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Private/Closed Pokemon Life RP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Formerly Known as Sticks, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. Oh wait sorry something weird happened with my post, so the post about Alex and flare will be my next post, the one I just posted didn't post earlier....:@
  2. I'm assuming that the Dewott is Silver?
  3. This is your RP though...
  4. You have to stay in this!
  5. I suppose I shall. I just won't be posting often, to focus on other things.
  6. Now that I was going to suggest if Targa and Ax could have something like a "wedding" or "taking care from an unhatched egg"...
  7. Excuse me I'm right here.
  8. Can someone send me a link to the General RP?
  9. Ooooooohhhhhh
    I got an idea with that egg. I'm not using Tyler or Alli anymore ;-; so what if I rp as that egg and Ax and Targa take care of it!?
  10. I declare daytime!!! (In the RP)
  11. Argh, this is exactly the kind person of RP I love, and i think its been too far gone to join. Is it still possible?
  12. Well, it is supposed to be closed, yet still, you could still try.
  13. The RP is private now, so no one can join... plus you'd have to read through hundreds of messages. Sorry, but Sticks probably won't let you join.
  14. That's cool. When i sent that message the RP was Ask, so i was curious. And yeah, I suppose that's true. It's been going for ages
  15. Tough luck, don't know why but you seem like a good role player
  16. Heh, you might want to play with me before you decide
  17. I suppose you could. Just make a form, and I shall judge.
  18. Hm. Sticks has given you a proposal.
  19. You must be a lucky person if u get that opportunity!
  20. Name: Targa and Ax must give him one
    Class: Pokemon
    Gender: Male
    Species: Goomy
    Personality: Very determined, social
    Appearence: Normal
    Friends: family
    Crush: none
    Other: just hatched from an egg
  21. Name: Viral
    Class: Pokemon
    Gender: Male
    Species: Fan Rotom (Never leaves his fan)
    Personality: Energetic, Jumpy, not patient
    Appearance: A normal Fan Rotom
    Friends: Doesn't have any.
    Crush: Stocked (When he meets her)
    Other: Everyone he meets runs away in fear, and he doesn't know why.
  22. I think that we don't have to wait to get our forms accepted, am I right?
  23. Yeah all of them get accepted now
  24. Hmm only 4 people use this Roleplay now @ProfessorSticks you should open more spots in the RP
  25. Nobody's posted in a while ;-;
  26. Yep,I would post if I had a idea for anything to post about.
  27. I'm sorry but Arrow escaped the combat too, dropping his necklace there.

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