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Open pokemon! johto journeys! Sign up/discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Blizzard the omega, Feb 6, 2019.

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  1. This is the discussion for my pokemon johto journeys thread so here's the sign up

    Pokemon team: (final team)

    Here's mine

    Pokemon team: typhlosion, umbreon, houndoom, honchkrow, weavile, tyranitar
    Looks:a normally tall boy, he has very pale white skin, he has white hair and purple eyes, he wears a black hoodie, underneath a black t-shirt, he wears black pants and black shoes, he also wears a necklace with a black crescent moon on it
    Backstory:calum lived with his father in new bark town for his entire life soon his father had to leave him to another region, so houndoom and evee took care of him, soon calum went into professor elm's lab and grabbed cyndaquil so his journey now goes on

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  2. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    Name: sunshine

    Age: 15

    Gender: female

    Pokemon team (finale): meganium, raichu, togekiss, lanturn, espeon, mismagius.

    Looks: she have a long bright brown hair and deep blue-purple eyes, she look a lot more smaller then her age.
    She wears a purple shirt with a blue skirt, she wears red shoes.
    She also have sun earrings that she got from her grandmother.

    Backstory: sunshine grew normally in her hometown with her parents, she want to travel in regions and become a champion in one of them when she grew up, just for fun. she also want to know more about pokemons.
  3. Jamie Windsor

    Name: Jamie Windsor
    Age:12 years old
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Jamie is a very short lad at 110 cm he has short (1in) purple hair he hates and bleaches. As well as Green eyes, he wears colored contacts to change his eye color and glasses. Because he likes how they look. He actually needs glasses or contacts that is why he has all four types (real glasses, fake glasses, just colored contacts, and prescription colored contacts also normal contacts just in case of emergency.)
    his clothes are bright colors his favorite outfit is a pair of shorts that end 2inches above his knees a sleeveless tanktops that could be of any bright color and a newsboy hat with a set of glasses (he will often go shirtles and hatless while traveling to try and darken his tan)

    Personality: Jamie acts very happy and bubbly as well as possibly a fool at times but he has a keen mind and wit like a knife. he has trust issues but he will act very trusting to your face until you fail his trust or he thinks you did. Jamie is a very touchy person hugs pats touches hand holding even "kissing hello" (he saw it in a manga an thought it was very amusing to see the reactions)

    At this time he has kissed 11 girls and 17 boys most of them trainers all of them either blushed sputtered went agap with shock one boy did end up turning the tables on him and went on the offensive shocking Jamie he did admit he liked it to that boy.

    he wants to be near other people but he is very quiet often going days without speaking so he is very bad at small talk often trying to gesture responses or questions. Pokemon count for company but he needs people every so often.
    Shy but impulsive, introverted but with a extroverted twist ha wants to be near people but have the option to just be left alone and pitch in on anything.

    Jamie has a older brother he has never met because he ran away he resents him a little because he never came to take him away.

    He was mostly raised by an older couple who worked as a head maid and head butler for his family they both where Pokemon trainers and keep a full team on them the couple had a mated pair of Gardevoir and Gallade.

    Jamie found a oddish and brought it home he had a talk with his sudo grandparents and they know he would have left like his brother be he ready or not. So behind his parents back they prepared him for everything from finding good camping spots to killing and dressing wild animals/Pokemon for food. Years later When he turned ten they said he was ready and waited for a day that his parents would be away before sending him out with a pair of guardians Gardevoir and Gallade.

    Jamie likes knives like other boys like trains or boats or other things. His "grandfather" gave him his old knives so he has tools for different jobs to use on his journey . As well as how to throw them he is no master at the art but he is surprisingly good at it. He likes to see how many knives he can hide on himself his best is 6 hidden out of sight.

    Gardevoir and Gallade are not his they love him and will protect his life. But Gallade will let him make mistakes get hurt and prevent Gardevoir from mothering him to much. Gardevoir and Gallade are not part of his team anything he tells them to do is just a weak suggestion. They carry their own bag and Powerball with them both Gardevoir and Gallade refuse to battle for him unfortunately.

    Pokémon: (Nothing high leveled since you just started your journey),
    A oddish 19 (F)
    and a young ralts 9 (M) that is Gardevoir and Gallade's child and they tell him they plan on more.
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  4. Am I accepted?
  5. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    He wasn't online for 21 weeks...
  6. Well, The RP is picking up now. Seeing as I’m not the only one without confirmation, I’d say it’s fine to start. :p
  7. Oops! Didn't realize that there was a discussion. Anyway, I'm pretty sure that the rule is for Open RPs, you don't have to ask to join them and can just jump in. That's why they're open and not Ask to Join. I'll post a character sheet soon.
  8. Super Lazy Man

    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

    Soo, can i play as a pokemon?
  9. Ok, then. I’m changing my character sheet a bit, I’ll jump into the main RP thread soon.
  10. Name: Anders

    Gender: Male

    Hometown: Ecruteak City

    Age: 20

    Height: 6'1"

    Weight: ~185lbs

    Hair: Dirty Blonde

    Eyes: Blue

    Clothing: Tan Hat(occasionally), Gray T-Shirt, Coyote Brown Cargo Pants w/Matching Field Jacket, Brown Hiking Boots, and a Olive Green and Gray Rucksack.

    Identifying Marks: Faint criss-crossed scars across forearms from tree branch scratches while traveling through the forest.

    Musculature: Lean, tawny build. Very wiry, and strong, but not overly muscled.
    Personality: Anders is a quiet, reserved, and polite individual. He has many opinions but tends to keep them to himself, unless blatantly asked, or they fly in the face of his ideals. Though young, he is very precocious and idealistic. He is slow to warm up to people, but once he does is fiercely loyal and a friend for life. Though he would seldom admit it, he is a hopeless romantic. Anders is very intelligent, and idealistic, which leads him to believe he is always right, even when he is wrong. That being the case he often has to learn the hard way that he was indeed wrong. However, he will always seek to make amends, or set things right once he's come to terms with the fact.

    Skills: Growing up around the forests of Ecruteak City, Anders learned at an early age how to live off the land. Tought the skills of firecraft, shelter building, wilderness survival, and first aid from his father (a former ranger) as well as a lot of trial and error.

    Past: His father, a former Pokemon Ranger, tought Anders everything he knew. Survival skills, first aid, even pokemon catching. In fact, these skills served him well when he was 16 and managed to capture a Growlithe (Archer) who has been Anders' steadfast companion since.

    His mother was an Ecruteak native who weaned her son on the myths and stories of their town, which helped shaped the young boy into the man he grew up to be.

    Unfortunately for Anders, both his parents perished in the blaze that consumed the tower and some of the town while the two were trying to lend aid. A memory that still haunts him to this day. For this reason the young man set out from his hometown to find his place in the world.

    Family: Mother and Father, both deceased

    Love Relationships?: Gemma, a beautiful girl two years younger than himself, has been the target of Anders' affection. He has loved her for nearly 5 years now, but his idealization of her, and the fact he has no way of providing for a family, has rendered him powerless in approaching her. Still though, he believes they're to be married... one day.

    Pokémon: Species, Nickname, Gender, Ability, Hidden Power, Special Features, History/Personality, etc.

    Archer (Growlithe, Male, 4 years old, ability: Intimidate)
    He has a normal coat for his species. Anders came upon the pokemon while he was undergoing a "trial" of sorts by his father to test his skills of self sufficiency. The young Growlithe was investigating a peculiar pile of berries when it fell victim to a snare that was set out. It was found by Anders sometime later who captured it a pokeball (crafted by himself out of an apricot) so he could nurse the poor beast back to health.

    Archer originally resented Anders for "enslaving" him, but over the course of time it took to heal his leg he found Anders to be caring and compassionate and grew rather fond of him. Eventually Archer decided to stay with the then 16 year old as his partner when he had been released. Though he much prefers life outside of his pokeball.

    Archer is a very clever, intelligent, and Inquisitive pokemon, lending himself to getting onto quite a series of predicaments. He much prefers his autonomy, but like all of his kind is fiercely loyal to those he's deemed worthy
  11. Name: Demogorganen the third, but everyone calls him Demo

    Age: 16

    Gender: male

    Pokemon team: (final team)Gliscor, Scizor, porygon2, alakazam, braviary, and spinda

    Looks: Has long jet black slicked black hair with red highlights. He has a large black cape he wears that he wears every wear, and his eyes are blood red. He also has black leather combat boots. So if you haven’t really figure it out yet, he looks a lot like a vampire, or a really freaky magician.

    Backstory: Demo was part of a Pokémon Fashion club. In this club, participants would dress to either look like their Pokémon, or dress to be of the same theme. Demos only Pokémon at the time was Fang, his Gligar. One day, it was decided that there would be a contest for this. At the very end it was between Demo and a visitor who stopped in, Cynthia. Demo lost utterly because of Cynthia’s style and popularity. Demo tried to fight in a Pokémon battle, but he just got knocked down. In disgust in himself, Demo and Fang went to Jhoto to become a trainer even better than Cynthia.
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  12. Hey! Really excited to be starting RP'ing again!

    Name: Zak
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Pokemon team: Sceptile (Shiny), Crobat, Kingdra, Ampharos, Dragonite, Machamp
    Looks: Light blue hair, light blue eyes, white pokeball shirt, light blue jumper tied around waist, grey skinny jeans, black boots, white and light blue thunderbolt cap, white and light blue thunderbolt backpack.
    Backstory: (Calm down about the Sceptile I'm from another region and it starts off as a Treeko!) From Hoenn son of Drake of the Hoenn Pokemon League. Always wanted to discover the connection of the Ruins of Alph and Rage Lake. Minor historian and great dragon tamer like his father, Zak strives to eventually take his fathers this place, but this could change as the story progresses.

    So, how did I do?
  13. WildFlower

    WildFlower Previously Slatzsly

    dont expect to be accepted is all i say
  14. Well, its an open RP so you don't have to wait to be accepted! Post when you want to!
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  15. Thanks!

    Also just one thing, @JayBird Joe what is with your character?
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