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Ask to Join Pokemon Jurassic Park

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Retr.0, Jul 22, 2018.

  1. (Discussion: https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-jurassic-park-discussion.19636/)

    Charlie had been the first to arrive on the island. When he docked he was greeted by a few staff members and told to wait in the lobby of the building ahead. Charlie wasn’t a great trainer, but somehow he had been lucky enough to be one of the few that were invited. “An island full of prehistoric Pokémon...” he thought aloud. How did they do it? What kind of advanced technology was used to bring multiple previously extinct Pokémon back to life? He sat down in the lobby and tried his best to occupy himself until the rest arrived.
  2. Once Diana exited the watercraft that docked prior to her arrival, the Lapras took in the first sight of the unheralded botany of the island. Each tree and bush was none like any other the young Pokémon ever saw, as he flipped through the pages in his arctic blue book.

    Frost expended most of his time skulking behind his trainer when he noticed her having to go through quite the introduction with the personnel. The Cubchoo adjusted his dustproof goggles while giving a light poke at his vest.

    “This area sure has quite a technological advance compared to the other areas I’ve been in. I wonder if they have anything they’re hiding from us,” Diana thought before entering the peculiar building, with the young Lapras cradled in her arms and Frost continuning to slink behind her.

    The Lapras suddenly slammed his book shut after noticing a boy in a dark green jacket sitting near where his trainer stood.

    “Oh, that reminds me... you should go over and introduce yourself to that boy over there,” Diana said to the Lapras in a calm tone after gently placing down the baby Pokémon.

    The infantile Pokémon shook his head at his trainer while attempting to keep his weary gaze away from the boy’s eyes. His trainer noticed him having a rather tight grip on his book. He raised his left flipper for a brief moment, as a sky blue sigil appeared the moment his flipper was firmly placed on the ground. The young Pokémon murmured at the boy in an incomprehensible manner, as even someone casually killing time in the lobby exhibited a despotic signal of dominance against the baby Pokémon.

    As Frost slowly approached the boy, he noticed the Lapras babbling various, unfathomable sounds that most Pokémon their age would synthesize. The sigil radiated a bright, frost blue light, as a mystical, pale blue barrier appeared around the Lapras’s tiny body.

    The Cubchoo reached into the uppermost, right pocket of his vest and grabbed his pager. He nudged the boy after pressing the small, green button on the pager twice, as the chill Pokémon showed the trainer the pager carefully held in his right, gloved paw. The Cubchoo pointed at himself after presenting the small display, which read his name in plain, capital lettering.
  3. Zach stepped off the speedboat his parents rented, and gazed around at his surroundings. Rotom hovered to his right, and Starly sat on his left shoulder.
    Starly hopped off his shoulder, and fluttered over to the two trainers who had already arrived.
    “Starly!” Zach called, jogging over to catch up with her. “Sorry about her; She’s just very friendly. I’m Zach!”
  4. “Oh, well I am Diana, and the little one that is clinging onto my leg for the fifth time in a row is a Lapras,” Diana replied after feeling a tight grip on her leg seconds before being able to respond to the boy.

    “Although he is quite young and a bit shy around others, he’s more like a one of a kind to me. He can do all sorts of cool tricks and even some math and other stuff,” Diana added while attempting to get the clingy Pokémon off of her leg in a rather gentle manner.

    “Oof! Okay okay... you need to stop going on my leg like that!” Diana asserted before the Lapras immediately released his grip and cowered behind her.

    “Look, I know you might not like this, but I’m trying to teach you how to talk to others for your own good. I would like for you to go over to the boy with that floating Pokémon and the bird sitting on his shoulder and introduce yourself to him to the best of your ability,” Diana stated before the baby Pokémon took a teeny step towards the boy and covered his mouth with his right, foremost flipper.

    Frost decided to make his way over to the boy that jogged over, as the Cubchoo gave a somewhat heavy nudge against the boy’s left leg. The chill Pokémon pointed to himself while showcasing the display of the pager to the trainer, which read the cub’s name in simple, capital lettering.
  5. Zach marveled at the intelligence of these Pokémon. “Wow,” he said. “That’s impressive.” Starly sat back down on Zach’s shoulder.
    “This here is Starly, and the Pokémon hovering behind is Rotom.”
    Rotom gave a cry as a greeting, and caught up to the trainers.
    “So, what brings you to the island?”
  6. “Oh umm... uhh... I’m just here to like explore around like everyone else, or at least almost every- Eek!” Diana said before suddenly squealing after dropping a white folder! She attempted to snatch the stiff holder and stuff the important article in her bag before anyone would notice the rather shady item.

    “Hmm, that’s gotta be something... I saw like a skull on it and something red, though I couldn’t make out what it said since my trainer placed it in her bag so quick,” Frost thought while the baby Lapras remained on Diana’s right side.
  7. Marina Trémaux got off the boat after some of the others, her legs a bit tired after sitting and sleeping for a lot of the cruise to this place. Her Meowstic, Wendy, was walking next to her, a look on it's face that, on the contrary, seemed much less hostile than her trainer's did. While the Pokemon seemed excited and curious, while her trainer looked much more angry and deadpanned, her eyes giving everyone in the place a slight glare.

    " Meow? "

    Her Meowstic tried to get her to lighten up, but the girl didn't answer and instead walked to the left-most wall of the room.
  8. Austin,being the fifth person to arrive actually looked bewildered.His mouth agape and his hair was now spiked on both sides.He looked like a zombie but with hair.He took a moment to fix it.The staff greeted him as he waited in the lobby like everyone else."When is time to go already?"Austin whispered.Austim started tapping his foot in rhythm to make sure he doesn't annoy anyone.
  9. “Alright, I think no one saw that, or at least hopefully no one did. Let’s get back to finding you pal, I’m sorry for what happened earlier,” Diana thought while taking a seat across the boy with the bird-like Pokémon and the other electrical Pokémon that continued to remain afloat.

    Frost and the baby Lapras followed along, as the Cubchoo decided to allow his trainer to recall him back into his ball. The Lapras sat on his trainer’s lap, while noticing her taking out a laptop along with a compact disk. The device was carefully unfolded and booted on, before the disk was inserted into the opened slot before being shut a split second later.

    Several nimble, silent taps were made on the keyboard, as the the text on the screen read:

    USER: Kuldug3R
    PASS: *************

    “Perfect, I’m already in. Please get me a signal... I need it right now!” Diana thought before noticing a progress bar slowly filling up, with the text above that read: CONNECTING... 3%.
  10. Charlie looked up and to his surprise people were standing around the room talking. I must have dozed off or something... he thought to himself as he got up from his chair. Charlie sent out his partner, a Gogoat, and went up to a girl and a boy that had probably been there for a while. “Erm, hi,” he waved politely at the two, “I-I’m Charlie, and this is Gogoat.” The Pokémon shook its body, a few leaves falling off his neck.

    Somewhere in the room there was a speaker which turned on, the voice coming from it greeted everyone. “Hello! Welcome to Jurassic Poke Park! Your tour will begin soon, we’re just waiting on one more person!”
  11. “Well hello Charlie, I’m Diana, and the little one near my lap is a Lapras. He’s a bit young, so do be careful. I’m kinda a bit busy with something extremely urgent right now,” Diana quickly responded in a noticeably quiet tone while performing a quick click on the conformation prompt once the correct code was entered upon the first attempt.

    “Alright, let’s see... aha! I knew it! He must of washed up here, though he seems to be only a couple of kilos away from this place. It’s likely that he won’t stand a chance against the others even though he’s probably like them, since I already know that the fossils revived here are a hundred times stronger than that ice bear. I’ll probably need to get to him quickly, since no one else will be able to use those balls... and it’s a good thing I still have it right now. Eh, it was better than letting those two grunts capture it I guess,” Diana thought while taking out her Pokégear for a brief moment.

    “Okay... hope this tracking thing works on this,” Diana quietly said to herself while inserting a plug into the computer and connecting it to the Pokégear.

    The data was uploaded from the laptop to the handheld device in a matter of seconds, as Diana’s slight smile reflected from the screen. She logged off of the compouter and folded it, before disconnecting the plug from both devices. Seconds later, she stowed both the laptop and coiled wire in her bag. She placed the Pokégear in her pocket after memorizing the tracker’s current location, as the Lapras started to doze off in her sling.
  12. He waved and smiled politely at the little blue Pokémon and then turned his attention to Diana’s screen. She muttered something that he couldn’t quite make out. Washed? Charlie smelled himself, he didn’t smell bad so she wasn’t talking about him. He tapped the girls shoulder and said “Uhh, whatcha workin on?”
  13. Marina sighed as she heard the voice on the loud speaker, moving a piece of her hair that was on her face. She was extremely nervous to be here, but she hid it under her monotone expression. Her Meowstic moved towards the other trainers, it's ears perking up yet not opening. Wendy's eyes sparkled as she looked at the other Pokemon, but her trainer seemed less into them than she ways the park itself.

    ' ' Mew! ' '

    The Meowstic let out a trill, in which her trainer gave her a look that just spoke 'don't draw attention to us'. The Meowstic then shut her mouth, just shut it's mouth, but continued to marveled at the other Pokemon.
  14. “Umm... it’s just some stuff that I’m learning about... uhh... yeah... yeah, just learning,” Diana thought before giving a quick quiver. She took out a white folder in a rather hasteful manner when the staff had their focus shifted elsewhere.

    Upon closer inspection for the wandering eyes, the folder had the modest stamp of a skull, with the label below in red ink that read: TOP SECRET. The Lapras quietly snored in his trainer’s sling occassionally, while also moving in slight motions every now and then. The baby Pokémon could only hope that no one would startle him in his light slumber.
  15. The last one to enter, of course it would be Evelyn. Such a shy little thing she was. Being only fourteen she was just beginning to turn into the woman she would be for the rest of her life. She wasn't sure what kind of a person that was. Would she be a trainer, going off on adventures? Or would she stay at the Saffron city gym and become an actual member there? Up until she'd simply lived there along with the other trainers but she never took part in their battles. Her pokemon team was severely lacking, and on top of that, she only had one Psychic type. That was her Kirlia. But unlike all the other trainers that would show up today, she chose not to let hers out just yet.

    Stepping away from the boat she brushed off her grey dress -having declined from wearing anything black due to the sunny weather- and then followed after the small crowd of trainers heading towards the lobby. But she stopped when she heard a helicopter overhead and paused for a moment. It was all red, which she thought very strange. Unless it belonged to a company or something whomever owned it would be incredibly vain. But as it got closer she noticed a certain symbol on the side of the wing and gasped loudly to herself.

    "It's a Vulpix," she said to no one in particular.

    A vulpix symbol could mean many things, but Evelyn Tenebris knew better. There was only one person in the world that loved Vulpix enough to paint a helicopter the same color as it, even so much to add the logo to it as well. That was Alexis Black: The Fox Tamer. The woman was practically famous for her breeding techniques and all things love of the Vulpix species. She knew everything about foxes and to Evelyn's knowledge was one of the first celebrity icons to own one of the Aloan region ones. She remembered reading an article about her back while the Pokemon League was still being considered out in that part of the world, that Miss Black spent a fortune traveling down there to catch one for herself. There was a whole documentary on the subject, but she'd never gotten to watch it.

    Evelyn watched the helicopter soar over the buildings and over to a designated landing pad on the other side of the campus. Eve's heart was racing. Alexis Black was here...With them! She hoped and prayed she'd get a chance to meet her. What a dream come true that would be!

    "Excuse me, miss? The lobby is this way?"

    Looking around she realized she was the only person still outside and that everyone else had gone in. Blushing she averted her eyes from the faculty member trying to get her attention and shuffled passed her and into the cold air-conditioned room where the other trainers her age were waiting. She hoped none of them noticed her. People weren't really her thing....
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  16. Charlie noticed out of the corner of his eye what was probably the last guest. Before even taking a step to greet the newcomer the speaker came on again.

    “I have just received news that our final guests have arrived! Please choose a seat in the next room over and wait for the tour to begin! I myself will be there shortly.”

    So, instead of going to great the girl at the front door he walked into the next room and sat in the back right corner. As Alex looked around he noticed towards the front of the room a large theater screen and that on each of the chairs there was something that looked like a safety bar you would see on a rollercoaster.
  17. As she entered the room she saw one of the boys get up as a speaker came on overhead. Eve listened to the voice and then the others all began heading into the next room. Not wanting to be the last one in again she moved right on past everyone and followed behind the boy who stood first. He chose one corner of this little roller coaster ride-room so she decided she'd take the other in the back. Eve squeezed herself past him and sat down without a word to anyone else.
  18. Zach listened to the voice on the loud speaker, before nodding.
    “Alright guys, return!” Rotom and Starly retreated into their balls as he made his way in the room and sat down.
    “This is cool!” He said, as he egerly awaited for it to start.
  19. Diana took out her Pokégear before placing the folder back in her bag and quietly zipping the container. She quietly tapped on the green button, opening the map application of the device.

    "Urgh, there's no data... it's just only the dot of where the tracker is! I'll need to find a way to get the map of the area, or else this might be like having to watch that trainer trying to catch that blue dragon!" Diana thought before swapping over to the phone application.

    "Hello, can anyone hear me? This is a bit rather urgent!" Diana quietly said on her Pokégear in a rather assertive tone.

    "Woah! No need to get all aggressive there! Thanks for calling the Laboratory of Sandgem, how may we help you today?" A male voice replied in a calmer volume.

    "Look, there's no time to explain. I need a download of the area I'm in," Diana swiftly responded while the Lapras emitted a silent yawn before getting into a deeper state of his slumber.

    "Why though? Doesn't the Pokégear automatically do that?" The voice enquired while a small sip could be heard through the other end.

    "This is not Sinnoh or Johto where the maps are already set the moment you step foot!" Diana retorted.

    "You know that Pokémon that you all thought went away with that sinking boat right?" Diana added before hearing a sudden gasp.

    "Y- you mean that l- little d- di- dinosaur that the Professor kept crying about?!" The voice cried a split second after.

    "Yes, I am referring to the one with the dome head, though I didn't see any spikes on it however," Diana stated in a noticeably calmer tone.

    "Okay, I get that now... but the problem is that we can't just download a map onto your Pokégear like that. You see, the coordinates you're on is unknown, and we don't know a spec about that place. You'll have to rely on what's around you, as the Pokégear will automatically make a map of the areas you've been in," The voice quickly stated.

    "Alright, I guess it's up to me then. Hopefully this'll be quick before something happens," Diana whispered before pressing the red button to end the call. The Pokégear was placed back in her pocket a split second later, as Diana decided to take the seat next to the one the boy took in rear corner of the right side.

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