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Ask to Join Pokémon - Hoenn Journeys -

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by DirkcraftMC, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. This Roleplay is about my OC moving from Johto to Hoenn to have a pokémon adventure. He will meet freinds that might stay with him his entire journey, or just for a while.

    Requirments for bio:

    Starter Pokémon
    Starter Region
    Picture (optional. if not, describe what you look like.)
    Reason for being in Hoenn

    That is just about it. (BTW, this is my first rp.)

    Here is my OC's bio.

    Name: Noah Marythorne
    Age: 12
    Sex: Male
    Starter: Eevee
    Starter Region: Johto
    Hometown: Cherrygrove City
    Picture: Ethan (from HG/SS) but with brown hair
    Noah moved to Hoenn to beat all the gym leaders and become a pokémon master.

    Noah woke up like it was a normal day. He got up out of bed and put his clothes on. He was going downstairs when he remembered. OH NO! He was going to miss his flight. He ran up to his room to start packing. He packed everything he thought he needed. He went downstairs and said bye to his mom. "My little boy is all grown up," she sighed. He was out the door in exactly 2.3 minutes. He ran through the city to get to the airport. It was one minute until the flight stopped boarding. He ran and ran, but he didn't think he could make it. WHAM!!! "Hey! What was that for!" he cried.

    Attached Files:

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  2. [​IMG] Name: Kiri Kelain
    Age: 16
    Sex: Male
    Starter Pokemon: Pichu
    Starter Region: Sinnoh
    Hometown: Twinleaf Town
    Appearance: Kiri has pure black and spiky hair, covered up by his signature black PokeHat since he's somewhat self conscious about it. He has an attire which would consist of a blue jacket and pants

    Kiri lost in the Sinnoh Leauge, coming in the top 8 with his previous Pokemon including his Pichu, his mother then offered him a ticket to Hoenn since her work as a professor provided her with an acquientence with the regional professor so Kiri traveled to Hoenn to win the Pokemon Leauge and eventually become the very best trainer in the world
    Kiri ran to the tip of the ship, which was embarking to Hoenn, he could see the docks over the horizon and shaked in excitement "I can't wait! I'm here Hoenn!" Kiri said as he extended his arms in excitement as Pichu chirped "Pichu Pichu!" On his shoulder clearly excited
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  3. Name:Bryce Wilson
    Starter Pokemon:Bulbasaur
    Starter Region:Johto
    Hometown:Violet City
    Appearance:[​IMG]just add glasses
    Backstory:Bryce lived in Violet Johto moved to Kalos... traveled became champion moved his title back to Diantha and left and said "onwards to Hoenn!"
    also its really funny how we both have OCs with Ethan looks
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  4. can i join the rp if i can i will put the character info

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