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Open Pokémon High school sign ups!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Sun and Moon, Jan 17, 2017.

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  1. Hi! Welcome to Alola High! I am Principal Willis. I am glad to meet you. This school will have everything you offer. Including classes, lunches, and even a all new stadium! This school is huge! Like two mansions into one! We will be teaching you how to do math, reading science. Catching Pokémon, and more! I wish you a good day and be hoping you will come :)

    - Mr. Willis


    - No swearing
    -No legendaries, mega evolutions, fully evolved Pokémon, or Type: Null
    - Romance is allowed
    - No cheating during Pokémon battles (like you just One shotting everyone. Give them a chance to fight!)
    - No being teachers unless you filled in for one. All teachers that is not taking role by anyone I will control.

    Character Form:

    Favorite thing:
    Least favorite thing:
    Pokémon: (your Pokémon form below)

    Favorite thing
    Least favorite thing:
    Appearence: (Your Pokémon can wear accessories!)

    My Characters!

    Name: Dan
    Gender: Male
    Appearence: Always wears a red polo shirt with black stripes on hit. Wears black slim pants and red shoes. He also has white spiky hair and red eyes.
    Personality: Calm. Usually not a talker unless he is happy. Usually doesn't pick a fight unless someone teases him.
    Favorite thing: Having fun
    Least favorite thing: being angry
    Crush: None right now

    Name: Hunter
    Species: Poochyena
    Gender: Male
    Moveset: Crunch, Taunt, Shadow Ball
    Favorite thing: Playing with other Pokémon
    Least favorite thing: Being all alone.
    Appearence: Has a eyepatch on its eye.

    Second character!

    Name: Kaylee
    Gender: Female
    Appearence: Mostly wears a white tee-shirt with a kawaii Pikachu on it. Also has a small green dress and slim black leggings. Always changes her shoes so every day she wears a different one!
    Personality: Kind. Also likes to help a lot in projects and other cooperative events.
    Favorite thing: Playing with her Pokémon
    Least favorite thing: Failing in grades.
    Crush: None right now

    Name: Ariel
    Species: Poppilo
    Gender: Female
    Moveset: Aqua Jet, Hyper Voice, Attract
    Favorite thing: Playing with his owners and friends
    Least favorite thing: Grass and Poison types
    Appearence: Shiny

    Hope this gets to go far, There is a chance I will be leaving pokecharms soon. And the chances of remembering my password is quite slim, And the chances of remembering this website is also slim. However I will return someday with a similar to different account user. If this rp doesn't reach its finsh limit by the time I'm gone. I want someone else to continue this roleplay.

    Teacher roleplayers:
    Principal Willis (Sun and Moon)
    Homeroom teachers (None)
    Math Teacher Clara (None)
    Science Teacher Johnson (None
    Battle Teacher Red (*that* guy)
    Professor Kukui (I Never)
    Language Arts Sarah (None)
    Social Studies Willow (None)
    Blog Devoloper (None)
    Lunch Lady(s) and Lunch Men (None, None, None)
    Battle Tree First opponent for everyone (None)
    Battle Tree trainers (Anyone)
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  2. Name: Mitch
    Gender: male
    Appearence: tall and has blue eyes. Wears the fellowing; blue tee shirt, dark green hoodie, cap with a picture of yellow (his inspiration) on it, blue denim jeans and lime green shoes
    Personality: normally speaks his mind and try's to be class clown but when he's around kaylee he's as quite as a mouse a barely says anything
    Favorite thing: play with Pokémon
    Least favorite thing: flunking his tests
    Crush: kaylee
    Pokémon: de

    Name: de
    Species: deino
    Gender: male
    Moveset: crunch,dragon breath,headbutt,bite
    Favorite thing: being around other Pokémon
    Least favorite thing: having a fight with Mitch
    Appearence: has a red flower in his hair
  3. Three more pepole and two more teachers to start :)
  4. Can I also have a teacher OC
  5. Do I have to make a form?
  6. If you want to yes.

    But I'm pretty sure almost everyone here at charms know who Red is.
  7. Name: Jason
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Brown Hair, Blue Eyes, Wears a black sweatshirt everywhere, Has a small scar on his hand
    Personality: Very Shy, Doesn't talk often
    Favorite Thing: His Pokemon
    Least Favorite Thing: Wingulls
    Crush: Kaysi

    Name: Jaxon
    Species: Mimikyu
    Gender: Male
    Moveset: Protect, Slash, Shadow Claw, Play Rough
    Favorite Thing: The Light (This is no normal mimikyu)
    Least Favorite Thing: Pikachus
    Apearence: Has a Psyduck costume instead of a pikachu costume
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  8. Name: Ashley
    Gender: Female
    Appearence: In profile
    Personality:Kind, happy, loves meeting new people
    Favorite thing: Meeting people and Pokemon
    Least favorite thing: Bullies
    Crush: Maybe, if so will be revealed in the RP
    Pokémon: Sunny (Esper)

    Name: Sunny
    Species: Esper
    Gender: Female
    Moveset: Calm mind, Psychic, Substitute, Shadow ball
    Favorite thing: Meeting new Pokemon
    Least favorite thing: Ghosts
    Appearence: Wears a sun hair clip and a sun necklace
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  9. Name:Amber Jackson
    Appearance:Amber has long, dark brown hair worn in a messy bun. She has simple brown eyes with a hint of golden yellow or Amber in them. Her outfit consists of a plain yellow t-shirt covered by a light brown sweater. She wears simple blue jeans with Brown ankle boots. She also wears large, thick rimmed brown glasses.
    Personality:Amber is a happy-go-lucky girl who is a bit on the nerdy side. Amber loves nothing more than a good book and a cup of coffee. She is a bit shy when you first meet her but she warms up to people quite fast.
    Favorite thing:Amber has a soft spot for both Fire and Fairy Type Pokemon. She also loves Grass Pokemon as well.
    Least favorite thing:Amber is terrified of Bug Pokemon but especially spider Pokemon. She can handle little spiders such as Joltik for example but she hates big spiders like Ariados.
    Pokémon: Kuro the Litten

    Moveset:Lick, Scratch, Ember, Growl
    Favorite thing:Kuro loves anything shiny like most cats. He also especially loves treats
    Least favorite thing:Kuro is a bit scared of Dog Pokemon
    Appearance:Kuro is a regular Litten with no accessories but a small golden coin necklace.
  10. Name: Kaysi White
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Kaysi is very kind, and likes to hang out with her friends and family. Kaysi might be very kind, but she can get angry very easily. Kaysi is pretty smart, she only gets a few B's in her classes. If anyone misses with her friends, or family, she'll stand up for them, no matter what.
    Favorite thing: Kaysi really likes Pokemon battles, friends and family, martial arts, playing guitar, and FOOD.
    Least favorite thing: Kaysi really hates jerks.
    Crush: Doesn't have one, yet :\=|:

    Name: Phase
    Species: Rowlet
    Gender: Male
    Moveset: Tackle, Growl, Leafage, Astonish
    Favorite thing: Poke Beans, and Flying
    Least favorite thing: Fire type attacks, and when there is no food.
    Appearance: Rowlet already has the Dartrix haircut.

    Can I be Professor Kukui?
  11. All accepted.

    Making the roleplay soon
  12. I have a question. Are our pokemon aloud to have crushes on someone else's pokemon?
  13. Patience is a virtue
  14. Yes, I understand that Ditto can transform into other Pokémon, but I am making it so that he cannot transform into any powerful Pokémon here. (I.e. Legendaries, mega evolutions, or even fully evolved Pokémon/bigger ones.)

    This is due to not only for balancing, but also for the reason that he has a genetic disorder that inhibits his transformations from exceeding the height of most smaller Pokémon.

    Gender: Male
    Appearance: He has gray hair, while he wears a black cloak over his clothes that also has a hoodie. He has a white beak-like mask that is lightly brown on the beak. He wears a red turtleneck shirt, and short sleeved white pants. He has black boots on, and a carrier sling inside his cloak for carrying small Pokémon.
    Personality: He is reticent towards others, as he tends to keep himself reserved from the center of attention. He tends to stay quiet, as he can be deceptive at times.
    Favorite thing: He likes to play with his Ditto and chat with him sometimes.
    Least favorite thing: He hates getting attention from others.
    Crush: N/A
    Pokémon: Ditto

    Name: Daniel
    Species: Ditto
    Gender: He is normally genderless, but he will be referred to a male in the roleplay to make things easier.
    Moveset: Transform (Subject to change if he does transform into another Pokémon.)
    Favorite thing:
    He likes to transform into other Pokémon often for causing mischief, or for entertainment.
    Least favorite thing: He does not like being in his original, bloby form because it is hard for him to move around in it.
    Appearance: He is your normal, everyday Ditto when in his original form. He does not wear any accessories due to his transformations constantly changing his body structure.
  15. It's taking forever. Might make it right away IF I have time...

    And yes that is allowed.

    Also Charlespark accepted. (BUT NO ONE ELSE GETS DITTO)
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  16. Nvm leaving.

    Will post the roleplay later I promise!
  17. I cant post rn because im traveling to Atlanta for the weekends! Right now im in Ohio (we accidently make a wrong turn...:p) and it will take about 1-2 hours left...
    Ive stopped by a resturant with wifi and created this rp while I was there. I didnt type much because we had to go and I cant type on my pc while walking.. enjoy!


    (While My cousin was driving around town. We stopped at a gas station and I had a internet connection and thats how I posted this link :))
  18. I completely forgot about this!
  19. Name: Melissa
    Gender: Female
    Appearence: purple bag which her charmander stays in, pink head band, brown hair, Brown eyes, purple top with dark blue shorts
    Personality: Happy, Nice
    Favorite thing: Her charmander
    Least favorite thing: Dark places
    Crush: Dan
    Pokémon: Charmander

    Name: Charlotte
    Species: Charmander
    Gender: Female
    Moveset: Ember, Scratch, Smokescreen, Growl
    Favorite thing: Fire and being with its trainer
    Least favorite thing: water and being away from its trainer
    Appearence: a bow on its head
  20. Name: Poke
    Appearence:Black hair, blue eyes, wears a black leather jacket, and a white shirt. Light brown pants.Tenis Black and white skin, wear a black wrist strap on the left wrist
    Personality:Serious and always lies. Do not let him win, he will become a boring. Sometimes he is angry, and does not like to lose.
    Favorite thing:Food:Chocolate
    Least favorite thing:Lose and bread.

    Moveset:Tackle,Water Gun and Bubble.
    Favorite thing:Eat and Fight
    Least favorite thing:Lose.
    Appearence:It's a Squirtle...
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  21. That doesn't really make sense to be honest... that's like saying the SQUIRTLE IS THE LAPRAS.

    Also, I apoligize for being off for a bit.
  22. Also last time I checked, Squirtle can't use slash. And seriously?! His name his Poke?! That is the least creative thing I have ever heard.
  23. Man I almost forgot about pokecharms! Oh geez ive been gone for like 3 weeks. Im still busy so this might be the last time I posted on pokecharms untill later on today or tomorrow.

    I need some rest and need to catch up on the rp. I will read all new forms later.. im suffering from poison right now and need some sleep and medicine...
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