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Ask to Join Pokemon Islands

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Funny Sans Rat, Mar 2, 2018.

  1. Funny Sans Rat

    Funny Sans Rat Previously The Bog Hog

    All pokecharms rules apply, I recommend reading them before roleplaying (Everyone wants a roleplay that follows the rules).

    This roleplay is a war/battle roleplay between island tribes.

    The tribes are:
    Ask me to add more tribes if you feel like we need more or need more people per tribe.

    Each tribe has a mysterious Pokemon that is larger and more powerful than any other known Pokemon (Not stronger than legendary and mythical Pokemon) on the islands
    There is only one per tribe, first come first serve. If your favorite tribe is full then it's full, no exceptions.

    All pokecharms rules apply, no bending those rules.
    If you want a mega, talk to an admin, even then it's rare to have a mega, don't have one unless it's necessary.
    Legendary Pokemon and mythical aren't allowed !NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE SAYS, EVEN AN ADMIN!
    The only players that can somewhat emphasis on SOMEWHAT 'god-mod' is the Ultra Pokemon and when i say 'god-mod' I mean be powerful enough to attack an Ultra Pokemon and have a chance of winning face to face without others and/or traps.

    Map by BreadFan:

    Go to the discussion page to post bios (I'm not gonna let this thread die like poketale 3.0 I WILL TREAT THIS THREAD WITH RESPECT)
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  2. Cryss lumbered out of the cave system called the Village Hall, his home and workplace. It was built in the mountains of the island, with many other cave systems arcing through it allowing a shortcut if you know how to use them. As the Ultra pokemon walked into the cave system again, he was meet by the always surprising sight of a hollowed out mountain, being filled with homes and other things for many other ground and rock pokemon, not to mention all the refugees from other tribes when war broke out. To his side, a Dugtrio popped out. "Our scout rocks are currently seeing no offensive activity to the mountains yet." He said, meaning the Geodudes and other rock pokemon hidden in the stones, keeping secret eye over other tribes. "Good." Cryss said before stepping down into his underground home.
  3. Orabelle was resting her head on the armrest of her throne. She was tired of hearing her advisors argue about what to do. She sighed. She was tired of the fighting. She wanted peace. Within her kingdom and everywhere else.
    Suddenly, the door to the throne chamber burst open. General Coburn, a large Gyrados confidently shifted his eyes around. His eyes landed on Orabelle and he swam up to her. The palace that she calls home is underwater, and so are the homes of most other citizens.
    Once General Coburn has reached her, he bowed deeply. “ There are no troubles in the tribe so far, my soldiers have left no coral unturned. “ He explained. Orabelle nodded delightfully. “ This is good news. You hear that guys? We are at peace. “ She said to her advisor. “ For now. “ Whispered a Vaporeon advisor.
  4. Venus sat solemnly at a glacier's edge, calmly watching her village from a distance. There she saw a few child Alolan Sandrew playfully chasing each other around in what seems like a game of tag. She enjoyed nothing more than seeing happiness upon the villagers, especially the children. "Any noteworthy activity?" Venus asked as she shut her eyes. A Beartic, who was walking towards her from behind, spoke up. "No m'lady. None of the Vannilish scouts have reported any significant activity around. It seems things are truly calming down." Venus smiled warmly and rose up from her spot. "Excellent. I'm glad to hear such positive news. Now if you will excuse me, I haven't taken my daily stroll and would like to get on that." Venus floated past the Beartic before being stopped by him. "M'lady wait! Wouldn't this be an opportune time to strike? Such a pause could be an advantage that we should use."

    Venus paused for what seemed to be a few moments. "I've said many times before that we are not a tribe of violence. Only through self-defense and necessity do we resort to such heinous actions." "B-but... We may never get such an opportunity again! This is the perfect time to establish ourselves as a-" "How's your son doing?" The Beartic was caught off guard by her sudden and completely off topic question. "He's uh..... I mean, he's doing great... May I ask..." "I was just wondering. He's a cut, adorable little one. You've been a great father to him. Continue to do so, and don't do anything stupid that put him in danger." Venus turned her head towards the Beartic. Her face was stern and vicious, almost dangerous even. The Beartic froze in place, staring down at the ice below him in shame. "Understood. I'm sorry M'lady I don't know what came over me." Venus's warm smile returned. "Excellent. Now if you don't mind." A cloud of vapors instantly surrounded Venus, and when they dissipated, she was gone.
  5. Orabelle whipped her head around to look at the Valoreon. “ Pardon, Wave? I didn’t quite hear you. You must speak up. “
    Wave raised his head to look her right in the eye. “ Your Majesty, with all do respect, how can we know no one is planning anything? If we are not careful, we may be wiped out easily! “ Orabelle nodded. “ I understand your concerns, and everyone’s opinions and viewpoints matter, but if there is any hint of a attack, General Coburn and his troops could sniff it out in no time. “ She comforted.
    Wave nodded. “ Fine, but we must be careful...” He said.
    “ Don’t fret, my soldiers and I will protect this kingdom with our very lives! “ Coburn exclaimed.
    Orabelle waved her fanned tail for silence. “ I thank you all for coming, but it is time for all of you to return home. Rest. Eat. You deserve it. “
    Everyone bowed before leaving the throne chamber. Once the last Samurott left, Orabelle slumped in her seat. “ That took forever!!! “
  6. Funny Sans Rat

    Funny Sans Rat Previously The Bog Hog

    While Shocker was in the same cave he was in for approximately the last five hundred years or so, the same people that had been trying to get the boulders loose, they were Commander Gregor, The Defense Planning Ampharos, some of his army and Charlor The Warrior Alolan Graveler. Charlor began trying to heave the rocks to no avail, Gregor tied a rope to Charlor's arms aswell as the arms of the strongest of his army, once again they tried heaving the boulders to no avail, Shocker had noticed the small movement and began punching the rocks, a glow began emanating from the gaps between, the rocks flew away from the cave and lightning crashed down near the areas of the Ultra Pokemon. Dust came from the cave as the shadow of an Eelektross was visible, it was larger than normal, the shadow then changed to a Sandshrew, then a Heracross and back to an Eelektross then... He struck it's own people before he realized what had happened, He apologized for that and was taken to the temple of the prince of the Electric type.
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  7. Cryss slowly climbed down farther into the mountain. "Hey, Turt. How's the underwater spying going?" The blue rock type asled the Carrcosta standing at an underground pool. "We have suitable spys located at most major points in the underwater, even in the Queen's castle itself." Cryss nodded slightly before turning off again. "Good. Prepare for an attack. But use Ice, I plan to pawn it off." Turt nodded himself and lept forward into the water. "It will be done." Turt said, swimming down through a hidden passage to the Water Tribe's land.

    Turt slowly waded his way through the Water Tribe, unbenounced to the locals of being an enemy. He's been there many of times before, and was never thought of as a rock member. A slight, but strategically placed bubble was sent out, alerting his spy crew to their base of operations. "Plan activate, but Ice only."
    Soon after, Randy the Relecanth began to freeze the town square from above water, camouflaged as a rock. Other hidden pokemon also targeted points in the water tribe where defenses seemed weak, like the market.
  8. There were screams coming from the town. Orabelle could hear it. General Coburn burst in “ My Queen, we are under attack! The Ice tribe is freezing the town! We must deploy defenses! “
    Orabelle looked furious. “ How dare they attack us?! I want you to send all your best troops in!! “ She commanded.

    Soon, members of the royal army were marching in. Blastoises prepared to fight, Wailords carting small pokemon, Samurrots with sharp spears, and Sharpedo prepared for close combat.
  9. Turt noticed how the Water Tribe began defence, so he sent off yet another signal, this time, a single word. "Susanna!" As if he was calling for a friend or family member. As soon as the word left his mouth, all of the attacking Rock Tribe members began acting as if they were being attacked, Turt dropped down inside a building shell up, Randy just swam around left and right saying "This can't ne happening." Over and over again.

    Cryss slowly wandered around his kingdom, entirely underground. Most of the other tribes never saw this place, as the land they controled spanned quite farther than the others were lead to believe. There were houses built into the rock walls, and many stores and farms growing food for whoever needed it. But his location was the Temple of Ultra, a place dedicated to the original Ultra pokemon who started this great Tribe. Layed out on the table inside were many precious gems and artifacts. These were all from each passing Ultra Pokemon, each being some item they held dear. "May we stand strong, like Mount Keplet, where we live as one." He prayed to himself.
  10. Medics and volunteers flooded the underwater streets. The Blastoise were firing jets of water at the ice above them. The army was looking for an unseen enemy.
    Orabelle was on top of her palace, watching the chaos and giving orders. She was surrounded by Greninja and Swampert bodyguards.
    A Hunttail made his way to Orabelle. “ Your Majesty, we have not been able to find any Ice Tribe pokemon! What must we do?? “
    “ Keep looking! Look for anyone suspicious. Even our one. No one can be trusted at this time. “ She commanded.
  11. Funny Sans Rat

    Funny Sans Rat Previously The Bog Hog

    The Electrivire prince of the electric tribe known as 'Eletor' had heard about the attack on the water tribe "We need allies... we should help the ground tribe, they have an advantage against us but... The water tribe has an advantage against them, send our best troops in and make haste! Don't forget to tell them to equip their breathing helmets, lucky they are almost impossible to break" He said to the troop commander, Conrac the Heliolisk "Yes sir!" Conrac said as he ran towards the area the troops were at the time "Get ready! We're going to the Water Tribe, they're under attack!" Conrac yelled as Emolgas, Dedennes, Vikavolts and other pokemon followed him as they crossed the forests to get to the water Tribe, "Men! go help the water tribe, Fight for their right to keep their land!"

    "Alright... Shocker, I'm going to send you into the battle as well, We need your help, You can take the ground tribe down!" Eeltor commanded as Shocker began charging across the ground, making it in half the time it took the others to get there, he dived into the water to the front line and began helping, the others soon came too, one of the higher ranks ran towards the castle to inform Orabelle of what was happening.
  12. Vannilish scouts continued to scour the icy land, searching for any potential threats. All of the troops hid as icicles, camouflaging themselves in the snow and ice. An angry looking Abomasnow emerges from a shrub he had camouflaged himself within. "Seems no activity is happening around here. I'd say it's nice, had it not been soon ominous and worrisome." A Vanilluxe arose from the spot she had camouflaged herself within. "Commander Pierce, do you anticipate a possible threat in the near future." The Abomasnow rubbed his chin with this leafy claw. "Call it a hunch. Set up our troops in strategic spots. Be prepared to be camped out here for a while, I'd say until tomorrow. There;s nothing to report to the queen about just yet but we must be prepare."
  13. Orabelle was shocked when the Electric Tribe dives into the water. Were they attacking too?? But instead of attacking her soldiers, they aided them. As she was watching in confusion, a Pokémon from the Electric Tribe made their way to her.
    Her guard stepped in front of them. “ Halt! “
    Orabelle waved her tail to dismiss them. “ It’s alright. Let them through. “ She said.
    When she received the news that they were helping, she nodded. “ Tell Prince Eletor that we are all greatful for his help. Perhaps this is a start to a alliance. “
  14. Funny Sans Rat

    Funny Sans Rat Previously The Bog Hog

    "We must make alliances and this one was a good choice, we will aid you with the return of our ultra pokemon, after many years, he is free and will help" Just as the pokemon said that a large shock of electricity shot towards the icy surface water, somehow not discharging into the surrounding water but flying in a straight line towards the ice, then a large pokemon jumped from the ground and charged towards the ice and rammed it.

    "I recommend you send your guards to search for any suspicious pokemon, there are many rock pokemon that are marine creatures... like a Carracosta or a relicanth!" The pokemon said as they adjusted their helmet "There may be a spy in this very castle!". Shocker had decided to follow where the ice rays were coming from, he found one of the pokemon and subdued them before finding a guard to give the pokemon to, he knew most people were surprised when they saw him, they thought he was dead.
  15. Ace was sitting at the head of a table full of other bug type Pokémon, reading a book. ''Lord Ace. I have something I need to report." Said a Vikavolt, breaking the silence. Ace looked up at the Vikavolt. "Fine. What is it, Volt?" The Vikavolt flew above the table. "According to my fellow spies, that the ice tribe has attacked the water tribe. Only the town square was damaged." Ace smiled. "Some fighting between the tribes? That's great!" Ace exclaimed, as he fluttered higher. "I should go congratulate them on a great attack!" Ace flew out of the Bug's Temple of Ultra, which was in a large tree. He fluttered over to a small pond, where some Araquanids stood. "Alright you two, break times over. Follow me, guards. Off to the Ice Kingdom!" They did as they were told, and followed Ace to the Ice Kingdom.
  16. Orabelle nodded and sent a Golduck to deliver a message to the soldiers. “ Search for all rock type Pokémon! There may be spies. “ He commanded. The troops obeyed and divided into groups. A group of Slowbro, Poliwrath, and Tentacruel came upon a Relicanth by the name of Randy. The leader of the group, Antonio, a Slowbro, aimed his pointed tail at Randy. “ By orders of the queen, you are to be subjected to questioning. “
  17. After some time, Commander Pierce the Abomasnow returned to his troops. "Okay soldiers, it seems I was just acting paranoid. There doesn't seem to be any impending threats so the pack up and-" Just then, a Sneasel scout exploded onto the seen. "Commander I have news! The bug tribe... th-they're headed this way. A-and... Their leader is traveling with them." All of the troops shudder at his words. Even Commander Pierce is disturbed by the news. "If they are planning an attack then... Ms. Venus's presence is required. Fall back troops. If this is an attack, then we'll stand no chance without our queen." The troops, with absolutely no hesitation, pack up and begin making their trip back to the tribe. Commander Pierce gave the Sneasel one last order before following suit. "Keep your eye on them. Keep your distance. And if you're spotted, do WHATEVER you can to escape." The Sneasel nods and heads back through the ice land.
  18. Ace rode on one of the Araquanids' back. "Are we there yet?" Ace asked tiredly. The Araquanid rolled his eyes, and took Ace of his back. "I am sorry, my Lord, but you can fly. I see no reason for you to ride me." Ace started to flutter again. "Fine Arnold." Ace said annoyed. The snow falling on Ace's wings slowed him a small bit. "Hey. Lord. I see the town." Said Arnold. Ace ignored him, still looking away from him. "Lord? Are you ok?" Arnold poked the back of Ace "Hey! Watch it!" Ace yelled. "Its just that there is a Sneasel following us. Its kind of creepy..." Arnold stared at where Ace stared. "Well. Maybe a scout or something. Just ignore it, alright?" Ace nodded, and turned to face the town. "You have the stuff Andy?" Ace turned to face the other Araquanid. "O-of course, m-m-my Lord." Stuttered the Araquanid, as he took of a bag he had on his back.
  19. The Sneasel became nervous when he noticed that he may had been spotted. Before retreating though, he'd spotted the Aquanid pulling out a bag. He had considered his options; retreat now and most likely succeed, or risk getting caught and seeing what the bag contained. After some deliberation, he decided to stick around and find out what they had.
  20. Randy watched as the guards surrounded him. "Questioning? For what?" He asked, faking innoence. Randy was chosen as a spy because of two reasons. One, he can lie like nobody else. Two, Randy can improvise. The Relecanth acted like he thought of an idea, which was only a slightly more raised eyebrow. "Is this discriminating me for being mutityped? If so, I demand to know why!" Randy was sure not to mention the ice tribes 'attack' knowing it could leave him open for more questioning.
  21. The Slowbro did not lower his weapon. “ No, it is not because you are multityped. It is simply because you are outside, openly panicking instead of running for shelter, like most other civilians are. “ He explained as two Poliwraths came to Randy’s side. “ You will not be in any danger, I assure you if that. “
  22. Ace looked into the bag and chuckled. "This will blow them away..." Ace grabbed the bag, and put it on Arnold's back. Arnold sighed, and turned to face the other Araquanid. "You can go home, Andy. I do not detect any threats that cannot be taken care of." Andy nodded. "Y-y-yes sir!" Andy saluted his general, and started to head back to the Bug Village. "Why did we even hire him? He is weak." Mumbled Ace, flying into town.
  23. The Sneasel saw this as an opportunity to tail the Araquanid. Once it and the rest of the tribe gain a reasonable distance from each other, the Sneasel interepts the Araquanid. "Hold it right there you bug. Just what are you and your tribe up to? If you're planning an attack, I suggest you get your friends and turn back now because lady Venus won't be to fond of you intruding on our land."
  24. Arnold immediately held his hands up in the air with defeat, slowly turning around. Ace was not pleased by this. "Put your hands down!" Ace exclaimed, then proceeding to slap his hands down. Arnold sighed, and gave the bag to Ace. "We are only but a weak tribe... Why would we ever want to attack anyone? We just brought a gift that must be given to the Queen by us for her recent actions!" Ace said in a cherry tone. "Its not anything dangerous, we promise!" Arnold added.
  25. The Sneasel paused for a moment before circling around them. On a nearby leafless tree, the Sneasel scratched an odd pattern into the bark. "What 'recent actions' do you speak of? Our tribe has been quite silent as of late so I doubt you're telling the truth." He growled in an attempt at intimidation. "Mind you, we have troops surrounding the land, which means if you're planning an attack, it's bound to fail."
  26. Ace smiled, and laughed. "Your jokes are great, dude!" Ace pet the Sneasel "If we wanted to attack you, I would have brought more troops!" Ace then flew past the Pokémon, and continued further into the town square. "Look. All we ask is that you bring us your Queen." Arnold then leaned in towards the Sneasel and whispered something. "And I don't think our Leader has the intelligence to strategically attack..." Arnold then turned, and started to follow Ace.
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  27. Randy shrugged as good as a rockfish actually could, and agreed to come along. Randy knew there wasn't anything to worry about, so he might as well as play the part. Mainly, the water tribe didn't actually have a way to trace him to the rock tribe. This attack was well thought out, mainly because many water pokemon have Ice attacks, while their entrance to the tribe gets sealed off often. Turt continued hiding in his shell, inside his house in the water tribe.
  28. Antonio nodded and indtructed his group to bring Randy to the castle and off they went.
    Meanwhile, a group of Kingdra, Wailord, and Crawdaunt were going house to house. The leader, a Kingdra named knocked on the door with his tail. This home was owned by a Carrcosta by the name of Turt. “ Open your door, sir. We mean you no harm. “ Said Gus, the Kingdra.
  29. The Sneasel crossed his arms and considered the situation. "Our Majesty is pacifistic. So to hear that you're not here to cause conflict is reassuring. However you still can't be trusted." The Sneasel turned his back and hopped into a nearby tree. "I hope you keep true to your word, lest any problems arise between our tribes." the Sneasel remarked before leaping away.
  30. "So, Arnold. Do you know where the temple is?" Ace asked Araquanid. Arnold nodded. "Just follow me to the temple, my lord." Arnold took the lead and started to walk towards the temple. "So, the Sneasel said this tribe was a pacifist tribe..." Arnold told Ace. "We know that's not true. So this is a lying tribe. We should be careful lord." Arnold turned around to Face Ace, to see that he was gone. "Lord?" He turned back around, and saw Ace flying quickly towards the temple with the bag. "We have a child for our leader." Arnold mumbled, before chasing after him.
  31. Turt looked up with a nervous expression, hoping to pass it off as a scared citizen. "Hello? Who are you?" He called put, stuttering out the words. Turt knew what could happen, and so did the Rock tribes resident fisk. He just so happened to be camouflaged under the water tribes feet(?) As they were at Turts house. A quick thought sent a discharge, amplified from the water around him, shocking almost everyone nearby. In the confusion, Turt, Randy and Fisk took their own excape routes heading to the hidden enterance to the Rock tribe's underground. As the trio entered the doorway, a rock blocking it was moved away and the three swam through. As soon as it was, a group of four Machamps pushed it back into place as solidly as they could, and proceded to throw other rocks behind it to prevent the water tribe from breaking through.
  32. Marry sat on top of her throne and looked down at her throne room until a scout Litleo burst through the doors panting, "Queen Mary, I have news!" He said out of breath.
    "What is it? It had better be important, " Mary snarled
    "It is! I have caught wind that a few of the other tribes have been to attack each other, Should we take this opportunity to engage in some combat my queen?" The Litleo asked
    "No, we do not have the full story, let's take some time to observe the fight before we make enemy with the wrong people, like the water tribe" Mary responded "But keep an eye out, and send the town guards the alert too, keep them on their toes"
    "Very well your highness. I shall report immediately " Litleo said as he bolted back through the doors and to the towers. Mary grew excited at the idea of conflict, though she had not fought another tribe in years, "Let them fight," Mary spoke to her self as the began to laugh
  33. Meanwhile, at the village border.......
    "What do you mean she's on her stroll? Why now of all times?" Commander Pierce pleads and he clamps his head. "Now of all times she wants to leave." Vernon, the Lieutenant Beartic, placed his paw on Pierce's shoulder. "Commander, calm down. What's got you so worked up?" ................. "Wait... You're telling me that...." Vernon paced back and forth. "We have to place the village on lock down. If the Bug tribe has bad intentions and our Majesty is away, things will get ugly quickly." Pierce saluted Vernon and turned to his soldiers. "You heard your Lieutenant. Spread word as quick as possible. Prepare for evacuation if necessary." The ice mon nodded and moved into town and began carrying out their mission.
  34. Ace knocked on the wall of the temple. "Hello? Anyone home?" Ace knocked louder. Arnold finally caught up, and pulled him away from the temple. "Lord. Its obvious that they are not home currently." Ace would sigh. "So we came all this way for nothing?" Ace would be red in the face. "Well, we can do stuff here, my lord... I hear this tribe is one of the most jolly! We can go shopping, or something." Ace fluttered in the sky. "Shopping? I love shopping!" Ace would start to flutter towards town square. Arnold followed after him.
  35. The town and empty and dead. No one roams outside, all of the shops are closed, all of the homes locked shut. If you look closely, you'll see eyes peeking out from some of the buildings, watching the intruders march through their home. "Good evening," said a voice from behind. "It is with great pleasure for us to receive a visit from the bug tribe. May I ask the occasion?" It was a Beartic, bowing in respect.
  36. Ace was still busy looking at all of the closed shops. Arnold took the responsibility of talking to the Beartic. "We came to give your queen a present." The Araquanid took the bag from Ace and showed the Beartic. "This is a surprise for your Queen, and I think it will be much better if our lord, gave it directly to your Queen. So, do you have any idea of her whereabouts?" Ace fluttered to one of the shops, and stared directly into the eyes of a Pokémon.
  37. The Beartic hesitated, nervous of the bag's contents. "Our Queen is away." he said before silently cursing himself. "I can't really say where she has gone. However, she will be back shortly. And with all due respect, your presence is unexpected and untimely. Might I check what this surprise might be?"
  38. Arnold nodded, and was about to open the bag, when Ace flew in and took it. "Listen here, Bear Guy." He exclaimed. "A surprise is a surprise. I will not show you the contents of this bag." Arnold sighed and looked at the Beartic. "We are the Bug Type tribe. One of the weakest. Why would we want to spark war?"
  39. The Litleo bust into the throne room again to speak to Marry, "My highness, I have received valuable information!" He said, bowing before the throne, "That's for me to decipher," Marry responded as she gave her attention to Litleo
    "We just saw the Bug tribe leader leaving the tribe with a small group, it looked like they were heading to the Ice tribe's land!" He finished as he stood up straight. "Get a platoon prepared, I want to meet them on their way back for some... peaceful chatter, discussing an alliance.." Marry said as she stepped down from her throne,
    "B-but! this is the perfect time for an ambush!" Litleo studdered. Marry sighed,
    "What is the name of the Fire tribe leader?"
    "It's you ma'ma, Marry..." He responded with a confused expression
    "What is your name?"
    "Marshal, Marshall Paragren, Ma'ma."
    "That's what I thought, I am the leader, not you... now, Get a platoon prepared!" She barked at Marshall.
  40. "That's precisely what I want to know. I wouldn't imagine you came here just for a friendly visit. And you must understand that bringing a 'gift' without any context is quite suspicious, especially when it;s specifically meant for our Queen." The Beartic hesitated for a moment. "I hope you're not offended or anything. I'm just being cautious for the safety of our tribe."

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