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Pokemon Johto-Just The start!(ask)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Pokemon=Bae, Dec 15, 2015.

  1. <<Must ask! Only accepting two others!
    Starters- totodile,chikorita, cyndaquil
    1- @Pokemon=Bae
    2- @Lilyheart0930
    Lucas Aria
    age 11
    new bark town>>

    "Lucas Aria Wake Up!" The loud yell of the purple haired boy's mother sounded.

    Lucas jumped up with a start and looked at the clock, 8:30. Lucas sighed in relief he didn't have to be to the lab until 9:30. With a big yawn, the purple haired boy jumped out of bed and made his way across the room to his dresser. After dressing he walked down the stairs and saw his mother in the kitchen, on the table was a plate of sausage. Sneaking forward, he reached out and snatched a piece, before popping the hot food into his mouth.

    "Hot hot hot!" He yelled chewing as fast as he could, before swallowing. "Mom I'm going to go help dad with the furret, and pokemon eggs before I go!" He said running out the door. Lucas's parents ran a furret and egg farm, he was of course going to inherit it from his father, but that was a long ways away, first he was going to travel around with his own team. "Hiya daddy-o!"

    "Hello Lucas," His father chuckled ruffling his son's hair. "One last day o work huh boy?" He smiled lifting up a crate and handing it to his son.

    Soon it was 9:00 and he had to go. "I'll come back home later to say good bye. Later Mom, Dad!" He ran towards the lab. After about twenty minuets, he arrived and entered the lab. "Yo Professor Elm! I'm here for my first pokemon!" After saying that he saw two other kids standing there staring at him. Blushing he smiled, "Uh...Hi? I'm Lucas..."

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  2. name: Cade
    Age: 10
    Personality: Cade is shy, quiet, and smart.
    Hair colour: black
    Eye colour: blue
    Hair length: down to her hips
    Clothing: Cade wears a long sleeved, red and white striped shirt, and Jean short overalls. She doesn't wear shoes, and has a red ribbon tied in her hair. Her glasses are red.

    Cade stepped out of her house, waving her hand goodbye. She jogged down to Professor Elm's house, knocking on the door three times. "Hello, Sir." She bowed her head politely. "I'm Cade, one of the kids chosen to get a pokemon?" She blushed.
  3. "Why Hello Cade!" Professor Elm smiled, in his arms were three pokeballs. "First is a fire type, cyndaquil." A small fire type popped out of the pokeball. "Next a grass type, chikorita." The small grass type jumped out. "And lastly totodile, the water type." A small water type popped out. "Witch will you choose?"
  4. "Hmm...." Cade pushed up her glasses, calculating the advantages and disadvantages of each choice. "I would like Chickorita, please."
  5. Name: Lora
    Age: 10
    Personality: Bored and Stonic
    Hair color: Blonde
    Eye color: Purple

    Lora walked down the street and opened the door to the Lab. A girl with black hair stood next to the Professor. "Hello sir I was sent here for my first pokemon. Cyndaquil if it's still available." Her voice held boredom and her face was blank as she stood next to the girl with the Chikorita.
  6. "Good Good!" Elm said and handed her the pokeball, and looked at the new girl that walked in. "Cyndaquil is still available." He handed her the small fire type.

    Lucas looked at the girls, one had a chickrota and the other had cyndaquil. "Guess I get totodile huh?" He walked forward to the crocodile looking pokemon. "Hi fella!" He smiled and looked at the others. "I'm Lucas nice to meet you both!" He held his pokemon.
  7. "Greetings." Cade said, pushing up her glasses.
  8. "Lora." The blonde's face was blank, as she patted the fire type's back. They were all handed a PokeDex and 5 PokeBalls, plus the PokeBall for her first pokemon. "What town are you guys heading?"
  9. "Hmm, I don't know. Probably the next town." Cade answered. "I want to catch some pokemon first, though."
  10. "Oh do you want to go to the pokemon preserve my family owns?" Lucas asked. "It's mostly furret, sentriet, lineoon and zigzagoon but it's great and you can probably see the pokemon eggs too if you want." He suggested happily.
  11. "Sure! I would like to catch a furret, after all." Cade responded, shrugging.
  12. "Yesh! What about you?" He looked at the blonde.
  13. "Okay," She looked at her pokemon. "Féu what do you think?"

    "Cynda!" He agreed.

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