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Ask to Join Pokemon in the wild Roleplay!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Sun and Moon, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. Sign up here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-in-the-wild-sign-ups.15202/#post-363686

    Mo finally woke up after the terrible disaster. He was hanging off a tree. "W-Where am I?" Mo said to himself as he cutter the tree down to save myself. "Well.. I need shelter. But I need to find the right wood..." So Mo walked down a path that lead to some more trees and berrys "Dont mind if I do.." Mo said as he picked the berrys off of the tree. He picked a sitrus Berry, Pecha Berry, And a Regular Berry. "Nice!" Mo said as he went to pick the last berry. But there was a Pokémon that resembled a Wolf of some sort. But... with wings? It kinda looked hurt so Mo came to talk to the hiding pokemon. "Are you ok?" Mo asked. "Ouuch..." The Pokemon moaned. "I.. Crash landed." She said sadly. "Well. We need to find or build a shelter, will you help me?" The Gallade asked. "Sure! And by the way. I'm Spotlight. A Swiftflight!" Spotlight said while they were cutting down the trees with their attacks.
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  2. Shanga came hurtling out of the sky right into Mo. "Ohhh... Owww..." Shanga got up, still light-headed. She regained her bearings and saw Mo. "Uggh... Oh my gosh! Mo!" She rushed to his aid. "Mo? Are you alright? Mo? Please wake up..." She asked quietly, with concern in her voice. She started to tear up, just when Mo sat up.
  3. While Mo was cutting wood. He felt a large object hit him. Mo collapsed on the floor. "Ouuch." Mo moaned. When he regained his sight. He stood upon one of the most beautiful Pokémon he had ever saw. "Heh, I guess I should've brought my rocky helmet with me.." Mo studerred. "I'm Mo. I'm from Caileber city. I've went face to face with a disaster and... that's how I got here!" Mo blushed. "Anyways. We need to build a shelter before sundown. Will you help me?"
  4. "Uh... Sure..." Shanga said, getting lost in Mo's eyes. After realizing what she was doing, she blushed as her face turned red. "Uh.... Yes... I'll gather some leaves..." She said, hiding her face in embarrassment. After leaving the group abruptly, Shanga clambored up some trees, and gathered some leaves from the tops. Oh... His eyes... Shanga thought, swooning over the Gallade. Oh... She almost lost her footing thinking about him.
  5. "And I will get any other supplies we need!" Spotlight said as she flew in the air, her wings sparkling once more. She soon came up to a bag that looked like it had been there for ages. She opened it up and found a lot of items. Like what a trainer should have. Potions, Berries, Pokeballs, and more! "Don't mind if I do!" Spotlight said as she picked up the bag. She heard a loud screech sound. "What was that?" She flew away as fast as she could.


    As Mo was cutting trees. He looked at the wood he collected. "Only.. a couple more." The Gallade said to himself as he kept cutting the trees. "Ow. A Splinter.." Mo thought as he sliced the last tree down. "I think that's all the supplies we need. We should start building." Mo said as he started to build really fast.
  6. Shanga walked back to the site of the shelter, leaves in hand. "Uh, hello, I think we can use these for the roof..." She said, shyly. She darted gracefully up the unfinished structure, putting down leaves as a roof. After she was finished, she jumped down gracefully, and looked at the structure. Hm... Needs decorations... She thought. "I'm going to get d-decorations, if that's alright..." She said, getting lost in Mo's eyes once more.
  7. "Heh, I'll keep building then!" Mo said as he lifted the huge log on the structure. "Phew. This is hard work." Mo looked up at the sunset as he lifted up the last log. "Well... A huge cabin!" Mo smiled. He was happy with their work. And really, it was like a actual house. "I guess the work is done.." Mo fell to the ground tired of all that hard work.


    Spotlight soon spotted Mo on the ground right in frount of a cabin. "Wow, did you make this?" Spotlight asked. "This is huge!" Mo got up. "Yea, nice work finding supplies!" Mo cheered. "Yay, I also found a bunch of wool from other Pokémon! Perfect to make furniture!" Spotlight smiled as she tossed the bag towards Mo. "Wait, since you have wings. Can't you just fly us back to the city?" Mo asked. "I'm not really that strong to carry much weight on my back. And besides, You are way bigger than me so even if I did had the strength i would still crash." Spotlight said. "Anyways I'll help you set up!"
  8. Shanga looked at the cabin, proud of their work. She decorated the outside with berries and flowers. This is good. I can live here. Shanga thought. "S-so, what now?" She asked quietly. She looked down at Mo. "Uh, do you need any h-help?" She asked, shyly down to Mo, unable to look away from him.
  9. Mitch got up and rubbed his head "ugh Wh what happened"he asked himself he heard voices and headed in that direction he found the camp it had a gallade a meinshao and the most beautiful Pokémon ever "um uh h-hi" Mitch said announcing himself "I'm uh Mitch who are you guys" he asked shyly which was not like him
  10. Crystal was running around after she got separated from her family. Her family unfortunately left her behind by accident, when they were moving. She heard some Pokemon and decided to spy on them. "Hmm." Crystal said. She quickly covered her mouth. "Oops. Quite Crystal. Quite." She whispered to herself.
  11. "Yea you can help!" The Gallate cheered. Mo and Spotlight spotted a Hakamo-o that appeared asking a question. "I am Mo. I am from Caileber city. A tsunami recently oucurred there. And that's how I got here!" Mo said. "And I'm Spotlight. I'm from Float town! A city in the sky where only Pokémon that are flying or has levitate can live. I crashed landed and. Got here! I guess!" Spotlight said sweetly. "Anyways, we all are trying to survive the wild and get back home safely. Will you help us?" Mo asked Mitch kindly.
  12. "Hey.. My name is Shanga. I'm from Caileber City also." Shanga said, looking at Mo. "I guess you know everyone else. I suppose we could use some help" Shanga said to the new people, in her usual quiet tone.
  13. "Uh um wait oh yeah" he said getting lost in spotlights eyes "oh and uh I'm from float town to" he said to spotlight with a smile "hey how can I uh help" he asked spotlight,mo and shanga
  14. Crystal listened to everything surprised no one noticed. But she didn't care. Crystal " So, bored. Ugh." She said. She covered her mouth again. Crystal has trouble keeping quiet.
  15. Mitch turned around quickly after hearing crystal "who-who gos there" he demanded of the person speaking "state your name and perpous" he shouted trying to sound tough
  16. "Ek!" Crystal squeaked. "I'm Crystal. Sorry to scare you." She said reveling herself. "I'm only a kid. I'm learning." She shrugged.
  17. Shanga turned around to face Crystal, slightly alarmed at the Pokemon's sudden arrival."Heh, it's fine. Everyone's welcome here." Shanga said quietly.
  18. "Well. It is getting dark, we still need to finsh this cabin." Spotlight said as he carried a handmade bed she made. "I don't really need a bed. I'll fly someplace to sleep. And besides, There is not many supplies to make so much homemade beds."

    (And that's all I'm thinking off right now)
  19. "Uh, then who will take the bed?" Shanga asked, looking around. She secretly hoped she could share the bed with Mo. That would be great... She thought, while subconsciously blushing.
  20. "Cabin I never heard cabin! I mean I'm tired. " Crystal said quickly. She yawned. Crystal curled up and fell asleep without a bed or protection.
  21. Mitch walked over to spotlight "this is my chance" he thought "uh hey spotlight do you thing I could help make you a bed or something" he said with no confidence whatsoever "that's the best you could do Mitch" he thought beating himself up
  22. "Sure! You can help me craft it, then I'll duplicate it. Making it multiple beds." Spotlight cheered. "We can craft the bed frame, and you can put the mattress inside the bed frame. I'll clean it with water pulse, and then duplicate it." Spotlight carried the heavy mattress inside the cabin and got to crafting.


    Mo watched the sunset on top of the roof. "Umm, you better hurry. Those trainers that come out at night catches wild Pokémon." Mo said through the little slit on the roof. "Alright!" Spotlight said as she started crafting a bit faster. "I'll go look for supplies we need to start a campfire, And maybe some supplies to help us signal a nearby city to help us." Mo said as he ran off, running as fast as he ever did. He wanted to go home, he hates life in the wild.

    (Sorry if I don't reply for a while, I'm super busy right now..)
  23. This is my chance, hopefully I don't screw it up. Shanga thought, excited."I'll help, Mo." Shanga said, ever quiet, to Mo. It didn't matter that he had a head start, she was extremely fast, having trained her body for years. She kept pace with him, until they reached the city.
  24. Mo soon got to the city were he used to live. "Wow. It's like a scrapyard.." Mo thought as he looked at all the destroyed buildings. "That tsunami did really do something.." Mo said to himself as he started to tear up inside. He looked around and no one but him was there. He looked at the moon. "It's dark outside. The trainers are out." he turned around and saw Shanga. "Hi Shanga! I never noticed you followed me." Mo said cheerfully.
  25. "Uh... S-sorry, I just..." Shanga covered her face in embarrassment, since her face had gotten noticeably red. She looked around at the junkyard of a city. "I can't believe this used to be my h-home..." Shanga said, looking at a quaint little red house, that was utterly destroyed. In the darkness, while she was looking around, she accidentally bumped into Mo. "Oh, I'm s-sorry, it's s-so dark..." She said, but couldn't help but gaze into Mo's eyes, and get lost in them.
  26. "Its alright, everyone makes mistakes." Mo laughed. "But really.. we do need to go back, before it gets too dark." Mo looked at the moon. "Let's go!" Mo smiled as he climbed the trees. So he won't be spotted by any night trainers.

    (Sorry I was super busy!)
  27. Mitch help get the stuff for spotlight so she could make the bed once he had enough branches he walked inside and walked over to spotlight " got the goods" he whispered placing it down in front of spotlight "what do I have to do"
  28. Shanga climbed up gracefully after Mo. They started jumping around, and navigating towards the cabin. This is fun! Shanga thought, having a blast. It's made even better that's M-mo's here. Shanga thought, happily.
  29. "Thanks!" Spotlight said with a smile as she kept crafting. He soon finally got done with a bed that actually turned out great. She quickly duplicated it, making it multiple beds spread out the cabin. "Ta da!" Spotlight cheered. Everyone's bed. I don't usually sleep on such equipment, I sleep in the clouds." Spotlight said. Anyways it's getting dark, see you tomarrow!" She extended her wings and stretched her back. She flew away and into the sky.


    While Mo was climbing trees he was having too much fun that he went smack into a branch, then collapsing in the floor. "O-Ouch.." Mo moaned. He got up rubbing the back of his head in embarrassment. "I'm good! Just a scratch!" Mo laughed. He turned around and headed in the cabin. "Wow! Lots of beds and berrys!" Mo smiled. "Ahhh, finally time to relax!" Mo said jumping on a bed and falling asleep almost instantly.
  30. Mitch ran over to and tree clawed his way up and slept there because unlike the other of his kind he sleeps in trees because he finds them more comfortable
  31. Shanga kept pace with Mo, and reached the cabin. She climbed onto a surprisingly comfortable bed. She was awake for a long time, but eventually went to sleep, by listening to Mo's adorable coos while he was sleeping.
  32. Soon. Early in the mourning.. Mo woke up from loud scratches from the tree. He got up and grabbed a figy berry, he then walked out and looked at the sunrise. "Ahhhh, what a beautiful sunrise, I almost missed it!" Mo laughed as he climbed on the top of the nearest tree to get a better view. He looked around the environment and soon saw a abandoned town. "That looks interesting.. but it's empty, and kinda.. far away.." Mo picked some berries and put them in a little bowl. For others to eat.
  33. Mitch woke up in the tree next to mo "morning" he said sleepy "aw did I miss sunrise" he said kinda upset "oh hey have you seen spotlight round" he said energetically
  34. "Nope not yet!" Mo said. I bet she'll come around sooner or later. "Mo jumped off the tree and landed to the ground. "Imma go try to signal a nearby city. I don't like living in the wild that much." Mo said climbing from tree to tree to that abandoned town with only about 4 buildings.


    Spotlight soon woke up and flew back to the cabin. "I'm back!" Spotlight smiled. "Hi Mitch!" Spotlight landed safety on the ground. Thanks to the help of her wings. He folded them up and climbed one of the trees and looked at the sun. "The look does look gorgeous here in the mourning." Spotlight said.
  35. Shanga woke up early, and saw the bowl of berries. "Thanks, Mo." She said, shyly. She then went for a run to hone her skills, while on the run she thought of the current situation. I really like Mo, but I don't know what to do about it... Shanga said, thinking of Mo, and blushing.
  36. Mitch saw spotlight and instantly fell silent "hi" he wispered shyly he smiled and waved " how was your sleep" he asked trying to start a conversation
  37. "Great! The Clouds are so fluffy and the moon is so beautiful up close!" Spotlight smiled. "I did spot a huge city a couple hundred miles away from here. Full of people. We should head forth to that city so we can get back with our normal lives!" Spotlight flapped her wings once. "Sorry if that disturbed you. A branch was hurting my wings." Spotlight said. "Anyways, how did your sleep go?"
    She asked.


    Mo reached the very small abandoned town near the cabin. "Creepy." Mo thought to himself as he tiptoed in the middle of the town. Which only had three houses and a store. He heard a weird sound which hurtled his ears. "Fire!" Said a random voice as Mo saw arrows raining from the sky. He dodged them with ease but saw one arrow flying towards the cabin area. "You!" Mo said. "I swear if you damaged our shelter!" Mo got angry and attacked the Minccino. "Sorry.." Jonny said after he took the Close combat attack from the Gallade. "I never eat anything in a month know. "Did you really think I was prey?" Mo said calming down. "Yep, do you have any food of some sort?" The Minccino asked. "Yea, come if you want." Mo walked away. The Minccino climbed on Mo's shoulder. "I'm Jonny! What's your name?" it asked.
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  38. "It went ok" he smiled "my normal life sucks I'd rather stay out her" Mitch thought "oh hey if it doesn't bother you can you help me with something" he asked spotlight quitely
  39. "Sure! Anything for a friend!" Spotlight smiled. "What do you need help with?" Spotlight asked calmly while stretching her back. The sun was shining brightly in the sky. "Isn't it nice? The sun is so bright it almost blinds me." Spotlight giggled.
  40. "I uh need help making a uh nest" he said kinda disappointed in himself "I'm much more comfortable in tree and since you... I just assumed you know how to make a nest"

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