeled to Eevee and hugged her. "Thank you for saving her." Lucy smiled and petted Tyler's Riolu. Fennekin ran toward Lucy and sat in her leap and tried to warm Eevee. "Kin-kin-kin." (I'm glad you are okay.)
  9. "Lu? Riolu!" (Me? I'm glad that you're safe!)
    "Hey we should probably find a shelter because it's getting dark and there's a thunder storm coming
    "Lu!" (Right!) Riolu then used his aura abilities to find a small cave for them to stay in
    "This'll do! nice one Riolu!"

    They entered the cave and Tyler lit a fire
  10. "Wow! This cave looks nice. Look at all these decorations on walls." Lucy said. In the cave there was a lot of old drawings of Pokemon on the walls and many plants which was hanging over a wall. Lucy looked around and suddenly sighted a shining stone on the ground. Lucy pickeed up a stone and brang it to Tyler. "Look what I found! Thunder Stone." Lucy smiled

    When Tyler lit a fire Lucy's Pokemon cuddled around it.
  11. "Cool, well if you ever catch a Pikachu then you know what to do!" Tyler laughed
    He then pulled a small box out of his bag "Hmmmm........."
    "Riolu?" (Is that the?)
    "Yes, yes it is buddy, all I remember him saying was, when the time comes then you'll know what to do."
    "Riolu?" (What did he mean?)
    "I'm not sure but here!" Tyler put his gloves on and attached to a glove was a hole for the small stone that was in the box which he then put into it as Riolu put a necklace on and attached another stone to it.
  12. "Wow! Now when Riolu evolve into Lucario he'll be able to Mega Evolve." Lucy smiled
    "Kin-kin-fen!" (That's great!) Fennekin said
  13. "That's what they are! they're mega stones?"
    "Riolu!" (No way!)
    "Why would dad give me something as valuble as that?"
    Tyler then looked out of the cave at the storm and spotted a wild Cyndaquil who looked really bad
    "Riolu stay here with Lucy!" he said as he ran over to it a brought it back into the cave

    "You okay little guy?"
    "Cyndaquil" (No, it hurts)
    "What hurts?"
    Cyndaquil looked at it's paw which had been badly hurt after it slipped over in the rain
    Tyler then put a bandage on it's paw and looked after it "There you go!"
  14. Suddenly from the middle of a cave Lucy heard some strange noise. Like screaming. "What is that?" Lucy asked. Soon a wild pack of Zubat stflew from cthe middle of a cave and started to case wild Cyndaquil.
    "Oh no! Zubats are going to hurt Cyndaquil!" Lucy said and stoo up. "Fennekin use Ember and case over these naughty Zubats!" Lucy shouted and Fennekin burned one of the Zubats. "Eevee use ShadowBall!" Eevee made a ShadoBall with her paws and threw it on pack of Zubats. Zubats soon flew away in the cave.
    "That was great job, girls!" Lucy exclamed and smiled to her Fennekin and Eevee. "Hey, Tyler how is Cyndaquil?" Lucy walked to Tyler and kneeled next to him to pet Cyndaquil.
  15. "Nice one! so should we get going first thing in the morning?"
  16. "Yes, it's getting dark outside so it looks like we will need to stay here tonight." Lucy said "Let's go, we need to take a rest. We had a very hard day." Lucy said and she and her Pokemon sat around fire.
  17. Tyler laid down and went to sleep "Night!"
    "Quil!" (Night!)
    "Riolu!" (Goodnight!)
  18. Tommorow morning

    "Good morning everybody!" Lucy exclaimed when she woke up. Her Pokemon woke up soon.
    "Kin-kin." (Morning!) Fennekin yawned and went to Riolu and woke him.
    "Vee-vee." (Morning!" Eevee yawned and started to clean herself like cat.
    "It's a long day forward us! We need to reach Jubilife City!" Lucy shouted and walked from cave.
  19. "Morning, hopefully we'll find someone in Jubilife who can help us find Sandgem Town!"
    "Riolu!" (Hopefully!)
    "Cyndaquil?" (What about me?)
    "Well why dont' you come with us to Jubilife and then we'll help you get home!"
    Cyndaquil shook his head and hugged Tyler "Huh? Cyndaquil, do you wanna come with me on my journey?"
    Cyndaquil nodded "Awesome!"
  20. "So, it looks like you caught Cyndaquil." Lucy smiled
    "Fennekin!" (Welcome!) Fennekin smiled to Cyndquil
    "Hey, look! There is s Lake!" Lucy said and pointed at Lake. "Maybe there is somebody who can help us to find Sandgem Town." Lucy said and ran toward Lake. Her Pokemon followed her. When they reached the Lake Eevee jumeped into water and swam around. Fenenekin was explorein the bushes around Lake.
    Suddenly ,while Fennekin was sniffing around bush, a wild Pokemon ran from bushes and tackled Fennekin.
    "Fennekin are you okay?" Lucy ran to Fennekin and picked her up. "Huh? What is that?" Lucy said and pulled out a Pokedex from her bag. Pokedex scanned Pokemon and said Zorua-Tricky Fox Pokemon; To protect themselves from danger, they hide their true identities by transforming into people and Pokémon, It evolves into Zoroark et level 30.
    "Wow, a wild Zorua. We need to catch it." Lucy said "Fennekin are you ready?" Lucy asked her Pokemon
    "Kin." Fennekin nodded and jumped from Lucy's hands.
    "Go Fennekin use Ember!" Lucy yelled and Fennekin burned Zorua.
    Zorura stood upand scratched Fennekin.
    "Fennekin use Tackle!" Lucy shouted and Fennekin scrathed Zorua. Zorura fell on the ground. "Go Pokeball!" Lucy yelled and threw Pokeball. Pokeball was shaking and clicked. "Yeah! We caught Zorua!" Lucy exclaimed
  21. Tyler smiled "So we both got new team members!"
  22. "Yeah." Lucy said and threw Zorua's Pokeball. "Welcome to the team buddy!" Lucy smiled to Zorua
  23. "Let's find someone who can help us!" Tyler said as he pet Cyndaquil
    "Quil!" (Yay!)
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  24. "Maybe we can find Pokemon around here who can help us to find Sendgem Town." Lucy said.
  25. "Yeah!" Tyler said before noticing a man wearing a white shirt
    "Oh excuse me, mr......." Tyler then paused as he recognised the man
    "D-do I know you?" Tyler asked

    "Oh hello there Tyler!"
    "Rowan?" Tyler said
    "Yes, your father told me that you'd be here in Sinnoh so I knew that I would run into you!" Rowan replied
    "It's been years! Lucy this is Professor Rowan!"
  26. "Hello! Nice to meet you." Lucy smiled to Prof.Rowan "How do you know each other?"
  27. "Professor Rowan is a friend of my dad!" Tyler smiled
    "Quil?" (Really?)
    "Lu." (Yep.)
    "So Rowan, Dad said that when I got here that you'd have something for me?" Tyler asked
    "Ahhh yes!" Rowan replied "If you'd follow me to my lab."
    Tyler nodded "You coming Lucy?"
  28. Evan was in his house as his Koffing and his Seviper was to his side. "Brilliant." He said, picking up a design for some kind of robot Arbok of some sort. "Father would love this, but he's dead." Evan said looking down to his feet. He fed Seviper and Koffing with a Poison Pokepuff. "Let's head out." Evan said, putting on his shoes and walking out his house.
  29. When they arrived at the lab Rowan handed Tyler an egg "This is an egg from the Kalos region, specially bred by a trainer named Ash, once the Pokemon in this egg has fully grown, it's ability will unleash it's full potential!" Rowan explained
    "Wow!" Tyler said in awe as he gently placed the egg in his bag
    "And as for you young lady, any friend of Tyler's deserves a gift, please pick a Pokemon!" Rowan said as he sent out a Chimchar,Turtwig and Piplup
    Rowan then leaned over to Tyler "You're better be happy you've met her, she seems perfect for you!" He whispered as Tyler's face went as red as a Macargo
  30. "Hmm...I think I'll choose....Piplup." Lucy said and picked up Piplup in her hands. "What do you think buddy? Do you wanna travel with us?" Lucy asked Piplup.
    "Plup!" (Yeah!) Piplup exclaimed and smiled to Lucy's Pokemon.
    "Kin! Fennekin-kin-kin!" (Yeah! We have a new friend!) Fennekin exclaimed
    "So,Tyler, where are we going next?" Lucy asked Tyler "Oh and Professor, thank you for giving me new friend." Lucy smiled to Professor and petted Piplup.
  31. "W-wait? you wanna travel with me?" Tyler said in a surprised tone
    "Oh and Tyler! before you two go, have these!" Rowan handed the two some Pokeballs and Potions "Also i'll ring your dad and let him know you arrived safely."
    "Thanks Rowan!"
    "Quil!" (He's so nice!)
    "Lu!" (Yeah!)
  32. "Thank you Professor." Lucy said and put Pokeballs and Potions in her bag. "So,where are we going?" Lucy asked
  33. "Jubilife City would be a good place to start." Tyler said as he pointed to the Jubilife TV tower
    "Lu?" (Where?)
    "Cyndaquil!" (There!)
    "An old friend of mine is at the Jubilife TV tower today, they're filming for a new TV show so we could go say hi?" Tyler asked
    "Riolu!" (I know who!)
    "Cyn?" (Who?)
    "Lu" (You'll see)
  34. "Oh, sure we can go." Lucy smiled "Hey, I heard Professor mentioned that you got an egg from Kalos. Right? And I heard that Ash send it to you. Am I right?" Lucy asked Tyler.
    Fennekin climbed on Lucy's right shoulder and Eevee climbed on Lucy's left shoulder and they both waved to Piplup who Lucy was holding in her hands. Zorua was sitting next to Lucy.
  35. "Yeah! why? who's Ash? Wait when he said Ash, did he mean Ash Ketchum? The legendary trainer!" Tyler said in amazement
    "Riolu!" (He's amazing!)
    "Cyndaquil!" (Even that Greninja!)
    "Riolu!" (Yeah!)
    "If Ash Ketchum sent that egg, who knows what's in it? i'm losing my mind right now!" Tyler exclaimed
  36. "Yes it's Ash Ketcum. He is my cousin's boyfriend." Lucy smiled
    "Kin." (Yes.) Fennekin nodded.
    "Do you know what egg did he send to you? Can you recognize pattern?" Lucy asked Tyler
  37. "It's blue and whi...... white........ It's a Froakie egg! wait Rowan said that the pokemon will reach it's full potential when fully evolved.......into a Greninja........... The ability! it's a battle bond Greninja!!!!! I'm sure of it!!!!!!" Tyler ran over to Lucy and picked her up before spinning her around
    "Cyn...Da.....Quil!" (Oh..My...God!)
    "Riolu!" (There's no way!)
  38. "Woah! Tyler!" Lucy laughed "Okay, you may stop. I feel deezy!"
    "Fenn...kin..." (Dear...Arceus...) Fennekin said and jumped from Lucy's shoulder while Tyler was spinning her around. Soon Eevee and Piplu followed Fennekin.
  39. "Oh sorry!" he smiled "I guess I get carried away sometimes!"
    "Riolu?" (Sometimes?)
    Cyndaquil laughed
    "Okay, maybe alot!" Tyler smiled
    "Well, maybe we'll run into them someday!" Tyler said
  40. "Maybe...Serena is in Hoenn so... I think we won't see her for a long time." Lucy said and sat on the ground while she is feeling deezy.
    "Fennekin! Kin-kin.?" (Master! Are you okay?) Fennekin ran to Lucy
    "Eevee!" (Master!) Eevee followed Fennekin
    "Zorua...zo..." (Whatever...) Zorua said

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