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Open Pokemon Hunger Games?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by _Snowstorm_, Apr 15, 2017.


How many Pokemon can you have?

  1. Only the starter you chose, but you can level it up

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  2. A full team, once you catch it, but levels are hard to come by at that point

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  1. It's the basic hunger games theme, but of course nobody dies due to the fighting being Pokemon battles. You will battle with other trainers, but beware, if you lose a battle you will be eliminated from the games. Wild Pokemon can attack you and get you eliminated from the games. The middle has potions, empty Pokeballs, and other various items. Everyone chooses a starter before a match begins (from any gen) so they can fight and catch wild Pokemon. Whoever is the undefeated trainer wins! Please write feedback and advice in the comments.
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  2. That sounds cool
  3. Yeah, I'm in
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