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Private/Closed Pokémon: Hoenn Adventures {Discussion}

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by waluigipinball, Jan 20, 2019.

  1. i've been in many an RP, but one of my favourites was one that traversed the hoenn region. i loved the people, the characters and the region- hoenn is one of my favourites, after all- and i wanted to open up a hoenn RP of my own! So... here it is.

    now, there will probably be a developing side plot, but mostly, this will be a 'do-whatever-you-want' sort of rp. but, i do have some rules:

    ★ regular pokécharms rules apply- if you continuously break them, i will request your removal.
    ★ romance is allowed because i'm a sucker for it, but keep it pg- nothing beyond a passionate kiss.
    ★ on the topic of romance, please allow for it to develop first before getting into anything. don't have two characters get together after knowing each other for like, a day.
    ★ your character can come from any region as long as there is a legitimate reason as to why they're in hoenn.
    ★ don't be really edgy. if you're like, an emo kid who only wears black, who has a rare pokémon that is all-black with blood red eyes, who is looking to avenge their dead parents and is a huge jerk to everyone, then i'm not going to accept you
    ★ on that topic, of course your character can be a jerk, but if you are oocly being horrible to people then get off my lawn
    ★ please don't make things all about your character all the time. allow other people to have fun in the spotlight.
    ★ and for the love of god, if i see any drama conga lines i'm gonna flip my desk. I've had so much of them in my rps, i just wanna have fun people, don't make everything life-or-death
    ★ please include the codeword 'japanese dijon' to prove you read these!
    ★ please only one shiny per person, and no fakemon!
    ★ only up to two pokemon per person starting off, even if they are an experienced trainer- i would like everyone to be largely in the same boat.
    ★ please read bios and posts before interacting with characters.

    okay, now that's all sorted... here's the application form! (and, below it, my character form)
    oh by the way there's no official pokemon form, just include whatever info you want lol


    Saiorse Byrne (sir-sha burn)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Ethnicity: Caucasian // Hoennian
    Appearance: Saiorse has long, wavy ginger hair that falls over her right eye and dark blue eyes. She has lots of freckles and has a very pale complexion. She always wears black bottoms, be it a skirt or jeans, and a teal or white top. Her favourite item of clothing is her teal wooly jumper. She has a brown messenger bag with necessities such as clothes inside, and a moleskine notebook containing her ideas for contest performances. Saiorse is rather tall, standing at about 5”7, and has quite a thin and delicate-looking figure. She’s pretty flat-chested.
    Personality: Saiorse is very insecure about her appearance and feels as if she is inadequate when it comes to her looks, always trying to hide as much of her face as possible with her hair or hands. She’s soft-spoken, reserved and cowardly, though is polite, gentle and compassionate. She has a very close bond with her Mudkip, Snooch, and often chooses to talk to him instead of humans. Saiorse is incredibly awkward and often trips over her words, and is a frequent stutterer, most noticably having issues with her 't's. Despite what you would outwardly think due to her general nervousness, Saiorse has quite a cynical and dry sense of humor and often makes self-deprecating jokes. Due to the fact she grew up in such a secluded and quiet place, and her general affinity for messing up social situations, Saiorse does not deal very well at all with loud, crowded places, often prone to panic attacks when in those sorts of places. She is a very light sleeper.
    Backstory: Born and raised in Pacifidlog Town, a small and secluded ocean town in Hoenn, Saiorse developed a love for water types and a crippling inability to talk to people normally, except from her mother and her brother Aodh. Her father left them when her mother was pregnant with Saiorse and Aodh was 6. They lived a quaint and happy life, Saiorse recieving a Mudkip as a 10th birthday gift from her mother, whom she named Snooch. About once or twice a year, Saiorse's mother would take them to see a contest in Lilycove City, and Saiorse developed a fascination with contests and a quick mind to think of move combos. However, when Saiorse was 14, her mother died suddenly of a terrible illness. She left her Lapras to Aodh and her Altaria to Saiorse, but Saiorse didn't feel ready to look after Altaria, so gave her to Aodh. Altaria soon laid an Egg which was given to Saiorse, hatching into a Swablu that she named Fiona, after her mother. However, Saiorse had sunk into a depression, not wanting to leave the house or do anything. She lost her previously big appetite, and never really got it back. After seeing his sister in this state, Aodh encouraged her to go and journey through Hoenn, doing contests just as she had wanted to for her whole life. Saiorse accepted, though was not sure if she was truly ready.

    Name: Snooch
    Species: Mudkip
    Appearance: A normal Mudkip, though Saiorse does like dressing him up. He hates it.
    Ability: Torrent
    Moves: Water Gun, Tackle, Growl, Mud-Slap

    Name: Fiona (named after her mother, Fionnghuala)
    Species: Swablu
    Appearance: Swablu with a Soothe Bell hanging from what little neck she has.
    Ability: Cloud Nine
    Moves: Disarming Voice, Sing, Round, Take Down, Safeguard
  2. Name: Johan Ray
    Gender: M
    Age: 16
    Ethnicity: Hoennian
    Appearance: Very dark skin, both genetically and from spending all his time outdoors. He's pretty slim and athletic but not super muscular. He sports an abundant amount of messy dark hair, he has bangs that cover up most of his face. His eyes are a dark brown. He's constantly wearing athletic shorts, athletic shirts, and water shoes. That is, if he's not surfing. In which case he has multiple pairs of swim trunks. His bag is a blue drawstring backpack.
    Personality: Johan is a dreamer. He really enjoys spending time alone at sea to just daydream and take the scenery in while surfing. That being said, he fairs pretty well in social situations. He grew up with a group of close friends and had a blast being the joker of the group. He isn't very bright however, and a lot of implicit information can tend to go over his head. His friends always found his stupidity as charming so he doesn't really let it get to him. He is open-minded about seeing new things and meeting new-people despite his flaws.
    Backstory: Grew up in Slateport city with his family. He never went to school, as he spent his childhood helping his dad with his fishing business. He grew up just having fun and spent his whole life at Slateport. His parents "kicked" him out of the house so he could learn to take care of himself, which Johan was completely fine with. His pokemon have all been obtained from fishing, surfing, or on the beach.
    Pelly (Wingull) M.
    Personality: As much of a dunce as Johan. Has a lot of heart but is just completely clueless at times
    Ability: Rain Dish
    Moves: Water gun, Wing attack, Supersonic, Mist

    Name: Lady (Horsea) F.
    Personality: The sweetest, by far. Very shy, yet caring. Often hides behind Johan when meeting new people and pokemon.
    Ability: Swift Swim
    Moves: Twister, Bubble, Smokescreen, Rain dance

    Other: japanese dijon
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  3. everything's okay, except you possibly missed the rule where i said the limit was two pokemon- you'll have to remove one of them, and then you're accepted ♥
  4. Figured I'd join and use a char that I grew to liking as well.

    Brian Killian
    Gender: Male
    Age: 14
    Ethnicity: Unova
    Appearance: Brian stands at 5'10" with relatively Pale skin, bright hot Pink eyes and smooth medium Dark blue grayish hair that goes down to the level of his chin. He wears a closed Black jacket, Purple pants, White shoes and a White fedora.
    Personality: Brian is kind and friendly, trying to behave a bit like a gentleman, especially toward women. He has a good sense of humor and rarely gets angry... although when he does, he can be very cruel and terrifying. He also cares deeply for his Pokemon as if they were his own children and would do anything to protect them. He also chose to train with only Psychic types like his father who was a gifted fortune teller.
    Backstory: Born in Unova between a Female Pokemon Veteran and a gifted Fortune Teller with great Psychic abilities to see the future that his family had for generations. Brian unfortunately didn't posses his father's gift, but he and his mother raised him well nonetheless. As Brian's childhood went by, they began to realize that he was a lot more like his mother; Someone who loved Pokemon and battling with them considering how often Brian battled with his mother's Arcanine. One day he was gifted a Pokemon egg which soon hatched into the Ralts that became his first partner Pokemon. His father ended up having a vision that involved Brian 'reaching a new height', so Brian decided to travel the world and train to live up to his father's prediction.

    Appearance: Just your everyday Ralts with an added little Brown scarf.
    Ability: Trace
    Moves: Confusion, Disarming Voice, Double Team, Magical Leaf

    Species: Gothita
    Appearance: Just a regular Gothita
    Ability: Competitive
    Moves: Pound, Confusion, Fake Tears

    Japanese Dijon
  5. accepted!!
  6. Name: Her name is Diana Tangi.
    Gender: Female
    Age: She is 13 Years old.
    Ethnicity: Cambodian / Kantonian
    Appearance: Diana stands at a somewhat short height of about 4'10" and has a skinny build and a lighter skin tone. She has blond hair in a paler shade that goes down to her neck and has a small patch of faint freckles on her nose. She has sky blue eyes and has on a pair of clear safety goggles with the edges being made of a thin layering of twenty-four karat gold and the adjustive strap being composed of leather to give it a sensation of the steampunk era. She has on a short-sleeved, gray henley shirt and a nightly black skort. She wears a violet lab coat over her clothing, as the inner area has a few hidden pockets and a bigger one on the outside that can be used as a sling to carry around small Pokémon. She has on a pair of orchid ballet shoes and carries around a mellow mauve duffel bag.
    Personality: Diana tends to stay quiet in public, only speaking if the situation is necessary to have a few words to establish progression. Some describe her to have a stern figure of authority, having quite the serious outlook on others when issuing out commands if picked as the leader in a group setting. Unfortunately, she can be impatient at times since her Pokémon can be hard to please at times.
    Backstory: Diana spent her childhood in Vermilion City, as she attended primary school. However, her means of education changed when the institution was attacked by Team Rocket for the sole purpose of profits from property ransom. Diana had decided to move to the region of Hoenn, where she was accepted by a recently opened academy in Slateport City. From there, she continued her studies in the field of science and medicine. On the stormy night after her thirteenth birthday, she had found an injured Cubchoo near her house. She decided to take the Cubchoo in and quickly attended to the Pokémon's injuries with the assistance of her father. She decided to spend her time in Hoenn with the Chill Pokémon in hopes of being able to find out more on the Cubchoo's past and to study the strange behaviors and habits of the little Pokémon.
    Name: His name is Frost.
    Species: Cubchoo / Chill Pokémon
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Frost is your normal, everyday Cubchoo. However, he is about two inches shorter and roughly a pound lighter for the average size of his species. Unlike his kind however, he lacks the constant runny nose.
    Clothing: Frost has on a cloud white bodysuit primarily centered around the use for younger Pokémon. The small pocket pouch located near his stomach level of the one-piece bodysuit stores several items; most of which seem to house the purpose of cleansing someone from the dreaded colonies of bacteria. He wears a pair of snow white, scratch resistant gloves, has on daisy white, weather resistant socks and wears a beanie in a light shading of cotton white. Along with that, he sports a nightly black, half face mask and safety goggles that serves an additional purpose of shielding his eyes from the harsh, outer lighting.
    Personality: Frost's way of expressions remains an enigma to most, since he is rarely around others with the exception of his trainer if deemed necessary at the moment. He tends to avoid battles if possible, after a recent appointment with Nurse Joy two days prior to the present. He usually prefers to not play as many social games yet, since he seems to have quite the bit of trouble when his trainer covers her face as one of her games for him. He usually prefers to go back into his ball if alone time calls.
    Ability: Slush Rush (Doubles the Pokémon's speed in a hailstorm.)
    Other: His favorite drink is a cold bottle of milk at exactly fifty-five degrees Fahrenheit with the drinking container being completely sterilized prior for use. He has his paws and torso area wrapped snugly with a moderate layering of bandages and medicinal paste. In addition, he wears a splint on his left paw as a result of an accident when he was inordinately using the move of Slash; in which was a degree that crossed a crystal clear line between his other moves in a rather short amount of time two days ago.
    Other: She is still trying to figure out what a Japanese Dijon is.
  7. accepted!
  8. I think I'll join! I'm just... kinda having a tough time deciding which of my kids to play hah.
    EDIT: Alrighty, since she's from Hoenn, that made up my mind. Here's my char! (Also I just noticed our charas are the same height :O). Also, japanese dijon.

    Name: Kayrana Ral.
    Nickname: Kayra, Kay.
    Ethnicity: Hoennian.
    Age: 15
    Sex: Female.
    Sexuality: Homosexual.
    Home-town: Oldale Town, Hoenn.
    Height: 173 cm (5′ 7″).
    Goals: Make more friends, either Pokemon or human. Deepen her bonds.
    Family: Her parents are herbalists.

    Kayrana is a very passionate person, who always aims for perfection, but is plagued with indecision. Because of that, she is never content with what she does and she usually needs a big amount of energy to actually start anything she sets her mind off. Her peers would sometimes call her a ‘lazy overachiever’. With that said, she’s not one to show herself very often, and will usually go unnoticed, be reserved, or would be seen as ‘shy’; but truly, she only meddles in stuff she’s interested in or knows about. She isn’t one to be boasting around either. People may see her as cold because she doesn’t like small talk or useless gossip much, but, even if she doesn’t show it often, deep down, affection and friendship is what she craves the most. Even so, she has a hard time working in groups and often finds difficult to understand what people are talking about or how to just have a conversation. To people, then, she may seem cold, reserved, and unresponsive, but in fact she is really sensitive to signals of rejection from those they care for or those they wish to befriend. Of course, if she gets interested, all her ‘shyness’ goes away and she puts all her heart into whatever it is sparked her interest. She's usually very upbeat and energetic, even more so when she's around people and Pokemon she likes, and Aurai never leaves her side, so she's always talking to her. She finds beauty and joy in complex and stuff worthy of analysis, of which the peak she deems to be nature, so Pokemon, her companions, are very important for her and she loves them, she is always marvelled by every Pokemon she meets that she likes. Recently, and thanks to Aurai, she as been trying to initiate conversations more and talk more in order to make more friends. She considers battle to be a fruitless pursuit, but still think it’s best to be prepared and so still engages in it, but she tries to not harm her Pokemon much. Kayrana abhors many social prescriptions, manners, or unwritten codes of conduct, as well as with many laws, and tries to disengage from those she deems useless or wrong.

    Kayrana grew up in her parent’s hometown in Hoenn, Oldale Town; they lived there until Kayrana was 10, when they moved to Verdanturf town. She has a good relationship with her parents (or so she thinks) but sometimes they claim they don't understand her or don't understand why she's so shy and why she doesn't talk more. In Oldale Town, life was very quiet and she hadn’t made many friends, since most kids her age classed her as an outcast. But still, she loved Oldale town because of its location in the forest; for that reason, she also ended up loving Vendanturf, which are called “The highlands where the grass-scented wind blows.” There, her parents ended up finding jobs at a herbal medicine shop, and Kayrana became even more interested in topics relating to nature and its properties. She passed her days admiring the highlands, the forest, the trees and the leaves, and all the fresh air the town had to offer. She also used to go to the Pokemon Contest Hall, although she despised how and why they rated Pokemon, but she still enjoyed the show. When it closed and became a Battle Tent, she became really sad for a while. She had one or two friends here, but they all moved to other bigger cities a while after she met them, and she really missed them. In Vendanturf, though, at age 14, she met her first and only Pokemon: a Ralts. This happened when she was taking a stroll through a nearby forest and had gotten lost. It was getting dark and she wasn’t really great with directions, so she ended up laying on a patch of dried leaves, waiting for the night to pass. At that moment something started moving in some bushes to her right; she then only remembers appearing on the entrance of town with a Ralts smiling to her. From that day on, they were never separated. It is said Ralts can feel the emotions of humans, so she always wonders what Ralts was thinking of her when she appeared from out the bushes. After that, she moved to Slateport for a little while.

    - Journal || Handsize; when not used it's attached to her waist. Green cover with a Ralts she drew on it. Has a little pen attached to it. Mostly used to write about what she saw that fascinated her, like new plants and berries, or about pokemon she saw. Also likes to draw the places she's been to.
    - Berry Pots || Handy containers for cultivating Berries wherever you go.
    - Pokegear, Pokedex
    - Ralts Necklace || Its chain is light green. It depicts a green-tone-colored Pokeball with a Ralts inside.

    Berry Cultivation || One of her hobbies is the cultivation of berries. Right now, she is trying to find out which flavours Aurai likes in order to give her the best berries she can!
    Herbal medicines making || Her parents taught her this, but she's still learning.

    Kayrana is 5'7', so she's quite tall. She has a slender build and likes wearing comfortable clothes in all kinds of colors like green, yellow, blue. Usually light colours. She has mossy green eyes and short-ish orange hair, she uses those clips in her hair to prevent it from going into her eyes. She does not care much about dress codes and will rarely wear clothes she deems unpractical, annoying or uncomfortable like dresses or tight-fitting clothes; so she wears more baggy or loose-y clothes, anything that she thinks is comfortable really. She would like to smile more but it's kind of difficult for her for some reason.


    Species: Ralts (Female)
    Nickname: Aurai
    Personality: Aurai is very sweet and always comforts Kayrana when she senses she is feeling low. Fighting is not something she enjoys, but will do so if necessary; sometimes, though, if she feels it due, she will refuse to fight and give a long look at Kayrana until things are settled. Until now, though, they have never really fought any battle. She has sworn to herself to protect and help her friend, Kayrana; she always tries to keep the mood up and helps Kay to go on trips to the forest, either for fun or in order to collect herbs (or even just to learn more and observe nature). She always stays outside (in fact, she hasn't officially been caught by Kayrana).

    Aurai, the Ralts (F) Level 9
    Base HP: 28
    Attack: 25
    Defense: 25
    Sp. Atk: 45
    Sp. Def: 25
    Speed: 40

    - Growl: The user growls in a cute way, making the foe lower its ATTACK stat. || Normal || Status
    - Confusion: The foe is hit by a weak telekinetic force. It may also leave the foe confused. || Deals damage; has a 10% chance of confusing the target. || Physic || Special || Power: 50.
    - Double Team: By moving rapidly, the user makes illusory copies of itself to raise its evasiveness. || Normal || Status
    - Teleport: Use it to flee from any wild Pokémon. It may also be used to warp to the last PC visited. || Always fail in a Trainer battle. Also fails in wild battles if the user would normally be unable to flee due to a trapping move (e.g. Fire Spin) or ability (e.g. Arena Trap.) || Psychic || Status
    - Shadow Ball: A shadowy blob is hurled at the foe. May also lower the foe’s SP. DEF. || Ghost || Special || Power: 80
    - Psyshock: The user materializes an odd psychic wave to attack the target. This attack does physical damage. || Inflicts damage based on the target's Defense, not Special Defense. || Psychic || Special || Power: 80.

    Ability - Synchronize: The attacker will receive the same status condition if it inflicts a burn, poison, or paralysis to the Pokémon. || If the opponent causes a burn, paralysis, or poisoning of a Pokémon with Synchronize, the opponent receives the status condition too. Self-inflicted status conditions (for example through the use of an item) are not passed on.


    Species: Whimsicott (Female)
    Nickname: Whimsi
    Personality: Whimsi is an extremely upbeat Pokemon. She loves Kayrana and always tries to lift her mood. She is often found leaving her cotton around everywhere, always ready to meet new people or Pokemon, and always tries to keep a smile on her face. Also, she usually travels by making little jumps.

    Whimsi, the Whimsicott (F) Level 11
    Base HP: 60
    Attack: 67
    Defense: 85
    Sp. Atk: 77
    Sp. Def: 75
    Speed: 116

    - Cotton Spore: The user releases cottonlike spores that cling to the foe, sharply reducing its Speed stat. Cotton Spore lowers the target's Speed by two stages (Stats can be lowered to a minimum of -6 stages each) Grass Status Accuracy: 100
    - Leech Seed: A seed is planted on the foe to steal some HP for the user on every turn. Deals damage; has a 10% chance of confusing the target. Grass Status Accuracy: 90
    - Mega Drain: A nutrient-draining attack. The user’s HP is restored by half the damage taken by the target. Grass Special Accuracy: 100 Power: 40
    - Gust: A gust of wind is whipped up by wings and launched at the foe to inflict damage. Flying Special Accuracy: 100 Power: 40
    - ???: --- --- --- Accuracy: --- Power: --- (Energy Ball? Shadow Ball? Solar Beam?)
    - ???: --- --- --- Accuracy: --- Power: --- (Sunny Day? Toxic? Taunt? Dazzling Gleam? )

    Ability - - ???: --- --- (Prankster, Infiltrator, Chlorophyll)
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  10. Looks like I'm not the only char with a Ralts now. :p
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  11. Aaaaa thank you ♥. Also, I added an image of her necklace, and I think I'll have to change up some stuff in her personality since it doesn't reflect clearly how she acts since I wrote it before making her come alive in an RP and she's more upbeat and a bit different, but hey, there's always the RP itself to show off that, right? Oh, how many people are expected to join? And will we have a Discord?
  12. I should also ask if it's alright for shinies to be found and caught (Obviously limited); I ask because Brian's Pokemon team consists of one shiny Pokemon.
  13. yes, of course! just don't find them, like, all the time :p

    I don't really know how many will join, so I'll just have to see! and I'm not planning on there being a discord, though we could have a group discussion.
  14. Either this when the RP's up or a conversation group of the participants?
  15. Oh, I see! I just thought it be could so that we keep in contact, send cool stuff, plan things? and have OOC chat. But OOC chat will be done here?
  16. Name: Karl Lightly
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Ethnicity: Hoennian

    Appearance: Icy blue eyes seem nervous as their almond shaped slit evenly crosses Karl's sharp face. A pointed nose and thick eyebrows accent the boy's appearance and his jet black hair matches his olive-colored skin, while suggesting his cold gaze just doesn't fit right. Karl's hair is a dirty green color, dull and grey but still green enough to distinguish it from any salt-or pepper shading; it is a bit on the curly side and is simply grown out lazily to just about his mid-ear. Still, the boy's hair is rather even; the messy look is very purposeful, and in fact not a hair is out of place on the boy. Karl sports a slender build, rather tall for his age, with thin and lanky limbs that almost look too awkward for him to naturally be built in such a way.
    Personality: Karl is what one would describe as a 'perfectionist' he's never found the words worth more than it's negative conjugation, but anyone would agree that Karl'd eye for detail and inability to accept sloppiness makes him quite the oddball as far as pokemon trainers go. He absolutely hates change, and if taking a risk were the only thing left to do, he still wouldn't do it. Karl needs to plan ahead, needs to. The boy will spend nights awake thinking about a simple mistake, and yet still make it again do to his incompetence of the pokemon world. Overall Karl is friendly, enough to be friends with; but it's hard to build a relationship any deeper than the surface with the kid.
    Backstory: Karl lives a completely normal life, the wanted life of all those who like peace and stability. He woke up everyday and did the same exact thing, then went home and went to bed; ever single day. The young male, the type to get angered by the single hair that sticks up at the back of one's head, utterly adored his little life. Despite being alone at such a young age, the boy managed to create his perfect little time table, not a crumb in sight. Yet, when his job is suddenly snagged from under him, the boy's life spiraled down hill. It was on a radio that Karl heard the suggestion of traveling the world as a pokemon trainer; it gave him an excuse for being homeless, at least.


    Type: Foongus
    Gender: Male
    Nickname: Dude
    Ability: Effect Spore
    Type: Skitty
    Gender: Female
    Nickname: Duchess
    Ability: Normalize
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Other: Japanese Dijon
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  17. accepted!! I'll post the thread soon xx
  18. Awesome, hopefully this'll be a good RP for Brian to be in.
  19. Huzzah! It's gonna be a while until I can make my post, it's late and I have work tomorrow.
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  20. Cool I'll post later tonight.
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  21. Woo great!! I'll try to make a post tonight. @tokyomustard Do you wanna interact? Or should Kayrana just be arriving?
  22. do whatever you feel like!! whatever brings you the most muse :) i don’t mind!
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  23. Okai, my post is up! Was really fun writing it, sure got carried away in it haha.
  24. I'll likely be getting in soon, since I've been working on the party status bar for Cubchoo for my signature earlier. (After saving the current one to my documents.)
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  25. Got room for more ?
    Name: Alex
    Gender: Male
    Age: 12
    Ethnicity: One Pure Hoennian
    Appearance: Not that tall, wears a red jacket that covers a white T-shirt, dark blue jeans. A big black travel backpack, filled with his needs, black sneakers and he has a little wrist watch. He has blue eyes, blonde hair, yellow toned skin and a little scar on his left knee
    Personality: He's quite shy, doesn't talk much since he never met someone else that young of his age on a Pokemon journey. He's sometimes a little bit stubborn, whines alot. He's a good kid, always wanting to help other people but doesn't really know how to break the ice. He's ambitious, possitive, all the traits of a boy looking for some fun
    Backstory: He never knew who his parents was, he was adopted when he was still a baby, although not being raised by his real parents he had a happy life since his new family was kind to him. He always dreamt of one day meeting his real parents.
    Pokémon: Ralts (Male. Name: Jay), Shroomish (Female, Name: Fungi)
    Other: N/A
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  26. I'll have my character head north from Slateport and head west to eventually meet starting trainers along routes near Petalburg.
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  27. ay what's poppin touko? been a while ^-^

    Name: Erik Arsenius
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Ethnicity: Hoenn
    Appearance: Erik is a bit tan and has a medium physique, standing at 5'7.5. His eyes are a deep emerald with bright flecks of mint green. Erik's hair is a dusty brown color and messily swept to the right, styled as if he'd done it with his hands. His outift usually consists of a black long-sleeved shirt, navy blue jeans, and dark grey sneakers, with a black backpack slung over his shoulder.
    Personality: Erik tends to keep to himself without much interaction with other people, but he is very kind to those he cares about, including the friends he happens to make. He does know quite a number of playing card tricks, courtesy of his parents, who are world renowned magicians working in all regions throughout the entire year.
    Backstory: Because of his parents' job, Erik has stayed alone since he was eleven, and he has always yearned to see beyond the outside of his home in Verdanturf, contrary to the wishes of his parents. However, adamant to explore the Hoenn region, Erik packed his necessities in his bag and headed off, bringing his story now to present day, the previous events having occurred about half a week prior.
    Pokémon: Beldum, Bagon
    Other: japanese dijon
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  28. pluveon

    pluveon Previously DreamyVictini

    Is it too late to join?

    Gender: Male
    Age: 13
    Ethnicity: Hoennian
    Appearance: He is a slim boy, with reddish brown hair, and blue eyes with a tint of purple. He wears a white, short-sleeved shirt, black shorts, and green sneakers. He carries around a dark green backpack. Lucas doesn't care much about his looks, so his hair is usually messy.
    Personality: Lucas is a quiet boy, who doesn't talk very much. He usually spends time by himself, or with his Pokemon. He is also passionate for drawing, and always carries some drawing tools in his bag. He rarely gets mad at anyone, and quickly calms himself down.
    Backstory: Both of Lucas' parents are Pokemon breeders. Lucas got his first Pokemon at the age of 11, in the form of an egg. The egg later hatched, and revealed to be an Elektrike, with a unique color. Lucas quickly bonded with his new Pokemon. He trained with the help of Wattson, who was an expert on Electric-types.
    Pokémon: Elektrike (Shiny)
    Other: japanese dijon
  29. accepted, you are now the third member to have a ralts

    onion, my dude!!! hello!!! i am back! you are accepted :p
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  30. accepted!! welcome!!
  31. Remind me, are the ones travelling by ferry still on thew ferry, or did they get off?
  32. they're off of it xx
  33. Alright, cool, saves me having to edit then. Perhaps next post I do, Brian'll go to relax at a cafe.
  34. See y'all in Oldale! That's where my character is going to be next post.
  35. I'm still waiting for someone to post before I'll make my move in Littleroot
  36. Three Ralt-trainers?? :O. Post is up, btw!
  37. So many new stuff to react to, Kayrana's mind gonna explode with so many stimuli. Hope I covered everyone's! Also @Kiraru I'm intrigued as why poor Frost talks about wires and what the orange place is. I wonder if I'm missing something or if it's purposefully secret hah. Also are you going to write from Frost point of view all posts or will it be changing every now and then?
  38. I'm mostly writing from the point of view of Frost, and the wires is a bit of a reference to a past RP he was in. (The orange place is referring to the Pokémon Center.)
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  39. I think I've fallen too far behind, what's happening between the chars?

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