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Open Pokèmon High

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by LuxraytheSavior, Nov 26, 2016.

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  1. This was, less convenient. He unleashed his earthquake which was effective, but the blastoise was still standing.
  2. Akumu watched, the same half-lidded look plastered on his face. "... Huh, mega-evolution." He took his Z-Ring out from his pocket. "... I wonder when I could use this..." He thought.
  3. *Rembers he has a aloaln sandshrew*an alolan marowack
    I want to battle
  4. Giro looked at the kid with the wolf pokemon. He has some weird ring on his bracelet, and a strange stone. "What is that..." he thought in his head
  5. *taps akumu shoulder* hey your a pokemon let's battle
    *I still have the eltricite*
  6. Akumu turned to face the other kid. "Oh, you want to battle? Sure I guess..." He turned and bounded over to the opposite side of the arena. "Send out your Pokemon, kid."
  7. Go joltoen
    *looks at his z ring*
  8. Akumu would let his Lycanroc go first. "Your move first, kid." He said. Koishi had a determined look in its eye. "... Unless I can go first. Your choice." He gave a small shrug.
  9. *this is bad I have the disadvantage*
    Be ready to Dodge
  10. Koishi would take the hit, just taking the slightest amount of damage. "Ok, Lycanroc! Use Acceleroc!" He commanded. His Lycanroc charged at the Jolteon and rammed into it, causing massive damage.
  11. *To akumu* Your good but see if you like this
    Use brick break full power
  12. *sees lycanroc barely standing* it survived that's one powerful pokemon
  13. ((OOC: Jolteon cannot learn Brick Break.))
    Akumu would use a max potion on his Lycanroc. "Ok, Koishi, use Accelroc again!" The Lycanroc howled, ramming into the Jolteon making it faint.
  14. No joltoen *use a revive*
  15. Is that your only pokemon
  16. ((OOC: Please use better grammar, spelling, and no one liners please. And no, I have four other Pokemon.))
    Akumu would raise a hand. "Lycanroc! Use Rock Slide!" He commanded. The Lycanroc would use Rock Slide, making the Jolteon faint once the attack had finished.
  17. Return joltoen
    Go septile
  18. (I know I suck at grammar
  19. Akumu smirked. "Return, Koishi! Go, Tony Tiger!" The Lycanroc returned to his Pokeball, and Akumu sent out Tony Tiger who was an Inceneroar. "Use Flame Charge!" He commanded. The Inceneroar grinned and slammed into the Sceptile, it's body flaming.
  20. *septile come out unharmed*
    Septile can take fire really well
    Mega evolve
  21. (Hey I recommend koishi using ice punch here)
  22. ((No, no. Sceptile is a PURE GRASS TYPE. So it cannot take fire attacks well.))
    "Inceneroar! Use brutal swing!" Akumu commanded. The Inceneroar smirked and swung itself at the Sceptile, knocking it down. "Good job, Tony Tiger!" He cheered.
  23. *Use the grass z move doom bloom*
  24. *Septile come running at tony tiger useing doom bloom full power*
  25. (I know septile is pure grass but I'm saying my septile can take a hit*
  26. "Ha! Earthquake? Time for something super effective! Torpedo, Aura Sphere!
  27. Giro called back mamoswine. He sent out skarmory who went for wing attack and managed to bring the bastoise down, thanks to mamoswines help.
  28. *suddenly charzard came out of his pokeball*
    *charzard starts to use flame thrower*
    Charzard no
  29. Anger swelled inside me. I had trained endlessly with Blastoise and he was brought down to one Wing Attack. "Now you've done it. ARCANINE! FIRE BLAST!"
  30. *Charzard hits bolt in the face*
    Really charzard just really
    *charzard starts to laugh*
    Return charzard
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