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Private/Closed Pokemon International Police

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Hecotoro, Apr 4, 2020.

  1. In the wonderful world of Pokemon, there exist all kinds of people. People who dedicate to the well being of the world and it's citizens. But, where there is light, there is dark. There are people who use Pokemon to try and control the world, destroy it or change it to their liking. Because of the evil that exist, there must be someone to step up against it. That is were Interpol comes in. An agency dedicated to protecting the world from chaos and standing up for justice.

    The alarm rang, showing it was 6:00 a.m. Azumi, who was under her blankets, reached out and turned it off. She sat up and looked over to the side of her bed, where Nana, her Gardevoir, was sleeping and drooling over the pillow. "You better be up by the time I get back." Azumi said as she left her blankets and got dressed. She changed into a sporty outfit, washed her face, placed her hair in a ponytail, drank a banana smoothie and left her apartment. She began running down the streets of the famous Goldenrod city, passing by shops and game corners. After 30 minutes of her morning run, she returned back to her apartment.

    A grumpy looking Nana was at the bar in the kitchen drinking a smoothie. She wasn't a morning Pokemon. Azumi smiled at her as she removed her headphones. "Make sure everyone is fed and ready to go." Azumi said as she disappeared into her room. Nana fed the rest of Azumi's team while her trainer took a shower and got ready for work. Once it became 7 a.m Azumi's bag had her Pokeballs inside and Nana was wearing a small Interpol badge as a necklace, to show she was part of Azumi's team. They both took a taxi down to the center of the city, in the same block the famous radio tower was located. They both stepped out of the taxi, not having to pay anything since it was billed to Azumi's debit card. They looked up at the building. It was about 12 stories high, with glass walls, allowing everyone inside to see towards the outside. Although most of it belonged to the local police force, Azumi's team would be stationed on the 11th floor. They went into the building, checked with the receptionist, took the elevator and arrived at a quarter before eight. Azumi looked around their temporary headquarters.

    There was a desk for everyone, no cubicles, so everyone could see each other. Azumi, however, had her own little office. There was a hallway leading to the break room and another to the restrooms and lockers. The desk for the assistant was outside Azumi's office, the task force was near the break room, the detectives were near the entrance and the data specialist was on the one corner where no light entered. Azumi smiled proudly and went into her office, setting her things down, turning on her computer and then going to the break room with Nana, to get some coffee while the others arrived.
  2. Andrew woke up and rolled out of bed as soon as his alarm went off. He had been getting up at 6:00 in the morning for nearly ten years, and it was easy for him to get going now. As he passed by the foot of his bed on the way to the bathroom, he bent down to tussle the fur of his sleeping Luxray, Ace. The large electric type gave a wide yawn, but before his eyes had fully opened Andrew had already closed the door of the bathroom.

    After shaving, brushing his teeth, showering, and the like, Andrew re-entered his bedroom to find Ace grooming himself. Andrew, now in an outfit of loose black pants and a dark blue collared shirt, gave his partner a grin and went into the living area of his apartment. He had a small kitchen, and there he cooked himself a quick meal. As he waited for the toast to pop up, he quickly filled his Pokemon’s food containers and let them out for their breakfast. Then he tucked into his own before it got too cold. Once they had all finished, he recalled all but Ace to their Pokeballs and headed out the door.

    The two walked along the street, wending their way towards their place of work. Andrew’s apartment wasn’t all that far away, so he always walked, and rarely did he arrive late.

    A few minutes after Azumi arrived, Andrew stepped into the office. He didn’t know if Azumi was already there or not, so he sat down at his desk. Ace padded up beside him and placed a paw on his leg. His eyes were locked on the wall that separated them from the break room. With the strange abilities of his species, Ace was able to see through the wall and could tell that Azumi and Nana were inside. Andrew understood that his partner was letting him know someone was there, and he gave the Luxray a pat. He just leaned back in his chair, though, and waited for the work day to start.
  3. Stirring in his covers, Ryan Flint, also known as Buddy, woke to hear the sound of his Pincurchin. "Piiiiin. Piiiiin." Screeched Kilowatt the Pincurchin, the tips of its spines sparking ever so slightly. Rubbing his eyes and stepping out of his bed, he sighed. "Can't I just buy a new alarm clock?" Buddy groggily mumbles. Kilowatt responds with a stubborn grunt. Checking his Pokegear, Buddy noticed the time, 6:15 AM. "Alright," he said, clearing his throat, "let's get to it." He rummaged through his nearby satchel and grabs a Pokeball. Opening it, it revealed a Slurpuff, shaking its head and then looking at Buddy expectantly. "Take care of everyone's food, Cherry," Buddy said, before shuffling towards the kitchen. After getting dressed, having a nice piece of buttered toast, making sure his Pokemon are fed, and dealing with his hygiene, Buddy and his team are ready to take on the day.

    Buddy grabs his satchel and places the strap on his right shoulder, then steps out of his decent-sized apartment. Heading outside, he takes a deep breath of fresh air. There's nothing like smelling the morning breeze, Buddy thought. After hailing a cab, Buddy arrived at the police station. Kilowatt poked its head out of his trainer's satchel and stared at the massive building in front of them. Entering the station, they checked in with the receptionist and headed up to the 11th floor. Buddy checked his Pokegear, which showed the time as 7:51. As the elevator doors opened, he headed to his desk, dropping his satchel onto his chair. Kilowatt happily scuttled onto Buddy's desk, and immediately falls asleep. Buddy stretches his arms a bit, then over to the break room for some coffee, finding that his Captain had the same idea. "Good morning Captain," he says with a smile.
  4. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Bruce woke early for some training with his team, which he had been doing daily since he joined the force. His pokemon were training to hone their strengths. Charizard was flying around, in aerial evasion against weavile, who was using ice shards as projectiles. Torterra and goodra were in a sumo-wrestling match, and aegislash was meditating, with his blade in a rock. Golurk was watching over them, making sure no one got out of hand, especially weavile and charizard. Bruce spared his punching bag to go back inside to fetch some food. As he passed, he took a glance at his clock.
    "Holy-!" it was 7:40. He had lost track of time during training.
    He stuck his out the door "Golurk get ready!" he said as he before running to change.
    In about 10 minutes, he had quickly changed, grabbed a energy bar, returned his pokemon, and flew off with golurk
    He made it at 7:54, sighing and panting when he made to the elevator.
    When the elevator opened, Bruce entered with a loud "Hello all of yous!" as seated himself on his desk.
  5. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Around 5:30 in the morning, Dianna woke up. She calmly entered her bathroom and took a quick shower, getting the last bit of sleep out of her. Then she continued getting ready in as Dexter, her Smeargle watched. She have him a brief smile as she equipped her other Pokemon and exited her home. The walk didn't take long, and at about 7:55, Dianna sat down at her desk silently as she simply started looking over previous cases and studying them. Her eyes were narrowed as her teeth were clenched. To her, she was late. Five minutes late to be exact.
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  6. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    Angel Kovich woke up at 5:30 swinging out of bed and stretching, she did not need to check the clock, she woke up at the same time everyday, she liked her schedule, and even coming to this new place had barely interrupted it, especially not inside. She feed her Pokémon and gave them water before she exercised, push ups, sit ups, pull ups, and some work on the punching bag, nothing to intense, just to make sure she was not some helpless target. She got dressed in the clothes she planned to take to work as she grabbed the lunch she made yesterday and an apple, calling her klang and rotum back into their poke balls, walking with binara. She walked into the office at exactly 8 O’clock, arriving exactly on time, as she has since she joined, waving at her co-workers “I see you all are early!”
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  7. The bustling streets of Goldenrod City was always filled with both people and Pokémon alike. It wasn’t called ‘The Festive City of Opulent Charm’ for nothing after all. With a gym, game corner, the largest mall in Johto, and even the national park South of Goldenrod, there were a lot of things for everyone. Of course, one couldn’t just forget the radio tower. The crown jewel of the city was a colossal six-story building known for its numerous talk shows and broadcast programs.

    Unfortunately, Dustin didn’t really have time to get lost in the wonders of the city as he had a place to be. After quickly getting himself ready for the day, he fed himself and his Pokémon with a rushed but satisfactory breakfast before heading out. Dustin would prefer not to be reprimanded for tardiness. Should push come to shove, he could fly over with Charizard or Salamence.

    Thankfully today the streets weren’t too hectic and it appeared he would be able to make it to his workplace on time. He checked in at the front counter before taking an elevator to the office. When the elevator opened, Dustin stepped into the room to see basically everyone else already there.

    “Looks like I made it just in time. What’s up everyone?”

    Dustin ran a hand through his brown hair, greeting everyone as he went to his seat.
  8. "Good morning Buddy." Azumi said with a soft smile. "I can't wait to get started here, Goldenrod has so much history. Too bad we're here to work." That was her idea of a joke, she was still working on that. She drank from her coffee at the exact same time her Gardevoir did. Despite having different attitudes, they both always seemed to coordinate their actions. Once it was eight, Azumi had just finished her coffee.
    The captain stepped out, smiling and saying good morning to everyone on her way to her office. She stopped at the door and cleared her throat. "Good morning everyone! I hope you all settled in to your comfortable temporary homes. I know it must be really stressful to move around a lot, makes you wish evil would just stay in one place, right?" Azumi's attempt of a joke again. "Now, let's get to business." Her voice became more strict. "A local bike owner, who ships internationally, says that several of his shipments have not arrived. I've sent the address to Dianna, make sure to take someone from the task force with you. Angel will try and pull the invoices to see if the shipments went missing here or upon arrival. The owner says their competition has been very aggressive lately since they can't seem to top them in sales. Now, for Ryan, you're gonna need backup, I suggest you take two from the task force since you need to go to the underground. It seems there have been sightings of rocket grunts. Probably just a small group that believes they can revive the organization, but they should be dealt with before it becomes public." She looked around, nodding. "That's it, get to work." She turned to Milo. "Could you please go check the information on the bug catching contest? It seems someone has been attacking contestants and taking the Pokemon caught. The local police is short on staff so we will help with the paperwork, I just need you to get the report. Sorry." She didn't like sending Milo away but she couldn't leave her office at the moment.
    Nana began walking around, as usual, pretending she was checking on everyone but she didn't really know what they were supposed to be doing.
  9. "Understood." Ryan nodded to Azumi and headed over to his desk. "Alright Kilowatt, let's get to work." Now finished his nap, Kilowatt chittered happily and hopped in his trainer's satchel, which Buddy then picked up. Heading over to the task force's desks, he cleared his throat. "Alright, you heard the Captain. Looks like I'm gonna be heading underground. Who's coming with me?" He asked the three task force workers.
  10. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Dianna glanced over at Ryan and the task force workers. "I would prefer to work with Andrew, if that is fine with you," she said bluntly. She then turned back to her desk and cleaned it up as she tried to calm herself down so she didn't explode with a tidal wave of emotions. This anger stemmed from what most would call a simple mistake, if one at all. She was five minutes early instead of ten. She shook the thought out of her head as she started to read over what Azumi placed on her desk.
  11. Andrew had been fairly quiet since he arrived. He had greeted others as they arrived with his usual "Hello", but besides that he was silent. He listened attentively as Azumi handed out their tasks, nodding his head, and Ace sat beside him, seemingly understanding very well what was going on. Andrew was torn about which he would rather do. While he enjoyed accompanying Dianna, the idea of busting brewing trouble with the Rockets sounded appealing to him. After all, he and his team excelled in catching criminals. However, his mind was made up when Dianna called out that she wanted him working with her. He gave a nod and got to his feet, stretched, and walked over to Dianna.

    "Well, detective, what's our first step?"

    He spoke in a somewhat joking tone, although his question was serious enough. He always tried to lighten the mood when possible. However, he wasn't really sure it would work on her. It was hard to tell, sometimes,
  12. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    Angel smiled at Azumi, nodding and went to sit at her desk “You guys be careful out there! You never know what might happen.” She turned to her computer “Azumi! Could you send me the information in the shipment crew and bike joint?” That info being ever so slightly important to finding the shipment.
  13. Dustin watched as Dianna immediately stated her intentions to Ryan. He momentarily wondered why she was so swift in choosing her partner but quickly regained his focus before it could stray too far away. Since she wanted to work with Andrew, then that just left Bruce and him as the remaining task force members. Taking down some Team Rocket grunts sounded much more fun anyways so he didn’t mind.

    “Looks like I’ll be joining you today Ryan.
    This Team Rocket stuff sounds interesting. You got a game plan for us yet?”

    Standing up, Dustin greeted the detective with a tinge of anticipation in his voice. Dustin would be lying if he said the prospect of a potential Team Rocket revival didn’t intrigue him. The original organization was quite infamous after all. If they were planning to resurface, then they were about to have a major case on their hands. However, this time he would be there, ready to take them out for good.
  14. "Well, that leaves me with Bruce and Dustin," Ryan stated cheerfully. He glanced over at Dianna for a split second. Ryan never really liked being around her, in his opinion she seemed a bit bland with how bluntly she speaks. She didn't seem like the kind of person that he could socialize with. After hearing Dustin's question, Ryan snapped back to his usual demeanor.

    "Well I'm glad you asked! It's rather simple. Since we don't have a clue about the goings-on of these grunts, we can head into the underground, survey the area, maybe find some clues as to their current location, and if we do encounter the grunts, I'm sure you two can deal with them just fine," Ryan explained with a glimmer of curiosity in his eyes. "Piiiin!" Kilowatt unhelpfully added, poking his face out of Ryan's satchel.
  15. Azumi looked over at Milo. "Could you send that to Angel before you leave?" She looked back at Angel. "Also, check the internet for anything that might involve team rocket. If they are reforming, they most likely have a blog or something on social media. Also, if anyone is selling bug Pokemon, just in case!"
    Azumi noticed Nana listening to the conversation going on with Ryan and his group. The captain walked over to them. "Don't get over confident down there. The underground is famous for a lot of illegal activities and cops are not welcomed. I suggest maybe looking as casual as possible."
  16. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Bruce shrugged "I'll take whatever allows me to break more heads. Some Team Rocket bozos sound perfect for beating." he smirked "They won't know what hit them."
    Bruce was excited, a fight with Team Rocket members! Hopefully this would prove a challenge.
  17. "Got it. We'll blend in as much as we can. Don't worry about us too much though." Ryan gave a smile to Azumi. "I have a good feeling about this. We'll be in and out in no time," he optimistically added. He then turned his attention to the two task force workers. "I'm pretty much set, so we'll be off as soon as you two are good." In reality, he had his worries about the mission, but he wasn't going to let that stop him from going through with it.
  18. Hearing Azumi mention something about wearing casual clothes caused Dustin to look over what he was wearing. A regular white collar shirt and black pants shouldn’t cause him too stick out too much. Along with the chain around his neck, his features should make him appear like a young adult simply hanging out with some friends.

    “Yeah, there’s no need to worry Captain. If anything, if you have any ideas on a good place for lunch, I’d be interested.”

    Dustin spoke to Azumi with a confident expression on his face. Perhaps he spoke with a bit too much confidence as he quickly followed up his comments with a more refined tone. As much as he believed in the abilities of his team, Dustin knew it was best to heed the advice of the captain. At least he would try to.

    “I mean we’ll aim to successfully finish this task in a swift and efficient manner.”

    He nodded respectfully at Azumi before turning to face Ryan. It appeared he was waiting on Bruce and him. Dustin believed he understood the plan quite well. They were going to sneak into the underground to begin the investigation. Should the team encounter any grunts, then they would fight them off. It was relatively simple. With that in mind, Dustin felt he was prepared for the mission.

    “Alright Ryan, I’m ready to go.”
  19. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Bruce got up as well "Ditto. Let's kick some rocket ass."
    To be honest, he didn't hear much after "Team Rocket" but whatever, he wasn't here to think, that was Ryan's job.
    Although did remember the casual clothes comment. He looked down at his outfit. He looked pretty decent, kinda like some gym trainer or something like that. Bruce sighed.
    Avoiding drawing attention was not his specialty.
  20. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Dianna went to file the previous cases again as she went to look for the address to the shop. "Wait to get more information. I'll ask Angel to look over our case first. Currently, we have very little information to work with." She finished refiling everything before typing down an email to Angel that read: "Can you please work on the bike-shop thief case first, I would like more information before we head out. Dianna." She then sent it before writing down all the facts she currently knew.
  21. Andrew nodded. He went back to his desk and settled down to wait. He could see that his friend was stressed about something, and could probably use some space. He sat around for a moment or two, considering doing some push-ups or something while he waited, but he didn't like exercising with other people around. Instead, he decided to let out his team for a bit. Out first was Luna the Noctowl, followed by Marinette the Leavanny and Hex the Mismagius. Last out was Aqua, a blue Gastrodon. Andrew gave them a quick recap of their mission, and they all reacted as he expected. Luna's head rotated 180 degrees, so her head was upside down. It helped her to think. Marinette smiled gently, glad they were doing a mission that wasn't guaranteed to harm others. Hex looked bored with it all and quickly drifted away to find Nana, and Aqua just stared.
  22. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Milo nodded along with Azumi's request, which was to retrieve her the papers on a contest. As he was about to leave to get the report she had asks for, she calls for him again, this time, another report for Angel, who wish for more information on the case they're currently trying to solve.
    "On it!" He replies hastily, grabbing the needed report for the bug contest, then proceeds to clumsily sends the needed information to Angel. It took a while, since he failed to remember which button is which but he managed.
    "There! I send it! Did you receive it?" He calls to Angel, just making sure. He clumps the reports then, and walked back to Azumi's desk, placing down the needed papers.
    Honestly, it was only a few orders, but it got the male so mess up already. He smiles sheepishly at Azumi, who was walking around, no doubt probably checking up on each of them to see how they're working. He then took the chance to fix up his clothes a bit before continuing, looking through the reports to see if he had gotten the right one.
    Kiki, his Klefki partner, laughs at his silly attempts, fixing a strand on his hair that went out of place with the other curls. Milo puffs up his cheek as the Klefki act as if he was a child, and started on other strands on his head. The assistant ignored the klefki, and went on with his job.
  23. Azumi laughed a little at Milo. "Sorry if I didn't make myself clear. You need to physically go to the contest... On second thought I'll go with you. I haven't left the office in a while, might be good, right?" She called out to Angel. "You're in charge of the office okay? Nana will keep you company. She isn't a fan of bugs."
    Nana looked over at Angel and smirked, she always like watching her type and see all the colors on the screen. One day she would learn to use the machine and put music on all day. She petted Hex and floated over to Angel and began looking over her shoulder.
    Azumi grabbed her coat. "Be careful everyone, send me a message if anything happens or if you need backup." She looked at Milo. "Ready?"
  24. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    Angel nodded "I got it all thanks!" she opened a few windows on her computer and typed some key words into a program she had written to look across social medias, from most commonly to least commonly used. She then looked up the address and case file for the bike shop, along with the shipment information she had available, forwarding it to Dianna 'This is what I have, I'll make sure to update you if I find something else on this.' Angel cracked her knuckles as she then manually went through the shipment logs she had been sent, along with an email to the head of the shipment crew asking where the shipment was last seen and what his professional opinion was.
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  25. (Sorry, wasn't getting notifications. Why must you fail us, Pokecharms alert system?!)

    After confirming that the two task force were ready, he did a final check of his bag to make sure he hasn't forgotten anything. "Pokemon, check, Pokegear, check, notepad, check..." He muttered to himself, quickly rifling through his satchel. Remembering the Captain's comment, he looks down at his clothes. Just his regular shirt, vest and jeans. He looked just as unassuming as usual. Satisfied with his preparation, Ryan looked up at Bruce and Dustin. "Seems like we're all set. Let's get going." He headed towards the elevator, motioning for the two to follow.

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