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Pokemon League help (Platinum version)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by theclownfish, Nov 26, 2014.

  1. (Sorry if it's in the wrong section)
    Lately i've been worried about my team going against the Elite 4. I have raised my Pokemon to relatively high levels but i don't think i'm quite prepared.

    Team (Still in training so this will update occasionally):

    Tyranitar LVL. 60
    220 HP
    197 Attack, 131 Defense, 136 Sp. Attack, 134 Sp. Defense, 111 Speed
    Sand Stream
    Dark Pulse
    Stone Edge
    Stealth Rock

    Lapras LVL. 57
    222 HP
    121 Attack, 116 Defense, 117 Sp. Attack and Defense, 81 Speed
    Water Absorb
    Perish Song
    Ice Beam

    Gengar LVL. 55
    142 HP
    77 Attack, 83 Defense, 166 Sp. Attack, 102 Sp. Defense, 144 Speed
    Shadow Ball
    Dark Pulse

    Steelix LVL. 63
    190 HP
    141 Attack, 308 Defense, 91 Sp. Attack, 104 Sp. Def, 46 Speed
    Rock Head
    Rock Climb
    Stone Edge

    Dragonite LVL. 60
    202 HP
    163 Attack, 121 Defense, 135 Sp. Attack, 132 Sp. Defense, 122 Speed
    Inner Focus
    Draco Meteor
    Aqua Tail
    Dragon Rush

    Spiritomb LVL. 59
    142 HP
    130 Attack, 146 Defense, 116 Sp. Attack, 165 Sp. Defense, 59 Speed
    Dark Pulse
    Dream Eater
    Ominous Wind

    I have an optional team but I will share the details on that later. Am I well prepared or not?
  2. Well, you certainly have a good lineup, but I suggest you level up more. As I believe you're at the second run (Thus rematching E4), Chynthia's highest leveled pokemon is at 78, so at least level 80's are good. I know it sounds like a lot of trouble, but just find a good training spot, listen to some music, and train those pokemon :)

    With the Elite Four, here's what I think you should use against each:
    Aaron (Bug): Tyranitar (Yanmega, Vespiquen, Drapion), Steelix (Scizor. Try to teach Steelix Fire Fang first, and use it's defensive capabilities against Scizor.), Dragonite (Heracross. Use fly, and try to dodge it's stone edge.)

    Bertha (Ground): Genger (Whiscash if you won't have any Grass moves, this will be tough. Keep using Shadow Ball), Lapras (Gliscor, Hippowdon, Golem, Rhyperior.) If Lapras faints, then use Dragonite.

    Flint (Fire): Tyranitar (Houndoom, Flareon), Dragonite (Rapidash, Infernape), Tyranitar/Lapras (Magmortar. If you decide either one, you have to watch out for Solarbeam.)

    Lucian (Psychic): Steelix (Mr.Mime, Bronzong. Again you might want Fire Fang.) Gengar (Espeon), Spiritomb (Alakazam, Gallade)

    Cynthia: Spiritomb (Spiritomb, XD), Steelix (Roserade. It might be hard with Steelix's lower Sp.Def, but again Fire Fang works.) Lapras (Togekiss, Garchomp. Will be hard due to their fighting moves.) Dragonite (Lucario, Milotic. Try to teach it Electric and Ground moves.)

    I hope this helped a bit more for you. The hardest one will be Cynthia (Duh) because of her coverage. Other than that, just do your best :)
  3. i beat them a few hours ago and it was my first run. i think i did pretty good but thanks for the help though
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