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Ask to Join Pokemon Horror House RP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Hecotoro, May 7, 2020.

  1. The mansion was ready to receive it's guest. The owner, Lord Knives, had never allowed anyone to wonder into his property before. Was it because of the rumors? Many say that all who have attempted to enter his home, have never been seen again. Many also say that Lord Knives has been alive for hundreds of years and he is secretly sucking the life force of anyone who wonders into his house. Then again, he has very few servants for such an enormous home.
    Despite the rumors about his mansion full of ghost and dark Pokemon, headless men, giant Arboks, and the fact that Lord Knives feeds on people, the few times he has been seen in public, he is always nice and polite, looking neat and in good health, according to the few pictures taken over the last three hundred years. Now, he had finally decided to allow visitors into his home.
    There had been several golden keys hidden in all kinds of cereal boxes and sent all over the world. The lucky people to find them would be invited to spend an entire week in the mansion. The day had finally arrived.
    The mansion gates opened, many reporters and curious people stood all ng the drive way leading to the entrance. At the gate, stood a handsome young man, about 20 years old, his black hair nicely combed to the side and he was wearing a classical butler suit. He smiled as many pictures were taken and they waited for the ones who found the keys to arrive.
  2. Keres Johansson made her way to the mansion of Lord Knives. The area near the mansion was congested with reporters and media personnel, and the large amount of people made Keres want to shudder. Her hand ghosted down to her side to stroke Scorpio, her loyal Ariados, who walked beside her, causing people to give her a large berth and cast disgusted or fearful looks back at her. Her other hand tightened on the golden key she held.

    Her steady, silvery gaze traveled over the crowd around the mansion; due to the fact that a great many of the reporters seemed to be... less than enthusiastic about Keres's choice in partner, she had no trouble making her way to the front of the crowd. One thin, almost sickly pale arm rose above her head, key in tow. The sunlight glinted off the gilded surface, casting an aurous light to the ground as Scorpio moved closer to her side. They all know now, she thought, thoroughly disinterested. No point keeping it out now. She tucked the key back into her pocket and adjusted her camouflage jacket. Now what?
  3. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Bron has seen his fair share of weird things in his years of travelling.
    So it was a surprise that one of the weirdest things he's seen was something at home. A key of solid gold, in his cereal box.
    I don't think this classifies as a toy... was his first thought. An internet search later, he found out that he was one of the lucky (Kek) ones to be able to enter a special mansion, owned by a antisocial bloodsucker. At least in theory.
    Something like this would be strange to put in something as casual as a cereal box...
    Still, he wasn't complaining. After a year of staying home, he was ready for adventure and excitement. Or at the very least something new.
    "Hey Luke! You want to go die in a mansion?" he called out to his partner, who, previously resting on the sofa, looked over with a look of You're kidding right?
    Clearly he was. Lucario's aura sensing abilities didn't allow him to hide much.
    After some preparation, he took his luggage and partner Lucario by his side, left home, and went to the mansion.
    (Timeskip wooooo)
    When he made it, he had some trouble. He pushed through the swarm of people, bumping between them back and forth, muttering apologies that were lost in the hullaboo of the crowd.
    "Ah, sorry! Excuse me! Oof, Pardon!"
    Luke was much less polite, elbowing people out of the way and pulling Bron by the arm when he strayed too far behind. Bron nearly gave up before he saw a the crowd split apart. He stood on his toes to see that they were separating for a girl and an ariados, presumably hers. Said girl had a key in her raised hand.
    Oh! Another one!
    He quickly shoved through and slipped behind the girl, with Luke following from behind. The split in the crowd spread out further, giving him space to breathe. Bron sighed in relief at the free space.
    After making it to the front of the crowd, he decided to thank the girl.
    "Hey! Thanks for splitting the crowd. I don't think I'd ever reach here if I kept pushing through this sea of people." he said gratefully.
    Luke nodded.
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  4. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bordie walked towards the sea of reporters, Jade right at her heel. As she reached the crowd some spotted her coming and stared, she had gotten used to people staring and she just loved the attention, she giggled and smiled and showed off her key as they snapped pictures, she waded through the crowd and saw two other people, she hastily walked over "hey, isn't this exciting, scary things aren't usually my style but my friends dared me to come after we found the key as a group, so how could I say no. I mean it was a double black dare, you can die if you don't do those" she said, bouncing up and down ever so slightly as she spoke. She held out her hand to the two of them, "my name is Bordie, I hope we can be friends" she added with a large grin plastered on her face.
  5. Keres pulled an almost-sort-of-kinda-half-smile at the boy. It looked more like a grimace, but was close enough to genuine. “You’re not bothered by Scorpio? Well, that’s a first.” She fell silent again, not exactly being the world champion of small talk... unlike the new arrival. The other girl, who introduced herself as Bordie, would scarcely shut up.

    Take a breath!
    Keres wanted to scream. Is it possible for you to NOT be talk— oh, there we go. “Scary things are my style, coincidentally,” Keres said acidly, once it was possible to get a word in edgewise. She glanced from the girl’s hand to her face to her Leafeon and back again. “You can, of course, hope, but it’s really not likely. I’m not saying that because I’m being snobbish, I’m saying it because it’s true.” With that, she clamped her jaws shut, turned, and awaited further instruction. As an afterthought, she threw out, “And the name’s Keres.”

    (OOC: Yea okay, Keres is being kind of an antisocial freakish jerk right now lol)
  6. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Bron gave a proud grin, looking much more genuine compared to the semi-smile the airados girl attempted. "I've been licked by a gengar, nearly eaten by steelix, pissed off a swarm of beedrill...twice , and attacked-slash-nearly eaten by an aridos group, among other things. I think I can handle a single tamed ariados."
    At the mention of these events, Luke trembled, although his face looked more angry than anything else.
    Suddenly a girl came out of nowhere and just started speaking at an increasing pace. Bron stood silent for a minute, processing the tsunami of language that was thrown at his face, until he managed to understand.
    "Nice to meet you both. I'm Bron, that's Luke. I don't believe that there's anything scary in there. It's just rumors after all. Still, I guess I would like some excitement, it's kinda why I'm here. Anyway, we'll all be spending a week in the same place, so I think we should be able to be friends, or at least tolerate each other." he gave a joking grin
  7. Ridleymon

    Ridleymon Previously Ridleymon226

    Reggie Whittaker was a busy man with a packed schedule, bursting at the seams. With a business built off of rigging Pokemon Battles for phony trainers, he had many clients to take care of and lots of money to make. That being said, Mr. Whittaker and his Pancham Pokemon Partner in business did have an interest in taking some much needed free time.

    One morning when Reggie and his Peaches the Pancham were scarfing down some breakfast, the Pokemon nearly engulfed a conspicuous golden key that was hidden within the cereal box it had been eating from. It was only a matter of time before Reggie realized they were now invited to one week stay at a mysterious and very possibly haunted mansion. Knowing that life was short and Reggie would only be twenty-three for so long, he decided it was time for him and his Pancham to take that vacation they were hoping for.

    Outside of the mansion Reggie made his way to the front. He smiled and waved as people flocked around him. The public knew Reggie to be a highly esteemed manager of some of the world's top notch Pokemon trainers (though of course those trainer's fame was based off of cheating and lies). As such the public reacted in accordance to his stature of fame. Peaches crawled it's way to the top of Reggie's head to stay above the crowd, and avoid and being poked at or snatched. It was quite agitated and one poke away from biting off someone's finger.

    Once he got through the crowd Reggie was met with a group of others, who seemed to be much younger than himself. Great. Looks like I'll have to deal with a bunch of brats. His thoughts didn't match his expression as he had put on an enthusiastic grin. "Hiya kiddos! I'm Mr. Whittaker, nice to meet you." After greeting them with a wave he continued, still carrying an upbeat and energetic facade. "Say, surely one of you must be a Pokemon trainer, no? And don't go lying. I know a trainer when I see one."
  8. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bordie not put off by Keres, turned and smiled at Bron and the newcomer, "oh yeah this is Jade and I'm not really a Pokémon trainer, I mostly do modelling and contests" she said in response to the man question, and in response to Bron's words she said "Really, cause my friends were going on about all the scary things but if I am with other people I'm sure it will be fine" she the gently stroked Jades head subconsciously. She turned to look at the house and fiddled with the key in her hand.
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  9. “Keres,” the fourteen-year-old said darkly. “And I’m not a Trainer. I came here to watch a bunch of wimps run and scream like ninnies, nothing else. Scorpio is my friend and partner. I would never make him battle or force him into a tiny ball because it’s convenient for me.” She was smoldering with cold anger on behalf of her partner. As if she would do anything so barbaric! “And tame may be a bit of a stretch,” she added, smiling slightly, a cold, dark smile. “I smashed his Pokeball once I’d caught him from guilt. He stays with me now out of choice.”

    Scorpio hissed at the crowd, which was getting closer, and scuttled towards the people, snapping at them. They backed away quickly from the massive spider coming at them. Keres looked on with no emotion on her face whatsoever. It wasn’t up to her what Scorpio did. He did what he wanted, and she automatically approved. As the spider returned to her side, still hissing menacingly, she reached down to stroke him. “They don’t understand,” she murmured to him. “No one understands us. But we’ve got each other; that’s all we need.”
  10. Pollen-Puff

    Pollen-Puff Previously Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    Cain quickly ran over to where the others were talking. Willow sprang out of her Pokeball and they walked over to where a crowd of other people of various ages stood before the mansion. As he was walking towards the group, he saw a trainer with an Ariados. Amazed by the spider, he ran over to it before noticing his trainer. "Hi! I'm Cain, and this is Willow. Your Ariados is so cool! I've never seen one before! IS it true that they attach silk to prey before letting them go to hunt them later? I've always wanted to see its Night Shade attack!" Willow sighed and pulled him away despite his protests. Realizing how hungry he was, Cain walked into a relatively empty area and pulled a granola bar out of his pocket. He knew that it was the only food he had, but he was so hungry.
  11. Keres started at the sudden exclaimed deluge of questions dumped on her by this newcomer. It took a second for it all to seep in, but by the time she’d opened her mouth for a cutting retort along the lines of “Scorpio does not belong to me, if anything, I belong to him,” the boy was already gone. She swallowed the acidic words and shook her head, turning away. Too much positivity. Her dark nature was suffering. As the sun came out from behind a cloud, she winced. She couldn’t wait to go into the mansion; she’d be relatively alone, in the dark, and with Scorpio by her side... surely there wouldn’t be anything they couldn’t handle.

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  12. "Why the hell is there such a crowd!?" Dark shouted out. "Screw off mate, we're tryna see the people who are going into the mansion!" A random dude said. "You really wanna see someone!?" Dark asked "Hey Brad, this little kid thinks he's tough" Dark pulls out a golden key to the 2 rando's. "I'm tough as steel little kids, go run along to your mommy." Dark said as he walked off further to the house. "Murkrow!" Shade cawed "Shut up Shade, I'm doing them a favor by not beating them up" Dark walked up to see a child with a spider, a total play girl, a dude with a sick looking Lucario, an elder, and a dude eating a granola bar. "What the actual hell is this bunch I'm grouped with?" Dark announced to them. "Krow!" Shade pointed out. "FINE! I'm Dark this is Shade my Murkrow, who the hell are you clowns? Ms. Attraction clearly brought a crowd, I have to thank the child with a spider for keeping this crowd at bay. Now explain yourselves, your included granola boy!" Dark announced.
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  13. When he finally made it to the mansion, he tried to stay away from people, but seeing lord knives, made his blood go cold.Ace kept his head down, there was something about lord Knives he didn't trust. "Don't worry, he can't do nothing bad" he said to infernape. He wandered around for bit, partly to admire the house, and partly to see who was gonna be staying with him. When he came across a girl with an Ariados, he tried to stifle a laugh when she said that she belonged to a pokemon. "You really shouldn't be so dark, little miss emo. My names Ace Satoshi and this is blaze, he's an inferape. " He gave a smile. "I'm guessing your a fan of all things spooky, well I heard a story on the way here. The kid who said it said that there is a basement where all light is seeled off and you slowly lose your mind, and once you lose your mind your hallucinations become real. Scary right?" he said.

    @Night's Shadow
  14. Child? Keres thought indignantly. I know I’m small, but am I really that small? She hadn’t found a single person who she found even remotely friendship-compatible with her other than maybe-sorta-kinda-almost Bron. When some other kid came up to her and started yapping, she sent a dark glare his way. He introduced his Infernape, which was kind of stupid; Pokémon can show who they are given their own time; but when he said, ”he’s an Infernape,” she couldn’t stop herself.

    “Do you think I’m blind?” she asked caustically. “I know what an Infernape is. And I certainly wouldn’t mind being locked in a lightless basement, as long as no one else is in there with me. Except Scorpio, he’s the only one here I can tolerate. Darkness? It’s the light I don’t like. The only reason I’m here is because I lock myself in a dark room all day and do nothing but talk to Scorpio. My dad told me to get out more, so here I am, dammit! What a fat lot of good it’s done me, too.”

    When she had finished her rant, Keres heaved a sigh and turned away. “For what feels like the five hundredth time,” she added, “I’m Keres.” With a leer at the boy who’d introduced himself as Ace, she said, “It means ‘spirit of death.’ Scary, right?” She mimicked his question to her earlier before shaking her head and turning back to the ominous facade of the mansion.
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  15. Dark pushed pass the little miss wanna be goth girl and looked at the new comer. "Little miss emo!? Up high my man! That's a great name for spider girl!" Dark laughed. "Krow Krow!" Shade cawed happily. "Say whats your name pranksta? A good comedian should always be on board on my boat!" Dark asked the trainer.
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  16. Pollen-Puff

    Pollen-Puff Previously Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    Cain chuckled. Granola Boy wasn't a BAD nickname. Before he could ask if Questioning Boy With a Murkrow wanted some, he walked off. Hearing the Ariados' trainer make a harsh retort, he winced. Suddenly he started to regret his first impression. He could tell that Willow was somewhere between trying not to laugh and trying not to be stressed as the former triumphed and she burst out laughing. Already, Cain could tell that he'd probably break something in the mansion, and he REALLY hoped it wasn't something important. Then, he remembered something Keres said. "I came here to watch a bunch of wimps run and scream like ninnies, nothing else." He hadn't heard anything about this mansion being a horror mansion, but he felt a bit more worried.
  17. Aerona finally arrived at the mansion to see a large crowd of people, mostly news reporters and paparazzi with a few trainers, most of them seem quite young with some experience at best, then again what was she expecting? This whole event was from a stupid cereal box competition. Aerona just happened to get one of the golden keys on the off chance that she had an urge to eat some cereal one day. She was dressed in her usual tattered top and booty shorts revealing a lot more skin than a decent girl would in public, but she’s always been like this and cared very little of others opinions on her.

    She joined the outskirts of the crowed trying not to attract too much attention to herself, but that never goes too well with her being followed by a massive six-winged fire moth. She inspected the mansion with a glazed look, putting a hand on her hip and standing slightly slanted as girls always seem to do when they appear bored.

    Looking around closer at the trainers who had their Pokémon out there were a few that could be made into useful punching bags or simply sold for cash. She shrugged off the idea as she wasn’t here on business, but to have some fun and take a break. She noticed a younger girl acting out rather unnecessarily and loud, and it was already beginning to irritate Tempris. She was dressed in a Gothic style as well but not as… promiscuous as herself. She must be going through a phase… that edge almost hurts… Aerona thought to herself.

    Tempris buzzed deeply in annoyance as the core of some of her wings released some embers onto the ground. “Calm down there big girl, I’ll go ask her to turn it down.” Aerona stomped out the small embers and approached the small group of people around the goth girl. “Mind not yelling so much, Tempris here is getting annoyed, and she’s doesn’t like to give warnings before she deals with the problem herself. Just asking as a favor.” Aerona said walking to the group with her arms loosely folded
  18. Ridleymon

    Ridleymon Previously Ridleymon226

    As he watched the bickering unfold, Reggie merely sat back with the same fake smile he had put on from the beginning. Once more people arrived he pushed up his glasses and said "Well its good meeting all of you very unique individuals. A true honor to be sharing this week's stay with all of you" though in the back of his mind he thought Yeah right.

    Reggie looked back into the sea of reporters and paparazzi and waved out to them as they snapped pictures. His Pancham however was not as enthusiastic, growling as cameras flashed in its eyes. "Say, I wonder when exactly they'll be letting us in."
  19. "Yes you are blind, you don't belong to your pokemon and your pokemon don't belong to you." he retorted. But when the other guy came over, Ace high-fived him, "Ace satoshi, my partner Blaze" he gestured to Infernape. "Why do you have to be so dark and grim?" he asked Keres. "So I heard about this thing called smiling, I don't know if you have heard of it?" he joked. Blaze went closer to Scorpio, it tried to play with it. "Hopefully our pokemon get along better than us". Wonder when we can go in, there is definitely something up with that guy, he thought to himself. He spied the house for any open windows or anything that looked like it would let him get in, but not seeing anything that would let him in he decided to abandon his search.
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  20. "You know, Ace is right, smiling can be important for people to have a life, but don't smile to much or people can see you like a mask!" Dark says. Dark turns to the eldest dude. "Speaking of masks, give up the charade, go retire or something that's when you can grow a smile that big that 'aint fake!" Dark told the presumed bus driver. "But you do have a point, HOW LONG AM I GOING TO STAY OUT HERE WITH THESE WEIRDOS!?" Dark shouted. "Murkrow" Shade cawed. "Exactly Shade, are we the only ones who are paying attention? Does anybody notice that's its probably been an hour since I got here, probably longer for you!" Dark pointed out. "Is this a joke? Am I going to have to stay overnight like a line on Poke Friday? Because there is no way in hell I'm doing that!"
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  21. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bordie had been hanging back slightly and checking her nails. She watched the group, she couldn't understand why they couldn't just get along, they were all here to have a good time, at least that what she thought. She decided to introduce herself to someone new and walked over to a rather promiscuously dressed girl, "Hi, my name is Bordie and this is Jade, it's a pleasure to meet you" she said with a big grin on her face and her hand outstretched, she hoped this girl would be nicer than the emo girl from earlier, she never understood emos, how could someone have so much negativity inside.
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  22. The butler cleared his throat loudly. "Welcome. I am Henry, I am the head of servants." As he spoke, the entire crowd stopped their talking and taking pictures, setting their attention on the young man who appeared to have been ignored by the new arrivals. "Please prepare yourselves, once you go into the mansion, there is no turning back." He paused for a while, as if gathering his thoughts and continued. "Until the week is over, that is." The gates opened behind him, revealing a long road towards the entrance of the mansion. On the sides of the road, were many gardens and statues of different Pokemon and people. Some seemed really old and some new. By the gate were two small carts, big enough to carry the group if divided in two. On the first cart was a lady with purple straight hair down to her shoulders and black eyes. On the second cart was the same lady, but with dark green hair. They both spoke at the same time. "Please get on, we will drive you to the mansion door."
    The butler smiled at the guest. "After you." He signaled towards the carts.
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  23. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Bron stood nervously as the group seemed to argue even nastier with the passing time. Even worse was how they were bullying poor Keres about smiling and whatnot.
    Luke himself seemed to be getting irritated as well. Angry aura was like an itch, annoying and relentless.
    Bron's inner peacekeeper took over. "I think we all need to take a breath and reintroduce ourselves. My name is Bron, for those who don't know, and I suppose I could be considered a trainer, although Luke here kinda trained me in his own way. I will repeat, since we'll be spending a whole week together, we should maybe tolerate each other? Maybe?" he spoke nervously.

    As soon as he finished his sentence, a young man spoke up. Bron tilted his head at the "no turning back" comment he made, but thought nothing of it. He sat on the purple haired lady's cart and sighed. He was certainly stuck with a gang of characters. Although they were arguing pretty roughly, none of them looked like especially bad people.
    I wouldn't be surprised if someone turned out dead by the end of this... he joked mentally.
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  24. "Finally, I was waiting for ages" Dark paid no attention to how visibly screwed up the owner acted. Dark watched as Bron the possible hippie walk over to the purple haired chick. "Personally I prefer Green, Ace, Granola boy wanna come along?" Dark asked. "Krow Krow, Murkrow!" Shade cawed.
  25. "Ok that's too far man, don't talk to her like that" he snapped back at him. "She may be Gothic but she doesn't deserve that" he told Dark. He turned to Bron, "For the third time, my name is Ace Satoshi and this is my partner Blaze" he said, rubbing the side of his temple, all these guys where making his head hurt. When the guy finally opened the gates, he gave a relieved sigh and went to one of the carts, he decided to sit next to Bron. "If that guy back there, goes too far with keres, headbutt him for me please" he said laughing. I wonder if I will be allowed to train inside there, he thought to himself.
  26. Ridleymon

    Ridleymon Previously Ridleymon226

    As Reggie walked into the gates he stopped by the butler and pulled out his wallet. "Here's a tip for all that squabble you had to listen to." He pulled out some cash and handed it to the other man. As he made his way to the green haired girl's cart he thought back to the butler's comment, "once you go into the mansion, there is no turning back." It had Reggie quite intrigued to see what exactly this vacation had in store for him. Peaches however was on edge. It picked up on something worrisome in the mansion's atmosphere. Whittaker picked up on it but also knew his Pancham was always on edge. That's the only reason your still alive and kicking he thought to himself. As he climbed onto the cart he shot the green haired lady a grin and then took his seat.
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  27. Aerona’s attention broke off from the loud Goth girl. And she looked at Brodie, “Oh, Aerona, and this is Tempris. The pleasure is all mine.” Aerona shook the girl’s hand with a slight smile, but with the same glazed look in her eyes. Tempris looked down at the Leafeon in silence before ignoring it. Before Aerona could follow up with anything else the butler made his announcement.

    “Hmm, seems like I got here just in time. I guess I’ll see you inside?” Aerona got onto the cart with lady with purple hair, completely ignoring Bron’s and any other’s introductions with the exception of Brodie, if they were going to be living in the same house for a week, then she will learn their names eventually, as of now she could not care less. “Tempris, you fly along, I don’t want you in a tight space, don’t want you setting the cart on fire now.” The Volcarona buzzed in agreement and flew around slowly and lazily around the cart waiting for the others.
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  28. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bordie was happy that Aerona was nice, she nodded at the girls words before turning to listen to the butler. Once the man had finished talking she made her way to the cart and climbed on, once sitting down she patted her lap and Jade leapt up and curled comfortable on her lap. Bordie looked up at the mansion smiling to herself, she couldn't wait, originally she had refused to come even after her friends dared her, but then they said she might make new friends and have fun experiences she decided she had to come, who knows maybe she would find a man, she thought as she turned her attention to the gentleman of the group, in particular Ace and Dark caught her eye.
  29. (OOC: I go offline for two hours. TWO HOURS, and then there are like TWENTY RESPONSES. *Sighs* Oh, well, here's my (long overdue) post.)

    Scorpio didn't seem to mind the other's Pokemon as much as Keres minded its Trainer, which was a surprise. Keres grimaced at the comment about... ew, smiling. "Smiling? Disgusting. Unless it's to tell people to shove off, in which case it would be a sarcastic smile." Or if I'm with Scorpio, who is the only one whose company I enjoy. She jolted to attention when the butler came up before picking a cart at random and sliding in. She realized only a moment later that Sir Jerkwad and his Murkrow were also in the same cart.

    Scorpio positioned himself between them, fangs bared in an aggressive stance at the Murkrow. Keres's sallow silver glare fastened on Mr. Imbecile before flicking away disinterestedly. It wasn't her concern if she was stuck in the same cart as the world's biggest jackass. He'd be running and screaming once he realized that not all the conspiracy theories are just theories. A small, near-genuine half-smile played on her lips as she imagined that. "Stand down, Scorpio," she murmured. "He'll get what's coming to him soon enough. They all will."
  30. Dark sat there in the cart wondering about the comment Ace said to him '"She may be Gothic but she doesn't deserve that"' Dark felt betrayed, of course he meant no offense to Keres, but how was anyone supposed to know that? Somehow Dark had to prove he was prankster and not a jerk. He had to make it up to Ace and Keres. Luckily Keres sat next to him with the bus driver. This is my chance. Dark turned over to say sorry but keres's "Scorpio" had bared its fangs at Shade. "Krow…." Shade said. A clear threat to the spider. "Stand down, Scorpio" she murmured to her spider. She said something else but she was quitter. Dark stood there shook, he wasn't scared of her or her spider, he was more scared that she even thought about messing with Dark.

    (OOC Backstory)
    Dark had fought in a recent war in Johto, a riot had broken out 5 months prior. Dark enlisted in the poke army with his faithful sidekick Shade. Shade was not just an average Murkrow, Shade was known to ambush full armies and take them all down with a combo move that was known as Air Shader. It was a mix of the 2 moves Wing attack, and Night Shade. Night shade covered more ground and combined extended the wing attack. Dark was also extremely strong in one on one combat and could easily take anyone down in a few blows)

    Dark felt sad because he didn't want to hurt anyone, he wanted to go here for a vacation, but early that morning he found out his mother succumbed to cancer. Dark was pissed ever since then. Dark tried to make small talk to the Girl, and dude. "Hey you 2, now that we're together I'd like to mention something..." Dark stopped. "But first I have to apologize for my actions, I was trained to be a soldier, not a douche." Dark went on telling his extended backstory to the 2, and finished with "I'm sorry for any rude actions I made, people can be who ever they want to be" he said to Keres, "And people can choose who they like" he said to Reggie. "Now Shade, apologize to their pokemon for any threats you said behind my back"

    "Krow… Murkrow" Shade cawed angrily. Shade was pissed at Dark, "KROW!" Shade cawed at Dark, Shade explained that the Scorpio thing did it first but Dark ignored him. "Shade, keep it in mind people are people, and pokemon are pokemon." Dark told Shade

    Human tone: Ugh, I'm sorry. REALLY!?
  31. Ridleymon

    Ridleymon Previously Ridleymon226

    Whittaker turned around to face Dark, arms hanging down the back of his seat. He listened thoroughly to Dark and kept up his grin. "You're a sweet kid, Dark" He said as he reached out to shake hands. Peaches however had it's arms crossed as it paid little attention to what Dark had to say. "But if what you're saying is true about your partner right there, that must mean you've got a pretty hefty Murkrow. Do you do any professional battling?"
  32. "As I said, I only served in the poke army, Shade wasn't even mine since last year when I enlisted, I quit after the last 2 months, to hard. I try not to battle and to let Shade recover from his experiences. You could say hes retired but still has a fighting spirit."
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  33. Keres nodded sharply, a reluctant acceptance of Dark’s apology. She couldn’t blame him, really, if his mother had really passed away recently. Still, she wouldn’t call him sweet. She laid a hand on Scorpio’s smooth hide as the cart rattled along, as an assurance to herself that at least one creature in the world understood her gothic ways. It wasn’t her fault she’d always had a fascination with bug- and poison-types. Or that she’d always loved the dark and hated the light. Or that she had had insomnia. Dark said people could be whoever they wanted and his apology seemed sincere, but another of Keres’s defining traits was her cynical distrust of all people. So the most she could bring herself to do to acknowledge his apology was a curt nod. The two older guys were already deep in conversation, leaving Keres ignored; just the way she liked it. Her fingers drew circles on Scorpio’s back as the cart continued on its way.
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  34. Pollen-Puff

    Pollen-Puff Previously Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    I'm sorry.)

    Cain jolted back into reality, having spaced out. He happily accepted the offer and hopped into the green lady's cart. Something about the twin women and the "no turning back" statement unnerved him, but he tried to think nothing of it. Before the carts left, he dashed in, calling Willow back into her Pokeball. "Hi, I'm Cain, and this," he held up his Pokeball, "is Willow. The Blissey inside, not the Pokeball itself. Do you want some of this granola bar? It's actually not that bad!" He seemed to have missed the previous conversations, but he was happy that he wouldn't be alone, Juuuuust in case this mansion turned out to be a murder shack, he wanted to be in a group.
  35. "Well everyone, I guess this is it, we're heading in the mansion. Does anyone feel its a bit strange he split us into groups? Bron, Bordie, Aerona, and Ace in the Purple, and Me, Cain, Reggie, and Keres here. If anything if I think I know what its going to be we can win a 4v4 pokemon battle, I bet Willows healing ability can help Scorpio, Shade, and what's your Panchams name?" Dark said. Dark thought back "No turning back" comment that the butler said. He thought to himself "If this really is a murder shack, my best bet is to get rid of my current friends," Dark takes a quick glance at Cain. "But I like Cain.... The expression is that you should always work with your enemy in a time of crisis, besides war... " He remembers Ace. "No way in hell I'd work with Ace, not after the comment he made... I think in a life or death situation, I'd sadly have to choose between Cain or Reggie..." Dark went back into life and dropped Shade on his lap. Dark and Shade looked at each other almost as a conversation but Shade knew what he was doing, he was saying that he'd kill himself anyway just to let him live....
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  36. Keres surveyed her cart-mates with cool distrust. It wasn’t plain on her face, but if you could read facial cues, you’d know from her stony expression that small talk wasn’t high on her priority list. Worst comes to worst, I’ll ditch the cart, she thought as she turned to face the dark wall instead of the—ew—people in the cart with her. Scorpio’s String Shot might be strong enough for him to grab me and get us the hell outta here. Or we could jump; a broken leg is better than a broken neck. But hey, who’s even saying it’ll come to that? Easy, Keres. The spooky vibe is making you get ahead of yourself. You’re getting high on adrenaline.

    She couldn’t help but shiver with delight at the deepening gloom. Her sunken eyes didn’t try to penetrate it; instead, she closed them so she wouldn’t be encumbered by the straining sense of sight. Her ears helped her balance, and picked up every little sound. Scorpio, too, was on edge, ready to ditch the others with Keres if need be.
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  37. The carts soon arrived at the front door. It was a door too big for humans, but elegant with a wine red color. The walls of the mansion where of dark gray marble, with dark windows and silver outlining. The two maids stepped out of the cart and stood by the door, each holding one of the handles which required both of their hands. Before they opened the doors, thunder could be heard in the horizon. "Welcome!" The maids said as they opened the doors.
    Inside there was the main hall, which had a wide spiral staircase in the middle going to the second floor. On the sides were portraits of different trainers and Pokemon, from different eras. There where two doors on the right wall and two on the left wall, each leading to different sections and one door under the stairs, leading towards the back of the mansion. On the ceiling was a silver chandelier, which surprisingly illuminated everything quite well. The door had a red carpet leading to the different paths and underneath dark wooden floor.
    "Please head to your rooms and settle in." The purple maid said.
    "The first door on the right leads to your rooms." The green maid added.
    "Lord Knives will meet you at dinner, we will get you before then." Both maids said.

    Did the guest decide to go get their rooms or did they decide to explore on their own, Ignoring instructions?
  38. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Bron waved his hands and laughed nervously "Oh no, I'm definitely not going to start a fight, I'd kill the dude." he joked.
    Well, Luke would.
    Before he knew it, the ride was over, and two maids had taken them inside.
    Bron looked around in amazement, everything looked so elegant!
    He finally snapped out of it when the maids had told them to go to their rooms.
    Bron whistled when he saw Luke walk a different direction, "We may as well go to our rooms. I don't wanna piss off the guy literally the second I came in. I'll annoy him later." he smiled as he went through the right door.
    Luke sighed in frustration as he followed.
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  39. Ridleymon

    Ridleymon Previously Ridleymon226

    "Whether it's haunted or not, You've got to admit this mansion lives up to the hype" Whittaker said to himself as he took in the overwhelming atmosphere of the building. The maids instructed them to head to their rooms. Reggie was a lot more intrigued to explore the mansion than he ever had been before, but he was also was mature enough to wait just a little longer. Like the butler said "there's no turning back" so he really did have all week to discover the mysteries that dwell within the mansion. Reggie made his way to the first door on the right, as the maids instructed.
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  40. Keres smoothly left the cart, silently landing on the ground in front of the red doors. The color could have been described as wine, but Keres thought it was closer to blood. She was unsure of whether she should obey or not; the twin women reminded her of the Sirens, who lured sailors to their deaths. She made her way to the hallway indicated, but when she thought no one was looking, she slipped into another corridor. “Cmon, Scorpio,” she whispered. “I don’t trust this.” She stuck to the wall and hid in the shadows, trying her hardest to avoid being seen, and yet enjoying it in her own strange way.
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