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Pokemon Jr. High

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Shauna23, Sep 7, 2015.

  1. (There singular. I would do double, but there's on odd number of people. So single dorms)
  2. (Well, a solution. If this school is designed for four people, then there would probably be four double-rooms. The extra person can sleep with two others of the same gender.)
    Ember was also in awe. If this was a private school, why was it so big? He immediantly started to head to the dorms, as he wanted to just get himself set up for school.
  3. ( There singles.)

    Tara ran to her single. It had a flatscreen tv, a mini fridge, and a microwave. In the actual school, it had a concierge, a waffle and baked potato bar, and a small shopping mall with designs by people like her own mom! Tara flopped onto her queen size bed, while Chespin flopped onto his pokemon size. " This place is amazing, " she awed.
  4. Sterling pulled his letter from his pocket as he entered the school, though his eyes were immediately distracted from it. The place was absolutely stunning. The huge fountain in the center glistened and the ceiling rose so far above their heads he was sure an Onix could stand upright inside! After he had taken a few moments to admire the place, Sterling finally got around to looking at his letter. "Dorm number 3, huh?" He murmured to himself, while his Bulbasaur ran about on the smooth floor around him. He made his way down the hall until he found the door to his room, and opened it. "Whoa!" The dorm looked even nicer than his room back home in Kanto. There was even a large television and a few small appliances. Gaia bumbled around the room, leaping up onto the bed and the coffee table and rolling around on the plush carpet. Sterling began unpacking, putting his Pokéballs down on the dresser and hanging up his extra clothes in the closet. "Man, I wonder what the rest of the school looks like."
  5. The girl shoved the picture into her bag, quickly following the other students, a small between each step. "Hah, there's no way this place can be better than-... Woah." the orange haired girl couldn't help but to gasp at the sight,her eyes darting around faster than one could keep up with. Under her breath, she began, "this place is even better than I thought..." Then proceeded to follow the others, closely. Like before, she could barely contain herself.

    "So, how will our dorms work? Will we be on our own, or will we be with someone? Also, will they be of the same gender, or not?" She continued on, but this was the most important of her onslaught of questions.

    She received her room number, and excitedly ran to it, nearly slamming the door open. The girl's eyes drifted about the room, squealing in excitement. The first thing she did was flop down on her bed, giggling. This room was hers, and hers alone. For once in nearly four years, she had her own home.
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  6. Grace dashed into her dorm, quite excited due to the astounded looks on the other's faces. "You're kidding me right? This is my room?" She had to double check her Room number.

    Diantha must have known that Cinder and Flahs would be a problem and called the school. Two separate beds were layer out, one a fiery red made of a fire proof material. The other was a stunning yellow and seemed to attracted more of Flash's attention than anything else. "Static proof bed.... When did they come up with these?" Grace asked, wanting two for home. Her bed was in the corner and looked absolutely luxurious. Around the room she could see multiple forms of entertainment such as balls for her Pokemon and a TV for herself. A computer was sitting on a nice desk, open to a page with her email open. "Let's see...." Grace sat and read the email. It was from the school and had her schedule, teachers and study group times.
  7. Dorm 7, his note said. It was amazing! Novels after novels about Pokémon (he loved reading up on new strategies to try in battle), a big, amazing bed, a giant table for breakfast, lunch and supper and more! Finally, he let his Pokémon out. Abby teleported to the bed, as expected. Pika and Vui, meanwhile, were dashing over to the area designed for Pokémon play. Ember took out a book about electric type battle strategies, and crashed onto the bed.
  8. Rocky opened his door and began laughing in disbelief. "Wow!" He shouted as he closed the door, laying on his king sized bed. There was a flat screen TV, a mini fridge, a microwave, an oven, a bathroom, and a bunch of Pokemon toys and entertainment things. There was a desk with a computer. "Wow!" He repeated, still amazed.
  9. Tara looked at her schedule:
    1) battle strategy
    2) job opportunities and getting ready for them
    3) Pokemon-trainer bonding
    4) elective
    5) study hall
    They all had the same classes, she new tbat for sure. Maybe someone wants to battle in the courtyard. Tara yelled," Anyone wanna battle?"
  10. The seemingly unnamed girl climbed out the bed, checking on her Pokemon. The Noibat has since left its perch on its trainer's head, now resting on a windowsill. Drifloon was floating about, bouncing itself against the ceiling, while Gothorita was trying to get the lavender balloon down.

    "Gothorita, you should know by now, you can't get Drifloon down by now, he's having too much fun up there," she said, walking out the room, hoping to find someone else. She wanted to get to know the others better, but she wasn't going to try if everyone was in their rooms.
  11. Rocky released his other two Pokemon; a Chatot and a Wigglypuff. The Chatot flew to a Pokemon bird type perch, happily hanging upside down but soon fell asleep upright. The Wigglypuff just gasped and ran around the room, worrying the Chatot.
  12. Upon hearing the familiar chatter of a Chatot, the girl wandered to Rocky's room, staring in, she couldn't help but to giggle, rather loudly, louder than she wanted.
  13. Teal walked slowly into her room, her mouth gaping open.
    "What.... this is a bedroom? It's huge!"
    There was a huge bathroom and walk-in closet with that, as well as a huge flat screen Tv and two beds, one for her and one for Libra. There were more beds ready to be set up in the closet.
    "I guess that's in case we get more Pokemon..."
    There was also a desk with a lamp, probably to study on. She found papers stapled together that told her to check all the classes she wanted to take. She grabbed a pen and marked down all the boxes next to classes consisting of things like making Pokepuffs and Poffins and winning Contests and Showcases. Then she unpacked and took a shower. The towels were the softest thing ever, like a cotton ball, and she found the bed was a water bed after putting on pink silk pajamas.She kept her glasses on and decided to walk around the dorm halls with Libra to see if there was a pool or something.
    There was all right-- and it was like a lake. Not as big, of course-- but pretty close. It went as deep as 20 feet and there were multiple diving boards that went up to seven feet in the air, as well as a few water slides. The showers were pretty high tech and confusing, so she left them alone and went back to her dorm to see what else was in there.
  14. Grace finally had some downtime. She walked down the halls in her pajamas without too much of a second thought. Cinder was exhausted so she quickly fell to sleep. However Flash followed her after making sure they left a note and locked the door for Cinder's privacy. The lion cub trotted along happily, ready to see if he could shock anyone in the pool or showers. "Don't you dare try..." Grace warned at the look in the electric types eyes. Teal happened to be at the same place where Grace was. "Hey! So, how is your room?" She asked, feeling like talking at the moment.
  15. Rocky smiled. "You can watch him for the night. He likes to chatter a lot, so be warned if you want to...," he trailed off, eyes tired. He laid down, almost instantly asleep. The Chatot flew to the girl, saying in Rocky's voice, "Hello!"
  16. Multiple thoughts ran through Aran's head as
    (Post edited)

    the other students excitedly entered their dorms. He looked at the dorm key the man gave him. Dorm 4...He unlocked the door and opened it. The room was quite large and luxurious, as he had expected. He wasn't quite sure why he wasn't as excited as the others about the school. After all, they belonged to likely wealthy families and should be used that kind of treatment while he grew up in a normal house. He supposed he just wasn't interested in that sort of thing. Still, he couldn't shake away a feeling that the room was designed for him, although he was unsure what that would mean...

    Regardless, he wasn't sleepy and figured that he might as well explore the place. As he unpacked he told his Pokemon simply, "I'm going to explore the place. Feel free to come with." He wasn't suprised as his green Sandshrew followed, named Sorex. ",Quake, don't break anything," Aran told his Trapinch as he walked out of his dorm. He didn't need to adress Echthra, however, as she usually stayed put and actually prefers being in her Pokeball when not battling. As Aran shut the door, Quake just stared blankly ahead at seemingly nothing, and Echthra hopped on Aran's bed and fell asleep.

    Aran and Sorex walked down the hallways, noticing things that weren't in a typical school, or most buildings for that matter. One room they found was huge and likely a training room for Pokemon, another room seemed to contain some kind of obstacle course. They also came across a big indoor pool near the lobby, where he noticed two of the girls talking. He might talk to them a little later, but for now he continued on.

    Looking at his scedule, he was excited to find that Battle Strategy was first on the list. He and Sorex wandered around a bit before finally finding the coutyard. It had a magnificent Xerneas statue in the middle and was filled with Pokemon. He sat down in one of the benches. He wondered about his future at this fancy school and with the other students, who he hoped know more about soon. He couldn't quite shake the feeling that he didn't belong here, but another part of him seemed to disagree. It didn't matter though; he would gain from the experience either way.
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  17. "I'll take that request!" Ember said, coming out of his dorm. Now the others could see two of his Pokémon; Piku the Pikachu and Vui the Eevee.
  18. The Wigglypuff soon opened Rocky's door, happily skipping out. The Chatot, alarmed, followed him about. He kept saying in Nadia's voice, "Come back! Come back!" Wigglypuff ignored him and kept exploring.
  19. "Yah! Meet me in the courtyard in five minutes!" She yelled while running there herself. The courtyard was next to the battle strategy dome, and was magnificent. A huge Xerneas statue stood in the middle, with its antlers glowing like the rainbow. They're were white marble tables for studying and relaxing. Trees were just big enough to climb. Wild Pokemon were all over the garden. On the leftside was a battle field. Tara got in position on her side, and Ember did the same. " Do you want to have a regular battle or a double battle?" She asked, yelling a bit.
  20. The Chatot soon gave up, wordlessly following the Wigglypuff. The two of them found the food court, then the Pokemon feeding area. They helped themselves, eating heartily.
  21. (I edited the post from ealier so that I was already in the courtyard)

    Aran noticed two figures entering a battlefield nearby, recognizing one of them as Ember and the other as a girl he hasn't yet obtained the name of. He pulled is green hood over his head, making all but his red goggles invisible. He strolled to the field and sat down in one of the corners as the students took their positions. From the rumors he's heard, Ember is the son of Red, an absolute legend and possibly the greatest trainer who ever lived. He was NOT going to miss this battle.
  22. Rocky woke up, seeing his Chatot and Wigglypuff gone. He groaned, whistling so Inferno would follow and tracked them down to the food court, retrieving them into their pokeballs then joined everyone at the courtyard.
  23. "Single battle, please." Ember said. "For my first Pokemon, I'll use Abby!" As he said this, the Abra teleported in front of Ember. "This Pokemon was the first I ever caught, back when I was heading with my dad to visit Bill. This Pokemon is my own, and I shall use it to defeat you. Isn't that right, Abby?" The psychic-type made no move in response.
  24. Rocky grinned, sitting down to watch. "This'll be a good one," he chuckled. Inferno agreed with, "Fen Fennikin!" He released his Chatot, but not Wigglypuff, knowing the pink Pokemon would wonder off. The Chatot landed on his head and sang happily.
  25. " Ok, then. Chespin!" She exclaimed, " this is the first Pokemon I ever caught. I didnt get it from professor Sycamore, like most do. Now let's battle. Chespin, pine missile!" The Chespin's leaves shot out towards the abra.
  26. Chatot chanted both the pokemons' names, rooting for both. Inferno called out encouragingly to Abby, not much liking plant types.
  27. "Extreme Speed." Ember said with a snap of his fingers. Abby disappeared, leaving only a few flashing images as it dodged all the projectiles and jumped up onto a flagpole.
  28. Aran noticed the boy still in pajamas sit down as well and chuckle. "This will be a good one." His Chattot and Fennikin cheered on the competitors. "Indeed it will be," Aran said to him as he witnessed Ember's Abra dodge the pin missiles seemingly effortlessly. "But I have a hunch..." He watched the battle closely, thinking of ways he could beat them with his own Pokemon. In all honesty, however, he wasn't sure how he would deal with speed like Abra's. He wasn't sure as to how the girl's Chespin could win, but he was curious to see how they would try.

    Back at the dorm, Quake decided to do something for no known reason. He opened up his jaws...and then suddenly crushed a gaping hole in the door before walking outside and slowly down the hallway. Echthra pretended to be asleep, grudgingly admitting that she might like the Trapjaw Pokemon after all, and she hoped he would bring chaos to all the dorm residents.
  29. The Chatot studied Aran. He flew and landed on his shoulder, then chanted in Aran's voice, "Indeed it will! But I have a hunch! Indeed it will! But I have a hunch!" It seemed satisfied with itself and flew back to Rocky.
  30. " Chespin, use bulk up. Then, use bullet seed! " she exclaimed. The Chespin raised its defense and attack, then went to the bullet seed. Tara hoped the special training would pay off.
  31. (Wow this rp blew up :'|)
    "Its soo amazing!!" Teal exclaimed. "Its enormous! I might even have to spend a whole day figuring out what all I can do in there!!"
    She looked over at the pool.
    "I'm gonna have to swim in that too, of course. There was also a courtyard that I really wanna check out sometime. I don't wanna rush though, since we're technically living here now."
  32. The girl tried in vain to stifle a laugh, trying to cover her mouth, staring at the Chatot, until it flew after the other trainer. Hearing the voices from the courtyard, which she began to follow. Judging by how quiet she traveled, albeit accidentally, the girl was rather used to running stealthily.

    After trailing through, the school, she found where all the noise was coming from. "Oh. Yeah, that makes more sense," the girl began, running her hand through her amber hair, taking a seat on the floor, watching the battle that began to unfold.
  33. "It's to fast to dodge, so reflect them with Psychic!" Upon command, Abby touched it's forehead and all the seeds screeched to a stop. With a wave of the hand and a flick of the wrist, Abby sent the Bullet Seed attack right back at Chespin.
  34. ((Has no one replied, or did they all selectively block me?))

    The girl appeared confused, or at the very least, curious. "I didn't know psychic could be used like that!" She exclaimed, before springing up to her feet. Before long, she had ran back to her dorm, and was back to the courtyard not long after, her Gothorita in tow.
  35. I've gotta weaken that abra, Thought Tara. Then she had an idea. Psychic types are weak to Dark types. So all she had to do is do a critical dark type move, then abra couldn't block her bullet seed. Tara yelled, " Chespin, use bulk up, then bite!"
  36. Rocky chuckled as the girl and her Gothita came back, "Hey, you staying or going? Rocky by the way. Pleasure. And you are?" He stuck a hand out to shake it, his blue eyes shinning brightly.
  37. While the Abra was using Bulk Up, that was the window of opportunity. The opportunity to confuse. "Psychic, go!" Abra jumped down onto the ground and used the powerful Psychic-type attack to stun the Chespin. "Now, Dig!" Ember said, and the Abra burrowed under the ground.
  38. Blonde

    Blonde Formerly TrainerNiko

    Niko over hears some of the students slightly rushing towards the battle field, he cracks open his door just a bit
    "I wonder where they're all going right now.." he says lowly to himself. he looks over at his bed and sees Ekko
    his eevee and Wave his treecko cuddled up on his bed. he proceeds to smile then open the door as quietly as he can
    walks straight out closing the door. He looks around and follows behind them quietly and watches from the far window.
    He's very shy and doesn't want to be spotted at the moment, so he watches the match from afar.
  39. "Chespin, don't freak out. Jump up and use pin missile as Abra emerges!" She exclaimed. The Chespin jumped into the sky as the abra emerged. Chespin used pin missile. Hey, whose that kid over there...
  40. Blonde

    Blonde Formerly TrainerNiko

    Niko's eyes drift over and sees that the girl whose battle noticed him. He flusters up and quickly ducks down behind the window and blushes a little.
    "oh no.. I hope she didn't notice me fully" he thinks to himself "I-I better leave before i really get noticed. Niko slowly begins to sneak his way back to his room.

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