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Pokemon Jr. High

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Shauna23, Sep 7, 2015.

  1. "Whoa, it's really you!! Oh my gosh!!"
    Teal grabbed Tara's hand and shook it excitedly.
    "Hi, I'm Teal!!" She said, unknowing if she'd already said that.
    "It's such an honor to meet you!"
    Of course, Teal's father was a Champion, but would she tell someone that?
    Probably not unless they knew already.
  2. Aran wasn't quite sure how to react when the girl winked at him, nor when a purple Pokemon was suddenly floating in front of his face. "Driff?"

    "Hm?" Was Aran's reaction to the Drifloon. "Is there somethin' you want?" He glanced over to the orange-haired girl, wondering if it was her Pokemon. It was nearly impossible to tell among all the others scattered throughout the bus.
  3. Ember sighed with relief when he realized no one had recognized him from the magazine cover. The bus was moving, so they were heading to the school.
  4. "Hey, sir, why don't you have your Pokemon out?" The curious girl asked politely. "Are they just too big to be in here?" The Drifloon eventually wandered back to the Pokemon, playfully lifting one.
  5. After calming down, Teal looked around the bus at the other kids.
    This is gonna be so worth it... I wonder what it'll be like... the junior high...
    She smiled.
    I'm taking every single class for making PokePuffs and winning contests and showcases! No more battles, Dad! I can do whatever I want now!
  6. The boy didn't answer, trying to fall asleep for the long ride.
    (Sorry, guys, but this will be my last post until Sunday. See you later.)
  7. (bye)
    Libra looked up at Teal, the look in her eyes obvious. Teal giggled and started petting her, scratching under her chin-- she liked that most. Libra smiled widely, even flicking her tail with happiness a little.
  8. Sterling was eagerly awaiting the bus's arrival. He was a young boy, twelve years old, with black hair and green eyes. His skin was lightly tanned. He had been up since early in the morning, while it was still dark, hyped for his first day at Pokémon Junior High. Right now, Sterling was sitting on the big green sofa in his family's living room, watching the TV and occasionally glancing out the window to see if the bus was there. One of his two Pokémon was nestled up in his lap; a male Bulbasaur named Gaia. The other... Sterling wasn't allowed to have her out of her Pokéball in the house, after a few unfortunate accidents. He wore a black pullover hoodie with white rolled up sleeves and a white trim around the neck, white pull strings, a white hood and a white front pocket with a green Pokéball design on it. His pants were green, and his shoes were dark pink chucks. He had black fingerless gloves, a pair of sunglasses with a white frame and dark pink tinted lenses, a dark pink pouch secured around his waist and a black belt with a few Pokeballs on it. On a black necklace cord he had a Star Piece, given to him by his father when he was very young as a birthday present. Lastly, his backpack, which was an array of black, green, white and pink with two toy keychains on it- one a small Mew, and the other a fake plastic Masterball.
    Sterling lept up happily as the bus appeared outside his window, rushing out the door with Gaia hot on his heels. As he ran up the steps and entered the bus, he was taken aback to see the it was much more luxurious than he had pictured it to be. He took a seat near the back and Gaia lept up to join him. "Bulba!" The small Pokémon chirped, seemingly just as excited as Sterling was. Sterling didn't bother talking to anyone yet, he was so hyped for the school that it completely slipped his mind.
  9. The orange-haired girl looked up at the newcomer, surprised. "Aren't there supposed to be only eight students?" Meanwhile, the loose Drifloon greeted him happily "Drifloon, floon!"
  10. Rocky didn't seem to mind the large amount of students, he just laughed. "Woo! The more th merrier, right Inferno?" He chuckled, nudging the Fennikin. Inferno nodded, and seemed to stiffen up at the sight of Driftloon. He whimpered and hid under Rocky's seat.
  11. (Okay, scratch my last OOC. I might be able to sneak on occasionally.)
    Ember was a bit nervous, hoping no one would notice him.
    (Honestly, that's just my character. I would really like it if one of you actually looked at the front of the afore-mentioned magazine covers.)
  12. (Whuch characters are already taken as parents?)
    Sterling looked up as the girl spoke to him. "Well, they made an exception! Because of who my dad is." He stated. Though originally they were from Kanto, Sterling's family had come to Kalos to stay for a few years when they heard of the prestigious academy. After all, his dad wanted to travel there again and reminisce about his younger days as a traveling trainer.
    As the Drifloon approached him, Sterling chuckled. "Hello," he said to the small floating Pokémon. "This is a Drifloon, correct?" He asked the girl. Gaia didn't seem to interested in a Pokémon that floated above him, and instead greeted Inferno, Rocky's Fennekin. "Saur, Bulbasaur!"
  13. Inferno smiled happily and returned the greeting. "Fen Fennikin!"

    Rocky snuck up behind the boy and grabbed his magazine. "Boo! Whatcha reading?"
  14. "Cinder!" Grace warned as the Vulpix was about ready to pounce on Aran. The trainer quickly turned and glared at Flash. "No! Stop! That's not your hairbrush!" Grace's head whipped back and forth between the two infinite trouble sources. The duo seemingly had not end to their trouble making ideas.

    "Both of you, back now!" She demanded, the two quickly running over. "Cinder, bag. Flash, here." Grace directed, looking quite annoyed. The lion cub jumped into her lap and the fox snuggled up into the bag for a nap. Grace stroked Flash, careful not to touch the tip of his tail. Unfortunately, her had slipped and touched it. Almost instantly her ponytail stood straigh up. "Aahh! I was being so careful too!" Grace groaned. Quickly introducing herself to the newest members, the trainer tried to fix her hair, which felt as if it wa already landing on the moon.
  15. Rocky chuckled, "Umm, I didn't know up-doos were in style!" He then attempted reading the magazine, holding it upside down.
  16. (Well, Ember's parents are Red and Green.)
    Ember tried to act casually as possible, but he knew that would be practically impossible in this bus.
  17. The girl began to dig through her bag, taking out a picture, staring at it longingly, Gothorita doing the same. The Drifloon teasingly stole the picture, floating the the other side of the bus, but it was very visible by all inside the vehicle. "H-hey, Drifloon, give it back!"
    ((Image is pretty big, here's a link. http://images5.fanpop.com/image/photos/27300000/N-lord-n-27301471-313-500.jpg )
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  18. Rocky cocked his head. "Hey, your Red and Green's kid!" He exclaimed. He then grabbed the picture from Driftloon and looked at it. "What's this?"
  19. The girl quickly got up, snatching the photo back, holding close to her. A light voice escaped her. "I-it's my dad..."
  20. His eyes flickered with an emotion, which never happens. It then vanished and he shrugged. "Eh. It's ok, I had dad problems too," he said, voice filled with fake carefreeness.
  21. (Man this RP is fast-paced. I hope we arrive at school soon.)

    Before Aran could answer the orange-haired girl's question, the arrival of another student with a bulbasaur caught her attention, which wasn't suprising considering that the new guy was the 9th passenger of a bus that was only supposed to contain 8 students. Out of the corner of his eye Aran then noticed a Vulpix looking like it was about to pounce him before being scolded by its presumed trainer. Then the Drifloon yanked out a portrait of a green-haired guy from the girl's bag and made it visible to the rest of the passengers. She yanked it back, stating quietly that it was her father when someone asked.

    Aran decided not to answer the girl's original question, assuming that she had lost interest in him. He'd have plenty of time later to learn more about each of the students individually, but for now things were too cramped and chaotic for his liking.

    Aran overheard someone adress someone as Red's son, which puzzled him. Earlier he also recalled hearing someone stating someone as Valerie's daughter. Are these students really children of such famous people?
  22. Rocky did a karate pose, jumping out of his seat in alarm as his phone buzzed. He checked it and the prankster, normal Rocky vanished for a second, his eyes solemn.
  23. "Finally, peace!" Grace cooed as she gave the duo a Poffin. "So, I've heard that we have some gym leader kids here, well my Mom is Diantha, champion of Kalos." She puffed with pride, however sadness clouded her eyes before she slumped her shoulders. "Well, at least gym leaders might have time for their kids...." Grace mumbled before agitation returned to her eyes. "Flash! What did I say about putting sparks in other people's hair!" She scolded, noticing that the Shinx had leaped off her lap and was about ready to put static in Ember's hair. "Please! Bus ride end! These two will kill me and my voice!" Grace groaned, trying to remove static from her bag.
  24. "So you guys are all kinda famous.... huh..."
    Libra looked up at Teal and nodded.
    I hope it's not too shocking, but we do have Diantha's kid in here, as well as Red's...
    "Well... my father... is Steven Stone...." She said, a little quietly but loud enough for at least a few near her to hear.
  25. Rocky simply chucked his phone out the window and the normal Rocky returned. "So! I can see you all have alive and non back stabbing parents!"
  26. The bus pulled into the parking lot. they were finally there! She immediately squealed to Chespin. Now, they were famous and would get great jobs they love. And, she did not know this, fulfill the legend.
  27. "Yeah, but at least your dad doesn't take you to some random cave to teach you about rocks and Steel types every time you see him," she told Rocky.
    "It's kind of annoying."
  28. "Never knew my old man. He promised my mom lots of things, then when he learned she was expecting, he abandoned her. Then my mother died in a fire. So how is your mom?" He asked simply, simply brushing away his past.
  29. "Oh my gosh yes! Diantha is always pushing me to see her new movies or to be a background character. She wants me to shop for the latest fashions too! I'm not a shopper. It's tough... But, I think Mr. Steven is really cool! It's awesome that he's your dad!" Grace exclaimed, directing her attention towards Teal.

    "Cinder....." Grace grumbled with a warning tone as the Vulpix was jumping up, trying to pull on the Drifloon.
  30. "You're serious!? I've seen every one of her movies!! You should watch them too, they're amazing!! And about my mom..."
    She turned back to Rocky.
    "Never knew her name.... or what she looked like. Or if she's alive now. Dad never talks about her... and I don't get to spend that much time with him, so I normally hang out with Wallace and Lissi. They're why I'm the way I am now-- all beauty, no battle," she pointed out, changing the subject.
  31. "Eh, who needs parents when you've got fire and friends and fish?" He asked genuinely.
  32. "Hehe, sometimes I think like that too," she said. Libra yawned, climbing into Teal's bag to a quiet place where she could sleep.
  33. "Guys! We're here! Finally!" Grace called as she just about literally flew around the room, grabbing Flash and Cinder and her bags and dashing to the front of the bus! "Guys! Hurry up! I want to get off this thing!" She complained.

    Once she was off the bus, Grace took off the Snowbelle overcoat she had put on. "It's so hot...." She claimed in the 80 degree weather. "I would give anything to go outside in the snow with my sleeveless shirt on." Grace instantly perked up when she entered the building. "Wow...." She cooed as she double checked that her trouble makers were with her.
  34. Teal grabbed her bag with Libra in it and raced after Grace.
    "Don't leave me behind!!"
    She walked inside, gasping.
    "It's so beautiful! Look at this fountain!"
    She rushed to a fountain in the middle of the room, which was huge. Super huge. There were dorms to the right while the actual school was to the left. So this was like... a lobby?
    She examined everything, marveling in its beauty-- even the shiny floor that her shoes clicked against. She squatted down excitedly to see a reflection of herself.
    "This is so cool!!"
  35. Ember dashed out of the bus. But he did answer Rocky's question. "Yeah... they're my folks." he said. "Dad gave my one of my little guys, the son of his Pikachu. Like father, like son I guess." Ember then got his first glimpse of the school. "...wow." was his only statement.
  36. Sterling had stayed quiet again for a few minutes while he listened to the chatter of all the other students. When he heard they were all talking about their families, Sterling piped up again. "My father is Blue. We're from Kanto. I grew up there but he really wanted me to go to this school so we moved to Kalos for a while." Sterling figured people would realize on their own that his great grandfather was Samuel Oak, the famous Pokémon professor. After all, he didn't want to toot his own horn too much.
  37. A young man walked up to the children.
    "You are here. School begins tomorrow at 8. Please allow me to show you to your dorms."
    "Dang, this place is royal!! Geez!"
    Teal followed the man to the dorms.
  38. Aran patiently waited for everyone else before picking up his case and slowly exiting the bus himself, seeming quite awed. As beautiful as it was, the school of Pokemon Jr. High wasn't the reason. It was the sheer impossibility that such a coincidence should occur: children of some of the most powerful and famous trainers in the world attending the same private school together. And then there was him, just a normal boy with normal parents (kind of).

    These questions bothered him as he watched some of the kids charge into the school (which looked more like a mansion) without warning. Aran walked in as well and decided to sit down in what looked like a huge lobby. He figured that now was the time to send out his Pokemon.

    He rolled up his sleeve, revealing a device around his wrist. After typing a password his silver case suddenly clicked open, revealing 3 strange silver Pokeballs. He pressed the button on each of them, revealing a Trapinch, a Shroomish, and a bright green Sandshrew with an awed look on its face. "So, what do you guys think?" Aran asked rhetorically, knowing they couldn't actually respond with words. He then turned to the Shroomish, who wore an angry expression. "Echthra, try not to offend anyone, for my sake?" The comment actually appeared to cheer her up...maybe.

    A man came to show the students to their dorms, so Aran and his Pokemon got up to follow him. He walked up next to the blue haired girl and replied to her comment. "Indeed. This is the most prestigious school in Kalos, after all." He noticed something move inside the bag she was carrying, likely a Pokemon. Personally, he would never stuff any of his Pokémon in there, but he shrugged it off. Different trainers and their Pokemon have different preferences.

    (So how will the dorms work? I suggest they be either individual or two per room)
  39. (I'd assume two per room, girls with girls and boys with boys)
    "Is it really? No wonder its appearance is so jaw-dropping..."
    Libra stuck her head back out of the bag, rubbing her eyes sleepily. She blinked at Aran and climbed up onto Teal's shoulder.
    "Oh, sorry if I woke you up Libra, I know you like to take naps in there. But... we're finally here!! The junior high!"
    Libra nodded excitedly.
  40. Rocky hastily grabbed his bag and retrieved Inferno into his pokeball, then dashed off the bus and into the building with the others. He marveled at the sheer beauty. Then he saw a Goldeen tank. "Fish......," he gasped quietly. He then ran after the man, anxious to see his dorm.

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