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Ask to Join Pokemon Help Sevice

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by WolfyPop, Nov 21, 2016.

  1. Hello everyone! In this rp, you are a pokemon or human. If you are a pokemon, you are in need of help, say, you are sick, wounded, or need social help (the last one is me :nom:). If you are a human, you need to join the Pokemon Help Service and help pokemon, whilst going to high school. The help service takes place at my character's house, so to get there, you just need to visit my character's house, here are the rules:

    1. No godmodding.

    2. I allow romance.

    3. Only a pokemon or human.

    4. Only up to four pokemon can help you take care of pokemon.

    5. Once all five spots are taken, this rp will become private.

    (Put Cookies in other to show you have read the rules.)

    1. @WolfyPop

    Form for Human:

    Age: (14-17)
    Pokemon: (Up to 4 only)
    Anything Else?:

    Form for Pokemon:
    Why In Need Of Help:
    Anything Else?:

    Now, to the roleplay!

    Name: Astral Kanzaron
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Astral is very protective towards pokemon, she is sometimes called 'kawaii'. Astral is very kind and curious.
    Appearance: Astral has white hair with a strip of light blue down one side. She has purple eyes and her hair's bangs cover one of them. She wears a cyber blue jacket, under it is a yellow shirt with all of the eeveelutions on it and eevee. She has light brown shorts and black boots.
    Bio: Astral used to be a member of Team Flare. Her past haunts her like a nightmare. But, as she got older, she grew more and more attached to the pokemon she was given when she joined. Because of this, she didnt have many friends.
    Pokemon: Houndoom, Crobat, Shadow (Absol), Galaxy (Delcatty) <.>
    Anything Else?: Because of her little job, Astral goes home from high school at 1 o'clock instead of the school's usual time of 3:05. Her teachers are aware of her being a helper of pokemon and understand that she needs to get home early.

    Astral woke up with a great start, it was a Sunday morning, and of course, Tex the Lillipup was laying next to her (Astral nicknames the pokemon she helps). "How is your paw, Tex?" She asked, lifting up his bandaged paw and unwrapping it. "Nice! It's healing Tex!" She smiled, wrapping the small paw back up again. She sat up and looked around. Kana the Deerling and Spear the Spearow were sleeping in there too. She got out of bed, tied the purple ribbon in her ponytail that shows she is a member of the Pokemon Care Service, and walked to the living room. She checked that all the pokemon were alright and she sat down, patting Bonnie the Purrlion.

    (Sorry, it was rushed.)
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  2. Name: Steven
    Gender: male
    Species: togepi
    Shiny?: no
    Why In Need Of Help: broke leg in a battle with a wild Pokémon
    Anything Else?: needs friends
    Other: cookies
    Steven woke up in the Pokémon help service facility unable to move his leg "ow ow ow ow ooooooowwwwww" he thought to him self what happened
  3. Astral went to Steven. "Steven are you okay?" She sighed. "Have one of these, they make you feel better," She gave him a little cookie.
  4. " to to togepi " is what astral heard but what Steven said was "thank but where, am I " Steven hugged up to astral
  5. "Oh, your at my house, the Pokemon Help Service, we take care of you guys and set you free when you are ready," Astral smiled, seeming to understand Steven. Tex the Lillipup jumped up and greeted him wih a playful whimper.
  6. Name: Violet Hellion
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Though Violet is tomboyish and impulsive, she cares deeply towards Pokemon, trying her best to help them out though she's a bit shy. Violet is brave and quiet, and she tries to avoid large amounts of water and pools because of an drowning incident when she was nine.
    Appearance: Violet has long hazel-brown hair and deep aqua eyes. She has pale skin and her hair is never in an bun or tie at all. Her normal attire consists of jeans, an gray beanie with an Delphox on it, and red sneakers.
    Bio: Violet, at her young age, was considered a loner, never noticed, always ignored. When she was going to be nine, her mother planned an birthday party at an pool. While they were playing, Violet was pushed into the deep waters, and struggled to break free. No one knew she was drowning - and it was two minutes before she was rescued. She stays clear away of pools because of this reason.
    Pokemon: Cass, (Charmeleon) Katie, (Braixen)
    Anything Else?:
    Other: Cookies

    (Nyah~Is that alright? And I never got the hang of cookies, so I don't quite know how they work.)
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  7. Form for Pokemon:kairla
    Species:snow kairla
    Why In Need Of Help:attacked by houndoom and on the brink of death
    Anything Else?:she is a pure white kirala only her horn is a deep rich blue and she wears a cloak that is nothing more then rags now.
    Other:is afraid of dark and fire types because of the attack which left her without her left eye.
  8. Steven hugged astral and didn't want to let go cause she had saved him and help and gave him his favourite food. A cookie
  9. She smiled. Pattin Steven, she said, "Hey it's alright, its what I do,"
  10. Steven stumbled over to tex and introduced himself "hi I'm Steven who are you " Steven asked tex
  11. Winter ran through the forest weak from the attacks thrown her way by the houndoom chasing after her as she tripped on a root one of them used night slash and hit her on the left side of her face taking her eye with it they soon started to attack her none stop
  12. Steven got up senescing another Pokémon in pain and stumbles off the bed and to the door to see horrified a kirla get attcked by a hoondoom Steven used water gun on the hoodoom and stumbles over to take the kirla to astral
  13. Winter tryed to get out of his grip in fear only hurting herself further as she soon stopped having passed out from blood lose and pain
  14. (I'll just assume I can post; but please forgive me if not ^^ P.S. Sorry its short, i'm out of inspiration right now..)
    Violet hummed as she peeked inside Astral's house. "Hello?" she called out. Since she seriously despised tying her hair, her ribbon was tied around her wrist.
  15. Shot violet with water gun to get her attention hope she would help the kirla inside the house( can I have a human character as well )
  16. Violet's eyes shot at Steven. "What the -" She paused as she saw the Kirlia getting attacked by the Houndoom. "What the - ?" She brought out Katie. "Katie - Flamecharge!" The Houndoom ran away, and Violet ran over to the Kirlia. "She's passed out..." she murmured. She patted Steven on the head. "Thanks for the help," she grinned. She took up Winter carefully, and walked inside Astral's house. "Astral?" she called.
  17. Steven stumbled back into astrals house with violet smiling but still worrying about the kirla cause she look almost dead
  18. Winter lay in Katies arms barley breathing and in alot of pain her left eye no where to be seen as claw marks ran along her face from where her left eye had been to her left cheek and under her chin
  19. Steven used water gun on astral who had been just standing there stunned when she saw the kirlas state
  20. Winter opened her eyes weakly looming at the two with tears falling from her right eye "kar-la la li""where am I who are you?" She asked before passing out again

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