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Pokemon Kareokemon (sp), Pikachu's Jukebox, and the Pokerap

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Carmen Lopez, May 28, 2007.

  1. Remember the songs they had at the end of the older Pokemon episodes? I know I wasn't the only one that had those memorized at some point in time. So what's your favorite? Or was there one that made you cringe. And does anyone miss them for nostalgia reasons?

    My favorite had to be Jigglypuff's song. I actually still remember the words to this one. Viridian City is at a close second. I really didn't like the Best Friend one. You know, the one that focused on Ash and Pikachu. They played to so. many. times. But hey it was still cute.
  2. The Viridian city one was good and the Team rocket song as well
    lol i remember the poke rap
    it was funny but corny at the same time
    actually that was sorta how i learned all the pokemon
  3. My Fav's Were Misty's Song and Viridian City...
  4. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    Some of those songs I still listen to frequently actually, and I do have quite a few favourites. They might be cheesy as hell, but I still enjoy listening to the majority. Nostalgia ftw ^^

    My favourite is definitely "You & Me & Pokemon" - I love that song to no end and very much appreciate any remixes of it - but the Viridian City song is definitely fun, too. Then we have "2B A Master" and "Together Forever"... and can't forget the original PokeRap either. "All We Wanna Do" was kinda fun, too. Otherwise... What other songs were part of the videos and which were just on the CD releases? "Everything Changes" and "What Kind of Pokemon Are You?" are big time faves of mine as well but I can't remember if they were used or not.
  5. To be Mastah! HEY! Pokemon Mastah!

    Sorry. Couldn't resist. One of my other favorites is What kind of Pokemon Are You. When I was a little girl I believed they swore in it when in reality it was something like "kick your GRASS"
  6. I have the lyrics to "What kind of pokémon are you?" on my wall.

    I loved that one. And I've got the pokérap on my ipod. ^^ I play it now and then just for old times sake. . . I loved the pokerap. I never memorized more then the last verse, tho, because they always played that one.

    I can't say I remember any of the other songs, so I must not have liked them.

    I wish I could download "What kind of Pokémon are you?" somewhere. . . that would be the best. ^^
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  7. Yeah that's one of the best songs I've heard....here in the Philippines we are still in the orange islands.....Thats why I always here it on T.V. ::)
  8. Personally I liked them at first, but I got very sick of the songs after a short while, I was very glad when they got rid of all the songs.
    Sad as it is though, I do know the pokérap the whole way through due to my past obsession with the anime.
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  9. I loved Team Rocket's motto, they shows us all Team Rocket's funniest moments
  10. I still love it how Brock looks like he's molesting a tree in "all we wanna do"
    I learned all my pokemon from the pokerap to XP Helped because I had to relearn them in english so XD
  11. XD The Pokerap has been backmasked to reveal satanic messages....

    I didn't really like the songs, there were a couple, but otherwise the jukepox and karaokemon pretty much annoyed me. The movie soundtracks were better imo.
  12. The pokerap was awesome. I still remember the lyrics.

    Team Rocket's Motto was my favorite song from Pokemon Kareokemon. The way they sung 'Team Rocket's Rocking!' always got me dancing when I was a kid. :)
  13. When I was little I listened to the Pikachu song of when ash wanted to leave pikachu and I started crying... :'(
  14. When I first saw that episode I cried ( The song didn't help )
    It was the only anime that has ever made me cry to date
  15. Well it wasn't that much of the song to me either but it made me cry a little harder... :'(
  16. I LOVED the Pokerap. I would sing it every time it came on. And I also liked the song from the Celebi movie when Ash almost misses the boat.
  17. Haha I love all those songs! ;D I have the whole lot of them on my mp3 player (as well as the music from Pokémon Live and a few tracks from some of the movies) and I listen to them frequently. My favorites vary from time to time, but all time faves are probably "What kind of Pokémon are you" and Team Rocket's song (whatever the official name of it is)
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  18. I like all of them, but my favs are "Team Rocket's Rockin", both Pokeraps and "Viridian City."
  19. I like all of the songs my favorite was "what kind of pokemon are you?", I have the pokerap in my Mp3 i listened to it a lot.
    Have you heard the "johto pokerap"?? ;D
  20. I heard it only once and then it was never played on TV again. I assume it's on some kind of Pokemon music CD though.
  21. I could have a CD of them, but I have no clue....It's been forever since I looked I don't want to get caught scrounging around for "kiddie" music. (In their opinion, anyway). I don't really remember many of them, but I very, very vaugely remember a few.
  22. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Kiddie music ftw ^^

    Yeah, the Johto Rap was included on the Totally Pokemon soundtrack, although the one that's used on the 3rd movie DVD (and VHS?) is a bit different. It's alright, but to 'pop-ish' for my liking. The original is still better.

    I kinda wish they'd done a gen 3 PokeRap. It might've been extremely horrible and corny, but I wouldn't have minded hearing one anyways.
  23. Ahh...'What Kind of Pokemon Are You?' I watched some older episodes on Cartoon Network and that came at the end. For a long time afterwards I said "Kick your Grass." lawlz.

    I don't remember what the title of the song is but it goes "Poke-mon-mon-mon" I don't have a mp3 player so I would go on in Youtube when I was doing other stuff on the computer. And then the video I watched got kicked off and I didn't know what it was called so I couldn't search for it. =/
  24. To tell you the truth, I have the CD in my stereo right now ;) I actually was so bored one time that I wrote out the whole PokéRap. I got the url if anyone wants to see it!

    Personally, I hated the Team Rocket song. I know the "What kind of Pokémon are you?" song by heart. ;)
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  25. ^_^; I love the Team Rocket song, What Kind of Pokémon Are You, and Viridian City. And I have large portions of the Pokérap memorized...

    ::starts singing:: Electrode, Diglett, Nidoran, Mankey, Venusaur, Rattata, Fearow, Pidgey!
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  26. The song from the first episode has been my fave for years. When I first saw the episode, I cried. T_T
    The Pokerap is pretty good too.
  27. I love Viridan City and To be a Master! I love that line in To be a Master when that guy with the really deep voice says, "So you want to be a pokemon master?" and all the pokemon eyes in the background turn red. XD I sing the songs I remember just to make my brother mad. It's hilarious. :D
  28. Hey, you got your wish! The Hoenn Pokérap from Pokémon X was extremely horrible and corny. "It's the P-to-the-O-K-é-M-O-N!" Wow, gross!

    I love the music from 2.B.A. Master. Start it playing and anyone who was ever into Pokémon at any stage will start hippin'-and-a-hoppin' and a-bippin'-and-a-boppin', and they'll probably all remember the words, too, because we ALL memorized them back in the day, and they stuck.

    I wish they'd bring them back, but maybe with some REAL songs that are good for more than just nostalgia. Japan gets different endings every half-season or so, complete with extended versions on CD, but I guess there's no chance of that here, is there? :(
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  29. Yeah, the Movie Remixes are good, so is the Poke Rap and 2B a Master. The Battle Frontier opening theme is reall, really bad.
  30. For some reason, the opening theme from the first season makes me tingle all over. It's cool and a little disturbing. I'm not sure what causes it, although some movie soundtracks do the same thing for me.
  31. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Yeah, I heard that one after writing this. It wasn't a complete Rap, though, was it? I seem to remember it only going through a handful of the Pokemon ^^;

    Guess now I can say that I'm anticipating a Sinnoh PokeRap - even if its extremely horrible and corny ;)

    And right there with you on the English soundtracks, QQ. Even songs like "I'm Unbeatable" sounded better extended in the 8th movie. It's too bad that the only time we get extended intro songs is when the Japanese movies use them, too... Although, the 5th movie's 'extended' version of "Master Quest" was a let down for me, and the way they handed the already bad Sinnoh theme in the dub Rorak Battle was even worse. But meh. I actually rather like both the 8th and 9th dub endings, and I wouldn't mind having stuff like that released properly on a CD.

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