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Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by waluigipinball, Apr 1, 2018.

  1. Bailey had been looking forward to this day for her entire life.

    The scenery that wrapped around the town was as bright and pretty as every, and the blonde girl couldn't help but let slip a squeal of glee when her amber eyes befell her surroundings. Loudly, she kicked open her door, dressed in grey-blue jeans and a pale-orange hoodie, complete with her signature scarf. Excitement and happiness swelled in her stomach and her bright citrine gaze sparkled with glee as she ran to the Professor's Lab.

    After knocking erratically, Professor Acacia emerged, and greeted Bailey with a smile. The energetic girl was first to arrive, and picked up her Eevee, almost shaking with anticipation.

    The Eevee that emerged from the Pokeball was shy to Bailey's touch at first, but soon responded positively to the petting of his new trainer. "You're so cute!" Bailey exclaimed in her usual vociferous tone, running her slender fingers through the collar of fluff that framed the Eevee's face. "I'm gonna call you... Floof!"

    Floof rolled his eyes as his rather silly name, but found himself getting slightly attached to both the name and his new trainer quite quickly as she continued to coo over him.

    Now, she would wait- if the others to come wouldn't test her patience. She was willing to finally make a friend; and this, this was the perfect opportunity.
  2. HA I lied I'm staying up >:'D))

    "You actually think I'm ready?" Dakota had asked her mom. This would be the hugest moment in her life and she wanted to be sure it was real first.
    "Yes, I believe so! Although-"
    "BYE MOM!" The teen left before her mother could speak anymore. Dakota had begun setting foot in this region as a soon-to-be trainer ready to begin. As she walked on, she began contemplating the possibilities of her journey. Would she make friends? Would she turn out to be the person her mother wanted her to be? Before she could think any further, she realised she had arrived. "Oh my, Professor? I'm here!" (I'm assuming the Professor is somewhat of an NPC?) Then the moment came. She had come to the point in her life where she would finally get her first Pokémon. Next thing she knew, there was a seemingly shy little Eevee slowly walking towards her. Crouching down, she said, "Aw hey there little fella! There's no need to be scared, let's just take this easy..." She held out her hand slowly and the Eevee touching his nose against it. Then the Eevee became a little more brave and went over to Dakota's leg and rubbed against it, quite like a housecat. "Awesome," She said as she picked up the Eevee gently. "I suppose you need a name?" The Eevee tilted his head and mumbled a bit. "Uhh I'm thinking Drew but maybe that's not quite unique...How about we be fancy and call you Drewton?" The now-named Drewton frowned a little. This would take getting used to. "Maybe I'll just call you Drew for short." (I didn't actually mean to name him after the anime character xp)
    Drewton smiled a little and crawled onto Dakota's shoulder. He perked his ears towards a certain direction that led to an excited looking girl with blonde hair and a colourful hoodie. She seemed a little younger than Dakota, which made Dakota herself feel a little weird and out of place. "Hey there, I'm guessing you're a new trainer too?" She asked.
  3. (yeah she's an npc, so are all the gym leaders, elite four etc)

    Bailey's grin grew ever wider as the other girl approached, looking a little older than she was. Bailey was at the higher end of starting trainers at the age of 13, but she wasn't really mature enough to show it. For the moment, she needed to process the fact that someone was actually talking to her. It took all her might not to jump up in happiness. "HI! Hey there!" Bailey chimed, sweeping her messy blonde hair out of her face. Floof gave her a warning nudge. "Yep, I'm a new trainer! I'm so so so so excited to start my journey!" The girl stopped herself before she could go rambling on. Instead, she mellowed out slightly, still grinning brightly at the other as she said. "My name's Bailey. What's yours?"
  4. The two blinked at Bailey's energetic attitude. "I'm Dakota and in case you haven't heard, I named this little guy Drewton." Then she remembered something. "Hey, an Eevee can evolve into more than one thing can't they? That's pretty cool...I forgot what those evolutions are though..." Drewton shook his head and little at his trainer's lack of knowledge of his own evolutionary branches. "What did you name your Eevee?"
  5. “Shoot, I’m late!”

    Jacob bolted out the door and ran towards the lab. He had touched down in his father’s helicopter the day before and slept in a house in Blossom Village, only to sleep in and almost miss his chance at getting his starter.

    He ran inside the lab. “Am I too late?” he asked. He walked up to the professor. “Hope I’m not too late to claim my Eevee.” He looked over and saw his Eevee walking around. The Eevee walked up to him and jumped up onto his shoulder.

    “I guess not,” he said, laughing at the playful Eevee nuzzling his neck. “What should I name you?” He thought for a second, and then came up with a name. “How about Jaxon?” It was the name of his older brother, Jaxon Stratto. The Eevee smiled at the name and nodded his head. “Alright then, Jaxon it is!”
  6. ThatWeirdOne

    ThatWeirdOne Previously ThatOnePerson

    He’d wake up from an amazing dream. It was his day to get his starter. Wait, THAT WASN’T A DREAM! He’d quickly get changed and would eat some breakfast. He’d then run to the lab.
    Was he late? He couldn’t tell as he stepped inside the lab. He saw other people as well as the professor with pokeballs in front of her. “Am I l-late..?” He’d ask nervously.
  7. "Well, nice to meet you, Dakota! And Drewton!" Bailey chimed joyously, a smile adorning her lips, as usual. Upon hearing Dakota's question, Bailey nodded slightly, smiling. "Ah, I can't remember any except Flareon, Leafeon and Espeon," the blonde girl chuckled. "Uh, this is Floof! He's a bit feisty." Floof looked up at his trainer, tilting his head a bit, and smiling kind of sarcastically.

    Then, there were a couple of new arrivals- and they seemed to have heard Professor Acacia's offer. "Oh, look! Hi, there!!" she called to the first guy who had walked in, Jacob- though, Bailey had no idea what his name was.

    Shortly afterward, another person had entered, stammering about how he was late. Upon hearing his slight lament, Bailey would speedwalk over to him, and chirp, "Nope, you're not late! There are still..." she counted on her fingers, "TWO EEVEES LEFT!! Are you excited?"
  8. "Well nice to-" before Dakota could say more she realised Bailey had gone off to talk to someone else and another. Two guys had arrived and she thought it would be rude not to say hi to them. She walked over to the fella (Jacob) who had already gotten his Eevee. "Hey there, I'm Dakota. This is Drew." She decided not to say Drewton this time because it seemed a little embarrassing. "And you are?"
  9. ThatWeirdOne

    ThatWeirdOne Previously ThatOnePerson

    “T-two..?” He’d run over to the pokeballs and would pick one up. The Eevee inside looked tough. He’d throw the Pokèball and Eevee would come out. “Hey Eevee!” He’d say happily. The Eevee looked at him and then looked away in disgust. “U-Uh.. Eevee..?” He’d reach out to pet it, but it moved out of the way.
  10. "It isn't too friendly, huh?" hummed Bailey, observing the interaction between the boy and his new Eevee. Bailey smiled, taking a bit of pity on the other, and tilting her head in intrigue. "Well, I wouldn't worry! I'm sure it'll come to like you!" the girl chirped, kind of just talking rather than taking into account what others might feel. She wasn't the best at understanding others.
  11. “I’m Jacob,” he said. “And this is Jaxon.” Jaxon leapt back onto the ground and starting running in circles. “He’s a very playful little guy,” he said, chuckling as he picked Jaxon up. “Nice to meet you,” he said to Dakota. He looked over at the boy who owned the Eevee that looked disobedient. “She’s right, it’ll warm up to you in time,” he said. “What’s your name?”
  12. ThatWeirdOne

    ThatWeirdOne Previously ThatOnePerson

    "I'm Dylan." He'd say, picking up the Eevee. "And, this is Eevee." The Eevee would squirm in his arms as he held it. Dylan didn't know why the Eevee didn't like him so much. "S-So.. we should be going. It was nice to meet you." He'd say. "O-Oh, I never got you're names.." He'd say in a nervous way. "I-I would like to learn them before I leave."
  13. "My name's Bailey!" she chirped, grinning as usual, her sparkling amber eyes practically glowing in the light. It was perhaps futile to think any of these people would tolerate her for a second, but she hoped with all her heart she would find someone to travel with. "I'm guessing all of you guys are going to Lakita City, right?" she adressed the gathered trainers, tilting her head inquisitively. Floof, again, rolled his eyes at his trainer's forwardness.
  14. She stood a small distance from the group. Dakota felt somewhat out of place but that was probably normal and how most people would feel when meeting a lot of new people. "I actually don't know where I'm going." She answered Bailey. "But hey, if anyone is going I'll come with." Drewton didn't not quite like this idea so much.
    "Oh yeah, hi Dylan! I'm Dakota. Sorry, I should've said that sooner." Her Eevee yipped quietly. "Oh and Drewto- Drew. Or Drewton. Whatever you prefer to call him." She tripped over her words a little. Clearing her throat, she casually leant against a nearby wall.
  15. “I’m Jacob,” he said to Dylan. “And this is my partner, Jaxon.” Jaxon nuzzled his head against Jacob again. “I’m gonna go out and try to catch some Pokémon before I go to another village,” he said. “I wanna be prepared when I take on the gym leaders. I’m probably gonna check out Bluemoon Forest, so if anybody else is, I’ll see you there!”
  16. "That's not a bad idea. I suppose we should all go there and catch our own Pokémon." She stole a glance at her own Eevee. Dakota could tell he was quite a shy Pokémon and was unsure if he would be able to battle effectively. But then again, that's what training is for.

    (By the way, I apologise for any typos, I post on my phone a lot of the time and autocorrect is messed up •~•))
  17. “Alright, let’s go then!” he said excitedly. He walked out the door. “You guys coming?” he said. Jaxon followed hurriedly behind him and the two ran straight into the forest. He started searching through the grass for a Pokémon when he saw a green bulb sticking out of a bush. It backed up a bit, revealing a green, frog-like Pokémon with spots on its head and back, and a bulb sticking out of its back. The Pokémon cried out “Bulba!” in alarm when it saw Jaxon, and used Vine Whip, starting Jacob’s first battle as a Pokémon trainer.

    “Jaxon, Bite!” he commanded. The Eevee leapt out of the way of the vines and bit down on the bulb, causing the grass type to cry out in alarm. “Eev, Eevee!” Jaxon called out as he let go. The Bulbasaur used Tackle, but Jaxon took the attack and retaliated with Covet, knocking the Bulbasaur off its feet. Jacob thought of throwing a pokeball, but he wanted to test Jaxon’s skills a little more, so he waited.
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  18. Suddenly energised, Dakota quickly made haste towards the nearby forest. She walked past Jacob, who seemed to be battling impressively. "We better find ourselves a Pokémon." She said as Drewton jumped off her shoulder and started sniffing around. As they went further in, it got quieter. "Well, not much going on here..." Then she heard a chirp. Looking up, she saw a Starly perched on a branch, watching the Eevee intently. "Drew, look up!" The Eevee saw the Starly and backed away slightly. "It's ok, we can take this slow. Like when we met earlier? Come on, let's do this!" This motivated the little Eevee so he decided to initiate his first move which was Growl. This got the Starly riled up and it flew down, attempting a Wing Attack. Drew took the hit. "Let's see what else you have!" The Eevee recovered quickly and kicked a sand attack.
    (Edit: I accidentally clicked 'post reply' when I wasn't finished but I'll wait on the others ;D)
  19. Bailey bristled ever so slightly as the others left- before her? How dare they! Determined to be the first to Lakita City, the blonde girl began to sprint, Floof hardly even managing to stay close. "IF THERE'S ONE THING I CAN'T STAND, IT'S BEING SLOW!" she had told her Eevee, upon him squeaking in breathless confusion. Though, with her running, Bailey had lost track of the other two trainers (including the path) and had managed to get herself a bit lost.

    "Well, this sucks," she remarked, kicking a stone. Floof was getting increasingly irritated by his trainer's hastiness and decided to take matters into his own hands, sniffing the floor and scouting for the path. But, as soon as Floof had caught a scent, something landed on him.

    Whatever it was put up a fight and Bailey was fretting in distress, pulling the unknown Pokémon off of her partner. It was a Fletchling, and immediately, Bailey launched her strategy- attack, attack, attack. Who has time for defensive set ups? ATTACK!

    "Use Tackle!" the girl ordered, and Floof barrelled himself at his opponent, who was knocked flying. A spark of flame came from the bird Pokémon's beak, and Bailey instructed Floof to dodge just in time. "Okey-dokey, tackle! AGAIN!"

    Floof was slightly reluctant but chose to listen to Bailey's commands, and the Fletchling was fortunately not quick enough to dodge. Bailey's parents had shood her off with a few Pokéballs, so Bailey saw her chance, and threw one. The Fletchling was hers.

    "YES YES YES YES!!" she celebrated, ear-splittingly loudly so almost the whole Arceus-damned forest could hear. "I'll name you Tally! Because it sounds cute, and... well, you evolve into, like, Tallyfire or something, right? Talonflame!" Her speech was, as usual, vociferous and remarkably quick.
  20. “Finish this with Iron Tail!” Jaxon slammed his gleaming tail into the Bulbasaur’s face, sending it flying into the air. “Alright, it’s time.” He threw the pokeball that soared through the air, landing on the bulb and absorbing the grass type in a red glow. It shook three times and made a soft click sound, and Jacob had caught Bulbasaur. Jacob saw Dakota battling the Starly. “I’m gonna go to Lakita, so I’ll see you there!” He dashed off towards Lakita City, fully intent on being the first person to arrive.
  21. Bailey was simply NOT going to be beaten- not by Jacob, not by anyone. So, with Tally leading the way, Bailey began to dash at absolute top speed, knowing that those who set off before her would probably be in close proximity to Lakita already. She caught sight of Jacob ahead of her, and that's when she started to full-on pelt for it; she was going so unbelievably fast that she ended up losing her balance when she was just beside Jacob and falling over, skidding about three feet on her face.
  22. ThatWeirdOne

    ThatWeirdOne Previously ThatOnePerson

    He’d run outside, following everyone else. He didn’t know where to go, so he would just follow the people around. He hoped he didn’t seem weird. He’d carry his Eevee, it still squirming in Dylan’s grasp. “So, what’s the next city..?” He’d ask.
  23. "Oh?" She barely noticed Jacob run off as she was attempting to catch the Starly. "Ok Drew, no pressure but we need to catch up with the others." Drewton nodded as he launched a Bite attack. He managed to clamp hold of the Starly's wing. "Alright! Let's throw 'im at that tree!" The Eevee pulled on the Starly and manged to hurl him into the tree. Taking a breath, she threw a Pokéball at a wild Pokémon for the first time. It was a hit! The Pokéball shook three times, then chimed. "Oh my...We actually did it?" Drewton gained confidence in himself and went over to the Pokéball. He rolled it to his trainer who picked it up. "Wow, I better give this guy a name..I guess Codi will do." She was impressed with how she managed to come up with names on the spot. Dakota walked back onto the path, observing the Pokéball that lay in her hand. As she walked, she noticed Bailey was fallen on her face. "Oh gee, what happened to you?"
  24. Jacob turned around when he saw Bailey fall and noticed Dakota walk out behind them. “You okay?” he asked Bailey, helping her up. He started to run towards Lakita after he helped her up and shortly arrived at the city.

    “Excuse me, where is the gym?” he asked a nearby person. He dashed in the direction she told him as soon as she finished the sentence, strolling inside, ready for his first gym battle.
  25. Bailey took his hand and rose up, a small dribble of blood trickling from her left nostril. “Yeah, I’m fine!” She chirped, before answering Dakota by saying, “I just took a tumble. ‘happens a lot.” the blonde explained, looking on in dismay as Jacob beat her to the city. She stomped her foot in annoyance. “Arceus damn it! I wanted to get there first!” she sulked, childishly.
  26. Jacob approached the gym leader. “Are you James, the leader of this gym?” he asked. “If so, I would like to challenge you to a battle!” He gripped the pokeball containing his Bulbasaur, waiting for an answer from James. He smiled, as it would be his first ever trainer battle, and it was going to be a gym battle as well! His adventure was kickstarting, and he loved every second of it!
  27. James looked around to see a kid, challenging him to a battle. He seemed to be very eager, and James nodded in acceptance of the proposition. "Your challenge is accepted. En garde! You may choose your first Pokémon," he offered, letting the more inexperienced trainer start.

    Meanwhile, Bailey was brushing herself off, and began to walk into Lakita City. She pouted as her amber gaze caught the sight of Jacob talking to James. A growl of annoyance rumbled in the back of her throat.
  28. “Let’s do this, Toby!” He threw the ball forward, and the grass type Bulbasaur leapt onto the battlefield. “Bulba!” he cried out. “Choose your Pokémon, James!” Jacob said. “I’m ready to battle, and I’m ready to win!”
  29. "Okay, go, Lillipup!" James yelled, sending out said Pokémon. Noticing the trainer's determined nature, he decided he wouldn't hang around with this one, and got straight into the action. "Use Bite, fast!"
  30. “Vine Whip!” Toby snapped his vines all around himself, creating some sort of counter shield. “Try getting through that! Now, use Sweet Scent while keeping up the vines!” Toby used Sweet Scent three times, spreading the attack across the gym, while keeping his vines flying around himself in circles. “Alright, get ready to attack, Toby!”
  31. James narrowed his eyes at the toughness of his opponent's first move, but immediately ordered Lillipup to use Work Up. With Lillipup's attack raised, if he landed an attack through the vines, it should do more damage. "Now, Quick Attack!" James ordered- Lillipup's swiftness should on paper to land an attack.
  32. (Sorry for late first post guys, just gonna jump to you guys)
    Freed slowly walked through Lactia City, watching around each corner. "So, Raid. Ready for our first gym battle?" He asked his only pokemon so far. Recently, Freed landed port down and made it to the Pokemon Lab. He gained a Pokedex and a few pokeballs, bus quickly raced through to this town while training Raid some as well.

    Freed turned around the corner of Lactia's third turn lead him directly to the gym. "So, I'm here for a challenge." He said while walking inside, only to see how someone else is in battle himself. "Oh, someone else is here." He said while turning to the seats at the side of the battlefield. "Best watch for strategy, Raid." He said to his Eevee while placing her down on the seat next to him.
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  33. “Keep those vines spinning!” Toby was hit by Quick Attack, but the vines flew in front of Lillipup, slamming down on the ground in front of him and then wrapping around the Lillipup. They squeezed the Lillipup and threw it into the air, and Toby followed up with Tackle, launching itself into the air towards the Lillipup.
  34. Dakota raised an eyebrow at Bailey as she walked off. "You reckon we should go now?" She asked Drew. The Eevee responded with a nod and they went to catch up with Bailey. "That Jacob guy was sure in a rush. Anyway, let's watch the battle." She said as she entered the gym and sat on the seats at the sidelines. To her right, she saw someone else with an Eevee and figured it was another beginner trainer(Freed). Scooting a little closer, she introduced herself. "Hey there! I'm guessing you're just starting out too? I'm Dakota and this is Drew." While she spoke, she watched the gym battle from the corner of her eye.
  35. ThatWeirdOne

    ThatWeirdOne Previously ThatOnePerson

    (So muchhh)
    Dylan would run into the gym. “Cool!” He’d say. He has never gone into a gym before. He’d walk over and would sit on the sidelines. His Eevee was squirming around in his arms still as he held him. “Eevee, we need to give our gym battle all we have. We need to win!” Dylan would tell his partner, smiling.
  36. "Yeah, let's watch the battle," Bailey agreed, staring intently and trying to get an eyeful of James' battle strategy. Perhaps there truly was an advantage in being second. "I hope Jacob doesn't get thrashed. It looks like he's doing okay." Bailey also caught sight of a newcomer, Dylan, and flashed him a smile. "HI THERE!!!" she called, waving frantically.

    Meanwhile, James continued his gym battle. Lillipup was thrown into the sky and he narrowed his eyes, gritting his teeth. "Lillipup, use Take Down on the ground!" he ordered the Pokémon, and just after the Tackle had made slight contact Lillipup darted to the ground, hurting it on impact but sending cracks and rumbles across the ground. Spiky chunks of dirt stuck out of the floor in front of Lillipup, hopefully hurting the Bulbasaur upon landing.
  37. Freed turned to the person next to him. "In a way, I'm new. But anywho, I'm Freed." He said while reaching to the seat next to his. From there, Freed lifted up Raid onto his lap. "And this is Raid, my partner and only pokemon for the time being." He said placing her back in her seat.
  38. Dakota was totally hooked on this battle now. Barely listening to 'Freed', she said to Bailey, "I haven't seen a battle this up-close, it's way more awesome than I expected!" Then she noticed the new arrival, Dylan. "Hey Dylan!" She could see that his Eevee was still squirming. Looking at her own, she saw that Drewton seemed uninterested in the battle. "Hey, it's pretty cool eh?" She said to him encouragingly. Drew looked at his trainer then at the battle. His face was expressionless. "Huh..."
  39. ThatWeirdOne

    ThatWeirdOne Previously ThatOnePerson

    He’d wave at the two, then would take out a notepad and would write down a battle strategy. “Okay Eevee, this is our strategy.” He’d show his partner the notepad, then would continue drawing on it. Dylan wanted to win the battle more than anything, and if he did, maybe Eevee would be more open to him. The Eevee would realized that it couldn’t escape Dylan’s grasp, and would watch the battle in peace. “Hm..” He’d say. “That could work but...” He’d mumble a lot of things while he drew a strategy.
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  40. Freed looked over to the people entering after him. "Hey, just to say, I call next battle!" He called out with a half wave. He turned back to Raid, and started to discuss a strategy they practiced some on the way here. "Remember, use your tail." He said stroking the entire body of his Eevee. Raid gave a slight nod, knowing what to do.

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