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Ask to Join Pokemon Islands Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Funny Sans Rat, Mar 2, 2018.


What tribes should I add?

  1. Normal!

  2. Dark!

  3. Fighting!

  4. Flying!

  5. Rock, Rocks have feelings too

  6. Ghost!

  7. Dragon!

  8. Fairy!

  9. Steel!

  10. Grass!

  11. Cream Cheese Cowboy Type (I'm not adding this)

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Funny Sans Rat

    Funny Sans Rat Previously The Bog Hog

    This is the discussion page for Pokemon Islands


    Name: ( not needed but would be preferred )
    Normal Pokemon Or Ultra Pokemon:

    (NOTE: ONE ULTRA POKEMON PER TRIBE, FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. Ultra Pokemon are large powerful Pokemon that are worshiped as gods by the non-ultra Pokemon and are supposedly thousands of years old)

    (The tribes are open forever but if everybody joins one tribe I may have to make some tribes 'closed' momentarily) The ultra pokemon available are:

    My bio is:
    Name: Shocker
    Appearance: Normal Eelektross
    Pokemon: Eelektross
    Age: 1295
    Backstory: He was the Ultra pokemon of the lightning tribe and was graced with the ability to change form, He was locked in an underwater cave when heavy boulders were loosened by corrosion and fell on the entrance, he was too weak to lift the heavy boulders but trained against the walls of the cave, eventually he was strong enough to unlock his ability to change form
    Tribe: Electric
    Normal Pokemon Or Ultra Pokemon: Ultra pokemon
    Other: The ability to change form

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  2. May I join??

    Name: Orabelle
    Appearance: Just a Milotic
    Pokemon: Milotic
    Age: 1198
    Backstory: When Orabelle was a Feebas, She was determined to evolve. She decided to train harder than anyone else, so she may evolve into a beautiful Milotic. Instead of accomplishing her goal, she nearly worked herself to death. One day, she was swimming too fast, and she crashed her head into a large rock. She was in a coma for months. In her dreams, she found she could learn to heal herself, and that’s how she woke up. After that, she no longer had to stop training, she could just heal herself. She became a Milotic not long after.
    Tribe: Water
    Normal or Ultra: Ultra
    Other: Has the ability to heal herself
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  3. Funny Sans Rat

    Funny Sans Rat Previously The Bog Hog

    YES, FINALLY SOMEBODY JOINS. Might wanna change the whole 'bullied' thing, ultra pokemon are born ultra pokemon.
  4. Funny Sans Rat

    Funny Sans Rat Previously The Bog Hog

    It was great before but now it's better!
  5. Name: Cryss
    Appearance: A normal Rypherior, but with crystal armour instead of the normal dark brown rock other Rypheriors have.
    Pokemon: Rypherior
    Age: 2437
    Backstory: Cryss was born with a unique colour scheme for a Ultra pokemon, making it even wierder. He was first thought to be a shiny, and was left at that. Later on in life, a flood soon came through when Cryss became a Rypherior. The blueish coloured Ultra stood before a small Dwebble, taking the crashing water with little damage. He soon discovered his slight immunity over water.
    Tribe: Ground
    Normal Pokemon Or Ultra Pokemon: Ultra
  6. Name: Venus
    Appearance: Icy blue color instead of white. Spikes of ice line up down her back and has an ice crown with three spikes attached to her head.
    Pokemon: Froslass
    Age: 2871
    Backstory: Venus was once a human who had met an untimely death due to an avalanche accident. One day, she migrated to a cave and flash froze herself to partake in a deep meditation. Through this, Venus found inner peace, resulting in her opening her third eye, along with a thicker body that helps defend herself. Venus looms around aimlessly, watching over those of her tribe. She can speak to those of her tribe through telepathy and will appear when her assistance is needed. Venus prefers to remain hidden from sight unless her presence is required, whether it be to heal or assist in combat.
    Tribe: Ice
    Normal Pokemon Or Ultra Pokemon: Ultra
    Other: Teleportation, can heal and shield ice and water Pokemon, and can sense impending danger.
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  7. Funny Sans Rat

    Funny Sans Rat Previously The Bog Hog

    Accepted! Also, little sidenote, while the ultra pokemon are 'gods' to the villagers I should have specified, most of them are either locked up or in a deep slumber-ish thing, my first idea was that maybe an ultra pokemon could be locked up in a pyramid or something, keep that in mind future posters, you two are ok, continue with the plot you have going, I like it!
  8. Two things,
    1. Cryss is a rock. They don't exactly sleep.
    2. Are you gonna post soon?
  9. Funny Sans Rat

    Funny Sans Rat Previously The Bog Hog

    Yes, I wasn't getting notifications and I've been moderated, sorry! When I said deep slumber I meant like an inactive state.
  10. Oh, well that would kinda stop people with Ultra OCs from posting then. I kinda like what we're doing.
  11. Mo6


    Name: Zoe Nomas
    Appearance: She took the form of a slim built human girl, with very pale skin that seems to turn even paler under the sun, and long, messy black hair with red tips. She has greenish blue eyes, with white pupil, and red eyelids that sometimes mistaken as eyeshadows. That's not the only human form she can took, she can sometimes took on a form of a boy, infant, older humans and other Pokémon that she met. Her true form, is just an average Zorua.
    Pokémon: Zorua --» Zoroark (later)
    Age: 20 (still consider as a child because she's not fully evolved yet)
    Backstory: Born with parents from different tribes and different species, she was consider as an oddity along with her parents which had cause unnecessary conflict towards other families on the tribe they resides in. Her ability on prolonging a form also cause more problems, the fact that she transform into something that was not even consider as a Pokémon didn't help. With conflicts from the other clans in the tribe, her family decided to lived in her mother's old tribe.
    Tribe: Ground (former), Ice
    Normal Pokemon Or Ultra Pokémon: Normal
    Other: Her father is a Lucario and her mother is a Zoroark. For some reason, even though she was born in her mother's species, Zoe can see and control aura but her father forbid her from controlling aura as it had a dangerous impact on her health.

    I don't know if this acceptable enough... so please tell me if I need to change anything.
  12. Name:Elizabeth(Beth)
    Pokemon: Crobat
    Appearance: That of a normal Crobat but missing a ear nub.
    Backstory: Being one of seven meant Beth never stood out. But she was determined to evolve and prove her worth to the world. So she trained and trained and dedicated her life to protecting her fellow citizens. She is now one of the elite soldiers of the Poison tribe. She is loyal to her Ultra, believing that he will bring the poison tribe back into power and prestige.Above all else she wants to protect her home.
    Normal or Ultra:Normal
  13. Name: Sapphire
    Appearance: Lighter blue than usual
    Pokemon: Primarinna
    Age: 50
    Backstory: Parents died to protect her tribe so wants to protect her tribe too. Ultra's attendant
    Tribe: Water
    Normal Pokemon
  14. Here. Take this!

    Name: Quinn
    Appearance: A Unown in the shape of a Q. Their eye colour is blue.
    Pokemon: Unown
    Age: 19
    Backstory: Quinn’s backstory in the Unown Dimension is unknown, but it is said that Quinn fell out of a portal around where the Electric Tribe resided and has attempted to stay with them ever since, despite being a purely Psychic type Pokémon.
    Tribe: Electric. Or Quinn doesn’t have one, and roams freely.
    Normal Pokemon Or Ultra Pokemon: Normal
    Other: Quinn’s gender is unknown, but prefers the female gender pronouns. Also, if there were a Psychic tribe, Quinn would be part of it.
  15. Name: Ace
    Appearance: Body has a green tint
    Pokemon: Vivillon [Jungle Pattern]
    Age: 1348
    Backstory: The bug tribe for a long time, had no Ultra Pokémon. Due to this, many other groups easily defeated it in any type of battle. Ace, as a Scatterbug, ran away from the tribe, and stayed deep within a nearby forest for a long time. There, he trained, and trained. As he grew stronger, and stronger, he realized that he may be the Ultra Pokémon that his tribe needed. He soon returned back home at the age of 1343 years old. He soon became the Ultra Pokémon of the Bug Tribe shortly after returning.
    Tribe: Bug
    Normal Pokémon Or Ultra Pokémon: Ultra Pokémon
    Other: He is extremely fast, and agile
  16. Funny Sans Rat

    Funny Sans Rat Previously The Bog Hog

    How have I missed this!?!? EVERYBODY'S ACCEPTED! Btw, it's ok to mix types with other tribes, like a normal type in a bug tribe.
  17. You didn’t need to add a Psychic tribe.
    Just wanted to let you know.
  18. Funny Sans Rat

    Funny Sans Rat Previously The Bog Hog

    Well, It's there now so... It's gonna stop existing.
  19. Hey, can I join still? and is this good? (Btw I do have experience with roleplays, This is Just a new account I made)

    Name: Mary
    Appearance: Black tips on the end of her nine tails with Fire red eyes
    Pokemon: Ninetails
    Age: 500
    Backstory: The Fire tribe was a feared force in battle until their ultra pokemon (Mary's grandfather) died in a fight against the water tribe 450 years ago. The fire tribe was leaderless and weak for ages with fake ultra pokemon rising and falling with the years, until the tribe noticed Marry was growing abnormally large. The tribe got together to discuss whether they should spend the time on testing her. They agreed to test her so they took her to the Fire-type Ultra Labyrinth and locke her in. It took her 170 years but when she emerged she had evolved into a magnificent Ninetails with Fire in her heart and a thirst for revenge, which she got by murdering the current leader of the Fire tribe and taking control, (130 years later is right now)
    Tribe: Fire
    Normal Pokemon Or Ultra Pokemon: Ultra
    Other: Is a vicious leader and will destroy one anyone who stands in the way of her or threatens her throne
  20. Funny Sans Rat

    Funny Sans Rat Previously The Bog Hog

    Accepted and this roleplay is currently 'good', by that I mean that something is going on but not much has happened, we're in the middle of an attack on the water tribe so, there's that?
  21. I meant is my post good but yeah I'll just chill out until yall are done. Also thanks for accepting me
  22. Funny Sans Rat

    Funny Sans Rat Previously The Bog Hog

    No, it's ok, it's nearly over anyway, you don't have to wait, you can join the fight too or you can talk with the other tribes. Make friends or destroy the tribes that oppose you, expect some fighting back though!
  23. I'm back, didn't get an alert from the rp.
    Quick question, why are the rock pokemon being targeted?
  24. Funny Sans Rat

    Funny Sans Rat Previously The Bog Hog

    You're attacking the water tribe, they're fighting back. Unless you don't mean that...
  25. Remember, it was a strategic attack by attacking while hidding and using ice moves. They pawned it off as an attack on the ice tribe, and who would think that rock pokemon used ice attacks? Even the bug tribe thought it was the ice tribe.
  26. Okay, am I getting this right? The Ice tribe attacked/is attacking the water tribe so now the ground and electric tribe are helping the ice tribe? Why does everyone hate the water tribe?
  27. No, the rock tribe is attacking, but making it seem like the ice tribe is doing it and so far, nobody knows it yet.
  28. But the electric tribe is still helping the rock tribe right?
  29. Not to my knowledge, Fisk is part of the rock tribe. Not all pokemon in the Rock tribe are rock types.
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  30. Here's what I got: Rock tribe is attacking water tribe disguised as Ice. Electric his helping water while the bug tribe visits the ice tribe thinking they're the ones attacking.
  31. Ooh ok, I thought Electric was with rock not water, thanks for clearing it up
  32. The rock tribe has a Stunfisk in it, the electric tribe is not with them.
  33. Hey is there an official map of this world I can go off for tactics or do you want me to make one/ just let it go?
  34. Funny Sans Rat

    Funny Sans Rat Previously The Bog Hog

    No official map at the moment, feel free to send ideas though!
  35. Name: Kommo-o
    Appearance: A large Kommo-o with scrapes across its scales and a scar across it's eye.
    Pokemon: Kommo-o
    Age: 2671
    Backstory: When it was young it was trained to fight as a warrior, it would train countless nights as a Jangmo-o and a Hakmo-o, fighting against various other Dragon warriors and the elements. Once it grew into Kommo-o it's body size became much larger and it was known as the strongest warrior among the others and assuming the role as the Dragon Tribe's Ultra Pokemon.
    Tribe: Dragon
    Normal Pokemon Or Ultra Pokemon: Ultra
    Other: A proud and strong warrior that makes sure that every member of the clan is prepared for anything, no matter how rigorous the training may be.
  36. Funny Sans Rat

    Funny Sans Rat Previously The Bog Hog

    Ok, accepted.

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  37. lol that was supposed to say pearl, not pear, too late now
  38. ._. why no ghost tribe

    Name: Aurora
    Appearance: She's a normal Lapras , but she has green eyes instead of black, she's quite smaller than others of her kind and she has a purple bow on her head. (tbh I don't even have any idea to make an appearance for a Pokemon, cus they all look the FREAKIN same with minor details from apart)
    Pokemon: Lapras
    Age: 240 (xD I don't think you guys know but this is what turtle kind (in PKMN world) consider a toddler)
    Backstory: N/A (she's just a kid :/)
    Tribe: she's more of a water than ice so WATER TRIBE
    Normal Pokemon Or Ultra Pokemon: Imagine an Ultra Lapras . . . (Perish Song troll intensifies) OF COURSE SHE'S A NORMAL POKEMON, WHAT ARE YOU JOEY AND HIS LVL 4 RATTATA FROM JOHTO ??!!
    Other: N/A

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