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Open Pokèmon High

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by LuxraytheSavior, Nov 26, 2016.

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  1. Skarmory went down. Giro panicked inside, he was an equal match. He sent out steelix who used magnitude 8
  2. Tony Tiger had taken minimal damage, for he was a fire type. "That's right, Tony! Use Flamethrower!" He cheered, throwing a fist into the air. Inceneroar had launched a flamethrower at the weak Sceptile, making it dangerously close to fainting.
  3. Septile no
    Return buddy
  4. Akumu returned his Inceneroar. "Well, what's your next Pokemon?" He taunted. Akumu tossed a Pokeball around between his hands, waiting for the kids answer.
  5. Arcanine falls. "Ugh..." The crowd looks in interest, wondering how I will react. "Huh. This battle has been more interesting than I thought. Well, I got two more Pokemon. My next, Toucannon. Now, Rock Smash."
  6. Akumu would send his Lycanroc back out. "Go, Koishi!" He called, the bright red energy forming his trusty Pokemon. Lycanroc gave a pleased howl, wanting to battle.
  7. ((It is said in your character bio that you don't have a Greninja, so you're basically cheating. You're only supposed to use the Pokemon you have.))
  8. *The red stuff forms into a charzard*
  9. I dont have a greniga
  10. But I have my trusty charzard
  11. Akumu smirked. "Hah! Koishi, use Stone Edge!" He commanded. Lycanroc gave a mighty howl, sending large jagged rocks into the Charizard, and instant K-O.
  12. ((Honestly, that would KO a Charizard. 4x weakness to Rock. Just so you know.))
  13. (My pokemon are sandshrew *alolan*,charzard,Rowlet,joltoen,septile)
  14. Steelix was heavily damaged but he wasn't done yet. He used iron head and took down the arcanine.
  15. I have five pokemon I need six
  16. *To Amuku*Good battle dude
  17. (My toucannon is in right now, but GG) "Fine, Toucannon you did your job. Time for the finale! Decidueye, LEAFAGE!"
  18. Steelix was out. Most of his party was damaged, he only had two members left. He sent out an umbreon who went for dark pulse, nearly defeating the decidueye.
  19. "Decidueye, Low Sweep!"
  20. With his last bit of hp, umbreon used return and took its attacker down with it. All giro had left was his trump card, and sent out the monster; Tyranitar!
  21. (Um btw, Im out of Pokemon....) "Um, ok, thanks for the battle. GG?" I returned my Decidueye and ran to the nurse's office. I wasn't going to class. My team wasn't good enough.
  22. Giro padded over to the nurses center. When His pokemon were healed, he went to class.
  23. Akumu gave his Inceneroar and Lycanroc a couple of potions and leppa berries before heading to class. It was required for him to keep his Pokemon in their Pokeballs since the janitors didn't like having to clean up any tracks or droppings. Akumu opened the door and stepped inside, instantly heading for a seat in the very back.
  24. I run out of the building and out towards the mountain. I fell in the dirt, tears in my eyes. The years of training I've been through. The experience I've gained from travelling from both Kanto and Alola. All wasted. I keep climbing, hoping to find someplace I could train. I found a small, secluded cave. I walk inside and grab my flashlight. I walk deep into the cave, looking for some Pokemon. I find a large room with a hole in the roof. I walk deeper in and I hear a loud roar. I duck for cover and a Salamence falls through the roof a wound on its side. "Are you ok?" I yell. A weakened growl came from the Salamence. A moment later, a Mega Charizard X burst through the ceiling. "A Mega Charizard? If it Mega-Evolved, then there must be a trainer around here." The Charizard fired off a Dragon Pulse. "Salamence, do something! Outrage!" As I said Outrage, an orange glow formed around Salamence and he charged at the Charizard and hit it full force. The Charizard flew away up through the hole in the ceiling. I run toward it and see a man in white with a neon green helmet. He jumped off the side out of sight. I run back to the Salamence and tend to its wounds. I stayed until nightfall. The Salamence woke up full of energy. "Hey. You took a pretty big hit back there. You okay?" He yawned. "Great. Hey, do you want to come with me on my adventure?" The Salamence looked at me with excitement. I pulled out a Poke Ball and tossed it at him. *ping*
  25. I head back to my dorm room, my head held high. I open the door and put Club in the PC. I fall on my bed, and fall asleep.
  26. I walked to school with my Togedemaru, Excited and Ready to meet new friends. I sit at the cafe to eat my lunch and relax with my Togedemaru.
  27. Giro walked to lunch when class was over and got his food. He noticed an empty chair near a kid with a circular pikachu, and sat down.
  28. Akumu sat outside at a bench and ate his lunch which was just the simple ol' thermos of ramen. Before eating he of course fed his Pokemon too. Akumu relished his time outside, eating the spicy ramen.
  29. I was excited so I said to Giro and Akumu,"Hello! My name is Kato"
  30. Giro bowed his head in response. He wondered where the guy he battled earlier went, but thought nothing of it.
  31. Akumu would turn around, a ramen noodle dangling from his mouth. "Oh, hey Kato. I'm Akumu." He'd give a small wave before returning to eat his noodles.
  32. Giro pulled out a bottle of miltank milk and a dodrio sandwich. After he finished the sand which he pulled out his desert, sowpoke tail.
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