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Pokemon in Real Life

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by LongArmProd, Jul 3, 2011.

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  1. If you could have one pokemon in real life what would it be and why. I would have a shinx because I could feed it dog food and because it evolves into a Luxray my favorite electric type. Or a cyndaquil because hes my favorite starter and is typhlosion my favorite fire type. (electric and fire are my favorite types)
  2. Latios. If I got him when I was really little, and kept with him, we'd be the best of friends. He's a real badass and I love his design. Also, flying to school etc would be preeetty nice :D
  3. I know some would prefer to have a Starter Pokemon in every region,and that's pretty common, so I'll chose Carnivine this time. idk why or what does carnivine got a special spot in my heart, but maybe because I was witnessing him in the Diamond and Pearl series as one of james' Pokemon, and in the series, he looks so wacky and fun to be with, so yeah.. he's my pokemon in real life.
  4. I would have chosen an Espeon or a Golduck. They're both badass. And I could be bitchy with Espeon like: "Your Pokémon can start a fire, mine can break your f-ing mind". It would be cool with an water poké as well, too be able to get to island without getting wet and such.
  5. I'd say a Hydreigon or Garchomp, That way I could rule the world :3

    But in all seriousness, I guess I'd want Jolteon. He was always my favorite, so why not? I can get adjusted to his spikes with time.
  6. Arceus. Why have anything else when you can have PokeGod? And it has a thousand arms, that's some serious multitasking power right there.
  7. Well my choice would all depend, if it were my pet I'd want a Poochyena or an Absol. Poochyena cause its so fluffy and adorable :D Absol because he's my favorite.
    Now if it were something just all out badass...Aerodactyl would be freakin amazing. I'd be able to fly! Though I think an Absol would fit the badass role too. Any of those three would be awesome to have.
  8. My personal choice would be a Salamence ,due to three little facts:
    1. I love Dragons
    2. <---- My screen name should explain why Salamence is my favorite Pokemon
    3.Being able to fly everywhere on my own dragon would be AWESOME! (Also it would be great for role playing ;) )

    If I were to have a second choice I would also have a Gardevoir due to the fact that it's my favorite Poke'mon next to Salamence
  9. Only one? Sheeesh that's tough to choose.

    My main has always been a Blaziken, so I suppose if I had to choose just one, it would be that lovable six foot tall fire chicken. I would spar with him like a crazy person c:

    Second choice is probably a female Rampardos, like Eris :> I have a special spot in my heart for those silly... Rampardoses? Rampardii? Rampardosen? |D
  10. I think the plural of a Pokemon is just its species name, with the context implying the singular or plural. Like "One Charmander, two Charmander..."

    (Not to mention "Charmanduuuuurss" sounds kind of silly.) :p

    I wouldn't want anything that would set my house on fire, or cause water damage, or shock me all the time *glares at Pikachu*, so I would choose a Castform. The changing formes thing is cool, making it a niftier Normal type. It seems cute and bubbly but useful, even with those stubby little arms.
  11. Flareon, hands down. So warm and fluffy and cuddly ♥

    I guess if we were having Pokemon in real life, other weird things could happen as well - So then hopefully I'd lose my allergy to our already-present real-life Flareon-esque animals :D *hyphen-abuse*
  12. Espeon for pet purposes. It feels like velvet even!

    Flygon for having a flying dragon thing that looks cool.
  13. Dia


    brilliant. In that case I totally want mew. It's awesome and badass and can learn any attack.
    Plus it can transform into any other pokemon so...loophole!
  14. Either a Lucario as a bodyguard... Or Chandelure... Because a chandelier that reaps souls with its flame is truly bada$$...
  15. Arceus can also spawn any Pokemon I desire, for he is my slave >:D
  16. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Well goodness me, I wonder what on Earth I would possibly pick. So, so tough of a choic-Wartortle. No other thoughts about it. I'd love that thing like nothing else matters. Plus it would totally be adorable in addition to being one BAMF of a Pokemon.

    And if they ever make a Panda Pokemon, I would take that thing and love it so much that you would all be ashamed of yourselves for being inferior to my love for that panda. >=O
  17. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    I think Ditto would be a fun choice, because I could have Ditto pretend to be me while I sneak out of the house or something. And I could freak my friends out and whatnot. ^^

    Anyways, I probably don't want an Eevee, or anything else that's furry, because I really don't want to clean the house up from fur and whatnot. I think maybe a Litwick would be nice, since it could help light up the room during a power outage, and I just love the thing to pieces. Same applies to Rotom, plus the fact I could have haunting kitchen appliances... (open up the oven, and RAWWRRR goes Rotom. Ah, the shock it would give my parents. XD)
  18. I'd have a Togekiss, because it's my favourite Pokemon, is always happy, is really kind to everyone and can fly :D

    If I could pick another one, I'd have Jirachi, although I wouldn't make any wishes :>
  19. If Pokemon was real My team would be
  20. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    I realize that you started the topic, but this is just one of those fun discussion topics where people get to talk about what Pokemon they like. It's not a topic for you to dictate which Pokemon people can choose (I mean it's not like we're actually going to be having these Pokemon, or even using these selections for something) or to make them explain to you why they would chose such and such Pokemon. Relax dude, everyone is here to have fun. If you want to have Pokemon selection chooses imposed upon people then have join/start an PRP. ;D
  21. I'd totally have a Blaziken, no questions asked.

    Seriously, it would be an awesome partner/best friend, and I can spar with him.

    Plus he's warm. That too.
  22. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Its been years since someone posted this topic on Pokecharms. ;D

    I want to say about 20 different Pokemon here, but why fight destiny? Gotta be Raichu, always. Assuming this was a Digimon-ish situation and Pokemon weren't widely populating the world, Raichu's a good size and it wouldn't accidentally burn down my house like Charizard or Arcanine. But bottom-line, it's Raichu. It must be done. :x

    (P.S. Don't be mean, gimme a Dewott too! :'D)
    #22 Linkachu, Jul 23, 2011
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  23. I'd have an Arcanine, i've always wanted a dog and that thing's a BOSS XD
  24. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    Porygon-Z, of course. No questions asked. Not too big, can hide in electronics, and can mess with people's computers.
  25. Hmm... hard choice. But I'd have to say Lucario. Loyal, awesome and ninja-like. Lack of wings is probably not a downside, as I'd just fall off a flying pokemon anyway :p
  26. Charizard...cuz he's a frikken dragon. Nuff said
  27. The harsh reality of this thread is this:

    That said, I'd totally get a pool just for my buizel~
  28. I would personally love to have an Absol. They're loyal and fierce like any canine should be- Although Absol are also quite feline- And, on top of that, they're rather beautiful, while still able to kick basically anyone's ass.

    That or a Flygon, so I can go to and fro places in style and at lightning speed.
  29. This would be a hard one. Of course I'd have a Sceptile as my partner. Tough, loyal, cool, and very good to learn things from; he'; be the ultimate pokemon to have as a partner.

    But there's also Garchomp. Overly powerful, able to fly, loyal, fierce, and a very hardcore pokemon to have. I'd ride on mine each day and learn how to ride while standing, which would be even cooler. But we must remember, that Pokemon are way harder to train than the anime or manga suggests.
  30. How have I not posted in this thread? Since the advent of Gen V, the Pokemon I would most like to have with irl, would be Whimsicott. Deadly yet still cute, it would be small enough to be able to come anywhere with me. I can just picture me being really good friends as we went everywhere together.
  31. If I could only have ONE pokemon in this mundane world, I would choose a Zoroark...for OBVIOUS REASONS. Mainly because even I have NEEDS...

    In a pokemon world, my team would be...

    Lucario, Zoroark, Sigilyph, Chandelure, Swampert, and Haxorus.

    But then again, I run an all-dark gym at the league I just started at my school, so maybe that would work too.

  32. If pokemon existed IRL, we would capture our deities, war would be easier and more bloody, we would risk our children at their age 10 for a small chance of them becoming a "Pokemon Master". Above all, our rodent problems would be worse, since they would be able to electrocute us and they would be far larger than those IRL.

    If I were to choose a pokemon, I'd choose a ditto or starly.
  33. I would choose Arcanine. Big enough to ride around on and always loyal. The only thing I would be worried about is picking up it's poop. I might have to carry around garbage bags...
  34. it would probably have to be umbreon or maybe pidgeot for me. i mean come on. who doesnt want a giant bird to ride around on. i would name it shorboo.
  35. You are too right. Full Stop.

    I would have Lucario, cause it's looks so much like Anubis. Anubis is the Egyptian God of mummification so basically Lucario is a god!! Plus it is charmingly good-looking. Then Mewtwo, 'cause come on! Who doesn't want a humanoid alien cat!? After that Ninetails, 'cause it's elegant and beautiful. Finally, Arcanine, 'cause it's like a warrior Ninetails and you could ride it to school (I'd be generous and give my little sisters Rattatas to ride.)
  36. I would obviously have a Zekrom. I would fly him to school, and everyone would have their mouths agape, staring at me, and I would be like, "Pffft. Who needs cars when you got a badass dragon?"

    Plus, I would love to see what he would look like for Halloween. >:D
  37. I wanted to see a Zorua, Scraggy, Meloetta or Larvesta! Zorua looks like a very cheerful Pokemon since I watch Master of Illusions movie. He/she could play with me because I'm very bored. And Zorua can transform and disguise as someone but the problem is if you grab it's tail...Scraggy because I'm keep on frowning so when it pulls up it's pants I would laugh and laugh very hard, Meloetta it will sing for me when I cannot sleep, it will dance if I'm very bored again. Larvesta, I just love Larvesta. :)
  38. i would go with a oshawott cute cudly yet dangerous haha :angel:
  39. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    The horror, I see a terrible case of necromancy a few posts ago... but oh well, why fight it. Zombies are totally cool at the moment :3:

    Torn between having my old faithful Manectric, or just going for an epic flying type that can fly me everywhere. That would certainly have its uses right now...

    Between Manectric and Archeops. I feel damaged just thinking about it. I can't and shall not pick between them :down:
  40. I think I would want a Ditto then it can use Transform to change into other Pokemon.
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