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Ask to Join Pokemon League Tournament

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Frostwind, Nov 25, 2016.

  1. Hello to all those who are viewing this currently. This is the thread of my Pokemon League Tournament RP that I have been planning to make for awhile. All the rules and sign ups are on the discussion page, so if you would like to join post your form on the discussion, and wait to be accepted/declined. Anyway onto the RP:


    "Ah, Kiloude City! Such a wonderful sight." Maria exclaimed, stepping out of the train station. "What do ya' think Serenity?" She asked her partner "Milo, Mi" she nodded. "Ok, let's go get ourselves registered" she announced to no one in particular, and with that she headed towards the Arena Complex. As she walked through the streets, kids stared, parents gasped, for they had just seen a world-famous gym leader.

    She walked up to the front doors and strode in, she was greeted by a small woman at a desk. "Hello there, what can I do for you today?" She asked "Um, I'm here to check in for the Tournament". The woman then said "Ok can I have your name please?" "My name is Maria Swiftwave". After looking at a small screen she responded "Ok, your room number is 543, go ahead and rest for now until the tournament starts" so Maria and Serenity walked up to their room.
  2. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Rocky Middlestone stomped through Kiloude City. He wore large black shoes, but they were more like boots, for they caused a large rumble on the ground each time he stomped. Heads turned as each foot touched the ground, for this was more than just a gym leader: an Elite Four member. He too was world-famous and as he discovered when many people walked up to him wanting autographs. However, Rocky did not have the time, pushing through the crowds that gathered. Rocky reached the front doors of where the tournament was being held. Memories flowed through his mind, some more memorable than others. He had participated in the tournament once before, and he had made a good mark-reaching the finals. He was initially optimistic about this year's competition but when he heard about some of the contestants, he began to believe it was not possible to reach the same place the night before. His optimism returned briefly before he entered the doors-there had to be a good reason for the initial popularity. His popularity he would find, jumped from high to low at times. When there were other elite four members or high ranking gym leaders, Rocky was actually put back of the queue.

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