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Open Pokemon: Hoenn Rp

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by TheForgettingBacon, Jul 26, 2017.

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  1. Hello Fellow People rules are simple just read them yourselfs so this rp takes place in hoenn just follow below also you cant have legendary or mythical pokemon in your team

    Name: Kayo Osako

    Age: 15

    Region: Hoenn

    Appearance: White spiky haired boy he wears a black open jacket with a red shirt and dark blue jeans

    Noticable features(You can choose to add this)
    a scar just below his left eye and a necklace with a key stone

    Personality: Shy but friendly to friends and family cold hearted and mean to people he dislikes

    Goal: To find out why his grandfather gave this necklace to him and to find rayquaza

    it was a beautiful morning in littleroot town Kayo osako a young teen boy was asleep then his alarm went off he of course ignored it and turned over then his mother walks in "Hey kayo get your lazy ass up the professor called he said he wants to see you for something it maybe a gift for helping him out he said" kayo groaned and ignored his mother "Come on get up.." she then sighs and walks downstairs she then comes back up with eevee she opens the door "eevee go and wake kayo up" eevee jumped on the bed licking kayo all over he then sat up "Okay okay ill go jeez you didn't need to ask eevee to get me up" his mother laughed and walked back down "Get ready and go okay? come on eevee" she said whilst going back down. Kayo got up and got ready he then went downstairs and took his bag before he opened the door eevee came up to him and nudged him "What is it eevee?" he asked curiously his mother walks up "Seems like he wants to go with you.." she laughed "Here take this its his pokeball" kayo took it "You sure mum" his mother nodded "yeah i am i used to be a pokemon trainer myself when i met your father oh speaking of him call him later he asked after you.." kayo opened the door "Will do" he said whilst walking out his mother waved and kayo went off to the lab when he arrived he went inside and went up to the professor "Hey professor is there anything you want me to help you with?" he asked curiously the professor turned to him "Kayo you have helped me so much not just keeping this place tidy but also my research and i thought its time to let you go on your own journey i see you already have eevee but i have 3 pokemon that i cant take care of anymore and you know them as you met them so pick one" kayo looked at the pokeballs and picked up torchics pokeball "Torchic huh? good choice okay then kayo there is one more thing i want you to do for me...though..." he shows a pokedex "This as you know is a pokedex please continue my research not just mine but many other professors research in studying pokemon" kayo took it "yeah why not it will help me learn about them too.." kayo put it in his pocket and went off "Thanks professor" he said whilst walking outside he then headed to the first route "So this is it huh..well then mother father i wont let you down!" he said to himself and started to walk
  2. Name: Luke .A. Williams

    Age: 14

    Region: Hoenn

    Appearance: Black hair, with blue highlights.

    Noticable features(You can choose to add this)
    His left eye is blue. His right eye is Red.

    Personality: Brave, Kind and smart. He has Anger issues, sorta like me irl

    Goal: To join a showcase or beat the League.


    Luke was really angry. He just found out that his father and mother got a divorce. He breathes in and out. He then looked down at his Treecko and Pikachu. The two of them began eating two oran berries. "Enjoy my friends." He smiles, finally calm after the past week.
  3. Name: Maddie
    Age: 11
    Region: Many Regions
    Appearance: Black Hair with Black Skin and a blue jacket with a red scarf
    Noticeable Features: You can notice that on my wrist there is a Z-ring with some z-cystals

    He was walking to the professor's Lab to get a pokemon for his Hoenn adventure. when he got to the door he slammed into someone "Ow..."
  4. PyroTechnical157

    PyroTechnical157 Previously DarkIllousion157

    Name: Pyro Shimada
    Gender: Male
    Age: 12
    Region: Alolan
    Appearance: Black hair (modern quiff ) Black shirt, pants, and jacket. bracelet with keystone. Green sunglasses
    Noticeable features: Scar on right hand

    Pyro was exited to find pokemon and make new friends on his journey so on his way to the professor's lab he saw something blocking the door. "What the....
  5. Name: Winter
    Gender: Female
    Region: Kalos
    Appearence: Long straight white hair that ends mid back, Icy blue eyes, wears a white short sleeved turtle neck dress that ends almost above her knees but slightly higher, white peep toe wedges, blue diamond earrngs
    Noticable features: her eyes are really cold looking
    Personality: calm most of the time but if mad she shows no mercy,sassy at times,snobby at first then caring

    Winter walked out of her new house with her Gabite walking right next to her while she carried her Purrloin in her arms she then walked to the lab to get her pokedex
  6. PyroTechnical157

    PyroTechnical157 Previously DarkIllousion157

    Pyro turned around "Hey what's your name, mine's Pyro nice to meet you." "I just moved in, uhh know what's going on here?"
  7. Once reaching the lab Winter looked at the male trainer in front of her and set Purrloin on the ground "What's wrong with the lab" Winter said in a cold and confused voice while Drake her Gabite stayed quite and just stood there menacingly right next to Winter but Velvet her Purrloin started to paw at Drake which made the dragon type growl
  8. PyroTechnical157

    PyroTechnical157 Previously DarkIllousion157

    "It's a mess!!!" "There is paper everywhere!" "What if something is wrong with the professor!!!"
  9. Winter simply noded her head and walked into the lab with her pokemon following right behind her once she got in her eyes widened in shock then went back to it's I don't care about anybody cold look
  10. PyroTechnical157

    PyroTechnical157 Previously DarkIllousion157

    ( yeah just don't ask in the chat) "Hey I found something!!" "It looks like a note!!" "It says Going to catch some 'mon." "Do you think we should find him!!"
  11. Winter noded her head in agreement while she picket Velvet up she then walked out of the door with Drake following close behind her and Velvet snuggled up in her arms so they could search for the Professor
  12. PyroTechnical157

    PyroTechnical157 Previously DarkIllousion157

    While they were walking Pyro decided to start some conversation. "Soooo what's your name, mine is Pyro."
  13. Winter stayed quite at first then decided to respond "my name's Winter" she said as Velvet started to fall asleep in her arms she then started to pet her Purrloins head while they were walking while Drake started to walk right next to Winter instead of behind her
  14. PyroTechnical157

    PyroTechnical157 Previously DarkIllousion157

    "Winter... that's a nice name." "So you have a Purrloin and a Gible, I have a..." before he could even finish his sentence his zorua jumped out of his pokeball. "Zo-rua!!" "Whoops well this is my Zorua, Zy (zee)."
  15. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    One-liners, unapproved key-stone, did any of you read the rules? Doesn't look like it. Thread locked.
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