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Open pokemon! johto journeys!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Blizzard the omega, Feb 6, 2019.

  1. "Hello! Sorry to keep you waiting! Welcome to the world of Pokémon! My name is Oak. People call me the Pokémon Prof. This world is inhabited by creatures that we call Pokémon. People and Pokémon live together by supporting each other. Some people play with Pokémon, some battle with them. But we don't know everything about Pokémon yet. There are still many mysteries to solve. That's why I study Pokémon every day. Now, what did you say your name was? ..., are you ready? Your very own Pokémon story is about to unfold. You'll face fun times and tough challenges. A world of dreams and adventures with Pokémon awaits! Let's go! I'll be seeing you later!"

    (Ok so i'm going to start)
    Calum walked up to professor elm's lab wondering and wondering on who he'll choose. Calum walked into the lab looking ahead. He wrapped his hand around the door handle and opened it to see professor elm. "ah calum just in time." said professor elm. Calum nodded "you may choose from cyndaquil tododile and chikorita, choose wisely" said professor elm. Calum looked at the three pokeballs picking up the one in the middle. He sent out cyndaquil "cyndaquil! I choose you!" Calum then ran jumping through an open window onto the grass. "I wonder what samuel sees in that boy" said professor elm staring off into the distance
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  2. Essia rushed down to the lab, almost crashing into the door. ‘’ Oh im so sorry, I overslept and then I had to eat breakfast and then brush my teeth and I forgot to pack and-‘’ she continued to ramble about her misfortunes until professor Elm stopped her. ‘’ Its absolutely fine, whats important is that youre here now, please choose your pokemon so you can go on about your adventure. She nodded and looked at the table, ‘’ oh cyndaquill is already picked’’ she thought to herself, focusing on the two pokeballs on the table. ‘’ Alright totodile I hope we can get along well!’’ Essia looked at the professor and they shared a nod. ‘’ Goodbye professor!! ‘’ she shouted already on her way out of the door. ‘’ Good luck young one! ‘’ Professor Elm smiles, then lets out a sigh as the door shuts. ‘’ Kids these days have no patience ‘’ he shook his head.
  3. Jamie walks up to and thru the automatic door on the lab which confused him /why automatic doors/. As he walk in his two shadows follow him in as he calls out. Hello professor Elm my name's Jamie I'm here for a starter. With a yell of directors Jamie finds the professor working at a computer. Just one moment I'm almost done ............and finished. Sorry about that trying to revive a train of thought when it gets interrupted is like bashing my head against a wall. All right just need you to sign some papers before you can take your Pokemon. Moments later
    Ok that is the legal stuff out of the way now I am curious are those two yours pointing to a pair of Pokemon a gardevoir and gallade both of them holding cameras. Seeing this Jamie out his face in his hands an shook his head. No grandparents, im sorry they belong to my grand parents they had misgivings about sending me out alone because I'm ten points his hand at the Pokemon, they sent a pair of trusted guardians out with me to keep me safe. Elm nodded his head and said. I can understand that but why are they taking pictures. With a sigh Jamie said, becomes they were told to embrace me and take pictures of my journey. Ha ha ha elm laughed ok ok ha (cough) sorry your Pokemon is right over there its the last one a male chikorita. Jamie walk over and picked up the ball looking at elm he said thank you professor, before startling him with a hug. With that done he walked to the corner of the room and sat down with his back in the corner before releasing chikorita and getting to know him.

    HAIR: currently bleached white (plans to dye in soon probably something outrageous)yellow newsboy hat
    EYES: orange contacts with white glasses
    TOP: sky blue sleeveless hoodie shirt with magenta hoodie
    BOTTOM: khaki mind thigh cargo shorts with studded white pokebelt 24 pokeball slots
    FEET: black ankle socks with pink&purple plaid converse
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  4. After some time loving on chikorita Jamie returned her and stood walking back over to elm. Professor Im about to go I just Want to thank you again for this and before Elm could protest he was wrapped in another hug. Ok ok yes you are welcome now please I have made a decision am probably going to regret so let me go so I can get some things. Elm said while patting Jamie on the back.

    Elm pulled away and walked to the island in the middle of the room before bending down and pulling out a gray device. This Elm said is a pokedex it is going to be yours as well as a something else one moment while I find them. As Jamie saw Elm walk and jog around his lab picking up boxes and tacking them to a back room after a time a rather impressive stream of vulgar diatribe began to emit from the back room, what Jamie found amazing was that Elm was not using a single expletive and yet he was swearing a blue streak. After a while the words came to a stop and Elm returned.

    Elm set down a lockbox and a large cylindrical object before he began to speak. This machine is a tm uploader it can be used in two ways first is internal the other external. With internal you place a pokeball inside shrunken down and insert up to three tms to give that Pokemon it will beep when it is done but your Pokeball will have a automatic 30 minute lock down while your Pokemon adjusts.

    The next is external you insert a single tm and point it at your Pokemons head you will see a light show and hear another beep when it is done. A word of warning you must not use this on your Pokemon more than once a day if you do you may end up harming them in a way that can't be healed. Elm said giving Jamie a stern look. With some frantic nodding and a nervous yes sir Elm relented now do you have any questions? With a confused look on his face Jamie asked why are you giving my this I mean it's not like I mind but?

    Well Elm said several reasons first was when you set up your appointment you said you'll wait to go last even when I told you you could choose first because you set up your appointment first. Next you came in and where very respectful. After that you spent time and bonded with your starter. Finally you are a calm and intellectual type that is an introvert you remind me a lot of my self and I wish someone had given me a hand like this at your age. Also. you do not need to worry about how expensive they are I was given them because of something you don't need to know about and am periodically sent more so don't worry about it don't actually have a use for them here so please take them and use them wisely. Thank you very much professor Elm for everything as he was saying this he was bowing. Straightening up Jamie put the items away before asking a question Um Professor where is the key? O sorry Elm said before reaching into his coat pocket and handing three keys to Jamie, a key a spare and a spare spare just in case keep them in different spots so you can't lose them at the same time now if that's all I need to get back to work. No Jamie said before saying his goodbyes and heading out the lab door.

    {After a short walk down the road Jamie stoped and gapped at the strange sight in front of him two trainers because he could see there pokeballs where glaring at each other one a boy the other a girl that was not what was strange. What Jamie found strange was that both the boy and the girl where standing on their heads glaring a hole in each other. Jamie finding himself paralyzed by incredulity and confusion just watched this strange sight.}
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  5. In a nearby tree, a dark haired girl sat and watched the unusual sight of the boy and girl standing on their heads and glaring at each other.
    "What a pair of wackos!" A voice squawked. The dark haired girl turned to her Chatot and frowned.
    "Allegro, we can't say such things! Sure, they might be a bit strange. But I'm sure that they're having fun." The dark haired girl said. Seeing some movement below her, the girl looked down to see Jamie passing below her. Taking a pan flute, she played a quick tune to attempt to get the boy's attention.
    "Hello!" The girl called down to Jamie from the branch she was sitting on. "How are you today?"
  6. “I am going surprisingly better than I expected after all this walking what about you” Jamie said while walking 10 more steps before turning around and looking up at the voice to see a girl and to his surprise a Chatot. He looked back at the odd two and noticed they have not moved at all while pulling out his pokedex to see how much longer it would be in lockdown and to scan the Chatot next to the girl.
  7. Seeing that she now had the boy's attention, Melody gestured to her Chatot to perch on her shoulder and jumped off the branch. On the way down, the dark-haired girl pushed off the trunk and landed in front of Jamie.
    "Wow! Is that a Pokedex?" Melody asked. "That's so cool!"
    The girl stuck out a hand to shake with Jamie.
    "I'm Melody. Melody Clark! Me and Allegro are new to Johto. See, we're originally from Sinnoh. What's your name?" Melody asked Jamie. Allegro merely stayed on Melody's shoulder and preened his feathers.
  8. “Um hi my name is Jamie it is a pleasure to meet you. Yes this is a pokedex I just got it from Professor Elm he is a really good guy. Hay do you know what is up with those two I think they may be the trainer's that choose their starters before me.” Jamie asked Melody as he shook her hand. Before pulling out his starter's ball and taping the expansion button and being pleasantly surprised when it grew. Oh the lockout finished anyway this is my new Pokemon chikorita we haven't decided on a nickname yet. Jamie said as he released his Pokemon.
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  9. Melody's eyes widened when Jamie sent out his Chikorita, and she couldn't help but to let out a little squeal.
    "Aww, it's so cute! You got a starter Pokemon from a Professor as well? That's so cool!" Melody said, bending over to get a closer look at the Chikorita. Allegro rolled his eyes.
    "Lame-o, lame-o." Allegro squawked. It wasn't clear if this was directed at Melody or Jamie. Melody frowned at her Chatot before straightening up and flicking her Pokemon in it's beak.
    "Play nice, Allegro." Melody said. The bird Pokemon simply huffed in response. Melody turned her attention to the two strange trainers that Jamie pointed out, and shrugged.
    "Only one way to find out!" Melody said to Jamie cheerfully, before turning in the direction of the two trainers and waving at them.
    "Hey!" Melody called out to the trainers. "Hello! Did you guys just come from Professor Elm's?"
  10. Jamie just raised an eyebrow when the two did not react. With a persing of his lips Jamie walked up to and stood next to the boy and grabbed hold of the crotch of the boys pants making sure to get as much of a hand full as he could. Jamie shifted his hand about trying to get a shocked or indignant response from the boy after about 5 seconds of not even a twitch Jamie spoke up. “Ok so either we have very dedicated actors here or something is very wrong with them”
    Looking back at Melody and Allegro Jamie snorted in amusement at the looks on their faces. “What I thought it was less rude then kicking them, hitting them in some way to cause pain , or pushing them over so I wanted to try and get a reaction from shock of my audacity. But if that did not work well I think they may be in a bad way.

    Pulling on a pair of clothes gloves Jamie turned back around grabbed hold of the boys legs and laid him on his side before stripping his bag off him to set him back first on the ground to check him over. “Well he is alive heart beat is calm breathing is even but look at his pupils they are huge so what do you think.” Jamie said to Melody looking back at her still mildly perturbed and blushing face.
  11. "What do I think? What do I think?! I think you're a perv!" Melody exclaimed angrily at Jamie. Her face indeed was indeed red, but from a mix of emotions. Anger, embarrassment... "Who the hell gropes someone to make sure they're okay!?"
    Allegro let out a small squawk, surprise by his trainer's sudden outburst.
  12. Jamie was laughing a lot. “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I ha ha ha if your ha ha ha ha.”
    Taking a deep breath and holding it before letting out a shuddering breath full of a few chuckles.
    “Ok I'm better as I was trying to say if your reaction is anything to go by I don't think these two would be able to hide their own reactions and to answer your question I think it's from several different reasons first I think is my grandfather's training he use to be military. Anyway me and group of boys wanted him to train us after a while of us bugging him he agreed unfortunately he gave us the authentic treatment I think somewhere in there my body shyness and hesitation just kind of dried up and died.”

    “Also I'm a guy most of us are pervs by default we just don't show it often besides I never got a damn to give in the first place to give.”

    “Not to mention I was friend's with a pair of twins who considered personal space as an objective to overcome. So after all that I just don't feel the same about touching I guess. I know other people don't feel the same and I rather enjoy using that to amuse . But I do feel embarrassed by some thing just not any thing to do with the body. Jamie said before standing up and rummage through his bag .

    “So when I went out on my journey my grandparents decide I would need protection for those just in case scenarios so they sent a pair of their Pokemon to travel with me the parents of my second Pokemon a ralts so I'm going to call them with these whistles.” Jamie said before raising up a metal ring with several whistles on it . “This one here is I need you but its not an emergency” he said before blowing it.

    After about thirty or so seconds a pair of Pokemon appear in a teleport a Gardevoir and Gallade.

    ”Aunt Gardevoir can you take a look at these two please? Jamie asked while pointing at the two odd trainers.

    with a nod and a spoken “gard ” Gardevoir stepped over to the two before her eyes started glowing.

    With a sigh Jamie looked back at melody to see a surprisingly angry face turning back to the frozen girl crouching down he began setting her on her back as well before he started talking.
    “You know I did it to get a reaction, but not from you. Would you have have preferred me to try pain instead of embarrassment maybe give the boy a good old kick I the floating ribs to see if they are messing with us is it that you are a of us or something else?”
    Jamie looked back at Melody a searching mildly hostile gaze locked on her reddend face. Just then his eyes went unfocused and glowed for a few seconds before he fell into his back side rubbing his temple.
    “Ow yes auntie I will be nice.”

    “ Ok so several thing they are ok they need to be in the hospital for an iv to keep them hydrated and feed for about a week and a half maybe two before they will wake up. Apparently a very injured abra decided to rob them if the image's Auntie found are right then something wanted to eat that abra and surprised it enough to take one of its arms and leave several other wounds. Evidently it tried to hit them with a mind scramble but over compensated and hit them with a much stronger mind shatter so instead of a few hours they will take two weeks to work through it. Jamie sat rubbing his temples more “ We need to call someone do you to get them or take them are selves.” Jamie reached out a hand asking for a little help getting up.
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  13. Melody glared angrily at Jamie.
    "Listen... Just because you think its okay to do that sort of thing, doesn't mean its okay! Yeah, I would have totally preferred you to have kicked him in the ribs, just because it wouldn't have been sexual assault! You can't just freaking grope people!" Melody said, before crossing her arms and looking away. Allegro looked at his trainer in surprise, and for once didn't make a snarky comment. He merely only gave a slight chirp and gently rubbed against Melody. Even the sight of a super cool Gardevior didn't help her mood. Noticing Jamie needing to be helped up, Melody gave a slight huff and pulled the trainer to his feet.
    "I left my PokeGear at my house, so if we are going to be calling someone to pick them up It would be from something you have." Melody said shortly.
  14. Anders watched silently from the treeline at the scene that was unfolding before him. He had just finished setting up a tent for himself and Archer after finishing the long descent from the Mountain Road when he had heard the commotion.

    Thinking somebody was in trouble he sprang into action, but upon witnessing what was going on before him he would have honestly preferred something more nefarious. At least that way he'd know how to react. He exchanged glances with Archer, who shared his own puzzled expression, and cocked his head sideways to indicate his curiosity.

    "Yeah, me too buddy..." he whispered, understanding that his inquisitive pup wanted to know what was going on just as much as his trainer, "but they haven't noticed us yet, let's see what else we can find out before we do anything." He said quietly as he turned his attention back to the scene at hand.

    The Growlithe grumbled a soft growl for a reply.
  15. Demo watched the boy with the growlithe from where he hoped he was hidden in the tree. Then a stray branch lightly watched the top of his head. Demo turned to see that his partner Gligar ( nicknamed Fang) has his claws around a branch which bore a Oran Berry, and was trying to lower the branch to reach it. Demo smirked and picked the berry for Fang. The little bat then pierced the berry, and begun to suck the juice out of it. He noted that there was some commotion going on a couple of yards away, and a girl screaming about sexual assault. He sighed, then looked at Fang, who was waving his claws around trying to get the remains of the berry he pierced off of him. Demo gently slid the Oran berry of of his claw. “ Not exactly sure if were in the right place for making friends”, he said to his Gligar. He turned his head to the boy with the Growlithe. “ But he sure looks suitable.” Fang whipped the branch on Demo’s head trying to get another Oran berry. This time it caught Demo completely off guard and his hands flew off the branch he was on and started to tumble down the tree hitting what he felt like all of the trees branches, snapping every one of them and then fell right next to the boy with the growlithe back first.
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  16. Zak wandered along the road stopping to see a young man, falling out of a tree, his Pokemon playfully picking the oran berries.
    "Excuse me!" He said, walking up to the boy and his Pokemon. "Are you alright?" Zak carefully looked at the bag still hanging off the branch, and slid it off and gave it to the boy as he helped him up. He extended his hand to him. "My name's Zak. It's a pleasure." Then noticing the other boy standing next to him, he gave a smile. "Sorry, if I'm intruding on anything."
  17. Demos eyes were shut in the pain.
    He opened them to find a boy who had outstretched his hand out to him. “I don’t need help.” He said in a gruff tone. “Gligar!” Gligar took his attention off of the berries and onto his trainer. Gligar came down and pulled up his trainer onto his feet. He looked at the boy who had offered his hand. “Do you even have a Pokémon? I’m looking in the wrong place to find allies....” Demo said.
    He turned away and jumped back up the tree with Gligar. “Next time,” Demo said pointing at Gligar, “Ask.”
  18. With a sigh, Melody shook her head. Carefully, she tried to pick up one of the two-brain fried trainers. Jeez, they were kind of heavy! There was no way that she would be able to carry both of them on her own, and she didn't want to leave them out here in case that Abra came back. Or any other wild Pokemon, for that matter.
    "Squawk! Over there!" Allegro squawked, pointing to another group of trainers with his wing. Melody looked over to see Demo, Zak, and Anders. Well maybe they would be able to help.
    "Uh... Hey! Hello?" Melody called over to the three trainers. She pointed to the two other brain fried trainers. "These two need to be taken to a hospital! Or Pokemon Center! Or something! Do you think you guys can help me?"
  19. Demo was already walking in the direction of Melody when she cried out. Weaklings, he thought. No way he could ever make friends with such pathetic people. When he got to her, he looked at her Chatot in amusement. Silly bird, why would anybody want a Pokémon like that? He picked up one of the trainers and lifted him over Demos shoulder. But as he did, his back began to shoot sharp pains all over. “Stupid tree.” He muttered as he walked to the nearest Pokémon center.
  20. Quickly to the boy, Demo, Zak gestured to his shoulder, where a Treeko with very peculiar coloring stood. Realizing that someone else was talking to him. "Oh! Right, yes. Here I come!" He picked up the boy and lifted him up onto his shoulder. he followed Demo, walking into the Pokemon center. He held him up to the nurse. "This guy's fainted, as you can see. Could you take care of him?"
    "Sure," The nurse said. "Just put him over there." She gestured to a free bed, and Zak put him down.
    "Good luck buddy," He said as he left to wait in the waiting room. I mean, that's what there for right? He thought.
  21. Demo also set the boy on the same bed Zak put the one he was carrying. He went up to Zak and said darkly, “Don’t get in my way again, or you will want to go back in time. If you’re gonna play my game, your only gonna play the Demo version. And the Demo version is how I like it.” He said pointing at himself when ever he said demo. He went outside to the nearest tree, and him and Fang started punching it repeatedly.
  22. "Demo version?! DEMO VERSION!?" Zak said, walking towards the boy. "What do I have to do to prove myself to you. How about a battle?" Treeko leaped out into the plains before him and Demo. "Don't go easy on me." Zak noticed a small crowd of low level Pokemon turn up, looking curious to see what happens next.
  23. Demo laughed out loud. “A battle?! Against you?! Ha! Listen kid, you are going to lose, and I will crush your dreams, almost like someone did to mine. I’ve been there, done that.” He turned his back to him and started walking away. “But, if you want to face me, try taking on Cynthia in a battle.” He said to him without looking at him.

    He shouldn’t be here, he thought. These kids are so pesky and young and weak. I knew I should have went to Alola instead of Jhoto. Then he added to his adjectives, and annoying.
  24. Melody watched as the edgy-looking boy walked away, but was glad to see that the other boy helped her. Grabbing the other brain-fried trainer, Melody followed the pair to the Pokemon Center and laid the trainer down next to the other one.
    "Well Allegro, looks like that's that." Melody said, wiping her hands. Looking around, Melody found that the other trainers had already left the Pokemon Center. Drat. Melody was hoping to thank that kid. However, when Melody and her Chatot walked out of the Pokemon Center she found the two in the middle of some sort of an argument. Sighing, Melody shook her head and approached the pair. She overheard the last part of the conversation and couldn't help but to laugh.
    "You? Face Cynthia?" Melody said to Demo. She quickly covered her mouth, and stopped her laugh. "Sorry... But I think you're making it up. And what's with calling him kid? He looks older then you."
    "Squawk! What a wacko!" Allegro said to Demo. Melody shot a look at her Chatot.
    "Allegro, I just told you that it's not nice to call people names." Melody said. Turning to Zak, she regain her composure.
    "Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for helping me out there. I'm Melody, and this is Allegro." Melody said to Zak, sticking out a hand in greeting.
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  25. (OC: Bro, my character's 17).

    "Your a bloody coward!" Zak said, hoping that the insult would make the boy turn around and face him. He felt like Demo would be a powerful ally, and that he just needs help from the right people. "Listen. You seem a powerful opponent, so I thought, between two good trainers, a good battle would take place." And then he said more under his breath, but just loud enough so he could here him. "But if you don't want to verse the son of Drake, go ahead." He turned to the girl Melody. "That's alright. I don't think about those things. I guess I just help without realizing sometimes. It's nice to meet you two. This is Tina," He said, gesturing to Tina. "And I'm Zak."
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  26. At Zak's outburst, Allegro sighed and shook it's head.
    "Squawk! What a pair of goonies! Squawk!" The Chatot squawked. Melody simply sighed.
    "Well, it's nice to meet you, Zak and Tina. Please, just ignore Allegro. He just likes to try and make people upset, it's funny to him." Melody said. She shifted her stance as a smile came back to her face. The treeko looked quite cool, and Zak seemed pretty nice. "So! Are you from Johto? I know that I'm new. I'm from Sinnoh, so Johto's kinda different for me. There's not as many mountains here, and no network of underground tunnels to explore..."
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  27. "No. I'm from Hoenn. There's lot's of ocean. I used to go sailing with my dad all the time. But I do love to get out and see new regions. Johto was where my friend May was from, so she suggested I come over to get better and start my journey."
    In the small shrubs where the few Pokemon had been watching, a high pitched squeal came.
    "What was that!?" Zak exclaimed, looking over at the bushes. A small Zubat was attacking the smaller Pokemon.
    "A Zubat! Well Tina needs a buddy! Go get em' Tina!"
    Tina leaped in front of Zak and the Zubat.
    "Tina! Pound!" The small gecko jumped into the air, coming down on the Zubat, leaving a red mark on it's face. The Zubat just looked more angry. The Zubat flew in as soon as Tina landed. His poisonous fangs came down on Tina's small arm. She shuddered as the poison coarsed
    through her.
    "C'mon Tina! You can do this! Absorb!" The life energy of the Zubat was sucked into Tina. She pulsed with energy as the Zubat weakly flapped to the ground
    "Alright!" Zak said grabbing his Pokeball. "Let's see if this works." The ball Landed square on the Zubat's head, and it was sucked inside. One wobble. Two wobbles. Third wobble. Ba-ding!
    "Yesssss! First Pokemon caught! Welcome to the team, Candy. Yea, Candy." Zak turned back to Melody.
    "Yea so anyway I'm just here to train up meet new people and Pokemon!"
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  28. Melody watched as Zak battled and caught the wild Zubat. So, he was new to the region as well? Pretty cool. Melody had heard about the Hoenn region. It sounded pretty nice, and she had heard the beaches there were pretty great. Maybe she would go check it out sometime when she got older. The girl checked her watch. It was a little after noon... she probably wouldn't be making it to Violet City today. That's disappointing, she had been hoping to face the Gym Leader there. Well, she hoped there was a Gym there. Melody's family had moved into Cherrygrove City, and Mel had quickly found that there was no Gym in that city. Her trip to New Bark Town also left her a little disappointed, as there was no Gym there either.
    "That's pretty cool! If you're looking for new Pokemon, well, Johto is a pretty good place to look. At least compared to Sinnoh, there's quite a few different Pokemon here. Are you staying anywhere, or traveling on your own?" Melody asked.
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  29. "Travelling. Although apart from my Pokemon, I didn't come with anyone." Zak wondered if would be nice to have someone to bring along a friend. "I was going to Violet city next. There's a gym there. I was hoping to challenge it. Then maybe that guy Demo will allow me to challenge him. So, are you going to come with me?"
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