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Open Pokemon High

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by EmoKitty21, Jun 8, 2019.

  1. "High school some of the best years of our lives. These are the years that people look back on and remember fondly. Things that we do now will shape our lives."

    High school in the pokemon world is a way for people to learn skills for pokemon battling, studing pokemon, and performing in pokemon contests.

    • Your character can be one of those three or if you want to you can be a teacher in one of the chosen section.
    • Romance is allowed. Nothing too suggestive keep it Pg-13
    • Feel free to add categories to the character sheet as you see fit.
    • Read and follow the Pokecharms RP rules.
    Age: (14-25)
    Course: (trainer, researcher, and coordinator)
    Personality: (don't go into too much detail let your character shine through in the rp.)
    Pokemon: (no more then 3 at this time. Unless you are a teacher then you can have the full team.)
    RP starter: (how your character enters the rp.)

    Here is an example with my character.
    Name: Sky
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Gay
    Course: Coordinator
    Appearance: He has long light pink hair that is straight and comes down to the middle of his back. He has light blue eyes. He stands about 5'3. He is slim but toned. He has a watercolor tattoo of Milotic on his left arm. It seems to wrap around his arm. He tends to wear a white v neck t-shirt, black skinny jeans, light pink converse with painted red roses on them. He also tends to wear a pink jacket that goes to his thighs and buttons up in the front. He also has a pokeball necklace that his mother got for him.
    Personality: He is very sweet and shy. He tends to stay by himself. He wants to preform but he has stage fright.
    Pokemon: Sylveon (female), Lopunny (Shiny female), and Leafeon (Male.)

    It was Sky's first day of high school. He was new to going to public school he had been homeschooled since he was 6. Now that he was 18 he decided to try and overcome his shyness and go to Pokemon High.

    Pokemon High is were dreams are made. Graduating from this school will set you on the path to success of your chosen course.

    Sky hoped he could learn how to be more outgoing. He walked up to the gates of a large school. It looked very modern and new. "Maybe it won't be so bad. Maybe I will gain some new friends ans learn to be better." He mumbled to himself. He was nervous and it showed.
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  2. Name: Jacob
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Course: Trainer
    Appearance: Messy Black Hair, Green Eyes, 5'1, wears stupid Pokeball shirts a lot, wears shorts (cause they're comfortable as heck), White Skin Tone, 89 pounds
    Personality: Happy/Energetic
    Pokémon: Golduck (Male) Dartrix (Female) Pichu (Recently caught, Female)
    Jacob was headed to school, by bike, and decided to make a pitstop for some food. He bought some food, scarfed it down, and continued his journey to school. He eventually made it, and went inside to head to class. He was going to Pokémon History Class.
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  3. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    Name: Daisy Dralion
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Course: Trainer
    Appearance: Dasiy has dirty blonde hair that is in a ponytail, cobalt blue eyes, a thin and angler face, and thin lips. She is small, standing in at about 4'8 and weighing at about 87 pounds. She wears a red tank top with a dark blue shrug. She has dark blue jean shorts. Dark blue boots that are calf high are upon her feet and knee-high black socks poke out. She has red fingerless gloves
    Personality: Daisy is a fierce trainer, just like the dragon types she wishes to train. She goes into a battle head-first and puts up a relentless attack. However, she does have a soft side that only her closest of friends can see, but you have to get past her rough exterior first.
    Pokemon: Dratini F (Luna), Goomey* F (Cream), Gibble M (Tooth)
    RP starter:

    Daisy woke up with her Gibble, Tooth, watching her. She jumped out of bed and started to yell at her pokemon. She then shook her head and got ready for Pokemon High. She recalled her Pokemon and ran out the door without breakfast. She eventually saw a male trainer with long pink hair. She ran past him, getting to the school first. She stuck an anime pose then went around in the courtyard.
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  4. Sky looked at the girl who just ran passed him into the school. He sighed. "I guess I have a lot more to get ready for." He walked into the building and went to find hia first class. He seemed to be a little lost.
  5. Jacob sped across the halls, looking for that one certain room. He bumped into Sky, and mumbled "Sorry, dude." Then he continued to accelerate through the hallway, desperate to find his current class.
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  6. Sky was still looking for the right room when he was bumped. He heard someone say sorry dude. He fell to the gound and the book he had slide across the hallway. "Could this day get any worse?"
  7. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    Daisy entered the school and looked for her classroom. It was room 162, a Trainer Class. She looked down at her schedule again and sighed. Why couldn't things be easier to find. She saw the person that she ran past on the ground. "Hey! If you get knocked down, you stand back up!" She shouted, in what she thought was a friendly manner. She extended a hand to help him up, just in case it wasn't clear. Hopefully, her rough demeanor didn't give him a bad impression.
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  8. Sky looked up at the girl who ran passed him. She had her hand out. He took her hand and with her help got up off the ground. "Thank you." He said this quietly. "I don't have much experience with schools as big as this one." He looked down almost afraid that he would be pushed again. On his belt one of his pokeballs started to shake. Out of the pokeball a Sylveon appeared. She looked to her trainer and nuzzled his leg as if to say you will be ok. He let his rest on her head as she wrapped her ribbons on his arm.
  9. Jacob heard what she said, and looked over, and suddenly felt bad. He felt sorry for the guy. He started to come over, but he decided against it.
    He needed to go to class. And besides, he was already helped up by Daisy.
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  10. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    "Don't mention it!" she said, "I understand really, I came from Blackthorn, if you've ever been there you'll understand just how small it was." She scratched the back of her head as she said this. She winked and said, "Guess what pokemon I train!" She smiled at this game and started to fidget with one of her Pokeballs. When she saw the Sylveon, she got shivers due to her fear of fairy-types, but she didn't show it due to the fact she didn't want to show a fear of such small Pokemon.
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  11. "I don't know you seem like the type that would have a dragon type. You have a sense of fericeness about you." He looked to Sylveon. "Ok Sylveon you need to go back into your ball for now. I will take you out for a walk later." Sylveon nodded and Sky returned her to her ball.
  12. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    "Yep! I'm a dragon-type trainer! And please keep your Sylveon away from me. I really don't like fairy-types!" She replied. She then saw the time and shouted, "I have to go now! I'm going to be late!" She then ran off to her class.
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  13. "Yeah I need to find my class too. I don't think you will see her much. If you are a trainer then we won't have many of the same classes." With that he started to look for his class again. He found it the next hallway over. He walked in and sat down in one of the desks in the front of the classroom.
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  14. (OOC: The RP creator has granted me permission to use my fan made Pokémon in the RP.)

    Name: Her name is Ling Suei.
    Age: She is 14 years old.
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: She is as straight as a green HP bar.
    Course: Researcher (Specifically robotics and other machinery.)
    Appearance: Ling stands at a short height of 4'9" and has pale skin tone, short black hair in the style of a ponytail and brown eyes. She has on pink safety goggles and a gray gas mask that covers her mouth and nose. She wears a pale pink cape that is behind her black shirt and gray skirt. The cape goes down to about halfway on her skirt. The cape has a rather peculiar emblem on it that can be seen when gazed on her back side. The emblem is the letter N in a shade of darkly black that has two dashes going through horizontally on the center area; along with a white circle on the letter's center area that also has some gray spots over it. On the center of her shirt lies the emblem of Itonidon, as it is a modest, but mostly grayish circle. There is a small, green circle in the center of the gray circle; with the entire circle being surrounded by a small, white rim. The white rim is preceded by another rim that is aquatic blue. She has on black oxford shoes, medium-sized white socks and a black bow tie; all of which have a comfortable fit.
    Personality: Ling is a modest girl, as she is not the quietest person out in public, though she is not always the social buttery however. She tends to be rather gentle around her Pokémon since her Pokémon can be easily startled. She tends to speak up for her Pokémon more often than she should, since communication is something that her Pokémon is beginning to grasp after almost a year of attempted training between the two.
    Pokémon: She has an Itonidon. Information on the Pokémon is present in the other character bio below.
    Name: His name is Zilo.
    Species: Itonidon | Lil' Cleaner Pokémon
    Type: Water Steel
    Gender: Male
    Age: His age is currently unknown, though he appears to look rather young even to the trained eye.
    Native Region: Huniaru
    Primary Moves: Pound Rush, Cleansing Wash, Vacuum Draw, Sud Spreader.
    Ability: Synchro Drive (Countering an enemy attack significantly increases the Pokémon's focus. The power of the next move used is doubled.)
    Appearance: Itonidon is a small, mostly humanoid Pokémon that resembles a robot. He has a primarily gray body and a slightly large head to body ratio. He has solid green eyes, and his mouth has no teeth whatsoever. There are two flat, perfectly circular protrusions on the sides of his head that are in a light shade of cloudy gray. His arms and legs are modest sized, as his hands each have five small fingers while his feet have five baby-sized toes. Both of his hands and feet seem to lack any claws or nails upon closer inspection and are in the shade of a cadet gray. His moderate sized, thin tail is shaped like a squeegee upon closer analysis. It is mostly a gray tube that is flexible and made for the purpose of transferring water and other materials in and out of his body and/or other areas. The end is shaped like a smooth rubber blade, though it is slightly more thicker to allow more room for cleaning and for another prime function of his.
    Personality: Zilo is described from his trainer to be a modest, reserved Pokémon that often speaks only when prompted to, or if he is experiencing technical problems. He tends to avoid large areas of debate and sudden, loud noises since his random-access memory usually becomes overloaded from all the pressure and causes his body to become bugged until the overload is resolved. He does not really like himself or his trainer getting his hands dirty, since he tends to spend an excessive amount of time cleaning them should they become soiled by any means.
    Fakemon Creator: Me
    Other: Due to a noticeable absence of the Pokédex in his trainer's home region, he was slightly modified with a special chip. The chip grants him the ability to compute some functions of the Pokédex, along with other applications.
    Vulnerable vs: N/A - 4x Damage
    Weak vs: Electric, Fighting, Ground - 2x Damage
    Resistant vs: Bug, Dragon, Fairy, Flying, Normal, Psychic, Rock, Water - 0.5x Damage
    Resilient vs: Ice, Steel - 0.25x Damage
    Immune vs: Poison - 0x Damage
    Mechanical scan complete...
    Opening File H-062...

    A small Pokémon with robotic characteristics, usually found in urban areas in the houses of Huniaru as maids and other cleaners. No one truly knows the origins of the first of its kind. Some speculate a child's memories were linked with the Pokémon's body to give it a new life; whereas others furiously contest that it was an abandoned experiment from an insane designer.

    Notable Features:

    1. Synchronization System
    This Pokémon possesses a module near their focal receptors. It allows them to concentrate deeper on the enemy's weak points when retaliating against imminent attacks. A true lifesaver for power efficiency when in combat for long periods of time.

    2. Powerful Motors
    The motors in the Pokémon's body spin at high, but quiet speeds, which easily eliminates common pathogens, solids and toxic compounds. Liquids are quickly pushed in and out of the Pokémon's body with the help of many teeth each motor possesses.

    3. Squeegee Tail
    The unusual design of the Pokémon's tail suggests a prime purpose related to cleaning and housework. It may be employed in combat, though it may be ill-advised to utilize when the incoming attack is far too powerful to handle.

    4. Profile
    This Pokémon roughly measures just over half a meter, and bears resemblance to a young humanoid. It is often observed cleaning around houses and other buildings in towns, cities or other areas.

    5. Behavior
    It sports a passive/aggressive approach around other wild Pokémon. This Pokémon often displays a hybrid offensive and defensive approach when threatened. Most scientists concluded that it tends to utilize a combination of water-based attacks and counteractive moves.

    6. Weakness
    Some earlier models of this Pokémon have to deal with an unfortunate bug in their memory drive. The slightest instance of any harsh or booming noise may greatly disrupt its memory drive and other vital components. Some trainers have described this as being the equivalent of a person having a seizure or heart attack.

    Threat Level: ██████████

    Evaluation: Slight Threat - Avoid combat if possible, potential cleaning applications and walking water filter.
    Moves Information:
    Type: Normal
    Category: Physical
    Condition: Tough
    Power: 10 x 5
    Accuracy: 85%
    Power Points: 25
    Target: Single Enemy
    Range: Close Quarters Combat
    Description: An elementary move that most species of Pokémon learn from the start or early on. The user strikes the target with a series of quick strikes.
    Effects: The chance of critical hits increases when all strikes connect.
    Type: Water
    Category: Status
    Condition: Cute
    Power: N/A
    Accuracy: Sure Shot
    Power Points: 15
    Target: Self or Single Ally
    Range: 15 Meters from user if on Ally
    Description: The user purifies themselves or another Pokémon from all impurities and harm inflicted from before. The move's potency is increased when the target has more debuffs and status conditions.
    Effects: Heals the target by 25% max HP without debuffs and up to 75% max HP while also gradually removing all debuffs and status conditions.
    Type: Normal
    Category: Status
    Condition: Clever
    Power: N/A
    Accuracy: 10% to 90% (Depending on the attack's power, this is the success rate of this move.)
    Power Points: 10
    Target: Single Enemy
    Range: Can be used up to 10 Meters from self
    Description: The user gathers in a substantial amount of energy and draws in all incoming attacks to absorb the attack. However, absorbing too much power from the attack can sometimes backfire, so choose wisely when to execute this move!
    Effects: After absorbing an attack successfully, the energy is stored from the amount of damage the attack would have inflicted. The energy can be used to increase an attack's power or simply heal one's self. Absorbing too much power will inflict double the damage the attack would have otherwise inflicted and stun the Pokémon for a brief amount of time.
    Type: Water
    Category: Special
    Condition: Beautiful
    Power: 1−15 x 10 (Damage scales with range.)
    Accuracy: 5% to 75% (Accuracy scales with range.)
    Power Points: 20
    Target: Single Enemy / Multiple Enemies (This attack can hit multiple enemies due to the attack's wide spread.)
    Range: Up to 0.25 Meters (Effective range before power and accuracy start to fall.)
    Description: An advanced move that some species of Water-type Pokémon learn later in their teenage or even adult years. The user launches a salvo of lathered bubbles on the target. This move is excellent for using against hordes of wild Pokémon due to its ability to hit multiple Pokémon at once.
    Effects: No secondary effects, but the harsh range falloff quickly makes the move's power and accuracy decline beyond effective range.
    A small, robotic Pokémon and a girl arrived at the contemporary institution a brief moment after breakfast and some morning related tasks. The little Pokémon glanced at the gates for a brief moment. The young robot eyed over at some of the buildings that towered over his infantile size. He nodded at the girl and projected a cyan, holographic screen towards her field of view. The screen read:

    [21:38 - Yesterday]
    Reminder: Class begins tomorrow. Try to make some new friends and maybe get the little one to talk more.

    Logdex loading...
    Time: Day | Analyzing...
    Temperature: 18.3°C
    Error: Unable to load other information...

    Asselo Loading...
    Status: OK
    Pressure: 103.27 kPa
    Power: 99%
    Tensity: 18%
    Load: 1.84 kg | 50 kg

    "Alright look Zilo, try to not cry so much like you did last time. Just act calm and normal. If you want, I can try to do all the voice stuff if that thing's still causing you issues," Ling softly stated to the Itonidon. The holographic screen gradually faded a split second after the walking machine took in the trainer's statement.

    "R- right... o- ok... okay t- then... u- uh... uh... uhh... y- ye... yeah," Zilo mumbled with his childish, robotic voice. The little Pokémon silently followed the girl into a building the moment the teenager pointed towards the doorway.

    The two entered the unfamiliar structure and strolled past the hallway. The young robot gave no sort of noticeable heed towards the lockers. A sudden sight of a distant figure caught his retinal receptors. He eyed over a girl in a pair of short jeans, as he noted her hasty movements towards his likely destination. A slight nod was given towards his trainer when he arrived in the next hallway of the foreign area.

    "This looks like the room from what I saw on my booklet, so let's go inside," Ling quietly voiced, before she attempted to gesture the Itonidon towards the classroom's entrance.

    "Uh... uhh... uhh... w- we... w- w- we... l- ll... u... mm... o- ok... oka... ay... uhh," The little robot promptly responded after his audio box was forced into top gear for ten painful seconds. The girl walked inside the room and took the seat next to a boy's left side. The young robot quivered after a quick realization of the seat being in the front row of the class. The little automaton cowered under the desk and shielded his disconcerted face.
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  15. Name: Jack
    Age: 15
    Gender: male
    Sexuality: straight
    Course: Trainer
    Appearance: jack has short dirty black hair, brown eyes, standing about 5'9, wears a black hoodie with a long sleeve red shirt underneath it and blue jeans
    Personality: Jack is easygoing and doesn't hold much of grudges towards people or Pokemon, and in pokemon battles he's never competitive, he could careless all that matters is that it was fun for him and his pokemon
    Pokemon: electrike M (bolt), houndour F (Lucy),granbull M (Spike)

    RP starter:

    Jack had ran tirelessly towards school with a piece of toast in his mouth, hoping he wasn't going to be late on his first day of school.

    Jack hoped that this school could help him figure out the requirements of being a successful and strong trainer.

    "Please tell me that I make it in time." Jack pleaded to himself as he just arrived in front of his classroom door and see that he had five minutes to spare and decided to take a seat right in the middle of the room.
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  16. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    Daisy finally found her class and found she wasn't the first one there. She was a bit irritated that she wasn't there first, but then remembered that she was new here and this person could of been going to this school for a while. She sat in the back row, for she didn't want to be called on every other second. She took back out her schedule and looked at it. This class was 'The Types and the Disavantiges' like she would forget what was strong and weak against dragons!
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  17. Sky sat in the front of the class. He hoped he was in the right room. His schedule said that he should be in "pokemon moves and making them sparkle."

    Sky was nervous. He can't seem to get past his shyness to make friends with anyone. He looked to the book he had to pick up from across the hallway when he fell. It was about entering pokemon contests and overcoming stage fright.
  18. Jack decided to turn around towards his new classmate to greet her, besides if he was going to spend his entire year with her, he might as well make a few new friends before class starts.

    "Sup dude, my name is Jake it's very nice to meet you, So then what brings you here to this school Miss?" Jake now facing towards her, showing his bright smile at her expecting an answer.
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  19. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    Name: Nara Frens
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Course: Coordinator
    Appearance: Nara has long blonde hair that is down, blue eyes, a thin face, and medium-sized lips. She stands at about 5'1and weighs at about 98 pounds. She wears a sky blue dress that stops right halfway to the knees and wears black flats
    Personality: Nara is very quiet and prefers people to come to talk to her then her go talk to them. She tends to watch other people, finding out how they act and different mannerisms. Many people forget about her due to her quiet nature and the fact she always sits in the back of the class.
    Pokemon: Vivleon (Vivvy), Deerling (Blossom), Vulpix* (Silver)
    RP starter:

    Nara entered the class silently. She was sure no one heard the door open or close. Vivvy, her meadow form Vivleon, rested on her head. SHe was sure this would draw attention, but not too much. She sat down in the back and pulled out her textbook. SHe came prepared, as aways. Her mother taught her that she should come to class with the first lesson already read over. Vivvy was napping, so she was careful not to disturb her as she reread the lesson.

    Dasiy, hating to be in the back before the class even started, moved to the front. She passed the trainer and said, "I'm Dasiy, a Dragon Type trainer! I came here because this is the only school close to my new home/"
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  20. Jack seemed a bit uninterested because of that comment. "That answer seemed a bit bland, but the part where you said you're a dragon trainer sound fun and interesting so what's it like?" Jack ask Daisy as she regained his interest in her.

    Jack decided to look around the classroom to see is only the two of them. "Shouldn't the teacher and other students be here by now....hmmm...whatever if it means more alone time with this cutie then this should be fine." Jack thought to himself as he smiled.
  21. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    Daisy looked at Jack. "It's so much fun!" she replied, "I came from Blackthorn, so we encountered many Dragon-types before my family moved. Although, I do have a fear of ice and Fairy-types due to it. I got my starter from the Dragon's Den. Do you want to meet her? Her name is Luna." In Daisy's hand rested a normal Pokeball, not something that you would expect a Dragon-type to live in. Daisy had a huge smile on her face.

    Nara read her book. No one disturbed her, which made her happy. More students should be here and some teachers too. No matter, she could get some more minutes of studying in.
  22. "Well, I'm mainly here to learn more about robotics, and to also get this little guy here to interact with other Pokémon here. It doesn't feel right having a Pokémon avoiding everyone else a lot," Ling replied, after she carefully picked up the little robot from under the table.

    "Anyway, they call me Ling... Ling Suei. It's nice to meet you too Jack," The girl added, before she glanced at the Itonidon.

    "Say, why don't you introduce yourself to the man here?" The trainer requested, as the little robot winced for a brief moment.

    "U- uh... uhh... w- we... ll... um... unm... o- ok... ok... kay... t- th- the... hen," Zilo stammered with his youthful, mechanical tone. A holographic screen was projected towards the peer from the center area of his torso. Upon inspection from any potential, wandering eyes in the room, the cyan screen read:

    Notescrib loading...
    Opening file: Z1-L0_introduction.txt...
    Loading file...

    Hello, I am Z1-L0, but you may call me Zilo if you wish. The girl here tends to call me an Itonidon, and well... I like to clean things. She thinks that it's a bit taken too far, but would a bright shine really say that? I still don't remember how I ended up like this at all. All I know is that I have a lot of what the girl in the pink hair said... speech issues and other stuff. If you're thirsty, I could probably get that sorted out if you got a bottle or two. Just don't make any loud noises or anything... please and I really mean please don't. Thank you fellow reader.

    - Zilo

    Scanlo loading...
    Downloading from data drive D...
    Subject: Unknown
    Threat Level: 04, Moderate
    Description: This person is tall, has brown hair, and wears clothing that is commonly seen with thiefs and thugs in Huniaru.
    Evaluation: Could be armed with red and white capsules, or other weaponry. Interact more if permission is granted, maybe if.
  23. (If you guys want someone can npc teachers. That is unless someone wants to create a teacher for a course.)

    Sky pulled open the book. He decided ti read some. There really should be more people here. Oh well it mean he would not have to deal with very large crowds.
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  24. Name: Adrian
    Age: 17
    Gender: Boy
    Sexuality: Bi
    Course: Coordinator
    Appearance: Adrian is of average height and weight at 171cm, 115lbs. He has short brown curly hair and tan skin. His eyes are a greenish hazel colour. He's usually in a hoodie and jeans.
    Personality: Adrian is shy around new people but becomes loud and overwhelming with people he knows. He can be unmotivated if something doesn't interest him and thus does not always have his priorities in order.
    Pokemon: Decidueye♂ (Arrow; starter), Sylveon♀ (Nana), Alolan Vulpix♀ (Aurora)

    I hope for a good RP! :)


    After a rude wakeup call from his Decidueye, Arrow, Adrian bolted out of bed, showered, had breakfast, and dashed out the door without so much as a goodbye to his half-asleep family. He made a run for the street and turned to glare at the pokemon flying by his shoulder.

    "You couldn't have woken me up earlier?!" He shouted, out of breath. Decidueye gave him a short squawk in reply, rolling its eyes at its trainer. "I guess its not your fault..." Adrian mumbled. "Whatever, let's just hope I make it in time!"

    Thankfully, Adrian made it across all the crosswalks in time to make it to school. He paused in the main hallway to catch his breath. He whipped out his schedule, checked the classroom and time of his first session, and nodded to himself. Looking back up at Arrow, he smiled.

    "Sorry, Arrow! I'll see ya later." He said, holding out the decidueye's pokeball and returning it. "Right. Now..." Adrian hopelessly roamed the halls for a bit, trying to find his classroom. After accidentally going into the wrong class a few times, he breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the one he really needed.

    He walked in slowly, noticing a few other students already seated with other people. Well...most of them were, except for a girl with a sleeping Vivillon on her head! Sigh...He was too socially awkward for this whole "making friends" stuff, but on the other hand, he didn't want to be alone, either. So he opted to sit next to a pink-haired boy who appeared to be engrossed by some book, and more importantly: completely alone. Before sitting, he stole a glance at the girl with the Vivillon again, making a mental note to say hi to her later.

    Adrian huffed as he dropped down to his chair and tilted his head sideways to get a better look at the title of the book the quiet boy was reading.

    "Pokemon Contests & Overcoming Stage Fright: The guide to a sparkling you?" He mumbled aloud.

    ((OOC: I'm assuming all Coordinators are in the same classroom right now? If not, apologies!))
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  25. Name: JC
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Course: Trainer(Strategic)
    Appearance: She is a light skinned young lady that is 5"4 in height. She has a well feminine build and also light. She has dark brown long hair pulled up in a ponytail. She has light blue eyes with right blind which her bang covers. She wears casual clothing consisting of a purple and black plad shirt with a tank underneath with Capri like pants at the lower part with bandages on her wrists and ankles and black flats with the straps wrapped around her ankles securely. She wears glasses on her face with a cross necklace around her neck and a gold and black rubric cube attached to her belt.
    Personality: Gentle, Brave, Strong willed, Slightly stubborn, Stragetic, Understanding
    Pokemon: Umbreon(F)(Blue)(Shiny Umbreon), Primarina(F)(Delta),Flygon(F)(Gem)
    Other: Is able to understand Pokemon by feeling and pain even through cry
    RP starter: She was walking to class with her older brother beside her as Blue was walking on the other side. She entered the classroom before seeing a boy reading a book as she approached him. "Hey is this seat taken?"he asked him as her brother Shadow was behind her.

    Name: Shadow
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Course: Researcher
    Appearance: He is a light skinned young man that is 5"9 in height. He has a well masculine build. He has gold-blue eyes with a bang to cover his right. He has ket black hair that is slightly longer in the back. He wears casual clothing consisting of a plain buttoned down shirt with a tank underneath and shorts. He wears comfortable shoes at his feet. He wears a black cross necklace around his neck and a watch on his wrist.
    Personality: Brave, Strong, Overprotective(of JC), Gentle, Good listener
    Pokemon: Jolteon(F)(Sparkx), Arcanine(F)(Hetilla)(Shiny Arcanine), Decidueye(F)(Ghost)(Shiny Decidueye)
    RP starter: He had followed his sister inside the classroom seeing her ask the male if the seat was taken as he waited patiently. Sparkx had sat down next to Shadow waiting for a seat.-
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  26. Sky looked up hearing the title of his book being said. He looked to the right and saw a boy in a hoodie and hazel green eyes. "Yeah I have some stage fright and want try and overcome it." He said it quietly so that only the boy next to him could hear.
  27. "Sup Ling it's nice to know that my classroom is full of cuties this year and what up to you zilo I have a friend that would love you, well more specifically you're typing, but I must warn you he's kind of a handful, so I would suggest we introduce each other after class if you're up to it." Jacks said with a carefree smile hoping for a nice little reaction from either of the two.

    Jack was now wondering where the hell the teacher was but then had a theory.
    "Hey guys I just realized something isn't this high School automatic, like there's machines that handout your test for the day and plus I heard there's only a few teachers in the school cuz of the machines, so where's the machine that gives out our assignments?" Jack a bit confused of the predicament of the situation.
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  28. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    "Well, where are the other students? And you didn't answer my question! I guess I'll keep Luna to myself!" Dasiy said a tint of anger was in her voice. She sat down in front of Jack, hoping that he would ask about her partner, due to how hard she had to work for her. That quiz was so long! To her at least. She also had to make a promise to treat all Pokemon with respect, even if they were a Fairy-type or Ice-type.
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  29. The siblings sat in the back as Blue and Sparkx followed. Blue leaped up on JC's lap aa she opened her notebook and wrote down some stragety ideas as her hood was up hiding her face as her brother was wearing the same thing. "-Hm....this sounds good for now....-" she thought before closing her notebook then folded her arms against her chest. Shadow was just looking around at his classmates.-
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  30. Jack's a bit disappointed that he didn't get a cute reaction out of her. "oh my bad, I must not of heard that part sure I'd love to see Luna and while we're at it, I'll show you bolt."Jack then held out a pokeball and released his electrike, surely the machine wouldn't mind that we saw off our pokemon, but the moment he released him bolt was running all around the classroom causing a little havoc, but all Jack's did was laugh at site. "Hahaha like mother like son I guess, bolt I have someone that would like to be your new friend or new playmate." The moment Jack finish his sentence bolt front of him wagging his tail.
  31. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    Daisy smiled and let out Luna, her Dratini. This was a very special Dratini, for it knew Extreme Speed. Luna wrapped herself around Daisy's arm, then her shoulders. "This is Luna, I was given her after I entered the Dragon's Den in Blackthorn. If you don't have a pokemon, or you do the gym there, and you complete a quiz you will be given a Dratini." The blue serpent cooed.
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  32. Blue seemed interested in the Dratini as she leaped off JC's lap over to the girl with the Dratini. She used her paws to stand on her hind legs as her gold eyes fixed on her as she used her paw to try and play with her. JC was in too much thought to even notice Blue wasn't on her lap anymore but Shadow did notice as he just smiled.-
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  33. "Ah well, the class does appear to look a bit smaller than I expected. I mean, Zilo kinda likes that a lot I guess. If you want to do that after class, I'm up for it. Just be careful with Zilo, he's not exactly the brightest when it comes to talking with other people and even Pokémon for that matter," Ling replied, before she patted the Itonidon's head.

    "Uhh... uh... uhh... um... umm... o- ok... oka- okay... r- ri... rig... ght," The little robot mumbled in his juvenile, robotic voice. The young Pokémon winced in response to an unfamiliar Pokémon that came out of a red and white ball. The holographic screen quickly updated, which read:

    Scanlo loading...
    Downloading from data drive D...
    Subject: Unknown
    Threat Level: 07, Severe
    Description: This green creature is small, scary and looks like a dog of some sort. It appears to be running around a lot and sports a playful nature. More analysis or data chip required to download a database entry.
    Evaluation: Potential threat - Possibly interact with if permission is granted.

    Asselo Loading...
    Status: OK
    Pressure: 127.58 kPa
    Power: 97%
    Tensity: 34%
    Load: 1.84 kg | 50 kg
  34. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    Luna, not having any arms, used her tail to play with Blue. Daisy looked at Zilo. "Oh do Luna!" She exclaimed. Luna, who didn't like to be put on the spot, glared at Daisy and made angry Dratini sounds. Daisy just ignored her and smiled at Ling and Zilo.
  35. Bolt was looking straight at the Dratini but his attention was now towards a black quadrupedal with blue circles around it and a robotic looking creature, now interested bolt ran towards them and now what is front body downward with his hind legs and tail up with his tail wagging signaling he wants to play. "Daisy I'm going to go get my assessment for today from the machine, do you want me to get yours?" Jack now getting out before turning towards Daisy asking permission to get her assignment for her.
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    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    Daisy smiled and said, "That would be nice, thanks!" She scratched Luna's chin, making the Dragon-Pokemon purr. She smiled at her cutie of a Pokemon. She waited patiently for Jack to return.
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  37. The robotic Pokémon nodded and glanced at girl that smiled at him and his trainer. The little robot quivered after he noticed the green, canine Pokémon expressing a clear signal of their desire to play around. The Itonidon slowly turned towards the girl with the blue serpentine Pokémon. The holographic screen swiftly updated again, which read:

    Scanlo loading...
    Refreshing retinal receptors...
    Subject: Unknown
    Threat Level: 00, Minimal
    Description: This person is around the same size as the girl. It has blonde hair, strange clothing, and does not seem to pose any threats on the first scan.
    Evaluation: No threat - Maybe interact with if permission is granted.

    Subject: Unknown
    Threat Level: 10, Terminal
    Description: This blue, scary creature looks like a snake or some sort of other deadly creature from a wild movie. It was expressing noticeable anger earlier, though it was likely calmed by the person in blonde hair.
    Evaluation: Likely lethal threat - Avoid if possible, only interact with if express permission is granted.

    Asselo Loading...
    Status: OK
    Pressure: 148.91 kPa
    Power: 96%
    Tensity: 57%
    Load: 1.84 kg | 50 kg
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  38. Blue smiled wagging her Umbreon tail before noticing the other Pokemon run up to them to play. She looked to Bolt before pouncing on him playfully. "Umbre!" she said before getting off him chasing him around. JC finally noticed Blue wasn't on her lap as she looked around before seeing her play with another Pokemon. All she did was gave a smile as she saw Sparkx go up to Bolt as well playing with him. "Jolteon!" she said chasing after Blue and Bolt.
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    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    Luna was called scary and threatening, which never happened before. She gazed at the robotic Pokemon curiously and cooed. She slithered down Daisy's arm to get a closer look. Daisy laughed when Luna was called 'threatening', her little dragon could barely hold her ground against Cream and Tooth. If her baby-like Pokemon was considered a lethal threat, she wondered just how dangerous Cream and Tooth would be considered.
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  40. Zilo turned away from the blue, serpentine creature. His lightweight, titanium body quaked, before the holographic screen faded soon after. He glanced towards the room's doorway from where he and his trainer entered from earlier.

    "Hey umm... are you alright? You look kinda pale to be honest," Ling asked the little Pokémon after she noticed a small puff of steam being swiftly discharged from the end of his squeegee tail.

    "Y- y- ye... ye... ye... yes... w- we... w- we... w- ell... U- u- uh... uh... uhh... u- uh... uhh," The Itonidon spluttered with a low, superficial tone. His arms twitched, while his head suddenly jerked a lot.

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