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Pokemon Lab: RP idea

Discussion in 'Creative Discussion' started by Nightstorm, May 4, 2015.


Would you Join? ^-^

Poll closed May 6, 2015.
  1. Yes! i love Demideus Pokemon :D

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  2. Nah, why whould i? 7-7

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  3. I would but.... i don't have time T^T

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  4. I don't really care, do what you want :3

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  1. This is my first post, and i got an idea with a character XD

    A pokemon Lab where people use pokemons to play with their ADN and try to create a Half-Shiny Half-Normal, those pokemons are known as "Demideus".
    This is not going to be "THE MOST SPECIAL" thing in the world, i made this just to make "Unique" Pokemons, no one will have the same pokemon with the same looks, this, for example is a character i just created called Duplex.
    Before evolving:[​IMG] Evolved:[​IMG] (It's not my fault that shiny Eevees are only gray DX )

    Plot Idea:
    You once where free, living your own life or being trained and then, you got caught or traded, they bring you to a lab, it's not a bad place, they put you in a small place with other normal pokemon, a place with grass a tree and a small lake but after it's your turn to enter the "Research" room your body hurts, you can't move and then the experiment starts, you don't remember a lot after that and when you wake up, you are in a kind of daycare with other strange pokemons like you, a big "daycare" it's almost a whole forest with fences and in an area there's a small house, what will happen next? It's up to you, but..... why are you feeling watched?.

    You will start in the lab (Since i will need to make your character), before being a Demideus and then after the experiment wake up in the "Demideus Daycare", also, pokemons with wings can't scape, it's a "Special" fenced place ;)

    I take the images from this site http://pldh.net/ (Search a pokemon name and then go to the "Sprites tab" to see all the Sprites) and then edit them by myself :D
    If someone would like to make this a RP, i would happily do the art for your character, you MUST have a pretty accuarate description so i could make it whitout any mistakes
    Something like this:
    Duplex is a Demideus Eevee, most of his body is the natural eevee's color, the tip of his ears are gray and his right paw and leg are gray too. He as the gray-black right eye of the shiny eevee, he got a gray spot on the left side of his body and a gray spot which look like a diamond on his forehead.
    Or this:
    Duplex is a Demideus Umbreon, both of his front legs are the light blue of all the Shiny umbreons, his forehead ring and right ear are blue too while his left ear is yellow, his hind legs and tail are yellow, and his eyes have a hit of yellow in them.

    (Since i am sitting infront of the computer, what would be "Right" is "Left" if you know what i mean ^^')

    I would really like to do this.
    But, i would also love if no one calls this as "It's own art" or says "I made it by myself" this isn't mine either, is from the Pokemon company :'| but the "Editing" part is my work, that's right, but well, it's not that hard and i must practice my editing skills >_<
    The RP will have a special rule too, since i think some people would join to make me do art for them and then leave when they get what they wanted, so, any ideas?, this would be fun? and don't steal art guys :p
    Also, i will put a poll for two days, if the RP idea is not liked at all i'll put this idea aside :blush:

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