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Ask to Join Pokemon: Johnto Region Adventure: Go on a Journey with Ash

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Riely Brooks, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. (Ignore the thread I posted before this. I am using a school device and it blocks any website that has the word anime in it's URL.)
    This is my first role play. I will play as Ash and 4 others can create their own characters (At least one girl and one boy, other 2 don't matter) who travel with him. Johnto is a region full of strong Pokemon. Due to the strength of the wild Pokemon and the difficulty of its Pokemon league, it is recommended for trainers who have already been on journeys. Ash finds out about Johnto and decides to go there. He leaves all of his Pokemon except Pikachu and Greninja with Professor Oak and arrives in Peartree Town, "The town where adventures start."
    Character Form (pm me This form filled out and I will either decline or approve you)
    1: Name
    2: Pokemon (if any)
    3: Regions previously traversed
    4: Current town of residence (or current place you are in your travels. Residence can be in Peartree town or the first city which is Spark City, are you could be traveling and currently in one of those places or route 1)
    5: Appearence
    6: Bio (Why did you start your journey, where are you from, how you got any pokemon you have, etc.)

    "We're here. We're gonna win the league this time right Pikachu?" Ash cheered. "Pika pika." Pikachu agreed.

    Ash headed to professor Pine's lab. "Hey Professor Pine, it's Ash, Professor Oak told you I was coming." Ash said. "Just a moment!" Professor Pine yelled from another room. Then Pine came running. "So your Ash from Pallet Town?" Professor Pine asked. "Yep that's me, and this is Pikachu." Ash said. "Pika pika." Pikachu said with a smile. "Oak told me you have the first Pokemon ever that is able to temporarily power up through Bond Phonomenon, is this true?" Professor Pine asked. "Yep, that's my Greninja." Ash said. "May I see it?" Professor Pine asked. "Sure." Ash said. He pulled out a poke ball. "Go, Greninja!" Ash yelled as he threw it. Greninja burst end out of the Poke Ball. "Greninja!" Greninja cried. "Fascinating, it seems like any other Greninja, I wonder how the phenomenon works." Pine said. Then Scottie walked in.
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  2. Scottie who was a young boy eager to become a Pokemon trainer sprinted into Professor Pine's Lab. He leaped and punched the sky in excitement. He was a rather lanky guy, wearing a black beanie, black jeans a white shirt and a red puffer jacket. "Hey, Professor Pine, I'm RRREEEaaAADDDYY for my Pokemon!" Scottie yelled shaking in excitement. Scottie's energy came to a stop as he saw a boy that he did not recognize. "Oh hey, I'm Scottie, are you here to get your first Pokemon too?" He asked.
  3. "No, I'm Ash from Pallet Town, I've already been on a few journeys. These are Pikachu and Greninja, and their both my Pokemon." Ash said. "Pika." Pikachu said as he waved. "Gren." Greninja said as he smiled. "Ok, so your here for your Pokemon, this month it's Sinnoh starters." He starts guiding Scottie to a room and Ash, Pikachu, and Greninja follow. "This month, Sinnoh starters?" Ash said puzzled. "Yes, every month we get starters from a different region, either Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, or Kalos." Professor Pine said. Then they got to the room. When Professor Pine opened the door a Chimchar, a Piplup, and a Turtwig. "Ok Scottie, which one will you chose?" Pine asked. "Their all awesome, I have an Infernape and a Torterra at home, and my friend Dawn who traveled with me in Sinnoh had a Piplup, no matter which one you chose your journey will be awesome." Ash said.
  4. (OOC EDIT: I understand, but can I make the Pokémon talk like normal if they were to use telepathy or other means of clearly communicating with humans?)

    Soma went into Professor Pine's lab a little later, as he noticed two boys that chatted with each other, one that looked young, and another that looked older. He noticed the younger boy didn't have any Pokémon yet, as he noticed that the older boy had a Pikachu and a Greninja.

    Pyravi was on his shoulder, as she cooed at the Pikachu, "Pyravi! Pyravi?" Soma smiled at her, as he noticed that she was starting to freely express herself around others. He walked to the older boy and stood next to the Greninja, as he said to him, "Wow, you are a huge one here. And that's a long tongue you got around your neck. Let's hope that we can be friends here."
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  5. Scottie stared at Ash in admiration. "Woah, really? That's awesome!" Scottie then quickly turned to the Sinnoh starters who were all chillin' on the table in front of him. He looked at Turtwig, who was very chilled and relaxed and softly said "Turtwig." Scottie then looked at Chimchar, who was very energetic and hyped at the chance of getting picked. The Chimchar did a fighting stance and yelled "Char!" Scottie then looked at Piplup, who seemed to be desperate to get Scottie's attention by flailing its flipper around, then cutely said "Pip-pip-lup" Scottie pondered in thought for a moment. "I'm going to choose...Chimchar!" Chimchar then jumped and punched the sky in celebration. Scottie got given the Pokeball for his new partner. Then the Chimchar leaped and climbed up to his shoulder. Scottie then turned around to show off to Ash his new Pokemon but noticed a new person talking to Ash and he saw a Pokemon he never saw before on the person's shoulder. Scottie then went up to the mysterious Pokemon and said "Wow, I've never seen this one before"
  6. (No translations, just like the real Pokemon anime, Pokemon talk is left to the imagination.)
    "Neither have I, what is it?" Ash asked. "Greninja Gren?" Greninja said, equally as puzzled.
  7. (OOC: Well alright.. also I would like to privately talk to you.)


    Pyravi noticed the younger boy with the Chimchar, as she said to him, "Pyravi." She fluffed her wings, as she tried to communicate with the young boy. She fanned herself though, as it was a very warm for her in the lab.

    Soma noticed that Pyravi was trying to talk to the little boy as he said to him, "Hey, name's Soma, I'm a Pokémon Trainer that came from Camtonia. I've learned how to catch and befriend all kinds of Pokémon through my secret arts. So what's your name kid, you look cute with your Chimchar." He took out a spherical like object, as the white and red coloring shined directly at the boy.

    He flipped it in the air, as one of his Pokémon came out! It looked like a bear, as he was standing on his four legs. His fur looked light blue, as his tiny furry tail shook. A shield-like marking was on the right side of his body, as it looked pale and it dimly shined in the light. He looked up at the boy, as he went to Soma and stood next to his leg.
  8. Scottie stared at the two Pokemon he had just encountered and was frozen in admiration. "Well, it's best I shouldn't get too sidetracked at the beginning of my journey. I think I'll be off now, see ya everyone it was nice meeting all of you, thanks again Professor." Scottie then walked out of the lab and headed for route 1.
  9. "I'm heading to route 1 to, is that where your going Soma?" Ash asked.
  10. Soma replied to Ash, "I suppose, but the only question is... what is that green turtle and blue penguin on the table?" He wondered who those Pokémon are, as he got out his Pokédex, which only had the Camtonia files so far. He looked at the two Pokémon, as he thought to himself, "Hmm... I wonder what those two Pokémon are, they are certainly for another region."
  11. (Sorry guys but I won't be able to post as much, I was using a school device and pokecharms got blocked)
    "These pokemon are from Sinnoh, the green turtle is Turtwig which I've had myself, and the penguin is Piplup which was my friend Dawn's first Pokemon." Ash said.
  12. Scottie then came back in a bit embarrassed. "Hey Profesor, I kinda left a bit premature. I forgot my Pokedex" Scottie said chuckling and scratching his head.
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  13. "Oh, I forgot to." Professor Pine said. He grabbed a pokedex and handed it to him. "Here you go. Ash, I would give you one, but there are no new Pokémon in Johnto as far as I know so your Kalos one should work." Professor Pine said. "Ok, thanks for the thought." Ash said. "Hey Soma, Scottie, wanna go to route 1 together?"
  14. "Thanks again Professor, I'll take good care of it and Chimchar," Scottie then turned to Ash. "Yeah sure, let's make a deal. Once I've caught another Pokemon we3 should have a Pokemon battle!" Scottie said with fiery determination.
  15. "Yeah, that'd be great." Ash said, with just as much fiery determination. "Pika Pika." Pikachu said as he flexed his arms, signaling that he was ready to battle. "You gonna come with us Soma?" Ash asked.
  16. Name: Flame
    Pokemon: Greninja, Buizel (Who doesn't want to evolve), Eevee (She doesn't like to be in her pokeball), and Noivern
    Regions previously traversed: Kalos and Unova
    Current town of residence: Peartree Town
    Appearence: Blue pants, red shirt with a skull on it, skull necklace
    Bio; Wanted to catch and win gym badges and hopefully win the leagues, Came from Ninja Village, Kalos, Pokemon in storage; Pikachu, Hawlucha, Samurott, Charizard, Servine, and Talonflame
    Flame appeared behind Ash. "Oh my gosh it's the Ash Ketchum." Flame said. "I have heard legends about you."
  17. "Oh hey, I didn't know I was a legend, are you here to get your first pokemon?" Ash asked.
  18. "Hey Ash I'll meet you at route 1, I can't wait around any longer. See ya everyone," Scottie waved as he left the lab. Scottie rushed to route 1 with Chimchar on his shoulder to see if there was any Pokemon he wanted to catch.
  19. "Nah I have this Eevee on my shoulder, and a few more pokemon on me." Flame replied. "I also have some pokemon back in Kalos." He saw Pikachu on Ash's shoulder. "I actually have a Pikachu two, but its at the lab." Flame said.
  20. Scottie reached route 1 with his brand new partner Chimchar on his shoulder. "Now let's make our way to the next town," Scottie said confidently. "Chimchar!" Chimchar cheered punching the air. They made their way down the pathway and after a couple of minutes, they were interrupted by a Stunky eating a berry in the middle of the road. "Woah, what's that Pokemon?" Scottie asked himself as he pulled out his Pokedex. The Pokedex scanned the unknown Pokemon. "Stunky, the Skunk Pokémon. It protects itself by spraying a foul-smelling liquid from its hindquarters which lasts for twenty-four hours." The Pokedex said. "Interesting I think I'll catch it. Go Chimchar, use Flame Wheel!" Chimchar leaped in the air and started to spin forwards and he started to be covered in flames as he spun more. Chimchar charged at Stunky covered in flames. Stunky looked up at Chimchar not fazed by him and used Smokescreen. Chimchar went into the Smokescreen, removing it. However, as the Smokescreen went away it revealed nothing where Stunky was previously. Chimchar started to look around for the poison type Pokemon that had disappeared. A purple gas started to ooze out of the tree and went towards Chimchar. Chimchar didn't notice the gas and breathed it in, he then started to feel really weak and fainted. "Chimchar?!" Scottie yelled as he ran to Chimchar. He picked up Chimchar and looked up at the tree and saw the Stunky eating his berry and laughing. Scottie sprinted back to Professor Pine's Lab in panic. He barged through the door and yelled, "Help! Something happened to Chimchar!" Scottie looked down at the unconscious Chimchar with a scared look.
  21. (OOC: Just for easier reference I'm going to post the Pokémon team I have so far below. I will also update accordingly as my character catches or befriends other Pokémon.)

    1st Pokémon: Pyravi (Gender: Female, Type: Fire/Flying, Ability: Rebirth)

    2nd Pokémon: Hydopup (Gender: Male, Type: Water, Ability: Hydrotic Break)

    3rd Pokémon: Ampharos (Gender: Female, Type: Electric, Ability: Static)
    Soma nodded at Ash, knowing that he also didn't need the Pokémon, since he already had his own. He saw a boy with a Chimchar that already left for Route 1, as he said to the bear like Pokémon, "Alright buddy, let's get in the ball now. We're all gonna be off to Route 1."
    Hydopup nodded, as he went back inside his Poké Ball while Pyravi stayed on his shoulder.

    As soon as he was near the door, he noticed a boy that came in panicking! He noticed he was the same boy with the Chimchar that he met earlier, as he said to him in a calm tone, "Alright buddy please calm down. I suppose that he might have passed out from battling so much or something. I think that maybe the lab has something that heals them back, but just try to stay calm, I'm sure the Professor here could help."
  22. "Yeah okay thanks," Scottie said to Soma. He then sprinted to the Professor and asked for help. The professor took the Chimchar and felt its forehead. "It seems to have been poisoned." The Professor said calmly. The Professor went into her bag and pulled out a Pink berry. "here give Chimchar this Pecha Berry. This should instantly heal Chimchar." Professor handed Scottie the berry. Scottie then fed Chimchar. Chimchar wiggled around in Scottie's arms after swallowing the berry. The professor felt his forehead once again. "See, his temperature has gone back to normal already," said Professor Pine. Chimchar slowly opened his eyes. He looked up at Scottie and instantly was as lively as he was before. He jumped up on Scottie's shoulder and smiled at Scottie. "Thank you so much Professor, we'll be off again," Scottie then headed for the door.

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