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Open Pokemon iron(fan made pokemon game)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Traineriron24, Dec 2, 2016.

  1. A crie of a eevee was the only thing bolt needed to wake up.it was volt's dinner time.bolt got out of bed,smileing
    Saying "all right volt calm down please" the eevee jumped for food.bolt Gave eevee a bowl of Oran berry's with pecha Berry's
    (I forgot to add in something no swearing is my most important rule on here and do a bio please )
    (Bolts bio
    Name: bolt
    Gender: male
    Age:10 *it was his first day as a trainer*
    Appearance: blonde hair,yellow long sleeved T-shirt,blue jeans
    Black shoes and a treecko hat
    Extra items:a red and green bag with 10 pokeballs and a thunder stone inside and a silver scarf

    How he was obtained: a gift from his mother)
    Bollt remembered it was his first day as a trainer and professor oak needed to see him for a prestent ,As volt finished of his meal bolt got his stuff together
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    Moved this to RP Discussion as there's no first post yet, but once you have a little more story, feel free to start another post in the role play section :)

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