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Ask to Join Pokemon Kingdom!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by FlamingOrangeEevee, Apr 30, 2017.

  1. One day, a Litten named Fuego was walking in Pokemon Kingdom. Everybody there was happy, so was Fuego. Litten decided to go in the forest for some berries. When Fuego got the berries, Fuego ate the Berries because Fuego was hungry.
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  2. Kiju the Gible was resting on a rock in the forest, wiggling his little feet while cracking open some nuts open to eat.

    Rose was busy next to Kiju, sorting her berries into varying piles to take back to their den.
  3. Fuego went back in the Kingdom. Then a Palpitoad said "GIVE US ALL YOUR POKECOINS OR SAY GOODBYE!" Fuego was very scared, but, he decided to fight the Palpitoad! Fuego used a Ember on the Palpitoad, but it wasn't really effective. The Palpitoad used a Water Gun on Fuego, Fuego almost fainted, but Fuego started to hide behind a bush.
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  4. Cameron was walking past the ally to see the robbery take place. "OK." Cam yelled at the Palpitoad. "Whats your plan here. If the Pokemon is not holding any kind of money, you assume 'I should rob this person', not to mention in a large ally that many people walk by. I mean, that's stupid! I mean, you can get arrested for assault." Cam felt confident that he brought knowledge to this oblivious Pokemon.
  5. Fuego saw the Clefairy talking to the Palpitoad, Fuego was very thankful that the Clefairy was telling Palpitoad that he was stupid. "Uhh... its just that i always get away with robbery" Palpitoad said. "NOT THIS TIME!!" A cop yelled pointing a taser at Palpitoad. "YOUR UNDER ARREST FOR ROBBERY!!" The Cop said to Palpitoad. "Thank you Cop!" Fuego said to the Cop. "No Problem! Its my job, anyways!" The cop Responded.
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  6. "Bye Bye." Cam said to the Palpitoad, and continued to walk out of town to relax. He went to his favorite spot in the nearby forest, and started to read a book. This part of the forest was very quiet, and relaxing, with a rock he sat on. He believes it is some kind of meteor. He was feeling happy that he stopped a crime today.
  7. Fuego walked into the forest, and then he saw the Clefairy that saved him. "Hey, whats your name? My name is Fuego. Thanks for saving me!" Fuego said.
  8. Cam looked up from the book. "What. Oh, don't mention it, I am kind of a genius." He said smiling and chuckling. "My names Cameron. Nice to meet you. Now can you please let me read my book here. I am at the best part!" He said looking back at the book, continuing reading it.

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