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Ask to Join Pokemon Kingdom!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by SoareSenpaii, Mar 20, 2016.

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  1. ~~This RP is Focused on A Kingdom based Pokemon world. NO HUMANS Whatsoever. Anyways, I will discuss what Spots are open and What are not. We're focusing on the MAIN part of the Kingdom. King, Queen, Prince, Princess, Knights/Guards, Peasants, etc. No common Folk allowed.

    King: {Lemmy the Quilava} SoareSenpaii
    Queen: {I Get to Choose my Queen.}
    Prince: {Not Yet allowed}
    Princess: {Not yet Allowed}
    Captain of The Royal Guards: {Open}
    Deputy of the Royal Guards: {Open}
    Royal Guards: {Multiple and Open}
    General of the Knights: {Open}
    Knights: {Multiple} Pandora the Absol-SkyetheFabulous,
    Peasants: {Multiple and Open}
    Children of All of the Above: {Multiple and Open}
    Wife's of All of the Above: {Multiple and Open}
    Husband's of all of The Above: {Multiple and Open}
    Kingdom Sorcerers: {Multiple and Open}
    Head Sorcerer: {Open}

    Please, Literates only. And I must approve of your Bio/Entry.

    ~{TEMPLATE}~ You may Add what you want, but no Taking away anything. This is the Base.
    Position in the Kingdom:
    Spouse: (If you Have One.)
    Children: (If you have Any.)
    Species of Pokemon:
    Armour: (Not needed For Some.)
    Appearance: (INCLUDES Eye color, Height, Weight, Clothing, Hair color, etc.)
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  2. Name: Lemmy Sargary
    Position in the Kingdom: Young King
    Nicknames: King, Lem's, and Sir.
    Spouse: Nope.
    Children: Nope.
    Species of Pokemon: Quilava
    Weapons: He has a Rapier, which is Black Steel with Platinum outlines for The Blade itself. His sheath is Black Leather, which has A Platinum outline. His Saber's sheathe Is Hung around his Back and Chest, not formally by his Hip. He also uses his "Gauntlet", his Right Side, as A Weapon at times. His Rapiers handle has A Ruby Engraved into it,
    Armour: Lemmy wears A VERY thin Sheet of Chain mail underneath his Clothing, since he doesn't like bulky armor. The only Armored parts on his Outside is his Gauntlet and shoulder. It's on his Right side and Goes up to his Elbow. It's plated from his elbow to his Upper wrist, and Smooth on the Way to his Fingers. His Finger tips are EXTREMELY Sharp, and his Finger pieces are Plated as well. The Gauntlet is a Very Dark Black, almost midnight, with his Once again plated with A Platinum color. He has A Ruby engraved on The Biggest elbow Piece as well. His Shoulder piece is also Attached to his Sheath. The shoulder piece is hugged along the Right Shoulder, and Pieces of Steel cover it, in Circles.
    Age: 19
    Appearance: He wears A White Collar shirt, which the collar is loose. With a Brown vest over it. His bottom half is Just Black pants with Old Boots on. He usually rolls his Collared shirt's sleeves up.
    Personality: Lemmy is a Very Young King, Making him not very mature. He's a very Humorous guy, Which is followed by Sarcasm. If you're close enough to Him, He's very protective over you. Lemmy is just a Big Teddy bear, in a Soldier's/King's body honestly. He doesn't care what People think about him, he also Doesn't judge ANYONE. He'll give everyone one chance before He Dislikes them.
  3. Name: Pandora
    Position in the Kingdom: Knight
    Nicknames: none. ( Eh, you can make one up, I don't mind. )
    Spouse: none.
    Children: none.
    Species of Pokemon: Absol
    Weapons: Pandora uses a sword which is always by her side. It is a rather dull looking sword, but it packs a punch!
    Armour: Pandora wears a few peices of armor. She has a peice of armour that covers all four of feet, exposing her sharp claws. She wears a helmet which hides her face, and a back peice that protects from attacks from behind.
    Age: 21
    Appearance: Pandora has red eyes, the normal color for an Absol. She is 3'11" and weighs 103.6 lbs. Other than her armour she doesn't really wear much. On occasion she will wear a black scard with rather damaged ends but thats about it.
    Personality: Pandora is a quiet girl. But don't underestimate her. She can easily topple those twice her size and make men bow down before her. ( lol, no. ) She tends not to mess with others unless she needs to. She would rather be in her home reading a book or something, but work is work!
  4. (Okey! Lemme start well We Wait for more People.)
  5. ( Okie - Dokie! )
  6. Lemmy was walking Around his Kingdom's Tiny town of Harlbridge, passing Shops, Taverns, You name it Harlbridge has it. He would be a Almost another knight for the Street, as weird as that sounds. A King for a knight. Yet again, most things in his Kingdom is Strange.
  7. Pandora had been stationed in Harlbridge to watch over something that honestly she wasn't paying attention to. She let out a sigh and looked around the small town, analyzing the faces of the other Pokemon.
  8. He walked around, Drinking from his Own Flask. It was Ale, he didn't drink much of it. But still, It tastes SOO Good! He yawned and Stretched, putting his Hands behind his head as he Walked.
  9. Arose from her post and decided to go exploring for a bit. " They won't notice I'm gone... " She walked a bit, staring at her spot and not really paying attention to wear she was going, and she bumped into someone. Lemmy. " Oh, forgive me... "
  10. He was whistling as He walked Until he Got Bumped and Stumbled quickly. "It's Alright!" He smiled. "It was probably my fault, Being how much of a Klutz I can be." He put his Flask away.
  11. She bowed her head. " It was my fault, I should have been watching where I was going. "
  12. "It's really Alright! It happens." He Yawned and Reassured the Absol.
  13. Pandora smiled and then stood stiff for a moment. " Oh, yeah...I have a job to do... OH JEEZ!!! " She jumped up and looked around. " What was it?!?! It totally slipped my mind! Oh no!No!No!No!NO! "
  14. He Laughed, and Started to walk towards The Castle. Humming on his Way there.
  15. Pandora flopped on the ground, burrying her face in her paws. " I'M THE WORST KNIGHT EVER!!! "
  16. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    Oh my seventeen and a half gods. Look at this trainwreck.

    One line posts are not acceptable in that high frequency, and two word posts are just Spam in any sense you look atit. Neither is all this OOC blather in an RP thread acceptable. You want to discuss an RP? Start a discussion thread. But make some effort in the actual RP threads.

    Thread locked, read the rules.
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