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Ask to Join Pokemon: Legends await!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by TheForgettingBacon, Sep 4, 2017.

  1. In this rp you can be from any region but your character must of have either already beaten the elite 4 and the champion or you can just be strong pokemon. Trainer this will go onto going to the pokemon world champion league so basically a journey to the world league how about that huh? anyway yeah follow the rules so no legends if you have a request to encounter a legendary ask the admins other than respect each other and yeah follow the character bio your characters age can be younger but no more then 15 to about lets say 28.
    Note that only specific trainers get a invite to the league (not like the mewtwo movie)
    Oh and ask me through my profile then in the rp other wise it ruins it
    Name: Kayo Osako
    Title: Hoenn's hero
    Pokemon: (look at the trainer card on my profile)
    Personality: Kayo is relaxed funny but when it comes to his enemies he is mostly quiet and basically wants to fight them to the end
    He wears a light red hoodie with a skull shirt.
    With dark blue jeans and trainers.

    Rp: Kayo was at home sleeping on the sofa when suddenly a staraptor appeared by the window. Kayo's sylveon got up and started to growl the staraptor dropped the note and flew off after it flew off the windows shut from the wind and kayo woke up "Uhh! what?! oh..hey sylveon" sylveon licked kayo's face "Hey..stop that?" he then noticed the note on the floor he opened it up "Dear Kayo Osako you are invited to participate in the world pokemon league it will start in 5 months so you have enough time to get ready you have been chosen because you are not just a previous champion but because you put your life for others and we would like to see your strength! Good luck and see you there!" kayo got up and jumped up "Woo! yeah i can't wait lets do this sylveon!" sylveon gave a bark "Sylv Sylveon!" kayo looked out of the window imagining what it will be like.
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  2. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Name : Lao
    Age : 21
    Title : Alola's Hero
    Pokémon : A Decidueye which is capable of Battle Bond, and a small, immature, childish, dominant Eevee with a flower ring around her ear and a yellow bow in front of her other ear.
    Personality : Lao is mature. He can do a number at a Pokémon Battle. Although, he usually battles for either, Title Defense, or just for fun, these days. He doesn't care if somebody insults him, or not. He has two younger brothers, named 'Elijah' and 'Daniel' He is protective of his friends.
    Appearance : He has red hair at the front of his hair, and brown at the back of his hair. He has yellow eyes. He wears a purple jacket that covers half of his upper body, with the sleeves of the purple jack, upwards. He wears blue jeans, and, red and black tennis shoes. He has fair skin, with a tint of pale to it. He has small freckles, which are barely visible.

    RP : Lao was watching the large, smart T.V, which was lodged up on the wall. He was watching a Pokémon Baseball Match. Decidueye was in Lao's room, meditating. Eevee was sitting in a small rocking chair, near the window. She saw a Staraptor holding a letter. Eevee, immediately had tears in her eyes. She began crying loudly, alarming Lao and Decidueye. Lao paused the T.V, and Decidueye stopped meditating. They sprinted to Eevee, "What's wrong?!" Asked Lao. Eevee pointed at the Staraptor, who seemed confused. Lao sighed. He opened the window, making Staraptor landed on Lao's arm. Lao took the letter. An invitation to the Pokémon League? How interesting, "Alright, bye, little buddy, little buddy." He said to Staraptor, who flew away. Staraptor, who flew away. Lao retrieved Eevee, and began flying on top of Decidueye, to the Pokémon League.
  3. (Thats fine)

    Kayo took his bag and got his things ready he returned sylveon and called out Salamance "Lets go salamance!" Salamance roared and kayo went on its back "Go at full speed" he went off in the sky and waved to everyone in the town "Bye goodluck" some of the people said whilst waving. Whilst flying he saw some other trainers on their pokemon and at the bottom some trainers on their water pokemon he noticed a decudieye that looked familiar "Wait that can't be?" he speeded forward "Hey lao long time no see" he said happily. He looked around "These trainers look tough...this won't be easy" he said to himself
  4. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    "Oh, hey Kayo! Long time no see!" He greeted Kayo, "Yeah, but we can pull through, right? Just like the good ol' days." He smiled. He took out his black sling messenger backpack. He got some 'Deluxe Double-Cheese League Chips' and started eating. He gave one small bag to Kayo. He continued flying while eating most of the 'Deluxe Double-Cheese League Chips', "Man, these league chips have gotten even more delicious and saltier!" He said as he continued eating even more and most of the chips.
  5. "Thanks" kayo said whilst eating them "Say you didn't know i had a salamance did you? yeah he was with me all the way through my first journey" salamance roared. Suddenly then a guy looking like a skeleton was behind us kayo looked behind and looked shocked "Damn" he said to himself whilst flying a trainer came on his pidgeoto and challenged kayo "Hey you! want to battle?" kayo got his pokeball out "Sure then lets move away further up" they flew away from some of the other trainers "We need to warm up don't we?..say whats your name im sam.." kayo smiled "The name is kayo" he send out his pokemon which was a kricketune "Nice!" kayo replied "Lyncanroc come out" it came out with a cheecky grin "Alright use stone edge" sam quickly managed to counter "use x scissor to cut through them" kricketune got hit by some but still managed to get through "Counter" kayo quickly replied lyncanroc moved and punched kricketune making it fall back to sam "Good one...keep trying" kayo said in a tauntingly way "Alright crunch lets go!" lyncanroc moved quickly appearing infront of kricketune "Use ariel ace" both moves hit but both pokemon were still standing "Go use brick break" sam quickly countered once more "Ariel ace one more time" again both moves hit "Now use crunch to finnish it" brick break was stronger making kricketune fall back lyncanroc appeared again using crunch and it was over for kricketune "Aww man! kricketune return you did well my friend take a good rest" kayo was out of breath "Phew! that battle was awesome dude!" kayo smiled then returned lyncanroc and went back next to lao "Sorry about that i just had a light warm
    up" he said cheeckly "Oh look at that its the first flag we must be near!" salamance roared kayo sat down looking down and around.

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