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Open Pokemon: Kanto OC Roleplay

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by 11mitsukii, Oct 27, 2018.

  1. 11mitsukii

    11mitsukii Previously Pokémon Trainer Mitsuki

    In order to sign up, you must create a character of your own.
    Appearance: (must include hair color, eye color, skin tone, and an idea of clothing)

    Pokémon Team:
    # of Badges:
    Hometown: (place where your character was born, doesn’t have to be in kanto)

    Starter: (your character doing something in roleplay)

    Here is my character.

    Name: Koharu
    Age: 18
    Gender: Feminine
    Appearance: Koharu has jet black hair, green eyes, and very pale skin. Her hair is quite long, soft, and flowy. She is usually in black overalls, a red striped shirt, and red shoes.

    Pokémon Team: Ivysaur, Pidgeotto, and Pikachu.
    # of Badges: 2
    Hometown: Pewter City

    Starter: Koharu’s shoes clicked against the wet sidewalk. Rain drizzled down windows. The rain created puddles in streets and quenched plant’s thirst. A Pokémon center was right ahead. ‘I’ll just stay there for the night.’ Koharu thought to herself as she was being carried closer and closer by her legs to the center. When Koharu arrived, Nurse Joy greeted her. “Hello there! Welcome to the Pokémon Center. How may I help you?” Koharu stepped up to the counter. “I’ll just take a room for the night.” She replied. Nurse Joy nodded. “Oh yes! Of course. Come this way!” Koharu followed, and soon stopped at a door. “Here you are!” Nurse Joy bowed, and walked away. Koharu stepped inside, and set up for the night. She put her Pokéballs on the desk and changed into her night gown. Koharu folded her clothes and laid on the bed. It was comfortable, actually. Koharu closed her eyes and drifted off to a light rest.

    After filling it out, you can just roleplay normally. :)
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  2. (Let's see if I can pick this up a bit)

    Name: Daniel Diaz

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Daniel is tall and willowy, with olive skin, auburn hair, and green eyes. He wears a light grey cardigan, with a white shirt underneath, and light blue jeans, with grey converse. He also uses a wheelchair, which is mostly silver, with a black seat and footrests

    Pokemon Team: Serperior, Lopunny, Honchkrow, Mightyena, Plusle, Machoke

    Badges: None, he's a coordinator

    Hometown: Accumula Town

    "Nice job winning that last ribbon, you guys. Your attract really saved us in that last round, Lopunny!"

    The rest of Daniel's team gave Lopunny a small round of applause, as the rabbit pokemon bowed. Lopunny and Honchkrow's killer combo of attract and payback was bith gorgeous and deadly, making it perfect for a contest battle.

    "But for now, let's try and rest up for tomorrow, ok?" he ordered, "I'm gonna order us some food, and then we're going straight to bed."

    He picked up his phone and dialled the number for the Pokemon Centre's room service, ordering cream stew for himself, and pokemon food, for all of his pokemon. It arrived promptly, and he rolled to the door to collect it.
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  3. 11mitsukii

    11mitsukii Previously Pokémon Trainer Mitsuki

    Koharu woke up at dawn the next morning. Her eyes cracked open and she soon got used to the light streaming through the window. She got to her feet and looked out the window. The pleasant sound of bird Pokémon soothed her. Koharu looked at the Pokéballs on the desk and she smiled. Today, Koharu was planning on getting her third gym badge. She already had the Boulder Badge and the Cascade Badge. Koharu scooped up her Pokéballs and neatly, very carefully, put them into her backpack. She took the folded clothes and changed her outfit, putting the night gown into her backpack along with her guidebook, potions, unused Pokéballs, and journal. Koharu slid her Converse on her feet and walked out the door. “Thanks for lettin’ me stay!” Koharu waved to Nurse Joy and walked out the door. The sun was peering out from behind a building. “Vermillion City, here I come!” Koharu grinned and began to jog away to her destination.
  4. Daniel arose early the next morning, taking a bus to Vermillion City, as he'd rather avoid all of the wandering trainers, and sneering fellow coordinators. They just got in the way, or challenged him to battles he wasn't interested in.

    By the time he arrived, it was midday, so he stopped at a cafe for lunch with his team. Lopunny insisted on getting a window seat.
  5. 11mitsukii

    11mitsukii Previously Pokémon Trainer Mitsuki

    Koharu looked at the buildings. There was a clothing store with many outfits on display, your typical market, and countless more.

    Koharu gazed into a small cafe. There she saw trainers with their Pokémon going about their day, eating and chatting. She opened the door to the cafe, and the bell made a chime noise. Ivysaur was trotting by her ankles as they entered the building. Koharu let her other Pokémon, Pidgeotto and Pikachu, out of their Pokéballs.

    Koharu and her team were seated at a booth. She gazed around in wonder at the other trainers. Koharu saw a person with six powerful-looking Pokémon seated at a window seat. A waitress came by and took their orders. Koharu decided a small portion of rice would be the way to go. She ordered Pokémon food topped with berries for her team.

    Then she waited for her order to arrive, her and her Pokémon getting hungrier by the minute.
  6. Daniel, meanwhile, quietly ate a meal of grilled rice balls. His pokemon were mostly silent as they ate, too, save for Lopunny, who gave the occasional intimidating glance to people who stared at her trainer. Lopunny was a highly skilled service pokemon, trained mostly to assist Daniel by pushing his wheelchair, but she also functioned as kind of a bodyguard to him, too, warding off people who liked to stare, or rogue pokemon who dared get too close to him.
  7. 11mitsukii

    11mitsukii Previously Pokémon Trainer Mitsuki

    Koharu’s food has arrived about ten minutes later. Ivysaur stared at his food and licked his lips. Pidgeotto was cleaning the area under her wings as a bowl of Pokémon food was set before her. Pikachu hopped around in excitement as his food was put in front of him. The small electric rat dug in immediately. “Thank you!” Koharu smiled as her rice was set down.

    Koharu wiped her mouth with her sleeve. All of the food was devoured. Pikachu leaned against Ivysaur with his eyes closed and his stomach full. Ivysaur seemed a bit uncomfortable with the electric creature right next to him. “Hey, Ivysaur,” Koharu whispered to her trusty Pokémon. “Use vine whip and drop him on the seat next to me.” Ivysaur nodded and the creature’s vines grew out of the growing plant attached to its back. He ever so carefully picked the Pikachu up and set him down carefully onto his trainer’s lap.

    Koharu paid the bill and exited the cafe. Her Pokémon were secure in their Pokéballs as she traveled. Koharu recognized the city. She remembered when she was much younger. Her family had came here from Pewter City for a picnic. “Oh the memories.” Koharu whispered to herself as the breeze fluttered through the city. The girl looked at the building in front of her. The Vermillion City gym.
  8. (It's been a while since I've joined a Pokémon RP.)

    Name: Robert
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Robert has dark brown eyes, black hair he has stand up a bit, and light-tanned skin. His height is 5'5. He wears a burgundy hoodie, light grey shirt, blue jeans, and black running shoes

    Pokémon Team: Misdreavus and Roselia (Shiny, if it's allowed)
    # of Badges: None
    Hometown: Five Island

    On a small boat from Five Island was a young man named Robert, who is about to start his journey as a Pokémon Trainer. He stood on the dock, with a Misdreavus floating next to him, as the boat gets closer to Vermilion City. "We're almost there," Robert said to his Misdreavus, and the ghost-type responded with a smile and nod.

    After docking and thanking the captain for a lovely trip, Robert and Misdreavus looked around Vermilion City in amazement. Truth is this is the first time he's been anywhere outside of the Sevii Islands.
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  9. Blue_Flash4

    Blue_Flash4 Previously Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

    Let’s see if I can get this right
    Name: Nick
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Blue sweatshirt covering a black T-shirt, black hair, black pants, blue tenni shoes.

    Pokémon Team: Poliwrath
    # Of badges: 5
    Hometown: Pallet
    Starter: Squirtle (now a Blastoise)

    Nick was traveling back to vermillion city to visit his parents who wanted to meet him there. “Hey mom, dad.” He said as he went up to a table and sat down with his parents. “I got 5 badges now!” He said “And my Pokémon are fully evolved!” But then he heard noice and he saw a man running down the street with a gun! The man started shooting randomly and two of the bullets hit Nick’s parents! “NO” Nick yelled as he saw his parents fall to the ground. “You’ll pay for this!” Nick said as he saw the man run out of eyes reach.
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  10. Il try and continue.
    Appearance:Short black hair that he holds up with his a bandana,light green eyes.His height is 5,4.He wears a green jacket with withe sleeves and brown pants.
    Pokemon team:Cubone,pidgey
    Badges:Golden badge
    Home town:Saffron city,thunder badge

    Jake walked out outside of the Vermilion city gym holding thunder badge in his hands.When all of a suden he saw a man with the gun shoting randomly.He quickly hides behind a tree.He called the police using his poke watch.
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  11. 11mitsukii

    11mitsukii Previously Pokémon Trainer Mitsuki

    (Shinies are allowed if you have two or less other Pokémon in your team. So to get other Pokémon, you’ll have to catch them.)

    Koharu looked at the gym in awe. It was gigantic. “An electric type gym?” Koharu winced. Flying types were not the best against electric. “Can’t back away now.” Koharu mumbled and stepped into the gym.

    “This will be a three-on-three Pokémon battle between Koharu, the challenger, and Lt. Surge, the gym master. Only the challenger may substitute Pokémon, while the gym leader must stick with theirs the whole way through until it faints. Let the battle begin!” Koharu always felt nervous when she battled a gym leader. “Go, Magnemite!” Lt. Surge called, throwing a Pokéball out onto the battle field, revealing a Magnemite. Koharu decided it would be smart to use the Pokémon weakest against the other Pokémon first. “Pidgeotto! Come out and give it your all!” Pidgeotto shrieked as she was let out of her Pokéball. “We’ll start. Magnemite, use Supersonic!” Sound waves released from Magnemite’s body. Pidgeotto tried to get away from the sound, but was just caught into it. “Pidgeotto! Use Air Slash on Magnemite to stop the Supersonic!” Pidgeotto obeyed and made a powerful cross with her wings. The Air Slash was a critical hit, but it didn’t do much due to flying type Pokémon having the disadvantage. “Erg.. Magnemite, use Thunder Shock!” Magnemite hovered over to Pidgeotto and let out a strong shock of electricity. Pidgeotto cried out in pain, and swooped to the other side of the gym. “Pidgeotto! Use Double Edge!” Pidgeotto called to her trainer, and warmed herself up. Then she slammed into the Magnemite with all of her power. The Magnemite was heavily weakened. “Oh no! Magnemite! Thunder Wave!” Magnemite exploded a weak jolt of electricity to Pidgeotto. It paralyzed the bird. “Pidgeotto!” Koharu called. “You can do it! Try using Double Team to buy you some time!” Clones of the Pokémon were spread out onto the battlefield. “Magnemite! Thunderbolt ALL of the clones!” Magnemite did so, and some of the electricity critically hit Pidgeotto. Pidgeotto exploded back to her trainer. “Pidgeotto is unable to battle! The round goes to Magnemite!”

    “Pikachu, use Iron Tail!” Koharu called out to her Pikachu. The Pikachu obeyed and slammed his tail down onto the Magnemite with full force. “Use Swift, Magnemite!” Lt. Surge called onto the battlefield to his Pokémon. “Pikachu!” An idea popped into Koharu’s head. She knew very well that this attack followed the target. “Run around!” Pikachu did so. The speedy Pokémon dodged the Swift, the stars slamming into the wall every now and then. “Now run behind Magnemite and stay there!” Pikachu hid behind the enemy. The Swift hit not Pikachu, but Magnemite full force. “Magnemite is unable to battle! The round goes to a Pikachu!” Pikachu cooed in excitement. This was a really good battle. “Raichu! Go!” Lt. Surge sent out Raichu, the evolved form of Pikachu. “What’s that? Never seen it before.” Koharu held up her Pokédex to the Pokémon. Koharu listened to the Pokédex list its name and give a few facts. “Seems like a tough Pokémon.” Koharu whispered. “Okay, Raichu, use Ice Punch!” Koharu reacted quickly to the Ice Punch being called out. “Dodge!” Pikachu jumped, and cleanly dodged the attack. “Iron Tail!” Koharu yelled. Lt. Surge shouted, “Ice Punch!” Pikachu’s Iron Tail overpowered the Raichu’s Ice Punch, and it was a critical hit. “Raichu! Use Thunderbolt!” Koharu looked at Pikachu. “Thunder!” Pikachu let out a more powerful bolt of electricity. Thunderbolt and Thunder fought, until the Thunderbolt overpowered the Thunder and became a critical hit. “Pikachu! You’ll be alright. Use Electro Ball for me, and combine it with Iron Tail!” Koharu said softly to her injured Pokémon. Pikachu obeyed and first jumped up the air to make it seem as it was only an Iron Tail. But then an electric ball began to form. Pikachu slammed the combination onto Raichu, knocking it out.

    “Pikachu! Return!” Koharu retrieved the Pokémon back into his Pokéball. “Ivysaur! Come on out! Do your best!” Koharu smiled as her starter was let out of his Pokéball. “Go, Ampharos!” Lt. Surge called as a much taller Pokémon was let onto the battlefield. “Wow..” Koharu whispered. “Ampharos, use Thunder Punch!” Koharu yelled out to Ivysaur to dodge before Ampharos had the chance to attack. “Ivysaur! Use Razor Leaf!” Koharu called to the Pokémon. Ivysaur obeyed her trainer, and whipped up a storm of sharp leaves. They all went into the direction of Ampharos. “Ampharos! You’ll be okay, just use Thunder!” Lt. Surge yelled to his Pokémon. Ampharos charged a beam of electricity, and shot it toward Ivysaur. Ivysaur winced in pain as the move hit him critically. “Oh no! Use Synthesis!” Ivysaur used the move to heal himself. Not fully, but he just used it to heal his wounds. “Now, go for Vine Whip! Slam Ampharos on the ground!” Ivysaur wrapped Ampharos tightly in vines, slamming the Pokémon against walls and the floor. “Thunderbolt!” Lt. Surge screamed. Ampharos shocked Ivysaur’s Vine Whip, and the electricity was carried to Ivysaur himself. “Oh no! Ivysaur, Synthesis!” Ivysaur healed his wounds a bit. “Ampharos! Thunder Punch!” Lt. Surge ordered his Pokémon to go for one of the strongest electric moves. “Ivysaur! Dodge, and then use Giga Drain!” Ivysaur moved out of the way, and used Giga Drain to take some of Ampharos’s health energy for himself. Ampharos was weakened critically at this point. “Finish it off with Double-Edge!” Koharu smiled. Ivysaur powered up himself, and took off. He slammed full-force into Ampharos, and it sent the electric type into the wall. “Ampharos is unable to battle! Ivysaur wins, which means the match goes to our challenger, Koharu!”

    Koharu exited the gym with the Thunder Badge cupped in her palm. “This is a battle I'll never forget.” Koharu grinned, and walked to the next Pokémon center.
  12. (Okay.)

    Robert explored Vermilion City until he stumbled upon the gym. "So this is the Vermilion City gym," Robert said to himself and peeked inside through the window. From what he saw, a girl with an Ivysaur was battling the gym leader and his Ampharos. "Wow. The gym leader looks strong," he said to his Misdreavus, "I don't think we're ready for this gym. Let's come to it later." The two wandered away from the gym and proceeded to go to the PokéMart to stock up on supplies. After that Robert proceeded to walk through the exit of Vermilion, with Misdreavus floating next to him.
  13. 11mitsukii

    11mitsukii Previously Pokémon Trainer Mitsuki

    Koharu entered the large Pokécenter. Nurse Joy greeted her as she walked into the building. “Hello! Welcome to the Pokécenter. How may I help you?” Koharu looked at Nurse Joy. “My Pokémon need a healing, and I need a room for the night.” Nurse Joy nodded. “Of course!” Koharu set the Pokéballs on the counter, and Nurse Joy scooped them up into her arms. “Your Pokémon are safe with me!” Koharu peered around the Pokécenter. Photographs of Pokémon decorated the walls. Magazines and stories were on fancy shelves for the children to look at. The sound of soft buzzing of the healer rang through the room and was carried through the whole Pokémon center.

    “Here is your room!” Nurse Joy smiled and opened up the door of a room. It didn’t look as boring as the other center’s room, as it was decorated with photos of Pokémon and paintings of mythical creatures from another land. There was a small table for food to be eaten. Instead of two beds, there were four. The room was also much bigger. “Thank you!” Koharu grinned and walked into the room. Nurse Joy walked down the hallway and back to the counter.

    That night, Koharu dreamed of becoming the Pokémon champion. She would have legendaries, mythical Pokémon on her team. Everyone would chant and cheer her name as she entered the stadium with Venusaur at her side. Koharu would have the most powerful Pokémon ever to exist. Oh how it was a great dream. Koharu beat everyone she challenged.

    Koharu got dressed quickly. She put her overalls on, she threw her converse on. She grabbed her Pokéballs and shoved them into her backpack. Koharu unlocked the door and ran out of the center without saying a word. People stared at her as she proceeded to sprint down the sidewalk. It was midday, and she was late. Koharu planned on traveling to the next city at dawn, not at noon. “I’m never doing that again.” She mumbled and began to pant. “Never. Again.”
  14. ( @Trainer Koharu You do know that in a roleplay, you're supposed to interact with the other characters, right? If you wanna go off on your own, without talking to anyone, you might as well just write a fanfiction, and post it in the Creative Corner.)

    Daniel, upon noticing that there was nothing much of note, not even a contest to do, in Vermillion City, decided to skip it, and move onto the next one. His pokemon were already bored anyway, and besides, he'd been expecting a package from his boyfriend, which was due to be delivered to the pokemon centre there.

    He had Lopunny push him off there, sighing.
  15. Blue_Flash4

    Blue_Flash4 Previously Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

    Nick weeping by the area where his parents were killed wiped up his tears and decided to stay strong. He couldn’t see the man who killed his parents anymore so he decided to start walking away from Vermillion because he had already gotten the badge from the city he had along way to go before Saffron city so he decided to head off. As he was walking off he saw a trainer with a Lopunny. Lopunny weren’t suppose to be in Kanto so he decided to walk over to the trainer and say hi. “Hey,” Nick said as he walked up to the trainer.
  16. Daniel cast a disdainful glance at the trainer, unsure of what it was he wanted from him. He hoped it wasn't a battle, or to tell him how 'inspirational' he was. "Hello," he answered, "Did you need something?"
  17. Blue_Flash4

    Blue_Flash4 Previously Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

    “I just wanted to know to know if you were from another region since you have a Lopunny,” Nick said “If not then you have been very lucky.” Nick then started looking back at the area where his parents were killed but then looked back at the trainer he was talking to.
  18. "I'm from Unova," he replied, "Lopunny aren't very common in that region, either, but I didn't catch her by myself. She's a service pokemon, and my parents bought her for me from an agency. Her main job is to push me, but she can do basic first-aid, too."

    He gestured to Lopunny's vest. It was bright yellow, with the words, 'Service Pokémon, Do Not Pet,' on the back.
  19. Blue_Flash4

    Blue_Flash4 Previously Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

    Nick said ok and started walking off in the direction of the next city. On his way to the next city he then saw a guy holding a gun and realized it was the guy who killed his parents he wasn’t looking in Nick’s direction so Nick ran to the guy getting ready to punch him in the jaw but then got shot. Nick then fell to the ground and landed on the main road.
  20. Hmm.... I wonder if I can give this a twist...

    Name: Auren Corve
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: (must include hair color, eye color, skin tone, and an idea of clothing):

    Auren is tall, and thin. He stands at 6’ 3”, and he weighs an astounding 185 pounds. His skin is slightly tanned, but he has plenty of darker areas, because they’re scars. He has black hair, though he colored a streak of it white. Just to stand out among others. His face and body are laced with faded scars, particularly because of his training, though some burn scars are because of a tragedy near the beginning of his life. Could he be considered handsome? Yes, but it is marred by the scars and his brooding nature. Duh. His eyes are a dark grey, though he recently gained an “edge,” if you could call it that, of black on the rim of his iris.

    Auren also likes to wear dark clothes, normally a black colored jacket with black jeans and black military boots. Also, he will wear gloves often. He will also wear (dark colors) underclothes. (You know, thin under armor shirts. Almost like what professional divers and surfers wear.)

    Auren carries a satchel with him as well, in the style like Indiana Jones, obligatory dark colors as well. It carries essentials: herbs, vials, and ammunition, in addition to an MP3 player, with a cord to upload songs he likes.

    Pokémon Team: Absol, Zoroark, Gardevoir, Haunter, Hydregion, and Fracture
    # of Badges: 6
    Hometown: (place where your character was born, doesn’t have to be in kanto): Pyrite Town

    Starter: (your character doing something in roleplay): Auren desperately threw himself backward, avoiding the deadly side slash that would have decapitated him if he had been only nanoseconds late. He had to recover, so he managed to perform a roll-awkwardly- in time to block a stab coming at his head. He used his back foot to propel himself forward, using this momentum to launch his short sword in his off hand in a reciprocal stab, only to stumble to the side. When he rolled over, he saw the point of his enemy's sword at his neck.

    Auren started laughing. "Touche, Deron. You beat me this time."

    He dropped his wooden swords and took the hand offered to him. Deron, his longtime mentor, grinned at him, and said, "Take time to break off an attack to analyze your opponent. If you follow an attack with more attacks all the time, that leaves you open to attacks yourself."

    "Yeah... I want to finish the opponent quickly, though.." Auren responded a bit ruefully.

    "Don't force a victory. Let it come to you. This applies to Pokemon battles as well." Deron said, slyly glancing at Cassius, Auren's companion and primary pokemon, an Absol.

    At the mention of pokemon battles, Auren's face fell slightly and resumed its normal brooding look. "This is going to be different, isn't it, sir? The fact that fighting to the death isn't allowed, and I can't participate, seems like a restraint to me...."

    Deron's face softened. "Lad, our little corner of the world is a dangerous place. It is not like everywhere else. Besides, you need to learn some compassion. I know, Auria's not here to compete with you, but don't let that affect your attitude. Try to make some friends, why won't you?" That elicited a grumble from Auren. "I know, I know... Auria's the better socialite... try to make her proud, why don't you? I'm certain she will be i- When she wakes up." His face darkened, but nevertheless, he patted Auren on the shoulder, albeit slightly sadly.

    Auren glanced at his mentor, nodded, before turning around, and bracing himself. A new world. A world that was brighter than what he was used to. He stepped off the boat, onto the docks.
  21. 11mitsukii

    11mitsukii Previously Pokémon Trainer Mitsuki

    Koharu stopped at a sign that read, “Danger. Hostile wild Pokémon ahead.” But of course, Koharu overestimated her strength and kept moving forward.

    After a few minutes, it did start to feel like she was being watched by violent eyes. Eyes that would show no sort of mercy if she got too close. Koharu ignored the hair on her neck beginning to stand up and slowly continued. She clutched her Pokeballs and let out Ivysaur, her strongest companion.

    “Ivysaur! Vine Whip!” Was the first thing that popped out of her mouth when she heard a nearby snarl. Her Pokémon obeyed her and grabbed whatever made the threatening noise. It turned out to be a Houndour that just missed the pounce. The small, vicious creature squirmed and yelped as Ivysaur’s grip tightened. Koharu reached in her bag to grab her Pokédex, scanning the creature.

    The Houndour ran away as soon as Ivysaur let him go, hesitantly looking over his shoulder. Koharu heard another voice call out, “Hey, are you alright?”

    (Ack sorry for not being as active, I had a few things to catch up with lol. Also I’m not going to talk to other characters right away, I will when I have an opportunity to. Right now I’m going to roleplay how I feel like roleplaying until another character comes near enough to Koharu or Koharu comes near enough to another character and then they will talk. Sorry if this came out as rude lol if it was, sorry.)
  22. Let's me join in the fun.
    Name. Kent
    Age 15
    Gender Male
    Appearance Kent always wore a red bean hat. He wore a vermillion jacket over a black shirt and jeans.
    His hair was black, his eyes are brown and his skin was pale.

    Pokemon Team: Ponyta (Female)
    Gym badges. None
    Hometown: Fuchsia City

    "It's breakfast time." Kent got a pair of slightly burnt toast out of the toaster. He handed a piece to his ponyta and ate the other piece himself. It's been years since he first met her. He found her injured and alone in the wood so he decided to nurse her and catch her. They had been together ever since.

    On a normal day, he would ride her to school and all his friends would be jealous of his beautiful ponyta but that day was no ordinary day as Kent was finally deemed old enough to be a pokemon trainer by his parents.

    "Let's go!" He cried excitedly, put on his favourite, vermilion jacket and led the way. The ponyta happily followed along.

    Kent's first stop was, of course, the gym. The gym leader used an arboc, a poison-type pokemon. At first, the ponyta was able to hold her own against the serpent but, as soon as ponyta was poisoned, it was clear that it was no match for vicious arboc.

    The ponyta was soon healed at a pokemon center. The ponyta looked at her trainer as if to apologize. Kent just laughed it off and pet her. "It's alright. Failures come before success. We just have to train some more. Let's find someone to fight against!"
  23. 11mitsukii

    11mitsukii Previously Pokémon Trainer Mitsuki

    Name: Brielle Baker
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Brielle is a short, tanned-skinned girl. Her hair is down to her chest and jet black. Brielle’s hair is just between wavy and curly. Her eyes are dark brown, sometimes considered black. She usually wears tight black leggings with a white t-shirt underneath her sweater. Brielle’s sweater is grey with two black striped on the sleeves. There is a fighting-type symbol in the middle of her sweater. Brielle usually carries around a backpack that is also black and also has a fighting-type symbol.

    Pokémon Team: Lucario, Machop, Pidgeotto, Meinfoo (She aspires to be a fighting type gym leader someday)
    # of Badges: 4 in all.
    Hometown: Brielle was born and (mostly) grew up in Unova. Her parents moved to Kanto when she was 13.

    Brielle was walking on a sidewalk with her Lucario right next to her, eyes straight ahead to her destination. She was heading for the Pokemon Center to book a room for the night. When she entered, she saw a younger-looking boy with remarkable pale skin. Brielle was aware that Nurse Joy was a busy woman, so she took a seat in the waiting room. Her Lucario sat impatiently next to her, and Brielle put her cold hand on his shoulder. “Just wait, she’ll be ready for us soon.” Lucario nodded and looked at the clock once more.

    A few long minutes later Nurse Joy called Brielle and Lucario into the main room. They booked a room and headed up the steps to their stay for the night. It was quite roomy, and the view of the city was quite nice. Brielle set down her backpack on the floor next to the door and sat on the bed. Lucario leaned against the wall, and waited for Brielle to say something. Brielle stood up and said, “I’ll call room service and get some lunch for the team and I.” Lucario cracked a smile and nodded. “Lu, Lucario.” Brielle walked to the phone and ordered spicy ramen for herself, and expensive Pokémon food for the rest of her team.

    Brielle and her Pokémon all ate in silence at the table, except for Pidgeotto’s peck, peck on her food bowl whenever she missed a bite. Brielle blinked and took a bite of her ramen, and a sip of her milk afterward. Meinfoo’s bowl was empty, and he pushed it forward, hands on his stomach. “Mein.. Meinfoo.” Shortly after, Lucario, Pidgeotto, and Machop also finished their meals. Brielle took the last few mouthfuls of her lunch and stacked up the food bowls. She put the bowls on the table next to the door and decided she would just take it to Nurse Joy later. Returning all of her Pokémon to their Pokeballs, Brielle took a short cat-nap.
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  24. "Are excited to meet a new friend?" Kent asked his Ponyta. The pony nodded. Kent had never caught a pokemon before but I knew the basics well enough.
    "Since my only pokemon is weak against water and rock types, I should get a grass-pokemon." He decided.

    After countless battles against wild non-grass-type pokemons, Kent finally came across a grass-type pokemon. It was an Oddish.
    "Alright. Use Tackle!" Kent avoided using a fire-type move as their main goal was only to weaken it and not defeating.
    After the Oddish was weakened, Kent threw a pokeball. The ball shook once and then the Oddish broke out and started to flee.
    "Don't let him get away!" Kent ordered and a ball of fire was spitted out of the Ponyta's flame on its neck. The fire ball landed where the Oddish would have been, if it were a little faster. The Oddish came to dead stop, turned around and saw a second pokemon coming for it.
    This time it decided to stay in the ball, perhaps out of the fear of getting burnt to a crisp.

    "Alright. Now I should get some experience batting against a trainer." Kent looked around for a trainer to fight against.
  25. 11mitsukii

    11mitsukii Previously Pokémon Trainer Mitsuki

    Brielle grabbed her backpack from the door frame and decided to go out into the woods. The girl’s Lucario, as always, was following from behind her.

    Soon, they reached the forest entrance. She returned Lucario as she thought she would need his help for later. Brielle wonderered if anyone else was traveling through the woods on the fine afternoon. Brielle saw a familiar face catching an Oddish, and she smiled and clapped after the boy retrieved the ball. “Good job!” Brielle walked forward and waved. “Hello there!”
  26. 11mitsukii

    11mitsukii Previously Pokémon Trainer Mitsuki

    @Blue_Flash4 sorry but gunshots so early in your roleplaying isn’t allowed when you’re roleplaying here. Getting shot yourself is even worse. Could you edit those so it changes?
  27. Kent turned around and a lady approaching him. He waved back. Then, he noticed that the pokemon behind her was not native to Kanto. Now that he had a better view of the trainer, she didn't look like someone from Kanto either. 'Sinnoh? or maybe Unova?' He tried to guess but decided that where a person come from didn't matter as it didn't determine how strong a trainer was.

    "Hey. My name is Kent and this my partner, Ponyta." He introduced himself and shifted his attention to the pokemon. "What is that pokemon? I have never seen a pokemon like this before. He looks strong."
  28. pluveon

    pluveon Previously DreamyVictini

    Oh hey, this looks fun!

    Name: Nathan
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Nathan is a little short for his age, and has pale skin. He short wavy blond hair and bright green eyes. He usually wears a white hoodie with a Pokeball pattern on it, jeans and white sneakers. He also carries a black backpack where he carries his Pokeballs.

    Pokémon Team: Dewott, Larvitar, Luxio
    # of Badges: None (From Kanto, anyways.)
    Hometown: Driftveil City

    Nathan had just arrived at Vermillion City. He got out of the S.S. Anne, and started looking around the city. He saw that the gym leader there specializes in Electric-type Pokemon. "Cool! Larvitar is a ground type! He can take care of this!" He turned to his Pokemon. They were looking at him hungrily. "Oh. Right. We should get some food first." He looked around for a place to eat.

    He arrived at the Pokecenter, sat down and ordered some food for him and his Pokemon. They ate their food, and after they finished, Nathan decided it would be a good idea to go train before challenging the gym. He went to the woods next to Vermillion, and saw a boy and a girl there. He thought that at least one of them would like to battle, and went near them. "Hey, do you want to battle?" he asked, without even introducing himself.
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  29. 11mitsukii

    11mitsukii Previously Pokémon Trainer Mitsuki

    Right about when Brielle was going to introduce herself, she heard an unfamiliar voice from behind her. “Oh, hi there!” Brielle waved. “I guess I’m up for a battle. We could do a two on two, one of us will throw out two Pokémon while the other throws out one each. And, you know the rest of the rules, winning team.. wins!” She smiled, and looked over her shoulder at Kent. “Do you want to battle with us?”
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  30. Kent thought for a moment and then nodded. He sent out his new pokemon and healed her. "Let's see what you can do!"
    The Oddish got ready for the battle.
  31. 11mitsukii

    11mitsukii Previously Pokémon Trainer Mitsuki

    Brielle smiled and got into her battling position. “If it’s alright with you two, I’ll use two Pokémon.” Brielle threw out Meinfoo and Pidgeotto, and the two Pokémon calmly stood side-by-side. Brielle then looked back at Nathan. “You can send out your Pokémon now!”
  32. pluveon

    pluveon Previously DreamyVictini

    Nathan noticed that the Oddish had a disadvantage against the Pidgeotto, so he decided to send out Larvitar, since it was a Rock type. Larvitar got out of his Pokeball and got in a battle stance. "Alright Larvitar, use Rock Slide!" His Larvitar threw some rocks at Pidgeotto, but it couldn't aim, and the attack missed.
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  33. 'My pokemon is relatively weak so I guess we will take the support role then.' Kent strategied. 'Those pokemon look agile, I will have to slow them down.'
    "Use Stun Spore on Meinfoo!" The Oddish scattered a cloud of paralyzing powder.
  34. 11mitsukii

    11mitsukii Previously Pokémon Trainer Mitsuki

    Pidgeotto narrowly avoided the move Larvitar had sent toward her. Pidgeotto saw Meinfoo being paralyzed by the Oddish’s stun spore, and so did Brielle. “Use Air Slash on Oddish, and try to minimize Meinfoo’s paralysis!” Pidgeotto obeyed, and used the move. (you decide if oddish dodges or not)

    Meinfoo was finding it a bit hard to move after the Oddish had sent Stun Spore at him.
  35. Afraid of getting hit a super effective movie, Oddish ran in panic. It wasn't fast enough. While the Air Slash hit the ground, it caused an explosion that sent the Oddish flying into the air and she fell down on her face. She took damage but not as much as she would have if she were hit directly.

    "Time for a counter attack! Use Growth and then use Absorb on Meinfoo!" The Oddish grew slightly in size and then fired a red beam from the grass on its head.
    (You decide if it hits or not.)
  36. 11mitsukii

    11mitsukii Previously Pokémon Trainer Mitsuki

    Brielle looked at her Pidgeotto, and said, “Block the absorb with another Air Slash, I don’t want Meinfoo to take much more damage right now.” Pidgeotto nodded, and did what her trainer told her to do. The Air Slash hit the beam, and the attack cancelled out. Meinfoo was in a bit better shape by now, so Brielle ordered, “Meinfoo, try using High Jump Kick on Larvitar.” Meinfoo went into action, a little slower than usual (due to the stun spore), and used the move suggested by his trainer. (You decide if Meinfoo hits or not)
  37. After leaving Vermilion City, Robert decided to go to a nearby forest, with Misdreavus following. Once he was a couple of steps into the forest, he spotted some Oran Berries at a nearby bush, which he then proceeded to pick some. 'Hmm, maybe I should stock up on berries,' he thought and sent out his Roselia. He told the shiny grass-type to look for some fresh berries in one direction while he goes to look for some in another, and that they would meet back with each other after picking a reasonable amount.

    Roselia nodded and proceeded walk off in one direction to look for some berries.

    Robert walked off in another direction with Misdreavus behind him. "This way, we'll be able to gather more berries," he said to the ghost-type, to which she nodded.

    Roselia looked around and managed to find some Pecha Berries. After picking a decent amount, the shiny grass-type heard some noise coming from the other side of the bush. She poked her head through the bush only to see a battle taking place between three trainers. "Rose?" Roselia said with a curious tone.
  38. pluveon

    pluveon Previously DreamyVictini

    "Larvitar, make a barrier with rocks!" The Larvitar did as told, and Mienfoo hit straight in to the rocks. Mienfoo looked like it wasn't expecting that. "Larvitar, now is our time to strike! Use Take Down!" Larvitar bashed into Mienfoo, almost taking it out. "Okay Larvitar, one last Rock Slide and we win! Well, not really... but we get closer to winning!" Larvitar threw some more rocks, this time at Mienfoo, but missed again. Nathan let out a deep sigh, but then noticed a Roselia with odd colors. He couldn't understand what it was at first, but then realized that it's a shiny Pokemon. "Oh! What a rare find! Maybe I can even catch it!" he thought. But when he tried to throw a Pokeball at the Roselia, the Pokeball magically bounced away from the Pokemon. (Like that one scene from Pokemon Origins.) "What the-?" But, he said this out loud, so the other trainers also noticed the Roselia too.
  39. 11mitsukii

    11mitsukii Previously Pokémon Trainer Mitsuki

    Brielle looked at the shiny Pokémon, but looked back at Meinfoo and Pidgeotto. She noticed that the other trainers were distracted. “Meinfoo, get a ride on Pidgeotto and use High Jump Kick once more.” Brielle whispered the command and Meinfoo hitched a ride of the other Pokémon. Once Pidgeotto flew close enough, Meinfoo flipped and took the move in action.

    While Meinfoo and Pidgeotto did that, Brielle admired the Pokémon for a few more seconds, and set her eyes back onto the battlefield.
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  40. The attack took Kent by surprise as he was distracted. He wished he had noticed a few seconds earlier so he would have used Absorb to shoot the pokemon down. But there was not enough time, by then. He had half a second to decide what to do.

    "Block the attack!." The Oddish intercepted the attack. There's a loud thud. If someone were to close his eyes, he would've sworn he heard someone got hit by a truck. The Oddish barely hanged on but, now, the distance between Meinfoo and Oddish was closer than ever. "Absorb!" Oddish shot out a laser beam, point-blank.

    (It's up to you if it's hit but, come on, it's point-blank.)

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