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Open Pokèmon High

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by LuxraytheSavior, Nov 26, 2016.

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  1. Roleplay set in a highschool.
    - No cursing.
    - Have fun!
    To enter :
    Name: (Your name)
    Age: (13-17)
    Personality: (How you act)
    Accessories: (Clothing, etc)
    Pokemon: (Your pokemon)
    Name: Silver
    Age: 16
    Personality: Mysterious, quick
    Accessories: A blue scarf
    Pokemon: Vapoureon
  2. Name: Foxy
    Age: 15
    Personality: Brave, friendly, loyal
    Accessories: Necklace with Key Stone
    Pokemon: Braixen
  3. Name: Kato
    Age: 16
    Personality: Energetic and Clever
    Accessories: Shirtless, Bright Yellow Shorts. Mega Stone Bracelet and Black Runner's shoes
    Pokemon: Togedemaru
  4. Name: Shae
    Age: 15
    Personality: witty, withdrawn, forthright, sarcastic, introverted.
    Accessories: a black beanie with a red pokeball symbol on it, a loose black tank top, red shorts, red messenger bag, black knee-socks and red sneakers. a lot of clunky bracelets and cartilage earrings.
    Pokemon: rowlet mainly, but also an altaria and a bewear from her parents.

    Attached Files:

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  5. Name: Giro
    Personality: calm, mute
    Accessories: a black shirt with a jagged red line down it, black pants, and dark blue shoes.
    Pokemon: vaporeon
  6. Name:Jack
    Accessories: Blue Necklace Blsuhe shirt and Jacket Blue boots Blue eyes

    Attached Files:

  7. Name: winter
    Age: 13
    Personality: quite, kind, caring
    Accessories: white hoddie mega stone necklace gray pants and gray shoes
    Pokemon: gardevoir nick name rose
  8. Name: Akumu
    Age: 16
    Personality: Rather quiet around others he hasn't met before, enjoys caring for Pokemon, falls asleep easily.
    Accessories: Baggy black sweatpants, light gray socks with sandals, a plain white t-shirt and a rather long coat.
    Pokemon: Hakamo-o, Lycanroc(Midday), Ninetales(Alola form), Primarina(He had obtained a Popplio through a trade.), Inceneroar.
    Akumu sat on a bench outside the High school he's going to. He was gently stroking his Lycanrocs head, looking into the distance, waiting. "... When's school gonna start...?" He yawned. Akumu had gone to his high school early again. His trusty Lycanroc gave a small bark, noticing something in the distance. "What is it Lyco?" He asked, looking at his Lycanroc.
  9. Name: Jaimes
    Gender: Male
    Age: 14
    Personality: cool with a stylish flair, out-going, titling every part of his life
    Description: tall, with black hair and prefers black clothing, black Mega Ring on wrist
    Pokemon: Blastoise (Mega), Marowak (Alolan), Toucannon, Umbreon, Decidueye
    "I think I will title this 'A New School: A Year to Remember!' Time to shine my freshman year!" I shouted. Luckily, there was no one to hear. My goal in life was to be the Pokemon Champion. "Well, let's get started."
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  10. Giro walked to his new school with his umbreon out with him, as he kept his other pokemon in his backpack. He arrived at the entrance, and waited for other students to get there. In the mean time he played with his skarmory.

    Team: feraligatr, umbreon, skarmory, tyranitar, raikou?
  11. I walk in the school and go down to the lunchroom, looking for someone to socialize with. I enter the lunchroom to find it barren. I sit down in a corner and send out my team. "Are you ready guys? Today is our first day of high school and we are going to make the best four years of our lives." I was responded with a collection of cries of excitement from my Pokemon.
  12. ((OOC: You can't have any legendaries in RPs?))
    Akumu would notice the few students walking by and into the school, so he got up too. He walked through the open doors of the school, his mighty Lycanroc next to him. "... So, it's still a bit early... But at least there's people here..." He shrugged and sat down at one of the tables, his Lycanroc lying on the floor next to him.
  13. (OOC) Kay, raikou will be mamoswine
    (BIC) giro walked into the cafeteria and sat near the other boys. He withdrew his umbreon, and watched them. He'd join them, if he could talk.
  14. I return all my Pokemon except my Blastoise and walk over to a kid sitting with a Lycanroc. "Hi I'm Jaimes. This is my Blastoise, Torpedo. What's your name?"
  15. Akumu looked up at Jaimes. "... Akumu. That's Koishi." He said, pointing at his Lycanroc. "It's nice to meet you." He added. "... Do you know if anyone else is gonna be coming?" Akumu asked.
  16. Giro watched them. He was only a few feet away, and they didn't even see him. He thinks about bringing out his skarmory, but disregards it.
  17. I replied, "I sure hope other people come to this school. It's a waste of a building for three people to attend."
  18. Akumu rested his head on his hand, and sighed. "I suppose so..." He looked at the corkboard on the wall in front of him; it was littered with papers sponsoring clubs and school events. "... We should just wait... After all, it is still quite early." He yawned.
  19. Giro did his best to sigh and sat down. This was gonna be a long day at this rate.
  20. I turn to look around the cafeteria and see another child sitting a few tables behind us. I invite him over.
  21. Giros eyes opened a little at the kid, and walked over. He bowed to greet himself.
  22. I look at the kid. "What's your name?"
  23. Giro paused and pointed to his mouth. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a picture of a frog, and the kanji for it, known as giro.
  24. ((OOC: I thought we were teens? Since age 13 is considered as "the first year of the teen"?))
    Akumus Lycanroc would sit up, nudging Akumus side. The Lycanroc gave a little whine, basically begging for a pet. Akumu lifted his head to face his Lycanroc and stroked its soft head.
  25. "Oh... ok! Who are your Pokémon? Which reminds me..." I send out my entire team. "This is Torpedo, Club, Fruit Loops, Leo, Luna, and Shadow."
  26. Name:bolt
    Personality: queit
    Accessories: blue jeans, yellow long sleaved t-shirt,yellow scarf,pikachu baseball cap,green bag

    A new day
  27. (OOC) were in high school, so the minimum age is 14
    (BIC) mora sent out an umbreon, skarmory, and feraligatr. He showed the boys the pokeballs marked as tyranitar, steelix, and mamoswine.
  28. "Wow, that is quite the team." Looking through his team made have this burning feeling inside of me. A feeling that made me want to battle. Without thinking of the consequences, I blurt "Want to battle?"
  29. Akumu stood up and sent out his Pokemon: Lycanroc, Primarina, Inceneroar, Ninetales and Hakamo-o. "This is my team, I need to train up my Hakamo-o though... her name is Kim." He patted the Hakamo-o's head. The Primarina's name is Bri, the Inceneroar Tony Tiger, Ninetales is Sumino, and my trusty Lycanroc is Koishi." Akumu said.
  30. Giro wasn't new to getting battle requests. He nodded his head and urged the kid to come outside the lunchroom, so they wouldn't make a mess. When they arrived at the court, he sent out a mamoswine.
  31. So this is the new high school

    *See's a pokemon*
    This is my chance to catche a pokemon
    Go jolteon
    *A wild Rowlet appeared*
    Joltoen use thunder bolt
    *Rowlet is at red helth it uses razor leaf*
    Go pokeball
    *catches Rowlet*
  32. "A battle! I'll title this 'A New Adventure: Journey to the Top!' A Mamoswine! I choose you! Club!"
  33. Akumu would follow the two outside, the ends of his sweatpants dragging on behind him along with Koishi. "... Huh, a Mamoswine...?" He pondered for a moment. "... With a stone edge you can easily take it out, now, can't you Koi?" Akumu said, looking back at the Lycanroc. Koishi barked in response as in "yes".
  34. (Is club the marowak?) giro was caught off guard, he'd never seen something like that. It looked like a standard marowak, but it was a little...spookier.
  35. (Yes Club is an Alolan Marowak) "Yes, you might notice this Marowak is a little different! He's from the Alola Region! Instead of being Ground type, he's a Fire and Ghost type! Now Will-o-Wisp!
  36. *sees something happen*
    What's going on
    *sees a mamoswine*
    *go's to see what's going on*
  37. Ah, now there's a crowd! This battle is going to be good!
  38. Mamoswine used stone edge, hitting the marowak and sending it flying. He prepared to earthquake when it landed.
  39. "No, Club!" He hit the ground, fainted. "Fine then. You want to play rough? I'll give you rough! Now for the spotlight of my team! Go Torpedo! Now Mega Evolve!
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