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Ask to Join Pokemon High School

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by dinman, Jan 10, 2020.

  1. Hello trainer,
    You have been accepted the highly acclaimed private school of Latenaria which is on route 212 just south of hearthome city. By going to this website https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-high-school-thread.21932/ you may sign up for this amazing adventure. Once you know you have been accepted on campus you may arrive. We will provide all food, housing, and training facilities you need.
    Thank you,
    Chairman of the board William

    William had finally finish writing the letter out to the students that had seemed interested in the prospect of attending the school, though he was tired he pushed on through the rest of the day working even though it was one of the last days before classes had started. Hell he didn't even know what grades he was teaching or what facility he was in. After glancing at his emails he found that he was teaching sophomores in water field battle strategy, juniors in rock and grass field battle strategy and seniors in ice field battle strategy. So after finding a lesson plan he had saved in his bookshelf he got ready for the new school year by finding the tournament battle facility building.
  2. Letter in hand, Max bounded towards the school. His iron-clad grip on it made minute crumples in the paper, but he was scared he might let go and the letter might be carried away be the wind. He was outfitted with a backpack and a suitcase, with four Pokéballs at his waist. He checked that they were still there, looking down at them, before patting them affectionately. His faithful partners from the beginning would finally be here with him at his dream high-school, growing stronger, and reaching the pinnacle of Water-Types.
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  3. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Kris was starting to ran straight to the school, quickly saying goodbye to her parents, very excited. Here she could study more about the wondrous creatures around her, be able to train, maybe be even get one step closer to become a Gym Leader. Opening up her shoulder bag, with 4 Pokeballs on the strap, Kris took out her letter and held it in her hand. She looked up to the school with a heart-warming smile. She saw there weren't many there, the young girl thought she was just early.
  4. William had walked into the large space that made up his current classroom. He looked at the class schedule they have given him which was water field first, free hour second, grass Field third, Rock Fourth, lunch 5th, ice Field 6th, tournament runner 7th or double battles. He then began to prep the water field and accessed the Pc to call his wife. After a loving conversation and Will saying he would come home that weekend he asked for Six pokemon Swampert, empoleon, Blastoise, Gastrodon, lanturn, and Walrein he also said to prep 18 other pokemon. William knowing most of them would be ready to battle decided to make his first day a whoever wants to battle the teacher day as this could be a fun day. He them selected the water Field and as it rose out of the ground he say white floating pads in the basketball court sized pool. He soon looked at his watch and saw it was around 15 min until the school opened and he had duties to do today cause they just loved him and his can do attitude.
  5. James hadn't gotten a single bit of sleep before the first day of school. Mainly because he was very excited about him going to latenaria high school, so once his alarm went off his quickly got out of the bed and but on the outfit he had made the night before and grabbed his book bag, filling It with extra pokeballs, some money, books,notebooks, and folders, and a box that had his and his pokemon's lunch. He then brushed his teeth and hair and quickly left the house with an apple after saying bye to his family. He quickly walked towards the school, calling out his Buddy Flame to walk, or Float next to his side soon approaching the school and walking or more like running inside, barely able to hold in his excitement.
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  6. Lucas was pretty excited about going to the high school, though he couldn't deny it made him worry a bit. A new school he wasn't used to, new people that he could either be friends with, or...not...it just made him a bit scared. His older sister made sure he packed all the things he needed, including a few Pokeballs for potential catches. He noticed someone in front of him going inside...someone with a Lampent by his side. He decided to follow James, hoping he might know which way to go. Lucas's Shellos, Lochi was relaxing on his head, resting while his trainer looked around.
  7. James was eating at home when he saw that he'd been invited. As soon as he knew, he grabbed his Pawniard and Sneasel Pokeballs, and ran. He was familiar with this school, since he lived near by. He made it there, and he noticed a few people. He saw a guy with a Shellos on his head and a guy with a Lampent. He couldn't wait to start this school!
  8. Makura was getting ready his first day of high school after getting an invitation to the high school. "Come on Eon we need to go, so we be late", Makura said. Eon jumped on his shoulder. Makura grabbed Icarus', Gracie's, and Lily's pokeballs and ran out house. He jolted over to the school with no hesitation. "We made it Eon, we made it to the school." He sees all of new students walking in to the school. Makura knew it was going to be a good year.
  9. James heard the two other students behind him walking and started walking backwards saying. "Hey there guys!" He said very cheerfully to the two males in front of his, as then his Lampet began floating around the two and their pokemon, very curious of them.
  10. Lucas gasped, stopping short with a nervous expression on his face as he looked behind him, seeing James as well. "U-Um...h...hi there! S-Sorry for following you, I just...u-um...I was just...I don't really know wh-where to go, this is my first time here...I-I'm, um...Lucas. Nice to meet you two..."
  11. Since Williams boss was ever so lazy he had to unlock the doors and direct everyone to their classes and called "All freshmen trainers head to battle field 2 I think that is were your teacher is sophomore trainers stay with me juniors head to field three and seniors go to field 4. Freshmen coordinators head to the second floor room 201 for your study hall, sophomores head to room 123 for poffins, juniors head to room 215 for double battles, seniors head to room 210 for outfits. Researchers please head your individual study teacher or if you have field research please head to room 110. You will all get your schedule when you get there." "Now sophomore trainers please follow me to Field 1 and we will begin class."
  12. James smiled kindly at him and said. "Its fine dude, relax!" He said giving him a firm pat on the shoulder before saying. "What's your name? I'm James!" He said before tripping over one of the stairs and falling down on his butt, groaning a bit and getting up with a chuckle.
  13. Lucas gasped, his eyes widening as James fell down. "Oh gosh...you ok?" he tilted his head, causing his Shellos to wake up, looking around with a dim-witted expression. "Um...I-I'm Lucas...and this is my Shellos, Lochi. He likes sleeping...and my head, apparently." He chuckled, as Lochi went back to sleep.
  14. "Oh that's cool. Well this is my pokemon Lampent, I Call him Flame. I have other pokemon but I think we have to head to class. Are you a sophomore?" He asked him as Flame witn up to Lochi and began nudging it, still curious of it.
  15. "Um...yeah, actually...I hope you know where to go, this is my first time here..." He mumbled softly. Lochi slowly opened its eyes, glancing at the Lampent. It yawned, and slowly made its way down Lucas's head, going into his hoodie, where it hoped it wouldn't be disturbed.
  16. Max checked his schedule, and found out that as a sophomore, he would be having... a water field lesson! He almost cheered in excitement. Finally, he could show off his skill with water types! A teacher started directing all of the students to their classes. Max was told to stay with the man as he would be taking the sophomores. He paced back and forth waiting for other people to arrive.
  17. "Hey." James said, in an awkward voice. He was really nervous to talk to these people for the first time. He spoke to the two boys for a while.
    James asked: "any of you two know where the Field 2 is? That's where my first lesson is."
  18. William then said “ Okay sophomores follow me we are going to field 1 be ready to battle as I have a surprise for you.” William made sure he has the right Pokémon on him as he led his class into the large dome.
  19. "Well Eon looks like we have a water field lesson first. Let's head over with them." Makura said. Makura decides to head with the teacher and with the sophomores at a distance.
  20. James smiled once again at Lucas before saying. "Well I'm a sophomore so I have to follow that teacher. I guess I'll see you later on if we have any classes together. My name is James by the way." He said before waving bye to the boy and then following the teacher.
  21. Emara had silently went down to the so called "Poffin" room (She has no clue on what they are.), and had been waiting quietly there. She would've had her Smeargle, Sketchy, out with her but didn't want to get in hot water so quick. For the time being, it's just this girl waiting for the other students.
    ((Note: I could make NPC'S if I was allowed as there are barely any coordinators. Same with researchers too.)
  22. William had made it to the field and announced to his class. "Hello my name is Mr. Oreflight and I will be your teacher for this year, as long as you show up on time, and listen you should pass this class." William knew that he needed to tell his class about the surprise so he went, " So for your surprise I have one question I would like to battle me?"
  23. James smiled very widely, given the chance to battle a teacher and be raised his hand high up quickly and said. "Me! I wanna battle you!" He said as he walked up to the teacher with his pokeballs in his hands and a very Determine look on his face.
  24. William said "Okay stand on the other side of the field and we shall begin." William thought to himself who he should send out first then he chose his first Pokemon. " Okay i'll send out my friend, my friend lets win this battle." A large swampert emerges from the pokeball, deep blue coloring with a lighter grey fin and bright orange gills.
  25. James made his way over to what he thought may be Field 2. "Huh. I think I'm early. There's no teacher here."
    He saw a sign which said 'FIELD 2' so he sat on a nearby bench. He said to his Pawiard - "I think we're early."
  26. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Hearing a teacher saying the sophomores to follow him, Kris did what she was told, taking in the beautiful scenery. She fell behind so she sprinted to her class, to see another student battling Mr. Oreflight. She was slightly happy, as none of her Pokemon were going to go well in water anyway. Kris sat on a bench, and watched the battle.
  27. James grabbed the ball that had his Doublade inside of it and said. "I wanna use blade." He said throwing the ball and a red Doublade came out with a screech, with James then saying. "I guess I'll go first, Blade! Use Iron defence!" James said as Blade body seem to get harder and more smooth.
  28. Max followed the teacher onto the battlefield, consisting of a large, deep pool with various land fixtures, large enough for some Pokemon to stand on. He bubbled with excitement, immediately wanting to let his Pokemon out to swim. Suddenly, the teacher asked if anyone wanted t battle him. Max almost immediately went up to him, but someone beat him to it. It was a boy with tan skin and dark hair. Max visibly scowled, slightly annoyed that he had lost his chance to battle. He went off to the sidelines to watch.
  29. William seeing the doublade use iron defense knew he needed to use a special attack said " My friend let's ride the wave and use surf." All of the sudden a large wave appears behind Swampert as it leaps onto the top of it and rides it as it begins to head towards the opponent.
  30. "Blade, Try to dodge it!" He said, but blade wasn't able to and was hit getting sweeped away by the wave of water, but managed to get up as James smiled a bit and said. "Okay! Use Powertrip!" He said as his Body seemed to get less hard, but the edges of Blades blade got sharper and James smirked, but was worried about the teachers next move and if Blade would survive it.
  31. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Kris saw a student sit near her. she smiled and gave a wave, before introducing herself. "Heya! I'm Kris, what's your name? You seem a little annoyed." She asked, while watching the battle.

    "Oh no, oh no, oh no!" James said, sprinting to his lesson. "Sorry I'm late, class. I've had something come up and..." The teacher said, before opening his eyes, to see a single student. " Looks like there won't be a lot of students huh?" He muttered to himself. "Well, I am Mr. Smith, and today we will be looking in the forest field. This makes grass and bug types moves stronger." He introduced himself, sending out his Ivysaur he collected from his PC before the lesson. "If you would like to test it out in a battle, you're more than welcome." James nervously said, he wasn't.. the best at battling.
  32. "Huh a battle. I guess I'll watch from a distance." Makura said as he walked over a cover of the field getting a good of the battle. Eon jumped off of Makura's shoulder and walked away to get a better view as well. "Hey Eon, don't get too far to where I can't see you okay" Makura yelled. Eon raised his to confirm that he won't and kept going.
  33. William thought well that's a problem with his attack choice and said "My friend dive down and use earthquake on the flotation device it is on." His swampert then dove down and grasped onto the floaty and used earthquake.
  34. "I'm Max. And yeah, I am a tiny bit annoyed, because that dude," Max waved his hand at the guy currently battling the professor, "got to battle our professor first! I wanted to go!" Max felt as if he was whining to this girl that he had just met. "It's just... I want to become one of the best Water-Type Trainers in the world, and this battle would really help me gauge how I'm doing."
  35. James was a bit shocked that he was allowed to attack the floaty as he was thinking he could survive the attack and said. "Blade Dodge it and use Iron Head!" James said with blade barely missing the earthquake and charging at Williams Swampert and slamming its head (or handle?) Into it. "Power trip reverses your defense and attack, and Doublade's defense is already pretty high, so along with Iron defence and that's loads of damage." James explained seeming proud of himself, but then saying. "Im still probblay gonna lose tho..." He said with a chuckle.
  36. Knowing that swampert could take a few more hits William went for a powerful attack "Swampert dive back down and shoot up when it's not looking, then bring it down to the floaty and use earthquake." Trying to go for the KO William knew he would have to get away quick "Then dive back in, use the field to your advantage."
  37. James sighed and accepted defeat but still tried and said. "Blade, Try to dodge him the best you can!" He said before it was a matter of time before Blade was hit by one of the attacks and was Knocked out as James sighed before smiling and saying. "That was a really good battle! Fighting against someone so much stronger than me is such good practice." James said as he put Blade back in its pokeball.
  38. "Thanks for the compliment, I wasn't expecting such a powerful attack or that strategy. Well looks like it's time for one more battle." William had been amazed at the students strategy, but looking for one more battle he looked through his class sheet and said "Max would you like to battle me." William had returned his swampert to it's pokeball knowing full well he had a good battle, though he didn't know which teamate to send out next, so he decided on one of his strongest teamates, "go Gastrdon." A large brown and pink pokemon lands on one of the flotation devices.
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  39. Max watched as the boy's Doublade faint to the professor's Swampert. "Wow." Max said, slightly sarcastically. Suddenly, the professor asked him if he wanted to battle him. Max immediately stood up, with wide eyes. "Yep!" Max walked up to the battle stand, and sent out his Lapras. He put on a serious face. "Let's go."
  40. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    "Well, hopefully the battle goes quick so you can battle. I'm actually trying to become a great Poison type trainer myself!" She said to Max. As he went up to battle, she shouted: "Good luck!" And gave a smile as the battle was about to unfold.

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